This week’s episode begins with Zuleyha bearing her soul in front of Fekeli and telling him that Hunkar has lied to him from the beginning and how she knew she and Demir knew she was Yilmaz’s wife and yet forced her to marry.

Zuleyha doesn’t stop there she lists offence after offence against Hunkar. Fekeli is broken hearted that the woman he has loved for 40 years could be so evil. He leaves the two women standing in the road. There will be no engagement today.

Zuleyha asks Hunkar if she feels she deserves to be happy after what she did to her. Hunkar searches her soul and replies that she doesn’t. She tells Zuleyha that she believed she would grow to love Demir in time. She puts everything back on Zuleyha and tells her it is up to her if she destroys everyones lives or not.

Demir brings Haminne home from hospital but with no Hunkar at home she is unhappy and agitated.

After leaving her confrontation with Hunkar, Zuleyha drives to the hospital to speak with the one person who knows what she has gone through, Sebahattin. He can see Zuleyha is very upset and takes her into his consulting room. She tells him of how she told Fekeli about all the evil that Hunkar has done to her and repeats everything. Zuleyha tells him that although she told Fekeli everything she could not tell him that Adnan is Yilmaz’s son.

What both of them did not know is that Mujgan is behind a screen in the consulting room and hears everything. Zuleyha also tells Sebahattin that Hunkar has placed the responsibility of keeping the secret in her hands.

Zuleyha knows that if she tells Yilmaz the truth there will be blood shed. She is pregnant and Mujgan is pregnant. For Zuleyha there is no peace of mind and she does not know what to do.

Mujgan escapes from the consulting room but after hearing her husband is the father of Zuleyha’s baby and that she was forced to marry Demir she is devastated.
Fekeli and Yilmaz have come to an understanding. Fekeli now knows the strength of the love that Yilmaz and Zuleyha had for each other. Although his heart aches he can also see the true cruel character of Hunkar.

Fekeli and Yilmaz decide to return to their first plan of action when they initially arrived in Cukurova. They had come to destroy the Yamans and so they will.

Demir prepares to disown his mother and gives her an open cheque so he can buy the mansion from her.

Mrs Behice reads Mujgan’s diary where she has written about how sad she is. She makes sure she leaves the diary where Yilmaz can also read it. Reading how sad she is leads Yilmaz to being a little warmer towards Mujgan.

Hunkar returns to the Ranch to see her mother. Haminne is immediately settled once she sees her. Demir on the other hand is infuriated by his mothers gaul to enter the Ranch when he gave the order that she is not allowed past the front door.

Hunkar refuses to sell the mansion to him. It was left to her by her husband. She tells him he is the one that has to leave if he doesn’t want her around. She defends her actions and stands her ground. She also tells him that Zuleyha told Fekeli everything and this ruined any chance of happiness she could have had with the man she loves. This news leads Demir into a raging argument with Zuleyha later that evening and when he demands that she forgets Yilmaz.

The distance between Demir and Zuleyha widens. Zuleyha asks Demir to sleep in the guest room as she does not want to share a bedroom with him any more.

Demir threatens her life. He tells her she will always be his wife and the reason he puts up with everything. He can easily be pushed to being violent.

Even though Fekeli asked Yilmaz to return to his home Yilmaz prefers to stay at the mansion on the grounds of the Yaman Ranch. It is here that Zuleyha told him not to leave. It is here that he promised her that he would remain.
Yilmaz once again gets a visit from his son. Adnan appears to be naturally drawn to his father.

Mujgan is not pleased to see the baby in his arms. She asks Zuleyha to keep him away from the house in future.

The engagement of Gulten to the much older Rustem continues. He tells Gulten that he already has 3 children and she must respect him. Gulten doesn’t feel worthy of Cetin’s love but the difference between the two men is staggering. Gaffur can see his 50,000 TL dowry money becoming ever so much closer.

After meeting Fadik in Cukurova he is told that Gulten will be engaged that evening at Gaffur’s house. Cetin panics. How can this be happening? Gulten has refused him but has agreed to marrying an old man.

Rustem and his family gather at the house for the engagement.

The angered Cetin is armed and on his way to the house. He bursts in and declares his love for Gulten and demands Gulten tells everyone that she loves him also. He asks her to come with him.

Rustem draws his pistol but Cetin is quick and shoots him where he stands. The gunshot is heard all over the Ranch. Mujgan luckily enough is on hand to administer medical care.

Cetin is presented to the Prosecutor where he tells of how he had to protect himself. He is placed under arrest until all details of the incident are collected.

Gulten feels guilty over what happened at the engagement and goes to the prison to see Cetin.

She tells Cetin that she loves him. He may get 10 years prison if Rustem dies but she tells him she will wait for him.

Hunkar has decided to challenge Demir as candidate for the Chairman of Industry along with Hatip Aga. The business men vote for their candidate and Hatip gets the vote. Yilmaz and Fekeli believe that Demir , Hatip and Hunkar will destroy each other in their power struggle to be Lord of the Cukurova Plain.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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