At the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw Demir speeding on a back road on his way to kill Yilmaz after finding out that he had purchased his Istanbul properties without him knowing.

Demir’s car leaves the road and veers out of control to a cliff edge. Fate has it that the car sits balanced on a precipice and if he moves the car will drop into the ocean.

This week’s episode continues with Demir trying to get out of the car but finding that every time he moves the car begins to slip and possibly taking him to his death.

His plight is discovered by a group of farm workers who tow him to safety.

The farm workers are well rewarded by Demir for their help. On his way home the words of his mother keeps going around in his head. “If you leave all the Yaman money to Adnan and if Yilmaz finds out that Adnan is his son then all the Yaman money will go to your enemy.”

Saniye is at the farm workers huts and finds the little girl Uzum upset. Her mother is critically ill. Saniye organises for her mother to be taken to hospital and the little girl is taken back to the Ranch to be cared for by Saniye. News is later delivered that the little girls mother may not survive her illness.

The close call with death makes Demir thoughtful about the future and the Yaman inheritance. He drives to his office and arriving finds Mujgan waiting for him.

Mujgan on the other hand has told Demir that he needs to keep an eye on his wife as she was in her house and tried to breast feed her son. Mujgan also tells Demir that she does not know if the baby was the real reason that Zuleyha was at her home. She is concerned that her husband and Zuleyha were ex-lovers and may have been together and using the baby as cover while they continue their affair.

Mujgan instructs Demir to warn Zuleyha to stay away from her husband. Demir will not hear any more slander against his wife and dismisses her from his office feeling very embarrassed by her visit. Unfortunately as fate would have it Demir sees Zuleyha at the mansion talking to Yilmaz as he drives through the Ranch gates, adding to his jealousy after the information that Mujgan has just told him.

He drags Zuleyha into the mansion and into their bedroom before he rips into her about being caught with Yilmaz even though it was all an innocent meeting.

His rage threatens Zuleyha in not being able to see her two children again if she doesn’t stop seeing Yilmaz. This threat Zuleyha has heard many times before and the memory of Adnan being taken away from her frightens her.

Mujgan has become very possessive about the baby and making life hard for Yilmaz and her Aunt. She even displays paranoia regarding the baby.

After the raging argument with Demir, Zuleyha rushes to speak with Mujgan. She doesn’t speak to Mujgan but to Aunt Behice and she tells her what has happened. Aunt Behice warns Mujgan that she is tempting the two men to a point that they could kill each other. She advises Mujgan to stop before things out of hand.

Little Uzum’s mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Saniye and Gaffur are her carers and take her to visit her mother at the hospital.

Yilmaz has a new video camera. Cetin and Fekeli make a recording for the first time. Both are a little nervous but soon get the hang of talking into the camera.

Fekeli’s recording is about love. The love that parents have for their children and the love that children have for their family. He also reminds them that recordings such as the one he is making will stand as memoris for years to come. He asks them to be good human beings and to share god’s love.

Demir decides to leave the Yaman properties to Leyla in his Will after thinking about what just happened in his argument with Zuleyha. He feels his mother is correct and one day Yilmaz just may own everything and that thought he could never bear. Hunkar and Demir go through all the properties and what they will leave to Leyla. Demir tells Hunkar that Zuleyha must never know about what they are doing.

Saniye and little Uzum pray for her stricken mother.

Saniye holds the little girl close knowing that when her mother dies the little girl will have nobody to care for her as she grows up.

In the morning sadly Uzum’s mother passes away.

Rasit who works for Hatip Age is ordered by the Prosecutor to front up to the Police for fighting. The Police are looking for him but cannot find him. Hatip finds him cutting wood. He is angry that Rasit could have placed himself in a situation where when he has to have his finger prints taken. His finger prints could be traced to the gun that killed Cengo. Hatip warns him to stay out of the way if he doesn’t want to go to prison for murder.

The Prosecutor has two murder files on her desk. One is for Cengo and the other for Ercument.

Sermin fronts the Prosecutor with a request that she does not break up a family even though Sebahattin is divorced from her. Sermin begs Julide to send Sebahattin home. Sabahattin tells Julide not to listen to Sermin but Julide tells Sebahattin that she will not be a woman who breaks up a family. She gives him back his engagement ring.

The ladies of Cukurova await the voting for head of the Charity group. Behice is hoping that she will be chosen to lead the Charity group this year. They all know that Hunkar Yaman holds a great influence over the wealthy ladies of Cukurova.

Little Uzum’s mother passes away and she leaves her daughter to the care of Saniye and Gaffur to raise as their own daughter. It is left up to Saniye and Gaffur to tell the little girl that she will not be seeing her mother any more.

The next day they buried Uzum’s mother and the Ranch employees joined together at the farm workers huts in tribute. Uzum will be raised at the Ranch and join Adnan and Leyla in growing up.

Zuleyha refuses to join Demir at a meeting that evening. She tells him that Adnan has a temperature. Demir will not believe that the child is ill and also will not listen to any excuses and demands that she join him.

Zuleyha obediently joins him for the business dinner but her mood is not very jovial.

Sebahattin goes in search of Sermin. He is angry that she has approached Julide. He yells at her and tells her to get out of his life and to stay away from Julide. Sermin in her evil way takes an ashtray and hits herself in the head creating a wound. Sermin then goes to the Police Station and reports that Sebahattin attacked her.

The business dinner continues with the topic of Demir buying an oil factory. The conversation is boring to Zuleyha until Fekeli and Yilmaz enter the restaurant. Their presence brings an unwelcome air to the evening. Yilmaz and Fekeli are led to believe that Demir is up to something yet again in purchasing property and if they can they will stop this.

Both Fekeli and Yilmaz know that Demir will never give up trying to have the upper hand since he found out that they bought all his properties in Istanbul.

Demir makes his farewells while the evening is still young and takes Zuleyha home.

It is marvellous how much joy the innocence of a child can bring to a human being. Saniye and Gaffur have found renewed joy in caring for little Uzum and they are doing a good job. They have bound together as a family. They feel the comfort that can only come from enfolding each other in love.

The Prosecutor gets a visit from Sermin. The Prosecutor is still looking for Rasit to obtain his fingerprints but he is still absent. The Prosecutor is surprised to receive Sermin in her office with a wound on her forehead and a file siting Sebahattin as her attacker. Sermin wants to lay a complaint against him and wants him arrested.

At the election meeting Behice is cnfident that she will win the votes and anxiously awaits the arrival of Fusun and Sermin to join them. She depends on their votes to make her the head of the Charity group. Fusun turns up but no Sermin. The vote commences and the vote goes against Behice.

Once again Hunkar has stamped her superiority as head of the Cukurova society and she has a high standing in the community. Behice still lets it be known that she knows the Yaman family has a secret and Hunkar would not like the family secret to be spread around.

Hunkar worrying over what Behice might do goes to visit Fekeli at the Ranch.

She swears Fekeli to secrecy before she tells him the story of Zuleyha’s life at the Yaman Ranch and the secret she shares with Demir. Fekeli gives her his promise and Hunkar begins the story.

Hunkar honesty owns up to everything she did to Zuleyha when she forced her to marry Demir. She tells Fekeli that there is one more thing that she did. She withheld the fact that Zuleyha was already pregnant to Yilmaz before she was forced her to marry Demir.

Fekeli takes this news badly. He is visibly shocked by what she is telling him. Hunkar then goes on and finishes her story by telling him that she believes that Behice now knows of the secret and she is trying to protect her grandson. She begs him to help her keep the secret because if Yilmaz gets to know of the truth there will be blood shed between him and Demir, much blood.

He orders Hunkar to leave his home leaving him crying with the sadness that he has just heard.
She has scarred him and ruined his life. He had loved her for 40 years and never thought of the evil she could weave.

Fekeli’s stress about the whole situation brings on a heart attack. He grabs his chest and falls to the floor.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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