Last week we saw our two lovers finally moved closer together. Yilmaz has bared his soul to Zuleyha and asked her to run away with him. This week’s episode sees Zuleyha hopeful after she is proven innocent of lying to Hunkar and Demir. Zuleyha has locked herself in her bedroom with Demir pounding on the door seeking her forgiveness. He tells Zuleyha he now believes everything she has told him. He promises to punish whoever is responsible and make them apologise to her if only she will forgive him.

Gulten meets Yilmaz at Sermin’s burnt out mansion. He can’t sleep since finding out that Zuleyha was forced to marry Demir and she sacrificed her freedom to save his life. He tells Gulten that he cannot stand his life any more without Zuleyha. He wants to take her and run away.

Hearing his declaration of love Gulten tells Yilmaz about the letters Zuleyha wrote when he was in prison and how Gulten had burnt every one of them. She tells him that she did it out of fear of what Demir would do if he found out Zuleyha was writing letters secretly behind his back.

After speaking with Zuleyha about the injustices she has been made to experience by the Ranch staff and Hunkar, Demir now goes into action and stands up for his wife. With regard to her freedom, he orders Gaffur to take Zuleyha’s car keys from around his neck and put them back where they belong. He then calls a staff meeting at the mansion and interrogates them with reference to the accident on the stairs.

Saniye is asked directly who pushed her off the stairs. She blames Zuleyha. Gaffur also blames Zuleyha. The Nanny denies being anywhere near the stairs. Gulten who was the only witness tells Demir that she saw the Nanny push Saniye who then accidentally fell down the stairs. It appears now everyone has got together and blamed Zuleyha. Saniye and Gaffur are embarrassed having their lies being found out. The Nanny is fired on the spot and Saniye and Gaffur are asked to leave the Ranch.

Demir has journeyed to Adana. He has bought Zuleyha a new red car. He leaves the car with a mechanic. He makes his way up the main street of Adana to the Barber Shop where he meets Yilmaz in the street. Yilmaz believing Demir killed Cengo is bent on revenge for this death. He also knows that 500,000TL was paid into Sermin’s bank account by Fekeli after Hunkar had spoken to him and sold him one of her blocks of land. Yilmaz believes that this money was to be used to pay Sermin for changing her police statement which led to Demir being released from prison.

Demir can see that Yilmaz is agitated and does not want to put up with him in this mood. Fuelled with impatience and revenge Demir draws his gun. Yilmaz is also armed and draws his pistol also. The threat of Yilmaz shooting Demir in self-defence makes Demir put his gun away.

The standoff is seen by Mrs Berhice who tells Mujgan of what she saw. Mujgan argues with Yilmaz over the incident later that evening and he is angered by their heated words and drives off into the night. His argument moves him to want to see Zuleyha. He makes his way to the burnt-out mansion in the grounds of the Yaman Ranch to meet her.

Zuleyha slips out of the mansion and runs into his arms. He holds her close and asks her once again to let him take her away from Adana. As scared as she is of Demir her love for him moves her to agree to go with him. He draws her once more into his protective arms and promises her they will be finally happy together.

Meanwhile, Demir begins to look for Zuleyha. He enters the burnt-out mansion gates but instead of finding two lovers he finds Zuleyha talking with Gulten. Obviously Gulten had raised the alarm and Yilmaz was able to escape an otherwise awkward situation putting them both in danger.

Gulten asks Zuleyha to Saniye and Gaffur and to reinstate them back at the Ranch. They are the only family she has. Zuleyha agrees to ask Demir.

Yilmaz sits with Fekeli who can see that Yilmaz is burning inside. Fekeli tells him that he will support any decision he makes but he can’t run away from the love that Mujgan has for him. Fekeli gives him permission to follow his heart but not to break Mujgan’s heart.

Sermin’s handbag is found at the accident site and brought to Demir in his office with its contents being of interest to Demir. Inside the handbag, he finds air tickets and her passport. His eyes open even wider when he sees a cheque signed by Hunkar Yaman for 400,000 TL.

Hatip Aga learns he is off the hook when he finds out that Sermin didn’t tell the Court Hearing that she saw him murder Cengo. Hatip makes sure that the murder weapon is taken care of. He orders his security guard to throw the gun in the sea.

With her newfound freedom, Zuleyha takes Gulten to Adana shopping and before they arrive she visits Demir at his office and asks him to bring Saniye and Gaffur back to the Ranch just to make Gulten happy. He agrees which makes Hunkar furious to see her son had undermined her authority.

Zuleyha and Gulten meet Cetin whilst shopping. Zuleyha can see the chemistry between the two people. It doesn’t matter how much Cetin tries to persuade Gulten to go out with him he is unsuccessful. Gulten cannot get out of her mind the day that Ercumen raped her and how cannot tell anyone that she has been defiled? This is a secret held by herself, Yilmaz, Fekeli and Hunkar.

Gulten tells Zuleyha that she has been dealt her destiny and she must accept it. Zuleyha tells her to make her own destiny and tells her that she is going to run away with Yilmaz and change her very own destiny.

Demir brings Sermin’s handbag home to Hunkar. They can see by the air tickets that she was going to fly out on the day of his trial. The same day she had her car accident. He can also see that Hunkar has written a cheque for 400,000 TL made payable to Sermin. Demir challenges his mother with having waved Sermin’s 700,000 TL debt to the Yaman’s and also about giving her such a big cheque. Hunkar backs herself by telling him that he wouldn’t be out of prison if she hadn’t signed that cheque.

Ballistic fingerprints have returned Demir to the Prosecutor’s Office. The gun responsible for killing Cengo has been found. The Prosecutor tells him that his fingerprints were not found on Cengo’s gun. There was one set of fingerprints which were not identifiable. The Prosecutor exonerates Demir from any suspicion of murder.

Meanwhile, Hatip Aga goes into a panic when he finds out that his gun had not been thrown into the sea but left it in the forest and which was found by the police. Sermin with nowhere to go turns up at Sabahattin’s house to stay. He gives his permission for her to stay for one week.

Everyone in the Fekeli household can see that Yilmaz is distant. Even when Yilmaz finds out that Demir did not kill Cengo he doesn’t want to believe the truth. Mujgan can feel his coldness towards her. She cannot work out the reason why and Fekeli is not going to tell her.

With Saniye and Gaffur back to their normal duties at the Ranch, Zuleyha now makes sure she has the power over Saniye making her do the most simple tasks and ignoring her position as head of the kitchen. Saniye looks at her with eyes like a viper.

Zuleyha meets Yilmaz secretly at the burnt out mansion to finalise their escape. He hands her tickets to Germany and asks her to put her passport in her handbag in preparation. He kisses her hand with excitement. His last task before he goes will be to speak with Mujgan. He is excited that they are escaping together to finally live their lives as they intended.

The next day the Yamans are giving a planned feast for the whole of the Cukurova neighbourhood. Demir has decided this day will launch his new dairy industry soon to be commenced in Adana. The industry will create hundreds of jobs for local people.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Zuleyha is planning to flee with Adnan. She does everything not to make Demir suspicious. Gulten knows about her plan of escape and helps her by packing the red car with items that she will need for the baby. They say their goodbyes.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Yilmaz finds his father and tells him that the time has come for him to say goodbye. Fekeli tells him that he is scared for him and does not want him to go but knows that he is going anyway. He wishes him happiness and gives him his blessing.

Zuleyha leaves the Yaman Ranch and drives her red car towards Adana. She stops on the side of the road to wait for Yilmaz to arrive. She nervously looks at her watch.

Yilmaz has arrived at the hospital to tell Mujgan of his decision to leave. He is shocked when Mujgan places his hands on her stomach. Fate has once again stepped in. Mujgan tells him he will soon be a father.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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