The day has finally come for Demir’s trial. Zuleyha is not allowed to attend. Hunkar has gone to a lot of trouble to try and get him out of prison even trying to bribe the Prosecutor. She finally offers Sermin a financial incentive to change her statement. At the trial, the Court awaits her arrival but Sermin does not turn up and Demir is sent back to prison once again.

Sermin, on the other hand, has been lying low at Hatip Aga’s mansion. Yilmaz has checked his Company’s bank statement and now knows that Sermin has received a 500,000 TL from Fekeli. He knows nothing about it just being a loan to Hunkar. Yilmaz can see how Hunkar is trying to bribe Sermin into changing her story.

Hatip’s plan on buying Demir’s land has failed. He is unaware that Hunkar has sold the land to Fekeli. He has ordered everyone in Adana not to buy Demir’s land and believing Fekeli is an enemy of the Yaman’s feels sure Hunkar will change her mind. Their plan was for Hatip to secure the land before Sermin changed her statement.

Sermin now has the 500,000 TL in her bank account unbeknownst to Hatip. He is unaware that she has received the bribe money. Sermin begins to feel fear welling up within her knowing that Hunkar will retaliate. She knows that Hunkar is unforgiving and will have her revenge. This fear motivates Sermin to plan her escape. She has the money in her bank account and a plane ticket in her purse and she leaves to head to the airport.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz has turned up at Hatip Aga’s office looking for Sermin. He tells Hatip that Sermin is going to change her statement and has received 500,000 TL from Hunkar. This news startles Hatip. He now knows that Sermin has been lying to him and if she changes her statement the police will come looking for him.

Mujgan’s aunt Mrs Behice has to return to Istanbul. She must return to see her dead brother’s Lawyer. Fekeli who also has to go to Istanbul agreed to go with her.

Back at the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha is ordered to stay in her room. Hunkar has hired a nanny to take care of Adnan against Zuleyha’s wishes. The two do not see eye-to-eye and argue over the care of Adnan.

Hunkar has ordered Saniye not to allow Zuleyha outside of the house. Inside the mansion, at the top of the stairs, an argument breaks out with the nanny, Saniye and Zuleyha. Saniye faces a more courageous Zuleyha now who will not stand for her insults. They are all pushing each other and the heated argument results in Saniye falling down the stairs. All the staff believe that Zuleyha pushed her down the stairs on purpose. She is rushed to the hospital.

Yilmaz has arrived at the Ranch looking to confront Hunkar with his knowledge that she has bribed Sermin into changing her statement. He stands out the front of the mansion and yells for Hunkar to come out instead Zuleyha turns up. She tells him that Hunkar is still at Court and Saniye has been taken to hospital and she is free to talk to him.

Yilmaz takes her by the hand and walks her to Sermin’s newly renovated mansion. Here they are undisturbed. Yilmaz takes her face between his hands and tells her that he cannot live without her. Zuleyha, in turn, tells him that she feels the same way and would die for him.

Finally, our two lovers share their love for each other after all this time. Finally they get the opportunity to hold each other. Zuleyha has more clarity of the situation than Yilmaz. She tells him that their destiny is to live in the same place and not to be with each other. Yilmaz declares that they will re-write their destiny and he will take her away from her sadness. He swears to be a good father to Adnan. These words lead Zuleyha to fear what Demir will do if she left him. We know that he has threatened to kill them both and the baby. We know no more of the lover’s conversation and their decision. I am sure this will be revealed soon.

Hunkar has been sitting in the empty Court Room since the trial was adjourned. It will be another 3 months before another trial can be arranged. Hunkar still has the Statement in her hand that Sermin wrote the day she accepted her financial bribe. She hands it to her Lawyer who feels the Statement might just be enough to obtain Demir’s freedom.

Hunkar recalls Sermin’s visit to her office. That day she gave Sermin 100,000 TL cash and a cheque for another 400,000 TL if Sermin accepted to change her Statement. Hunkar also agreed to give Sermin another 500,000 TL after turning up at Court and changing her Statement. This would make a total of 1,000,000 Million TL. Sermin signed the dictated Statement and left her office.

On the day of the trial, Sermin received another deposit of 500,000 TL from Fekeli’s bank which was payment for the land as agreed with Hunkar. She now had a total of 1,000,000 Million TL.

Hatip Aga is now very worried. If Sermin tells that he is the murderer then he is done for sure. He sends his men out looking for Sermin with the order to find her. They find her driving her car along one of the back roads and she is pushed off the road into a tree where she lies injured.

It is here that Yilmaz finds Sermin after a servant tells him that a woman lies screaming after having an accident on the road to Adana.

At the hospital, Saniye has recovered consciousness and continues her story that Zuleyha pushed her off the stairs on purpose. It is here that Hunkar runs into Yilmaz where he has brought a critically injured Sermin for treatment. He takes this opportunity to confront Hunkar about the money and Sermin’s statement. Hunkar swears Demir’s innocence but Yilmaz will not listen to her.

In prison, Demir swears that he will have justice and an opportunity to take his revenge.

Zuleyha is finding the whole household is against her since the accident with Saniye. The nanny also tells lies of her involvement in the fall down the stairs.

Mujgan is aware that Yilmaz has changed. He will not share with her what is upsetting him. How can he tell her that it is because his heart belongs to another? Zuleyha is all he thinks of.

The next day Sermin awakes to find Hunkar sitting by her bedside and the Prosecutor not far away.

Sermin lies her way out of a sticky situation. She tells Hunkar that she had her accident whilst on her way to the Court. She certainly could not tell her that she was on her way to the airport with her money. The Prosecutor arrives to take her statement. She is direct with Sermin and asks her if Hunkar was putting pressure on her to change her Statement. Sermin owns up that she didn’t see Demir kill Cengo and admits that she has been threatened by Hunkar to change her Statement. Hunkar had burnt her house down and ruined her life and she wanted revenge. The Prosecutor asks Sermin who did kill Cengo. We don’t know how Sermin answers at this time. What we do see is the Prosecutor leaving the hospital room.

The next scene follows Fekeli and Behice on their journey to Istanbul. Mrs Behice was called to Istanbul by her brother’s Lawyer. The Lawyer tells her that her brother had great debt which led to his suicide. Mrs Behice finds out that her brother had also sold her house. She now has no money. A family debt and no house. Fekeli assures her of her security within his home.

Whilst Fekeli is waiting for Mrs Behice she is attacked. Fekeli defends her and takes on the two thugs. Little do the thugs know but they are attacking a Lord from Adana. He shoots one thug in the leg after he tries to knife him. Who the thugs are we do not know but the look on Mrs Behice’s face leads you to believe she may have paid them to attack them. We will see later on I suspect.

Hatip Aga has been informed that the Prosecutor has spoken to Sermin. He packs his bags ready for his escape and clambers into his car to make his getaway.

A jubilant and joyful crowd have gathered outside the prison gates. Inside the prison, Demir says goodbye to his cellmates. He walks out of prison a free man and is welcomed by the open arms of his mother.

A cavalcade of cars wind down the streets of Adana showing a happy Demir waving to the crowd. He enters the gates of the Yaman Ranch to the welcome of his staff. The Ranch staff quickly fill him in on the gossip. He is immediately told that Zuleyha pushed Saniye off the stairs and Yilmaz has been at the Ranch and Zuleyha had run away with him.

His is distant to Zuleyha which is noticeable and he ignores her. He remembers what Hatip Aga said to him about his wife and Yilmaz. He will not let her explain her side of the story of that day when Yilmaz found her on the road and brought her to hospital. He believes she ran off with Yilmaz instead when all along she was taking Haminne to hospital. To show his displeasure he moves out of their bedroom.

Hunkar fills him in on her agreement with Sermin but only tells him that she waved her 700,000 TL debt to the Yaman ranch. He doesn’t know about the land sale yet let alone the 500,000 TL she has given to Sermin in cash and cheque. There is also the large tax bill which is still yet to be paid.

In hospital Sermin is aware that her purse was not brought to the hospital and she had all her money inside. She regrets her decision to lie in the first place and to be persuaded by Hatip to make a false statement.

Gulten is aware that Adnan is Yilmaz’s son. She promises to keep the secret from Yilmaz until they are all safe. Zuleyha dreams of escaping with the baby but is always drawn back to reality with the constant fear of Demir killing her son and her lover.

Fate is on Zuleyha’s side. Demir and Hunker are gathered outside the Ranch at breakfast that morning when a farmworker presents herself to Hunker. She was concerned for Haminne. The worker had found Haminne sitting under a tree on the Vineyard Road a day or so ago. The worker had returned her to the Vineyard house and sat her on the verandah with a plate of food in the shade. She came to apologise that she couldn’t sit with her until Hunker returned home.

Hearing this story Hunker and Demir realise that this is what Zuleyha has been telling them all along. They cast their eyes at each other and then at Zuleyha. Zuleyha gives them a look of “I told you so”!

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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