This episode commences where our last episode finished last week. Yilmaz has come upon Zuleyha who has passed out on the road and in the throws of having a miscarriage. Her passengers in the truck were Haminne and the baby. Haminne in her wandering dementia heads off into the bush leaving Adnan unsupervised in the truck. Haminne although having dementia makes her way back to the farm by herself.

Yilmaz unaware that Adnan was in the truck scoops Zuleyha up and high tails it for help until Zuleyha wakes up in the car and remembers her son is still in the red truck . Yilmaz does a U-turn and heads back just in time to save the baby from death. Zuleyha would love to tell Yilmaz that he is the baby’s father but she is still afraid that Demir will carry out his promise to kill both of them if he found out that the baby wasn’t his.

Hunkar finds Sermin in the Hamam and threatens Sermin with death if she doesn’t retract her false witness statement to the police.

Hunkar knowing nothing of the events on the road has found out that Zuleyha and the baby are missing. She fears that she has run away with Yilmaz. It is not long and her scheming character has a search party out looking for her all over Adana.

Gaffur runs into Hatip Aga in his search and true to his gossiping nature tells him all the news concerning the Yamans. His snake-like tongue never stops until he has spread the love story of Yilmaz and Zuleyha and how they are looking for them everywhere believing she has run away with him and the baby.

Yilmaz eventually arrives at the hospital with his precious cargo. He now is responsible for the baby whilst Zuleyha has treatment. He draws close to the little boy not knowing that he is his son. He tenderly comforts him while the baby sleeps in his arms.

After a time Zuleyha regains consciousness. Sabahattin has kept her secret about the baby for a long time now and in part regrets his decision to not tell Yilmaz and to leave Zuleyha in the hands of the Yamans.

Hearing the news from Gaffur, Hatip Aga takes no time at all in sticking it to Demir. He goes to the prison to solely rub in the news and tell Demir that Yilmaz has run off with his wife. Demir goes into a rage and breaks down which puts him into solitary confinement again.

Hunkar finally finds out that Zuleyha is in the hospital and did not run away with Yilmaz. She is told that she owes Zuleyha’s life and the life of Demir’s unborn child to Yilmaz. Gaffur, on the other hand, has spread some damaging gossip throughout Adana. It seems that nobody will believe either Zuleyha or Yilmaz did not plan the meeting on the vineyard road. Hunkar has been told what happened at the fountain and how Haminne was the only reason Zuleyha left the Vineyard home but she does not believe her. Hunkar prefers to believe that Zuleyha was running away with Yilmaz and tried to miscarry Demir’s child.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz is having a hard time getting through to Fekeli that although he initially went to the Vineyard house to tell Zuleyha of his love for her, he decided against it when he thought of how he would break Mujgan’s heart. Fekeli finds his story hard to believe also.

Demir continually bashes the cell door with frustration after Hatip Aga’s visit. He wants to speak to his mother who he knows will tell him the truth. He blames Zuleyha for betraying him after she promised him that she will be at the Ranch when he is released.

Mrs Berhice is becoming sneaky and has big ears for any gossip she can obtain about the Fekeli household and Yilmaz. Her persona stinks!

Zuleyha comes home from hospital to the care of the Yaman staff. She finds out that Gulten has been removed and a personal nurse has been engaged to care for her. Zuleyha finds herself once again a prisoner of Hunkar’s. Saniye and the staff of the Ranch have all been asked to not let her leave the Ranch. The keys of the car have been hidden.

Gossip is starting to spread around Adana that the Yaman’s have come into financial difficulty so to prove them wrong Hunkar prepares to make a circumcision party for 100 children.

Sermin and Hati Aga plot against the Yaman’s to crush them and get every dollar they can. They begin to put their plan into action.

Sermin visits Hunkar at the Yaman Holdings and asks what she will offer for her to change her Statement. Hunkar tells her she will take back the 700,000 TL debt owed to the Yamans but Sermin demands not only the 700,000 TL debt be wiped off but a cash payment of 1 Million TL also.

Hunkar agrees to give her the money on one condition. Sermin is to write down what she is told word for word. The next we see in this episode is Hunkar meeting with her Lawyer and she asks him what would happen if Sermin changed her statement. The Lawyer tells her that the Prosecutor would release Demir immediately. At this stage, we do not know if Sermin wrote a new Statement which was dictated by Hunkar.

To pay her 1 Million TL to Sermin, Hunkar decides sell a block of land in secret. Hunkar does not want the news to be released to all Adana. This would make the gossip worse than it already is.

Meanwhile, Hatip Aga visits Hunkar at the Ranch already knowing that she is going to sell her land to pay Sermin off. He offers her 700,000TL Cash to buy it which she refuses. Later on, Fekeli makes her an offer which she considers, knowing that if Demir finds out he would go crazy.

Hunkar finally gets to see her son in prison. He demands to know if Zuleyha ran away with Yilmaz. Hunkar tells him only her opinion of what happened and that Zuleyha did try to escape taking the baby with her. Once again Hunkar brings her son to the brink of emotional and mental devastation. All her son’s trust and respect for Zuleyha has been broken down.

Zuleyha is finding it hard to hang on. Hunkar is evil and makes living at the Ranch nearly impossible and her unhappiness and vengeance toward Hunkar grows.

After finding out that her land is only worth 500,000 TL, Hunkar agrees to sell the land to Hatip for 700,000TL. Hatip, on the other hand, lowers his price to 600,000 TL. He places a big wad of cash in front of Hunkar but she dislikes his attitude and refuses his offer. Her reluctance to sell him the land shocks him he thought he had the sale.

In turn, she makes her way to meet Fekeli and takes him up on his offer of buying the land and return the land to her when she is financially in a better position, also keeping the sale a secret from Demir. She agrees and the sale goes ahead.

Demir finally comes to trial. Hunkar does not allow Zuleyha to come to the trial. Hunkar will not tell Zuleyha where she got the money from to change Sermin’s statement. Zuleyha guesses it was from Fekeli knowing that there is something between the two of them.

Hunkar is her arch-enemy now and Zuleyha tells Hunkar that she is going to make her pay for what she did to her and Yilmaz and she will tell Yilmaz that he is the father of her child when the time is right for her.

Yilmaz finds out that the bank accounts have had 500,000 TL deposited to Sermin’s account by Fekeli.

Hunkar eagerly awaits Sermin to join the trial. Will she change her Statement?

Unfortunately for Demir Hunkar does not show up and Demir is sent back to prison.

Join us at Dizicentral next week to see if Sermin comes up with the goods.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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