At the conclusion of last week’s episode we saw Haminne go into the barn and light a fire. Nobody sees little Adnan toddle into the barn except Sermin. She goes in after him and saves his life.

Yilmaz on the other hand has received a call from Mujgan at the hospital begging him to come to her. Fearing the worst he goes immediately to join her only to find that the baby has rallied and there is no longer a danger it will die.

After Demir has reported Sermin to the Prosecutor the situation of Sermin saving little Adnan’s life may change things. Zuleyha for one would give her anything after Sermin unselfishly sacrificed her life to save her son. Demir and Hunkar are also drawn to the same frame of mind.

Meanwhile at the hospital Yilmaz can make no progress with Mujgan. She will not forgive him for not being there when she needed him and she no longer wants him around. Nor does she want him to be involved with the baby.

As predicted Demir asks the Prosecutor to withdraw his request to prosecute Sermin and he investigates the reason for the barn fire only to find out that Haminne was the culprit.

Demir and Hunkar will talk about Haminne’s future and in the interim they place Fadik as her personal carer. They even make her sleep in Haminne’s room.

Yilmaz gets his first cuddle of his son.

Demir and Hunkar decide to give Sermin a house to live in as a reward for saving Adnan.

Demir now is cashed up since he sold a number of his properties in Istanbul. He has paid off his creditors and the bank balance looks to be in a happier place.

A month has gone by since the babies were born and Yilmaz and Fekeli are on their way to the hospital to bring Mujgan and their baby home. Yilmaz thought that he would take Mujgan back to the Fekeli Ranch to live and this might make her happy. Mujgan sees this as Yilmaz not wanting her to be around Zuleyha and she refuses to go. She demands to be taken back to their home in the grounds of the Yaman Ranch. This Yilmaz does but you can see that Mujgan is filled with jealousy and hatred towards Zuleyha and she doesn’t trust her husband around her.

As the days go by Yilmaz’s patience with Mujgan wears thin. She does not want him to have anything to do with the baby. He tries everything to comfort her which she refuses. She is told by Aunt Bernice if she doesn’t change the way she is she will lose Yilmaz and quite possibly her son. Under pressure she relents and allows Yilmaz to hold his son.

Cetin comes to trial and the court room visitors are Fekeli and Gulten. Rustem has withdrawn his charge against Cetin and Cetin is finally free. Cetin gives Gulten a beaded band that he made for her in the prison. The couple hold each other close for the first time.

The Cukurova Charity group which is normally lead by Hunkar is looking for a new leader. Behice has been nominated but Hunkar is not going to be happy about this. She looks at Behice as an outsider with no Cukurova nobility to hold the charity position. Not only that she sees her around Fekeli which she does not like.

Yilmaz and Mujgan’s relationship is turning from bad to worse. Yilmaz can see that she is becoming paranoid with her jealous behaviour and they are having continuous arguments. Yilmaz has tried everything to break down their barriers but nothing works. She has barred him from their bedroom.

Aunt Behice warns Mujgan that if she doesn’t stop hurting Yilmaz she will find there will be no turning back.

Gaffur is still working long hours trying to pay back Hatip Aga’s loan. Saniye has already caught him sleeping on the job due to his long late hours. She follows him one evening to see why he is so tired all the time. She finds him mucking out the horse stables when he should be home sleeping. She feels sad watching her husband taking orders from Hatip’s men.

Saniye creeps up on him and surprises him.

Gaffur has to own up to Saniye that he owes Hatip Aga a lot of money. Saniye is tired of Gaffur humiliating her and gives him her gold bangles to help pay for the debt.

Hunkar turns up on the scene and finds out that Gaffur is in debt to Hati Aga for 10,000TL. Hunkar makes Saniya take back her gold bangles and tells them that she will pay the debt. Little do they know that Gaffur owes far greater than 10,000TL. More like 84,000TL.

Hatip Aga is surprised to get a visit from Hunkar. She hands over 10,000TL to pay for Gaffur’s debt.

Fekeli and Behice can see that Mujgan will not make life easy for Yilmaz even though he is a good husband to her. Fekeli tells Berhice that he has left all his property and money to Yilmaz and Mujgan but even that will not be enough to make them happy. This increases Behice’s interest in keeping Mujgan and Yilmaz together.

Mujgan receives an urgent call from the hospital to sign official medical papers. Yilmaz hearing that Mujgan is needed at the hospital demands she leave the baby with him to be cared for while she takes care of business. Mujgan on her way home from the hospital has a flat tyre and the spare is flat.

Yilmaz is at home and becoming desperate when it is time for the baby’s feed . The baby has cried incessantly for a feed. Yilmaz tries but cannot passify his son.

As fate would have it Zuleyha comes knocking on the door after hearing that the baby has been crying for 3-4 hours. Yilmaz tells her that the baby will not accept the bottle and is very hungry.

Zuleyha offers to breast feed the baby for him and takes him in her arms.

Imagine the shock when Mujgan walks into the room and sees her husband and Zuleyha in the room together and Zuleyha with her baby in her arms.

Mujgan offends Zuleyha and rips into her for touching her baby. In her jealous mind she sees the two of them together as a planned meeting and not as a life saving intervention offered by Zuleyha.

The incident hurts Zuleyha who burst into tears as Mujgan yells at her to get out of the house.

Yilmaz goes after Zuleyha to apologise but cannot calm her emotional state. She walks off never to return to his home again.

Yilmaz cannot get Mujgan to see reason. Her hatred towards Zuleyha is mounting.

Mujgan in her paranoid state even believes that Yilmaz sent her to the hospital so that he could have an opportunity to meet with Zuleyha. He leaves the house in a raging temper after her accusations.

In a conversation with Aunt Behice and in a fowl jealous mood, Mujgan lets slip that Adnan is Yilmaz’s son. A secret that she has kept to herself for quite some time. She tells her Aunt that all the Yaman’s also know about the secret except Yilmaz.

Aunt Behice can now see that not only is Yilmaz very wealthy she has a tool to use against him whenever she wants, his first born son.

That day Behice makes her way to the Yaman’s mansion. She has been turned down by the Cukurova Charity group as their new leader. Hunkar was the main instigator of refusing her application. With the news that Mujgan has just imparted to her about Hunkar’s grandson Adnan, she decides to use this knowledge to intimidate Hunkar.

Behice looks Hunkar in the eyes and says, “Adnan looks just like his mother but I guess his eyes are really like his father!”

Behice taunts Hunkar with asking her if she has a secret that she keeps to herself. Hunkar denies it of course.

Behice reminds her again that Adnan’s eyes are exactly like his fathers.

Hunkar looks directly into Behice’s eyes smugly and you know that she is sizing up her enemy.

Hunkar is furious. She drives immediately to Demir. She tells him they have a problem. She wants him to organise his Will so that all the Yaman inheritance goes to Leyla being of his own blood. Hunkar knows that the Yaman’s secret can be revealed at any time. Demir refuses to listen to her demands for him not to leave Adnan as his beneficiary.

At the Businessmen’s Club, Demir meets with businessmen over lunch. He is surprised when Yilmaz tells him that he has bought all Demir’s properties that he sold in Istanbul to boost his cash flow and pay his creditors in Cukurova. Yilmaz gets great pleasure in rubbing in that he is now the employer of all his staff attached to the properties.

Although Demir tries to stop the sale of the properties it is too late.

Enraged Demir drives his car at speed with murder in his eyes. His driving is one with no control and a gun in hand. His speed gets out of control on a sharp bend and he ends up stranded in his car balanced on the edge of a cliff. He cannot move without the car unbalancing and threatening to career down the cliff face.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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