Yilmaz has been placed in an awkward position. He has Zuleyha waiting for him on a country road ready to run away with him but fate has intervened and dealt our lovers a heavy blow. Zuleyha (who is pregnant with Demir’s child) waits on the road for 3 hours and when Yilmaz doesn’t turn up she pins a small four-leaf clover pendant to a tree and hurries back to the Yaman Ranch before she is missed. Yilmaz finally arrives to find Zuleyha has gone and the pendant pinned to the tree.

Zuleyha uses Gulten as a messenger to find out why Yilmaz didn’t turn up as arranged. She is still left broken-hearted thinking that she was the problem. Yilmaz tries to get Zuleyha to talk to him but she refuses and prefers to stay in her bedroom weeping.

It is discovered that the Ranch horses are sick and they have been this way for quite a few hours. Demir suspects their food was contaminated and their fodder was not fresh. He blames the running of the Ranch on Hunkar and she is offended that her son feels that she has let him down.

Yilmaz has drifted into depression and longs for just one glimpse of Zuleyha. He is confronted with the situation of the two loves in his life. Fekeli tells him to stop fighting destiny but his heart feels and wants to be satisfied. Fekeli tells him to think about his wife and coming child.

Zuleyha is also mournful but decides her destiny is to stay in Cukurova.

Sermin has been staying with Sabahattin. He begs her to divorce him. She now has her new I.D and Passport she will be leaving that day. She goes to the bank to withdraw 20,000 TL but is told that her accounts have been frozen by the Court. Sermin heads straight to Hunkar and finds her only too happy to argue with her.

Hunkar shows Sermin the air tickets and her passport which were found in her handbag at the scene of her accident. Hunkar and Demir now know that Sermin was not going to change her statement at Court that day but was escaping abroad until fate intervened. Sermin warns Hunkar that one-day Zuleyha will make her pay for all her evilness while she stands back and watches.

There is no peace at the mansion. Gaffur comes yelling for Hunkar with news that there is sickness in the worker’s huts. A couple of workers have already been stricken with the disease. Hunkar will not listen to him nor will she take responsibility for anything that is going on in the Ranch.

Zuleyha with her newfound freedom leaves the Ranch to go into town. Yilmaz has been watching out for her and takes this opportunity to have his say. He follows her car and blocks the road forcing her to talk to him. He will now have a chance to explain the reason why he did not turn up for their rendezvous on the country road.

Zuleyha is tears into him for letting her down and breaking her heart. She tells him she didn’t know what happened to him and even thought he was dead!

Yilmaz waits until she has calmed down before he tells her he found out that Mujgan was pregnant and that was the reason why he was late in meeting her. He had gone to the hospital to tell her that he was leaving her.

Zuleyha tells him that she can see no future for them both, especially with innocent babies awaiting to be born. Fate has stepped in and left them trapped. Zuleyha tells him he has no choice but to live for his family now and she has to return to a life of living hell. She leaves him standing beside his car with his spirit broken.

Zuleyha returns to the Yaman Ranch an emotional wreck. She climbs the stairs of the mansion and collapsing on the floor in her bedroom in tears.

All her hopes and dreams for a happy and loving future with Yilmaz have been dashed. She and her baby will never escape the torture of living with the Yaman’s.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz stands on the precipice of a cliff with Zuleyha’s last words going round and round in his head. She told him that she has died many times. Once when they took him from her. Then when they made her marry Demir. Once more when they told her that he had died in prison and a final death today when he didn’t turn up to make their escape.

Fate has delivered a harsh blow. Yilmaz knows he has to return to Mujgan and accept a life that he does not want. He cannot contemplate a life without Zuleyha and her love. He cannot believe that they are destined for a life of unhappiness. He cannot live without her.

The social elite of Cukurova gets ready for the formal event of the year, the Governors dinner which is by invitation. In getting ready that evening Mujgan finds a small pendant in the bedside drawer. She thinks that Yilmaz has bought her a gift. She places it on a chain and wears it around her neck to the event. Little does she know that it is a symbol of his love for Zuleyha. Seeing the pendant around her neck makes Yilmaz nervous that Zuleyha may see it and take it the wrong way. It wasn’t long after their arrival at the Country Club that Zuleyha notices the pendant around Mujgan’s neck which intensifies the already tense atmosphere between Yilmaz and Zuleyha.

Hatip Aga is at the Governor’s dinner and notices Mrs Behice. He is quite taken up with her but I feel Mrs Behice has her eyes on Fekeli. Hunkar arrives to the delight of Fekeli and is welcomed by the Governor. Hunkar asks the governor to be a guest at the upcoming circumcision celebration being held at the village huts and he agrees to come.

The staff of the Yaman Ranch visit the huts preparing for the circumcision party. Saniye hands out outfits to each child. It is here that Saniye meets a small little girl called Uzum. She is immediately taken to her. Uzum’s mother is ill and is becoming worse each day. She cannot take care of Uzum. Saniye offers to take her home with her and care for her until her mother has recovered. The little girl’s presence brings joy to Gaffur and Saniye.

That night Saniye lies in her bed with the little girl beside her and feels the love that can only be experienced by having a child wrap their arms around you. They fall asleep together.

Fekeli and Hunkar meet once more at the lookout to discuss their future together. Fekeli wants to finalise their agreement over the land. Fekeli does not want Demir to find out that his mother sold the land to him. Hunkar’s agreement was to pay him back. She cannot honour her agreement and now tells him that she has only got half the money. Fekeli is OK with this and says he will give her the Title Deed anyway and she can pay him the rest when she can.

Hartip calls for Gaffur to come to him. He reminds Gaffur that he owes him 100,000 TL and he wants payment. Hartip gets Gaffur to buy the chickens required to feed the families at the circumcision celebration. If he does this he will take 1,000 TL off the money that he owes him. Gaffur agrees.

Demir meets Hartip Aga in the streets of Adana and Hartip takes delight in rubbing salt into a wound and tells him that Hunkar recently sold a plot of Yaman land. Demir up to now has known nothing of the sale nor of the person who had bought it. He drives straight back to the Ranch and confronts Hunkar. He asks her if she had sold any Yaman land whilst he was in prison? Her answer to him is yes. She tells him of the money she gave to Sermin which makes him angry. He then asks her, “Who did you sell it to?” Overhearing the question Zuleyha steps in and answers for her, “Hunkar sold the land to Fekeli “ she says. Demir then goes into a rage when Hunkar tells him she sold it for a Million.

Later that day Hunkar confronts Zuleyha about provoking Demir against her. Zuleyha has changed since her break up with Yilmaz she is stronger and more assertive but Hunkar is still a very dangerous woman and Zuleyha needs to watch her step when provoking her.

At his office Demir checks his bank balance and finds that there is only 600,000 TL in the coffers and not enough to buy the land back. He contacts his office in Istanbul and sells a property there for 600,000 TL and now has enough money. He then drives to the Cotton Factory to speak with Fekeli knowing nothing of Hunkar’s agreement with Fekeli nor their discussion about the Title Deeds.

Demir faces Fekeli as an enemy and throws a bag with 1 Million TL at his feet and demands his land back. Fekeli’s control is admirable but Demir has rattled him like a spitting cobra.

Demir leaves the money at his feet and tells him that he wants his land back. Later that day Cetin walks into Demir’s office with the bag of money in his hands. He has been sent by Yilmaz with the message that they will not accept his money nor will they sell him back his land.

The circumcision celebration begins in the worker’s huts. The villagers decorate an area for 100 children.

The women are cooking chicken which has been farmed by Hartip Aga. Demir, Zuleyha and Hunkar attend along with the Governor’s party. Demir rises to his feet and gives a speech but is interrupted by villagers and children holding their stomachs begin to double over in pain.

Hartip Aga looks as if he is not surprised as one by one the villagers and their children begin to collapse onto the ground.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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