Life has settled down for our two feuding families living side by side at the Yaman Ranch.

The gossip grapevine is very active though with news that Sermin and Hatip Aga were imprisoned for fornication after being caught by his wife in a house purchased by his lover. They have now been released and Sermin wants revenge at Hunkar for having a hand in her embarrassment. She releases photographs of Fekeli and Hunkar in an embrace to the local newspaper for publishing.

Zuleyha is driving back from Adana after her son has received his paediatric vaccine. Her car breaks down on the side of the road . Yilmaz offers her a lift back to the Ranch which she cannot refuse as she is stranded 5 km from town with a baby who is upset.

Yilmaz tells Zuleyha how hard it is for him to love her and not be with her. He tells her that it is so hard loving her from a distance. Zuleyha explains that she has accepted that she loves him but never will be with him. They both have babies coming which complicates the situation further. Yilmaz tells her that he will never accept the situation. Both Mujgan and Demir are not happy to see them together and Zuleyha is forbidden to get in his car again.

Fadik has an accident while lighting a fire. She is burnt severely on her arm.

Mrs Behice continues to play her cards towards getting her man and Fekeli is unhappy that Yilmaz and Mujgan no longer live with him.

Mujgan and Yilmaz begin to have small arguments and that night when the world has given him peace, Yilmaz dreams of his lover and of how things used to be. He hears her voice telling him that he is her everything and she will love him until the day she dies.

Sermin gets the cold shoulder from the society ladies of Adana and she is embarrassed. News of her scandal is making it hard for Sermin.

Sabahattin has finally been given a divorce from Sermin. He has been absent from work since the scandal involving Sermin began but maybe now he will come home.

Hunkar begins to feel jealousy over the attention Mrs Behice is getting from Ali Rahmet. Mrs Behice has sprained her ankle on purpose to receive sympathy from Fekeli and is making the staff run after her every whim. Hunkar’s jealousy is fueled when she finds out that Mrs Behice lives alone in Fekeli’s house. This situation is creating gossip in town.

In the evening Yilmaz and Mujgan sit at the dinner table when they are disturbed by a tapping on their front door. Much to their surprise they find Haminne standing in the doorway and dressed for a social event.

Haminne has been missed by the Yaman household and Hunkar comes in search of her. She finds her mother sharing hospitality with Yilmaz and after some encouragement Hunkar gets her mother to leave the house and return home with her.

The morning newspapers have been printed and delivered. Sermin buys quite a few copies and begins her revenge by firstly giving a copy to the women who so happily sneered at her. Sermin walks through the marketplace heralding her news for all to hear and giving out the newspapers as proof of what she is saying. She calls Hunkar a cruel and dishonest woman who is having an affair with the man who killed her husband.

The newspaper finally makes it way to the Yaman Ranch. The staff can’t believe what they are reading. When they have to deliver the paper that morning at the breakfast table they know that all hell will break loose.

Demir doesn’t have time to read the newspaper and leaves to go to work but when he opens the door to his office he comes face to face with Yilmaz waiting for him with newspaper in hand.

Demir is incensed with rage when Yilmaz tells him the headlines with much pleasure. A fight breaks out with Yilmaz being taken by security outside the building leaving Demir so angry that he goes for his gun.

Saniye keeps the newspaper from the rest of the staff and takes Hunkar into the greenhouse to give her the bad news. Zuleyha gets much delight in rubbing the news into Hunkar’s face considering what she has done to Yilmaz and her love. Zuleyha even remembers when Hunkar slapped her in the face when she told her there was something going on between her and Fekeli.

Hunkar shows her uncontrollable temper when she goes on the rampage to find out who gave the photograph to the newspaper but she finds out that the photo’s arrived anonymously.

Demir and Hunkar have not seen each other since morning. Demir arrives home in a sullen yet thoughtful mood. He approaches his mother with shame at what she has done. Hunkar can see the hurt in his face. He has asked many times if there was anything in her relationship with Fekeli and she always denied it. He cannot face that his mother has repeatedly lied to him. The reputation of the Yaman family has been severely damaged. Demir does not know how he will be able to look people in the eye from now on.

He tells her she has killed him and that she has no place in his fathers house any longer. She packs a bag and moves to the Vineyard Cottage.

Fekeli is the only one who has not read today’s newspaper but when he goes to the Barbers he is told about the story in the paper. Fekeli drives to the lookout looking for Hasan who was the only one who knew of the secret liaison between Hunkar and him. He is thinking that Hasan took the photograph. He lines up the three staff members and draws his gun.

Yilmaz finds his father shooting wildly into the air and the staff swearing on the Quran that they did nothing. After his anger settled Yilmaz can finally talk to his father. Fekeli tells of his long time love for Hunkar which has burned within his heart since they were young.

Haminne collapses at home and is taken to hospital in a serious condition. Mujgan considers that Haminne has had a stroke. Hunkar is contacted and given the news that her mother is in ICU.

Hunkar races to her mothers side to await the doctors report on the size of the bleed. She is much relieved to hear that it is only a small bleed.

All the family gather outside of Haminne’s room along with Mujgan and even Yilmaz. Fekeli knowing that he will find Hunkar at her mothers side arrives to give his love his support. He tells her that he has come to her knowing she has been put under stress with the day’s trauma.

He stands in front of them all and tells her that he is 40 years late but the time is right and he wants to ask her to marry him.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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