Demir and Hunkar are more than a little put out to find that Yilmaz and Mujgan are now their neighbours after they moved into the renovated mansion adjoining the Ranch. They even took a sledgehammer to the concrete walls breaking down the barrier between the two houses. Having to see Yilmaz and Mujgan every day will be very hard for Zuleyha.

When going through his property portfolio Demir notices the Deed for the land that Fekeli sold back to Hunkar. He is beginning to suspect that there is more to their relationship. He presses her for an explanation and she tells him of their impossible love story that is 40 years old. Demir feels no compassion for his mother as Fekeli was responsible for his fathers murder.

Demir has buyers willing to give him 11,000,000 Marks for his land still leaving 14,000,000 Marks to find. Hunkar refuses to sign the sale documents allowing him to finance his dream of the dairy project with the Germans. Hunkar wants him to back out of the deal. The realisation that his back is up against a wall is frustrating and being unable to finance the project is nearly too much for him to bear.

Fekeli and Yilmaz have had a falling out over the land deal which led to Yilmaz moving out of the Fekeli’s house and moving into Sermin’s old mansion. He had promised to help Yilmaz bring Demir to bankruptcy but now Fekeli refuses to go against them.

Mrs Behice and Nazire do not like each other and Mrs Behice treats her with disrespect. She also sticks her nose into Mujgans personal feelings with regard to Zuleyha being an old love of Yilmaz. She believes the fire between them has not gone out.

Zuleyha is of the same mind as Hunkar with regard to selling off the Yaman land. She tells Demir that the German company is so large that they just might swallow him up like candy.

Zuleyha and Mujgan play the game of jealous possession over Yilmaz.

Zuleyha takes a plate of food as a housewarming gift to Mujgan. Mujgan throws it in the garbage without sharing it with her husband. She then makes Yilmaz his favourite dish and places it on the same plate and sends it back to Zuleyha. A silent protest showing Zuleyha that she prepares Yilmaz’s favourite dishes now and that she is his choice.

Mrs Behice is trying to anchor herself in the Fekeli household. She has nowhere to live. She does not want to live with Mujgan and Yilmaz. She is successful in making Fekeli feel sorry for her and he asks her to stay in his home for good. Hunkar feels a little jealousy when Behice answers Fekeli’s telephone.

After asking her husband to let her live with him and being turned down by him, Sermin turns to Hatip Aga and he sets her up in a house in Cukurova. This way he can see her whenever he wants. He has to continue to please Sermin as she knows he killed Cengo and is worried that she will divulge. Hatip is married and lives an unfaithful life with his wife knowing nothing.

Their affair has been secretly followed by Saniye who reports their every move to Hunkar. Hunkar is just waiting for the right time when she can take her revenge from Sermin.

With the knowledge that Sermin is having an affair with Hatip , Hunkar makes sure that his wife learns where he spends his nights . Neciye surprises them both accompanied by the police. They are taken into custody on th charge of fornication.

A dinner party is held at the home of Yilmaz and Mujgan. Laughter is heard all over the Ranch. Zuleyha already feeling a little jealous over the food issue walks onto her verandah and sees the happiness of the dinner guests below and becomes even more saddened when she sees Yilmaz cooking for his guests and the attention he gives to Mujgan.

Mujgan can see Zuleyha standing watching them from the top verandah of the Ranch and moves even closer to Yilmaz.

Yilmaz knows Zuleyha is there and cannot stop himself from gazing at her. He tells Sabahattin that it is his destiny to see her every day but not be able to hold her.

When viewing the happy couple playing house next door Zuleyha is driven to the depths of despair.
Demir has a meeting with the German company. He tells them he will not be going ahead with the dairy project and will sell his shares to them. This act really hurts his pride but he has no other way out. That night he drives to the dairy project site and kicks down the sign advertising the coming project but blames Yilmaz for ruining his life.

Demir returns home and views the dinner party in the grounds of the Ranch and looks towards Yilmaz with hatred and fire in his eyes.

Yilmaz visits the Prosecutor Office looking for information regarding Cengo’s death. He is told that there are two fingerprints on the gun but she has no match on file.

She tells him that she has many files on her desk with cases that have not been solved. She plans to work on them one by one. He is very nervous when he sees that one of the files has the name of “Ercument” on it. His memory returns to the day that Ercument raped Gulten and he bashed his head in with a rock.

For the crime of fornicating with a married man Sermin an Hatip will spend 3-4 days in prison. Sermin is very scared of the women in her cell and breaks down with fear. They make fun of her.

Hatip on the other hand takes his punishment lightly calling Sermin a whore. His standing in the cell is elevated by his fornicating reputation.

Hunkar now makes her move on Sermin. She visits her in the prison.

Hunkar warns Sermin that she has only just begun punishing her for what she has done to her family.

On returning to her prison cell Sermin is told by one of the inmates of the secret rendezvous between Fekeli and Hunkar every week at the lookout. Smirking she realises that this will be her next weapon to use against her enemy.

After a long day at meetings in Adana, Zuleyha returns to the Ranch in the dark. She meets Yilmaz who has been waiting by the garage door for her to return home. He calls out to her.

Zuleyha asks him why he torments her. She can see he is happy with Mujgan. He replies that she is his happiness and if having him live close by makes her sad then he will move out the next day.

She takes him by the arm and tells him not to leave as she wants to be able to at least see his face every day. They are both disturbed from completing their talk by Demir who arrives and takes Zuleyha home.

At the Court Hearing Sermin and Hatip are set free. Sermin feels humiliated and will find it hard keeping her head up in Cukurova but she is now armed with her new found gossip about Hunkar and Fekeli and she can’t wait to use this as a weapon against Hunkar.

Hunkar and Fekeli are at their regular weekly meeting. They can see no way of making peace between Yilmaz and Demir. They discuss how life would be much harder if they didn’t have each other to lean on.

Not far away Sermin is seen taking photographs of them in an intimate embrace. She places the photographs in an envelope along with a typed note. Her vengeance towards Hunkar is just about to begin.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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