This episode continues exactly where our last episode finished off. Fekeli is lying on the floor in the lounge room of his mansion after suffering a heart attack after being told by Hunkar that Yilmaz was the father of little Adnan. She also tells him that Behice knows the secret.

He is found by Behice who performs CPR until the ambulance comes. He is rushed to hospital.

Hunkar discussed with Demir the probability that Behice knows a Yaman secret. They hold two secrets, one is that Adnan is not Demir’s son and the other is the death of Ercument and rape of Gulten. They find it hard to understand how either of these secrets could have been told to Behice. Certainly Zuleyha would not tell and Yilmaz certainly wouldn’t say anything about Ercument.

Zuleyha can see that there is favouritism between Demir and Hunkar directed to baby Leyla. She feared this would happen. As much as Demir says he treats Adnan the same there is a difference.

Yilmaz becomes aware that Fekeli had a visit from Hunkar prior to his heart attack. He is angered by this and leaves the hospital and heads for the Yaman Ranch.

Hunker is in the lounge room when she hears Yilmaz yelling out her name. She meets him in the front yard. It takes two to hold Yilmaz back.

What did you tell my dad that made him take a heart attack? He says.

Hunkar lies to them all as to her real reason for visiting Fekeli. She has to say something so she swings it around that Mujgan had been to Demir’s office complaining to him about Zuleyha and Yilmaz.

Yilmaz was not aware of his wife’s visit to Demir. Mujgan has now been put right in the firing line where Yilmaz is concerned. Her plan to get Zuleyha into trouble has back fired on her. Demir finishes the conversation by telling Yilmaz to look to his wife’s mental health and take her home.

At home an argument between Mujgan and Yilmaz takes place as soon as the door closes behind them. Yilmaz can’t believe that his wife went to Demir and told him that he has been carrying on behind his back with Zuleyha. “Do you realise what a position you have put me in?” he tells Mujgan. “You have humiliated me in front of my enemy.”

Mujgan’s jealousy makes Yilmaz leave the house in a rage. His wife has a paranoid obsession with regard to Zuleyha and it is eating away at her.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli is a lucky man. He survives his heart attack. He should be home within a week.

Hatip Aga continues to try and bribe farm workers into taking money loans from him even though they are poor and cannot afford to pay him back. He reminds them that he will think of other ways in which they can pay him back. He has done this with Eyup who is a poor farmer. He has a plan in mind which will take the suspicion off himself with regard to Cengo’s murder. Poor Eyup needs money badly.

Hatip has been told to bring Rasit to the police station which he does. His finger prints are taken. Hatip knows that the Prosecutor will find a connection between Rasit and the gun that killed Cengo It was Rasit who threw the gun in the woods after Hatip had told him to throw it into the ocean. It has his finger prints on the weapon. Although Hatip and Rasit have a plan to avoid going to jail.

Zuleyha cannot get out of her mind how close Demir is to his daughter. She doesn’t see him interacting with Adnan in the same way. Demir does say that he would die for Adnan but Leyla is something different.

Adnan has not been well for a while now and Demir has paid no attention to him.

Meanwhile Fadik is in a heavy sleep in Haminne’s bedroom. She is not aware that Haminne is out of bed and in her dementia and has wandered off into the night.

Yilmaz tired from a long day at the hospital and driving home in the heavy rain doesn’t see Haminne standing in the middle of the road. He hits her with his car.

Yilmaz rushes grannie to hospital. He also has to give blood for a transfusion for her to help save her life.

It is not long before grannie’s absence is discovered at the Ranch. They begin searching the grounds in the hope they will find her as they normally do but this time grannie has really disappeared.

Yilmaz phones the Yaman Ranch from the hospital and by coincidence Zuleyha picks up the phone. Imagine everyones surprise when she tells them that Yilmaz has called and grannie was in hospital after being run over by his car in the middle of the road.

While all the family except Zuleyha are at the hospital, Mujgan takes the opportunity to walk over to the Ranch and confront Zuleyha about why she is always getting involved with her husband.

Mujgan in her traumatised jealousy still believes that Zuleyha and Yilmaz are continuing their love affair. Zuleyha does not take her visit lightly and tells her that she has a big problem with her obsession and she needs to get help soon.

Gaffur and Saniye are finding being parents to little Uzum a pure joy. The little girl is changing their lives. Although the little girl still longs for her mother she is beginning to settle under their care.

Hunkar is caught by Behice visiting Fekeli in his hospital room. Behice attacks her knowing that whatever Hunkar said to Fekeli caused him so much shock that he had a heart attack over it. The two women are like two snarling tigers when they look at each other.

Behice warns Hunkar to stay away from Fekeli as she sees him as her property now. Hunkar tells her “don’t even think about it.”

Mujgan makes life really hard for Yilmaz.

Meanwhile Zuleyha has been caring for a sick Adnan. She tends him lovingly.

Fadik is forbidden to care for grannie any more and is sent to the kitchen to work after letting Haminne escape from the mansion. Hunkar will now hire a nurse to take care of her mother.

Zuleyha is taking Adnan to the doctor. Demir does not want her to leave the house alone as his jealous nature believes that she is going to meet Yilmaz. She is not allowed to leave without taking Gulten with her. Maybe Zuleyha was going to meet Yilmaz we just don’t know at this stage of the episode.

Out shopping the next day Behice runs into Sermin. They have tea together. Sermin with her gutter mouth tells Behice that she knows a Yaman secret. She goes on to tell her that the Yaman’s killed their nephew Ercument and have kept this secret from everyone.

Sermin does not tell Behice the whole truth. She gets it right when she tells her that Ercument was a pervert but she makes up the rest and says that he was after Zuleyha and he was obsessed with her. She then goes on to say she believes that Demir probably was jealous and killed his nephew.

As we know the Prosecutor is looking for Ercument’s killer and Cengo’s killer. She has taken Rasit’s fingerprints and found a match on the weapon that killed Cengo. There is also a story that goes with how his finger prints got on the gun. He tells the Prosecutor that he was given the gun by Eyup (the poor farm worker that Hatip has offered money to) as a gift but he didn’t want it and threw it away in the woods. The Prosecutor now has to send the police looking for Eyup who innocently has been set up. Rasit is kept in custody until Eyup is found. Hatip hopes he has paid them enough money to keep their mouths shut.

Sabahattin has to explain to Julide that he never hit Sermin. He tells her that Sermin is lying and the wound was not inflicted by him.

Fekeli is to be discharged from hospital . He sees Behice and asks her why she has been threatening Hunkar. It was not her fault that he had the heart attack. Behice does not see it that way. She does tell Fekeli that she has heard that the Yaman’s are keeping a secret that involves the death of their own nephew Ercument.

Fekeli in a nice way tells her he will not allow Hunkar’s name to be slandered by anyone. He puts Behice totally in her place and virtually tells her that it is none of her business. Behice does not like the fact that Fekeli still thinks warmly of Hunkar and still wants to protect her.

Hatip secretly meets with Eyup. He gives him money and makes sure he will not change his story. He tells him that the police will shortly come to arrest him. Eyup swears that he is an honest man and he has accepted money and will not change his story. Hatip has to trust him but Eyup wants more money. Hatip says he will give him more money every month. (It seems to me that Eyup might be going to jail for Hatip.)

At the Prosecutors office Eyup is giving his testimony. He tells the Prosecutor that he killed Cengo because he didn’t pay him his wages for three months. He also tells her that he gave the gun to Rasit. The Prosecutor arrests him for murder and arranges for Rasit to be set free.

Fekeli has been discharged home. Although he should be resting he looks at the telephone. He is drawn to call Hunkar. He dials her number. He meets with her in the pouring rain at the lookout.

Fekeli tells Hunkar that Behicehas told him she knows two secrets about the Yaman family. He tells her that Behice has told him that Ercument disappeared and the family did not even look for him. Fekeli, Yilmaz, Hunkar and Gulten know the truth as they were there. Yilmaz had killed him for raping Gulten. Fekeli believes that they have to stop Behice spreading the gossip or they will all be in trouble.

Fekeli although still loving Hunkar tells her that what they had in the past is over now and it will remain in the past. He also tells her that he can never forgive what she has done to Yilmaz and Zuleyha.

Hunkar agrees that she has made big mistakes and she is now receiving her punishment which she will carry for the rest of her life. They say goodbye after 40 years of love.

On returning home to the Ranch, Hunkar tells Demir that he was right. The secret that she thought Behice knew about must have been about Ercument and not Adnan. They try to work out how the news of Ercument got out. Little do they know that Behice knows both secrets. Both involve Yilmaz.

At home with Yilmaz and Mujgan, Mujgan finds a scarf belonging to Zuleyha in his car. How did this get here? When was she in his car?

Maybe Zuleyha did see Yilmaz on the day she took Adnan to the doctors. Demir had made Gulten go with her that day.

Mujgan confronts Zuleyha in front of Demir. She directs herself to Demir and tells him that he didn’t take her seriously about Zuleyha and Yilmaz meeting secretly and shows them the scarf . She tells him that she found the scarf in Yilmaz’s car which shows proof that they were together.

I look forward to seeing you on Turk-Flix next week to see how Zuleyha’s scarf turned out to be found in Yilmaz’s car.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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