Three months have elapsed . Zuleyha and Mujgan are heavily pregnant. Both Yilmaz and Demir have business ventures that they are deeply involved in.

Demir is weaving his way back into the favour of the Cukurova businessmen by hosting a business/society dinner at the club and Yilmaz is dealing with an Italian Water Company.

Fekeli and Hunkar have parted company since he found out that she has been lying to him.

At Demir’s business dinner Sermin fronts up uninvited. She has come to make trouble and manages to create a scene drawing the attention of Hartip’s wife who has been waiting to tear a strip off Sermin since she found Sermin was having an affair with her husband. A fight takes place in front of all Demir’s business colleagues resulting in Sermin being forcibly removed from the Club.

Mujgan is still quite jealous of Zuleyha after fnding out secretly that Yilmaz is the father of Adnan. She takes every opportunity she can to get at Zuleyha.

Sermin visits Hartip in his office. Her rent has not been paid and she demands that Hartip divorce his wife or she will tell the Prosecutor that it was him that shot Cengo. He gives her money to quieten her down. Hartip is feeling that he has dug himself a big hole and he doesn’t know how he is going to get out of it.

Saniye and Hunkar meet for tea in the green House while Gulten visits Cetin in jail. Saniye can see that Hunkar favours Gulten but does not know why.

Saniye pressures Hunkar to own up and tell her if she knows if anything has ever happened to Gulten. Saniye certainly knows nothing about Ercument and the rape but with Hunkar under considerable pressure from Saniye she weakens and tells her everything. Even to the fact that Yilmaz killed Ercument trying to save Gulten.

Saniye now understands why Gulten had been so intent on marrying Rustem.

Cetin has been told that he will be released from prison soon. He and Gulten will be married as soon as he is.

Saniye and Gulten have a heart to heart talk and Saniye reveals to Gulten that she knows her secret now. The girls hug each other and weep.

A baby pram is delivered the Yaman Ranch. Mujgan watches from her front yard as the pram is unpacked and little Adnan has a test ride. Unfortunately the pram was really meant for Mujgan. Yilmaz had only bought the pram for her that morning.

Sermin receives a letter from her daughter in Paris. It is an old letter telling her mother that she would like her to attend her wedding. Sermin makes an immediate call on Sebahattin and finds him having a warm meeting with Julide the Prosecutor. She finds out from Sebahattin that her daughter was married a month ago while Sermin had been carrying on with Hartip. Sebahattin attended the wedding and met the groom.

Demir leaves for Istanbul on business venture in Ankara which is supposed to earn him a Million a year.

After telling Zuleyha that the pram is not theirs it is given back to Yilmaz and Mujgan. Mujgan does not want it after watching Zuleyha open the delivery box and placing baby Adnan inside of it. Her jealousy wells up within her.

Fekeli and Yilmaz meet with the Italian businessmen to discuss the water project. They are given the water business with the hopes that they will expand into the Mediterranean and Asia.

Gaffur still owes Hartip Aga quite a sum of money. To help pay back his debt he works at night in his barns which makes him very tired.

The next day Yilmaz notices the pram has been taken to the workers huts by Saniye. Obviously Zuleyha does not want the pram either.

Demir returns after his Istanbul meeting with a new contract.

Demir plans to store beans, wheat and chickpeas in his storehouses. He orders 75 tons of beans and 40 tons of Wheat in anticipation of signing the contract .

Hartip tells Sermin that Demir and Hunkar have sold land and are now buying up supplies of grain in Cukurova. Sermin believes that the land which has been sold belongs to her father. She demands half of the sale price.

On her way out of Demir’s office Sermin signs for a Registered Envelope which was to be delivered to Demir. She then keeps it. Could this the Contract that Demir has been waiting for?

Hatip opens the envelope and then seeing its contents drives to the Cotton Mill to see Fekeli and Yilmaz. He shows them the contents of the envelope which appears to be a Contract by the Department of Education to provide grain, beans, lentils and wheat etc, to a list of schools. Most contracts are open and anybody can make a bid to provide the produce. Unfortunately Demir has kept the information to himself and not shared it with the agricultural businessmen of Cukurova thereby not allowing open bidding.

Yilmaz and Fekeli decide to compete with Demir and make a bid. Winning this bid will increase their chances of ruining the Yaman’s financially.

Demir has all his grain securely stored in his warehouses in readiness. He still awaits the contract to arrive for his signature.

Sebahattin and Julide warm up their relationship with a dinner for two under candle light and Sebahattin asks Julide to marry him.

At the Chamber of Industry Meeting Hartip asks if any Member has been asked to place a bid locally for the Contract to supply schools with food. The answer was “No”.

Hartip Aga then asks Yilmaz and Fekeli if they would be prepared to place a bid. The Members are most happy when they tell the Meeting that they will place a bid for Cukurova. Nobody at this stage knows that Demir has gone behind their back and has placed a bid not giving anybody in town a chance to compete.

Fekeli and Yilmaz get what they want. Their bid will have the backing of the Committee. Nobody will look at their bid as a personal vendetta against Demir except themselves. Hartip Aga will receive 10% of the profits for his part in deal. Yilmaz makes his way to Ankara to place his bid.

The first that Demir knows about the bid being put forward by the Chamber of Industry is when Ercan (who is Demir’s business secretary), delivers him the news that the Chamber of Industry are celebrating. The reason for the celebration is that Yilmaz has won the bid.

Demir goes into a rage. This cannot be true. He was promised that he Contract was his. He goes straight to the Meeting. Yilmaz sarcastically offers to buy any grain Demir has in his storehouses, knowing only too well that Demir’s storehouses are full of pre purchased grain.

Demir telephones the Contract Office in Ankara and asks them why they didn’t send the Contract for him to be signed. They tell him they did and it was delivered to his office a week ago. This was the envelope that Sermin signed for. Hunkar believes that the culprit may have been Sermin.

Demir now has nobody to sell his produce to. Yilmaz on the other hand has begun ordering his produce in.

Mujgan has been feeling unwell. She is nearly eight months pregnant. She and Zuleyha don’t get on. Zuleyha tries to make friends but Mujgan holds resentment towards her. Mujgan believes that the only thing they can do is to keep away from each other. She asks Zuleyha not to ever knock on her door again. Her jealousy is getting out of control.

Zuleyha phones Yilmaz so she can talk to him about the situation. They plan to meet.

At home Mujgan goes into early labour. She phones Yilmaz but he doesn’t answer his phone. She drives herself to the hospital where she is given life saving treatment for her and her baby.

Mujgan is in a critical condition and is prepared for delivery in the operating room.

It is a complicated delivery and all is not going well. A decision has to be made as to whether the babies life is saved or Mujgan’s. Yilmaz is still uncontactable and Sebahattin may have to make the life saving decision himself.

Our last scene shows Zuleyha talking with Yilmaz and then coming into labour herself.

Will Mujgan survive or will it be the baby?
Will Zuleyha also deliver her baby.

Let’s find out next week.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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