A bombshell was dropped by Fekeli at the end of last week’s episode.   In front of Demir and Yilmaz he asked Hunkar to marry him. Demir looks at the proposal as an insult considering Fekeli killed his father but Hunkar does not see the offer as an insult and accepts Fekeli’s proposal.  Something  she should have done 40 years earlier.

Demir is incited to rage and pulls a gun on Fekeli in an attempt to kill him.   He also tells Hunkar if she goes ahead and marries him then she has no place in his life from now on. 

The decision to marry Hunkar not only upset Demir but hurt Yilmaz also.   How can he take revenge on the Yaman’s when his father is marrying one of them?

Demir arrives home in a dangerous and vengeful mood.  He enters Hunkar’s bedroom and tosses all her belongings out of her  window.  He piles them up and sets fire to them in an attempt to banish his mother from his life.  He gathers together the Ranch staff and tells them that his mother no longer lives at the Ranch and he forbids anybody to speak to her or let her into the house.  He forces Saniye into taking sides against his mother.  

Mujgan can see that Yilmaz is slipping away from her and she has not been able to stop his intense love for Zuleyha .

Meanwhile, after leaving the Hospital Fekeli and Hunkar dwell on their decision to marry knowing that they have fuelled intense feelings in their sons.  Although they are content with their own stand in their love for each other.

Mrs Behice has settled into the Fekeli Ranch like she owns the place.  She takes the news that Fekeli is to marry Hunkar hard.  All her plans to be the lady of the Fekeli household are dashed.

Hunkar finds that her mother has been released from hospital by her son and taken to another hospital.  Demir has hidden Haminne from his mother as a punishment.   He has dealt her a heavy blow.  It gives Zuleyha great pleasure to watch Hunkar suffer from the same evil treatment as she received when they took her baby from her.

Yilmaz takes the marriage of Fekeli and Hunkar very seriously. He gives back the keys to the Cotton Factory.  Yilmaz tells him that he broke his promise to him and is marrying his enemy.  He will pay him back somehow for all the money he has given him.  

Fekeli and Hunkar are on their own now.  They are both facing having their sons turn their backs on them for their actions.

Yilmaz has another brush with fate when baby Adnan escapes his mothers clutches and toddles up to him. The little boy ends up in his arms and even calls him “Dad”. 

That evening Demir tells Zuleyha that Haminne has been taken to a good hospital but she is still in a serious condition.   Zuleyha tries to stand up for Hunkar and tells him it is not right to separate them but Demir believes that Hunkar deserves his punishment.  

On the other hand Fekeli has sent his men in search of Haminne and is hopeful to give Hunkar good news soon.   It would be a good wedding present for her.  

Although Saniye is not supposed to hold any allegiance to Hunkar she saves her favourite food for her and gets a farm worker to take it to the Vineyard House and act as her maid.  She doesn’t like to go behind Demir’s back but Hunkar is like a mother to her and she cannot ignore her.

 Since Gulten has turned down Cetin’s advances, he has not been able to get Gulten to even talk to him.  He uses desperate measures and kidnaps her .  He tells her that she left him little choice because she won’t even look at him let alone talk to him. He takes her to a quiet spot where they cannot be disturbed.  

He asks her to tell him that she doesn’t want him in her life.   She can’t do it.   Deep down she does love him.  Cetin understands that something happened to Gulten that stops her from accepting him.  He loves her and accepts that something has happened to her and it doesn’t make a difference to his feelings.  He finally wears her down and she tells him that she was raped. 

Cetin wants to avenge her but she tells him that the culprit is dead and there is no need.  Cetin knows that Gulten mainly lives and works at the Ranch. This means that the person responsible must live there also.  He puts two and two together and comes up with the name of Ercument Yaman.   He both lived at the Ranch and he is also dead.

What Cetin doesn’t know is that Yilmaz was the one who killed Ercument by bashing Ercument’s head in with a brick when he saw what he had done to Gulten.    Cetin’s hate towards the Yaman’s increases.
Fekeli begins the preparations for their engagement.  

Hunkar pays a visit to the Ranch to get her passport and iD.    She is shocked to see her bedroom and possessions destroyed by her son.    

A family comes forward and speaks to Gaffur and Saniye and asks for Gulten in marriage. His name is Rustem.  Gulten stands behind a door and listens to their offer.  At first Gaffur refuses but when he hears that Rustem will give 50,000 TL for a dowry, his attitude changes.   Saniye being more realistic refuses their offer.

 Sermin and Mrs Behice spread gossip throughout Cukurova.  Sermin uses the fact that Mrs Behice is living at the Ranch as the tool to fuel her gossip.   Sermin tells her friends that she believes Mrs Behice is having an affair with Fekeli. 

Hatip Aga is after his money once again from Gaffur.   He is owed 100,000TL.  Gaffur promises him half the money in one week’s time.   (I think the 50,000TL is becoming enticing to Gaffur, all he has to do is sell his sister.)

After finding out from Gulten about the attack,  Cetin is hunts down Yilmaz . He tells him of his conversation with Gulten  and how he can’t even avenge her as Ercument is already dead.  Cetin wonders about who killed him. He is not left in the dark for very long as Yilmaz tells him that he has already avenged Gulten and he was the one who killed him.  This knowledge draws Cetin even closer to Yilmaz, although his pursuit of Gulten seems harder than ever.

Cetin will be in for a shock when he finds out that Gulten has told her brother that she will marry Rustem who is 10 to 15 years her senior . He has been in jail many times.  Gulten feels that she is not good enough to marry Cetin but a criminal such as Rustem wouldn’t care.   Gaffur is the only one who is overjoyed to hear the news. He can see the dowry money coming closer.

Zuleyha becomes jealous.  It is not fair that Hunkar marries the love of her life when she did everything in her power to stop Zuleyha having a life with her lover, Yilmaz.   How can Hunkar hope for happiness after what she did to her?  Zuleyha wants revenge.

Hunkar is dressed and ready to go with Fekeli to the Registry Office.  Saniye puts on the finishing touches to her make-up.  The day has finally come when she and Fekeli can make up for the years they have spent apart.   
As they leave the house Zuleyha drives up the driveway.  She stands confronting them both.  She tells Fekeli that Hunkar has lied to him.   Zuleyha goes on to tell him that Hunkar has known from the very beginning that she was Yilmaz’s wife.    She also tells him that Demir knew this as well yet they still forced her to marry him.

This news shocks Fekeli.  This is not what Hunkar has told him.   She led him to believe that when Demir and Zuleyha were married they loved each other and she believed that they were brother and sister.  
Fekeli asks her a direct question.   Did you know?    

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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