This week’s episode deals mainly in the arrival of two babies to our leading ladies. Mujgan’s baby is two month’s premature and Zuleyha’s baby is delivered full term.

At the time when Mujgan needed Yilmaz the most he was uncontactable. He had left his office to meet with Zuleyha to discuss Mujgan’s constant jealousy. Zuleyha goes into labour whilst talking with Yilmaz and is driven to hospital.

Meanwhile Mujgan drives herself to hospital when Yilmaz is nowhere to be seen. She lies in the delivery room in labour knowing that her baby being so premature needs about another week for its organs to fully mature before it can be safely born. She refuses to allow Sebahattin to deliver the baby prematurely preferring to wait and see if she can get through the week.

Zuleyha on the other hand is driven to the hospital by Yilmaz and both of them are seen by the labouring Mujgan. This sighting stirs jealousy within Mujgan to a murderous point. She will not speak or allow Yilmaz to comfort her and tells him to get out.

Unfortunately for Mujgan she cannot hang on and goes into labour. She is taken to the delivery room.

In the delivery room the last person Mujgan wants to see is Zuleyha but our two women find themselves delivering their babies alongside one another.

Outside in the hospital corridor the two fathers wait for news of their wives and babies. They can hear their wives labouring in the delivery room. Only one baby cry is heard. A small bundle is brought and placed in Demir’s arms, his daughter.

An emergency incubator is rushed to the delivery room in readiness for Mujgan’s baby which is delivered small, weak and close to death, a son for Yilmaz. Both parents are broken hearted to see their baby hanging onto life by a thread.

Mujgan is unforgiving where Yilmaz is concerned. He was not around when she needed him. Yilmaz’s guilt in not being there for Mujgan coupled with the fear of losing the little baby weighs heavily upon him. Mujgan dismisses him each and every time he makes a move to comfort her or share their sorrow. She even asks Fekeli to name her son instead of Yilmaz. Together they name him Kerem Ali. Yilmaz has plenty of time to shed tears and to pray.

Meanwhile Saniye is delivering clothes to the farm workers in the huts. She has become very attached to a little girl called Uzum. While she is at the huts she becomes involved with the need for further quality housing in the village.

Zuleyha tells Demir that she would like to call her daughter Leyla after her teacher.

Mujgan takes to her bed in hospital in deep depression.

The Yamans are over the moon with the arrival of little Leyla. Saniye feels a little sad thinking that she may never hold a baby of her own in her arms. Demir advises that there will be a celebration at the Ranch for his daughter’s arrival.

Hatip Aga is in deep water again after he lies to his wife and spends an evening with a group of young men and women and is caught by Naciye. He is humiliated in front of his friends by his wife.

Sermin makes an attempt to win her husband back. She becomes paranoid when Sebahattin tells her that he is engaged to the Prosecutor. Sermin promises him that he will regret it.

Meanwhile Mujgan meets Zuleyha in the hospital and in her jealous demeanour attacks her. Mujgan believes she is being pitied and she cannot stand to see Zuleyha happy when she is so miserable.

Time has passed and it is now a week after the babies were born. Mujgan remains in hospital while Zuleyha has been discharged home with little Leyla.

Today is a day of celebration and all of Cukurova have been invited to meet the youngest member of the Yaman family.

Demir has not forgotten what Sermin did when she stole his contract envelope and illegally signed for it at his office. This deed cost him his bid on the education contract and allowed Yilmaz and Fekeli to win the contract.

To try and have her punished Demir takes Sermin’s confession that she had given to Hunkar when Demir was in prison. The statement stated that Demir did not kill Cengo as she had previously said in her witness statement months ago. Demir now wants to sue her for making a false statement and telling the Police that it was Demir who killed him. This false statement may also help send her to prison for a couple of months and be a way that the Yaman’s can get back at her and continue their punishment her. Demir presents the confession to the Prosecutor and demands she places legal action in place.

Sebahattin knows that Sermin will not take this lying down. She will fight and she will attack. Sebahattin warns the Prosecutor that Sermin will use the knowledge that they are going to be married soon as a weapon against them if she prosecutes her.

At the celebration day Haminne in her demented wandering mind ends up in a dark place hallucinating and looking for her lost gold. In the darkness she lights a candle. Later she is found wandering around the Ranch grounds.

A shout echo’s through the night, Fire! Fire!

Demir, Zueyha and Hunkar order the staff to begin fighting the fire which is burning in the barn.

The question is asked, “Is anybody in there?”

The answer is Yes! One of the children of the Ranch staff had seen baby Adnan walk into the barn just moments earlier.

At the same time that the fire warning alarms a sleeping Yilmaz, the telephone rings beside his bed. It is Mujgan , she needs him. She wants him to come to the hospital.

Once again Yilmaz is placed in a position where he has to choose. Will he get involved with the fire and saving baby Adnan or will he go straight to the hospital when his wife calls for him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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