Zuleyha has come to the decision that death is a great deal better than marrying Demir.  She has walked to a bridge and has jumped into the canal and is swept downstream in her Paris gown.  Alas,  she is fished out by Hunkar and carried back to the mansion.  Stripped of her wet wedding gown she is deposited in Hunkar’s old wedding dress and once more presented for marriage. She now feels trapped and goes through with the ceremony.  Her wedding night awaits.  Hunkar has taken care of all the finer details of proving a maid has married her son.  Hunkar is pacing her bedroom in the hope that her son will consummate the union.  Her scheming mind cannot rest until she knows her plan has been executed.  The old wedding dress and pre-soiled linens from the marriage bed are concealed in the boot of her car.

Yilmaz is becoming very agitated when he receives no letters from Zuleyha.  He writes her another letter and for those of you who may not see this episode at length,  these are the words that he penned:-“Zuleyha, I don’t know how many times I have sent you a letter. I forgot the count but you still haven’t written me anything.  Just give me a sign, please.  Has something happened to you so you can’t write?  Can’t you go out and send your letter?  You can do it.  You will find a way to send me something. I’ve been longing for your letter”.   He is thoughtful, concerned and worried.  He has become thin and will not eat believing Zuleyha has forgotten him.

Saniye is in a foul mood.  Zuleyha is now the lady of the house.  She realises that she will have to take orders from her now.  Hunkar pulls them over the coals reminding them she will have no disrespect towards Zuleyha on her return from the honeymoon.  Saniye shows real hate in her eyes towards Zuleyha but Gaffur reminds her if she treats her well Hunkar will reward them.

Our honeymooners are in Paris.  Demir has become possessive.  Zuleyha must do exactly as he wants. They visit the fashion stores of Paris where he buys dresses and furs without asking her opinion as if he is dressing a doll!  His true nature is starting to show its face.

Veli (the stepbrother that sold Zuleyha in Istanbul) has shown up at the Ranch.  Hunkar realises she is in for trouble where he is concerned.  Veli tells her he is Zuleyha’s cousin but Hunkar remembers his name and the story Zuleyha told him.  He seems surprised when she asks him, “Cousin or step-brother?”   She asks him “who are you going to sell this time”?  His mission is to blackmail Hunkar for money or he will tell Demir about Yilmaz.  The blackmail worked and Hunkar pays him off and warns him he will be in pieces if he returns.  What she doesn’t know is that Veli does not leave Adana.  He will be causing trouble later in our series just wait and see.

Hunkar has given Gaffur a large amount of money to keep his mouth shut about Zuleyha and Yilmaz.  The first time it was to purchase a cow and calf.  This time it was to purchase a block of land.  (I am thinking that he may have to pay the price in another way if Veli gets out of hand later on in our series.)

Our newlyweds have returned to the Ranch.  They have been away a month.  A more confident Zuleyha gets out of the car.  She looks beautiful in her new Paris fashions.  They look the perfect newly married couple.    Demir finds out that Zuleyha is pregnant after a bout of morning sickness.  This news sends him into raptures but Sermin and the housemaids are shocked.   The good news is spread throughout the land to family and friends.

At the prison, a huge load of letters have stockpiled and each one is systematically burnt. Yilmaz has been loaded into a bus heading to court to see if will be patrolled.   His is to be sentenced without any defence.  It is decreed that Yilmaz will be by executed under Turkish Criminal Law.   The News that he is to be executed has reached the mansion.  Zuleyha has learnt the news of his impending execution and collapses.

A letter of appeal has been written by Yilmaz. The Director telephones Hunkar who advises him to destroy it.  This is overheard by a fellow inmate who in turn shares what he saw and heard with Yilmaz. He explains his appeal letter has been destroyed and Hunkar is involved.  Yilmaz now knows that all his letters have never been delivered to Zuleyha.   He becomes frantic in his need to escape prison.

A friendship is developing between Sebahattin and Zuleyha.  He has offered her help to escape. He gives her a train ticket and money to catch the train to Istanbul. Sebahattin tells Zuleyha that he knows she loves Yilmaz as he saw them together.  He also knows that she is more than just a month or so pregnant.  He tells her to leave the mansion at 11.00pm and he will arrange the details of her escape.   That evening Demir is being kept at his club longer than usual by Sebahattin.  He is trying to extend their time together to allow Zuleyha time to escape.  At the same time, Zuleyha leaves the mansion with bag in hand. She meets an arranged driver who is waiting to drive her to the station.  She arrives at the station and walks inside.

Do you think she will make the train?

Yilmaz has now had a plan of escape.   A pre-arranged fight commences and he is stabbed by his friend and fellow inmate. Can this be his plan of escape?




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