Disaster has befallen the children and families at the circumcision celebration. In front of the Governor people start falling to the ground after eating contaminated food which has been provided by the Yaman Ranch.

Yilmaz has a guilty conscience and calls Mujgan to meet with him. He is open and honest with her and shows her the fragment of the burnt love letter that he received from Zuleyha the day they were married. Mujgan seeing the tortured look on his face asks him if he still loves Zuleyha and his response to her was to say nothing. This silence confirms her deepest fears. She gets in her car and drives to the Ranch where she leaves him the four leaf clover pendant and smashes their wedding photograph before leaving for Istanbul.

Yilmaz is in a bad way. He can’t do anything right. Mujgan has left him and when he talks to Zuleyha at the hospital she tells him that there is no hope for them ever to be together again. She tells him that she waited so long for him that now it seems that it was a waste of time.

Hunkar begins to investigate the food poisoning and finds out that the chickens were the source of the contamination. At the Ranch, Gaffur is beaten by Demir for the humiliation he brought him in front of the Governor . On fear of death Gaffur confesses he bought the chickens from Hatip Aga .

Demir places the beaten Gaffur in his car and confronts Hatip Aga who swears to Demir that he gave him healthy chickens for the celebration but as we know he was well aware of what he was doing. Gaffur will be punished for his part in the humiliation of the Yaman family.

In the hospital Cetin has come in search of Gulten who has been admitted for treatment of food poisoning. He enters her room carrying a bunch of red roses an open sign of his love for her.

He takes her hand in his and places his lips against her skin.

In Istanbul Mujgan meets with her colleague and arranges to have an abortion. She regrets that she ever met and married Yilmaz. Yilmaz has also travelled to Istanbul in search of her. At the last moment she backs out of the procedure. On leaving the surgery she runs into Yilmaz.

Yilmaz begs her to allow him to be in her life and to raise their child together. She agrees and they return to Adana.

It is the day of reckoning for poor Gaffur. He is summoned by Demir and is told he is no longer the Head Butler but is demoted to a shepherd on the Ranch. In his place he promotes Saniye to be the new Head Butler and asks all the staff to call her Mrs Butler from now on.

Saniye’s first job as Head Butler is to speak to the workers in the huts to see if they have recovered from their illness and to hand out monetary compensation from Demir for the trouble caused by the rotten chicken. Saniye also travels out to the farms to tell the workers that she will support them in any trouble they may have in the future.

Saniye is accepted by the workers and her leadership is different to that of her husbands. They respond happily and she is able to motivate them into completing work tasks in the fields.

Hatip Aga begins to slander the name of the Yaman’s around Adana in an attempt to turns the local people against them. He uses the poisoned chickens as his weapon and feeds the local newspaper with gossip.

Sermin also slanders the Yaman’s in the local newspaper. This slanderous gossip makes Hunkar want to seek revenge for what Sermin has done towards the family. She has ruined their reputation within the Cukurova community.

Demir remembers the statement that Sermin signed when she accepted Hunkar’s money. He asks his mother if she still has her statement as given the chance wants to present this to the Prosecutor. Hunkar is full of revenge and tells him to wait as a time will come when Sermin will beg for their help and she will then make her pay for her betrayal.

Zuleyha comes up with a suggestion to help repair their reputation. Her suggestion is unknown at this stage but may be revealed further on in our episode.

On arriving at the Fekeli Ranch, Yilmaz and Mujgan are distant from each other. Yilmaz swears he will always be there for her but there is a coldness between them now. They decide to continue as if nothing has happened .

Yilmaz takes the four leaf clover pendant and gives it to Cetin. He asks him to take it to Gulten so she may give it to Zuleyha. Cetin is happy to see Gulten at any time and rushes off to do his bidding.

Gulten accepts the pendant and tells Cetin that it belongs to Adnan and she will give it to Zuleyha.
Before she leaves Cetin gives her a note.

Zuleyha is sad when she receives the little pendant that she had pinned originally to baby Adnan the day she left the Ranch to run away with Yilmaz. Unhappily she had pinned it to a tree when he didn’t show up. Later she saw it around the neck of Mujgan and finally it has made its way back to her.

Yilmaz on the other hand stands alone not knowing in which direction he is going. He feels he has lost the love of both women.

Zuleyha broken heartedly takes the pendant and whilst driving tosses it out the window.

Cetin’s note has asked Gulten to meet him down by the lake that evening. His invitation excites her. At first she dresses happily and makes herself look beautiful as a young girl should when going on a date with somebody she loves.

Unfortunately the old memories of Ercument raping her was also down by the lake. These memories change her mood from happiness to sadness. She scrubs off all the make-up and dresses herself back in her plain work clothes to make herself unattractive to Cetin.

Gulten meets Cetin and they sit around a camp fire as if on a first date. Cetin is very grateful that she has turned up.

He tells Gulten that he has always loved her and he wants to ask her brother for her hand in marriage. His declaration is warm and touching and draws Gulten to tears. Gulten will not accept his proposal and he demands to know why. She tells him that she can never marry. He holds her in his arms whilst she weeps. He then begins to understand that what she is telling him is that something happened to her that makes her feel that she is not worthy to marry him.

He begs her not to be upset and tells her that he loves her no matter what has happened in the past. She runs from him after telling him that she does not deserve his kind of love and leaves him devastated.

Sermin has nowhere to stay after Sabahattin tells her he will not let her stay with him. She goes immediately to Hatip Aga who knows she accepted 500,000 TL from Hunkar. The money is already in her bank account but the accounts have been frozen by the courts. She is desperate for somewhere to stay and makes sure that Hatip Aga knows that she did not sell him out to the Prosecutor. Once again he accepts her into his home just incase she talks to the Prosecutor.

Fekeli tries to be a father to Mujgan and gives her advice about her marriage to Yilmaz. Yilmaz has told her that he will never turn his back on her and his child. Mujgan tells him that she is stuck between her pride and her love for Yilmaz. That evening Yilmaz gives Mujgan a new necklace to take the place of the pendant he had returned to Zuleyha.

In the Yaman household life gets back to normal with Zuleyha and Demir sharing family life and getting Adnan ready for bed.

Both Demir and Yilmaz share tender moments with their wives who carry their unborn babies.

Saniye who is now the Head Butler on the Ranch enjoys giving orders to Gaffur and gives him little rest from the many chores she has set for him to do. She demands he has tea ready for her when she gets back from the fields.

Mujgan tells her Aunt Behice about the letter from Zuleyha and how she feels that Yilmaz still loves her. She tells her of the reason she went to Istanbul. She is told to fight for her love.

To regain his reputation in the community Demir and Zuleyha have donated money and open a children’s clinic within the hospital. The Governor attends the opening which is named in honour of Zuleyha. Demir names it The Zuleyha Yaman Children’s Clinic!

Zuleyha is very beautiful and stands out in a crowd. It is not long before her eyes catch the eyes of Yilmaz at the opening. They don’t hold each other’s gaze for too long but there is certainly an undercurrent between them. Mujgan remembers her aunt’s words about fighting for her man and in front of Zuleyha she places her hand on her pregnant stomach. Zuleyha looks away with the knowledge that she is also carrying a child but to the man she does not love. The difference between the two women is that Mujgan is carrying the child of the man that Zuleyha will love forever more.

Fekeli and Hunkar still meet at the lookout and share tea. He tells her that he has accepted fate just as Yilmaz has. It hurts but that is how it is. They make a plan to try and bring the families together.

Fekeli tells Mujgan of his decision to create change. She agrees to stand by him. Together they tell Yilmaz that they have invited the Yaman’s to dinner that evening. This will be the first step in extending a hand of peace. Yilmaz is against what they have done but they refuse to back down. He has no option but to accept that tonight he will be hosting the Yaman’s at dinner.

They all gather in the dining room of the Fekeli Ranch. They are welcomed even though the air is a little strained. Yilmaz and Zuleyha cannot look each other in the eyes. In the kitchen Zuleyha meets Nazire and her daughter whom she hasn’t seen since she worked in the workers huts. They share a loving reunion together.

In the dining room you could cut the air with a knife. Conversation is scarce. Fekeli opens the evening with a call for peace between the two families. Fekeli calls for forgiveness from both families. You can see there is not much forgiveness on the faces of Yilmaz or Demir. Demir makes the first move and extends his hand to Yilmaz.

Yilmaz stands and although feeling pressured accepts his hand.

Demir now faces Yilmaz and asks him to show everyone that his action really means what it says . He asks him to give him back the land that he refused to sell to him!

Yilmaz tells him he will not give back the land to somebody who stole his wife from him. A man who sent him to jail for a murder he did not commit. A man who sets fire to the poor farm workers huts and places their lives at risk just to get to him and kill him.

Yilmaz says to Demir, “Know this…… Cukurova will be your grave or mine.”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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