Zuleyha has managed to escape.  She has arrived in Istanbul and makes her way to the prison to see Yilmaz. Unfortunately, Demir knows she is gone and is tracking her down.  In arriving at the prison Zuleyha is taken to the Administrators Office where she finds Demir waiting for her.  She is severely reprimanded both physically and emotionally by Demir.  On the other hand, Yilmaz is not at the prison.  He is in hospital.   At the end of our last episode (after finding out he is to be executed) he made a plan of escape with his fellow inmate who agreed to stab him.  The injury nearly cost Yilmaz his life but his plan was successful.  He was now in the hospital and planning his escape before they return him to prison.

I would like to take you back to Episode 3 to the time when Demir first visits Yilmaz in prison. Demir at this time thinks Zuleyha and Yilmaz are brother and sister.   I made the observation that they were both in close conversation in the Administrators Office and we did not know the content.   Well, we do now!  Demir has a memory of this first visit whilst waiting in the Administrators Office for Zuleyha.  He is drawn back to that conversation and remembers Yilmaz in a worried state with concern about Zuleyha. What will she do without him to care and protect her?  He shares his concerns with Demir and confides to him that she is really his wife and not his sister. He explains they were married in the eyes of God but not legally registered.  Demir promises Yilmaz that he will take care of her and do all he can to get him out of prison.  Having Yilmaz’s permission to care for his wife he can now put into action his plan to take possession of Zuleyha and to keep Yilmaz safely? Out of the way.
We see our true character coming out in Demir as he reprimands Zuleyha for her trip to Istanbul.  He is threatening, demanding, ruthless, obsessive and possessive. He uses violence to show his power over her and likes to remind her that she is worthless and uneducated. He offers her every possible luxury if she will just give in to him.  Her reward he tells her will be Yilmaz’s life which will be saved from execution.  Zuleyha now feels defeated and gives in.  They return to Adana.

At the hospital in Istanbul, our handsome and injured prisoner has eluded guards and escaped.  Although severely wounded he heads to Adana and to Zuleyha.

Hunkar has been hunting around after the person who helped Zuleyha to escape. So far nobody expects Sebahattin.  A person of interest is Gulten. We know she has been hiding all our lover’s letters.  On thinking she is being investigated by Hunkar she attempts to burn the letters but is caught by Gaffur and given a beating for her efforts. Gaffur keeps a small fragment of the burnt letter to hold in case he can use it as a blackmailing tool in the future. He reads the burnt offering and learns that Yilmaz was not a brother but a husband!  We now have a few people who know the truth about our lovers Gulten, Hunkar, Demir, Gaffur and Sebahattin. Although Sebahattin and Hunkar are the only two that know the baby belongs to Yilmaz.

The kitchen staff were overjoyed to know that Zuleyha had run away to Istanbul but they were not so happy to see her return.  Saniye tries to bully her but is put in her place by Zuleyha who threatens to fire her and her family from the Ranch if she continues to demean her in front of the staff.

The news that Yilmaz has escaped and heading for Adana has reached Demir.  He knows he will be coming for Zuleyha.  He involves the local police in trying to track him down.  He has told Zuleyha nothing and won’t let her out of his sight.

Sermin has become evil.  She visits a “gypsie” and obtains a poison which she plans to give Zuleyha to abort her unborn child.  She takes the opportunity to make a custard for her to eat laced with the poison.  Unfortunately, her husband comes home from the hospital and eats the custard.  He immediately has abdominal pain and being a doctor knows that he has been poisoned.  He is driven to the hospital by Demir who takes Zuleyha with him just in case Yilmaz shows up.

Whilst they are at the hospital our escapee has arrived at the Yaman Ranch.  He first comes upon Hunkar in the stables and asks for Zuleyha.  Unfortunately, Gaffur enters the stable and knocks him unconscious and leaves him tied up outside the police station where he is found and jailed once more.  So frustrating for Yilmaz.  My heart goes out to him.  Hunkar has rewarded Gaffur with a wad of money for his loyalty in getting rid of Yilmaz and later severely beats Gulten when she tells him she saw what he did to Yilmaz.  She is threatened with death if she opens her mouth.

Meanwhile, Sebahattin has been discharged from hospital and returns to the Yaman Ranch.  It is now that he realises just how evil his wife is.  She was prepared to kill an unborn child to make sure that her child would inherit the family fortune in the future.  He is going to divorce her.  On their return to the Ranch, Demir and Zuleyha are unaware of what has unfolded in their absence and it is not long before Demir receives a phone call from the police advising him that they have recaptured Yilmaz.  Demir is fuelled with rage when he arrives at the police station. Yilmaz a beaten and repeatedly kicked by Demir until unconscious. He is then loaded into the back of a police wagon and taken to prison in Istanbul.

On arriving back at the Ranch, Hunkar embraces her son who confesses to his mother that he has known Yilmaz and Zuleyha were husband and wife from the very beginning.  This news comes as a shock but at the same time, she feels relieved to be free of the secret.  She is now off the hook and asks him the big question; “Do you think that the baby might be his also?”   To this question, Demir replies, “No, the baby is mine”.   So….    Our lie continues!   They will continue as before knowing Yilmaz will never be released from prison and Zuleyha will be none the wiser. BUT fate intervened and Zuleyha finds out Yilmaz has escaped but was recaptured and returned to prison.  She feels she wants to end her life but decides she will live for her baby.

Yilmaz has been returned to the Istanbul prison and to the same cell.  After a period of rest, he regains his strength.  His prison guards bring a new inmate through the cell door.  Yilmaz is confronted by Yeli (the step-brother who sold Zuleyha).  Yeli tells Yilmaz that his sister is now the great lady of the Yaman Ranch and has married Demir legally on paper.  This news infuriates Yilmaz who attacks Yeli.   This action is joined by fellow inmates who create such a scene of violence that a raging fire breaks out in the cell.  The cells door is closed and the prisoners are trapped.

Our last scene in this episode shows Demir, Zuleyha and Hunkar listening to the radio in the lounge room.  Breaking news is heard of a  prison fire in Istanbul whereby four inmates were pronounced dead at the scene. One of the names read out was Yilmaz Akkaya. Zuleyha collapses with this news. Do you think that Yilmaz is dead?




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