The attempt at making peace between Demir and Yilmaz failed. Both men are back to where they began. Demir is made to swear on the Quran that he will put his gun away but he adds at the end of his promise that he will use it only if he needs to defend himself. Yilmaz on the other hand faces an infuriated Fekeli who sees his opportunity for peace between the two families ruined by the actions of his son. Certainly the possibility of reuniting with Hunkar seems as far away as ever.

Yilmaz promises Mujgan that in dealing with Demir he will not shed blood but he will get his revenge in whatever way he can.

Yilmaz has just about finished the renovation of Sermins burnt out mansion and Demir is not yet aware that Yilmaz could very well be his neighbour.

Hatip Aga is pressuring Gaffur for payment of his debt of 99,000 TL. He demands a part payment of 5,000 TL in two days time, a debt which Gaffur cannot pay.

Fekeli is seen by the high society of Adana at the Businessman’s Club dining with Mrs Behice. It is obvious that she has her eyes on Fekeli and wanting to make trouble between Hunkar and Ali Rahmet.

Zuleyha and Mujgn both attend a Gynaecologist for a regular pre natal check. Zuleyha and Mujgan sit in the waiting room with the air a little strained. Mujgan takes every opportunity to rub salt into Zuleyha’s wound by telling her of Yilmaz’s joy about the coming birth of his baby and how he will shortly join her to hear his baby’s heart beat for the first time.

This meeting is heartbreaking for Zuleyha. She sits alone in the waiting room with no support. She cannot bear to see them together. She leaves the clinic upset and crying thinking of the life that they could have had together with their son Adnan. There has been no such joy for her.

Zuleyha drives to the hospital to see Sabahattin and breaks down in his office.

She tells him that she ifeels so alone. Previously she always had the hope that Yilmaz with his love would rescue her and Adnan from the Yamans but now she sees that he is moving on with his life. Zuleyha confides to Sabahattin that they tried to run away but fate had intervened.

Zuleyha goes on to tell him that she cannot let Yilmaz know about his son and she doubts she will ever be able to. Demir is still unpredictable and has told her that he would kill Yilmaz and herself if she left him. Also he would either take the baby from her or kill him also.

Demir has an important development team from Europe visiting Cukurova to discuss his dairy farm venture. Their business meeting is being held that evening. Yilmaz shows his face at the meeting but tells them that he is no longer to be involved. If you recall he was part owner of the dairy project with Demir after Cengo sold him his shares.

Yilmaz finds pleasure in telling Demir that he sold his shares in the dairy project to the Germans as a gesture of peace but really it is just another step in his revenge towards the Cukurova Lord. The Germans are now the new shareholders.

Gaffur tries everything he can to collect 5,000 TL without any luck. His time is running out. He resorts to stealing Saniye’s gold that was hidden in their bedroom and sells them at a gold shop. He then pays Hatip Aga his money and demands a receipt in return.

Two German businessmen arrive at Demir’s office. The development group want a much larger project than what Demir has suggested, in fact three times larger. The company want these changes to take effect immediately construction commences. They add that Demir’s share of the newly enlarged project will be 25,000,000 German Marks. They also tell him Yilmaz knew of their intent before he sold them his shares.

Demir’s face turns sullen and a little scared. He realises that he does not have the money to build a facility three times larger than what he planned. Yilmaz knew this and was happy to leave Demir having to finance the much larger project without telling him.

Demir is furious and drives straight to the Cotton Factory looking for Yilmaz. Fekeli can see that he is in a rage and remembers the night that Demir raised his gun against his family when he was a guest in his home.

Fekeli warns Demir that his patience has warn thin and if he does not stop threatening his family he will have to take things into his own hands.

Saniye, who is now the Head Butler on the Ranch is on a regular inspection of the farm when she sees Sermin and Hatip Aga having a rendezvous. She hears them taking about the ignorance of Hatip’s wife’s in not being able to see that they are having an affair. Hatip also promises Sermin a house in town. Saniye takes this information straight back to Hunkar who will use this information for future dealings with Sermin.

Gaffur guiltily watches as Saniye enters their home and finds the place ransacked. Gaffur has made it seem like they have had a robbery. Saniye finds her jewellery gone. Her screams are heard all over the Ranch. Gaffur plays the concerned husband and makes a scene telling her that his fathers watch was also stolen. The truth is he buried his fathers watch in a hole in the ground.

To take any suspicion away from himself Gaffur goes to the Cotton Factory and blames the robbery on Cetin. His lies are not believed by Yilmaz who slaps him and drives him back to the Yaman Ranch restrained.

Demir has moved into a little depression. He has anxiety over how he is going to find 25,000,000 in two weeks. He talks over his situation with Hunkar. He has been screwed over by Yilmaz and his dream seems to be out of reach.

Hatip through a friend in the land office has found out that Hunkar sold her land to Fekeli and then Fekeli sold it back to her. This sale as you may recall was an agreement between Hunkar and Fekeli to enable Hunkar to pay Sermin to change her Statement. Hatip can’t wait to have some fun with his new information and makes his way directly to the Cotton Factory looking for Fekeli but only finds Yilmaz. He stirs the pot and tells Yilmaz of the land sale between the two parties leaving him puzzled and hoping that his father wasn’t instrument in dealing with the Yamans.

Yilmaz confronts Fekeli about selling the land back to the Yamans. He tells Yilmaz that he promised Hunkar that he would sell her back the land when she had the money. Even though, as we know, she only had half of the money. Yilmaz sees this as a betrayal by his father as Hunkar Yaman is his enemy.

They raise their voices in so much anger that it leads Yilmaz in turning his back on his father.

Yilmaz goes in search of Mujgan and puts a suggestion to her. We do not know what his plan is at this time.

Demir prepares to sell all his properties in Istanbul hoping to raise the money required for the dairy project. Hunkar warns him that even with selling the properties he still will not have enough money. Zuleyha reminds him that if he sold his Cukurova lands instead of his Istanbul lands then he would reach his goal. Hunkar begs him to not sell their ancestors land but the look on Demir’s face makes you believe that he is considering it.

Our final scene shows Yilmaz breaking down a part of the cement fence dividing Sermins old mansion and the Yaman mansion. The mansion has now been fully restored. Demir walks up to the concrete wall and peers through the opening. Here he sees Yilmaz and Mujgan having lunch together.

Yilmaz’s earlier suggestion to Mujgan was to move out of the Fekeli Ranch and make their home in Sermins newly renovated house.

The Yamans gather at the opening in the concrete fence peering into the front yard of the mansion.

It gives Yilmaz great joy in seeing the surprised look on Demir’s face with his revenge becoming that much sweeter.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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