Welcome to Dizicentral and the next episode of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova. Join me while we see who was on the other end of the telephone when Yilmaz was just about to tell Mujgan the truth about his ongoing love for Zuleyha .

Our telephone call was from Fekeli with the news that Mujgan’s father had tried to commit suicide over the pressure from his blackmailers who had photographs of him abusing a young girl. These photographs Yilmaz himself used to bribe Mujgan’s father into coming to their wedding. He thought he had the only copies but the blackmailers are now using these photographs to exact a huge amount of money from Mujgan’s father who ends up in turning the gun to his own head.

Yilmaz and Mujgan make a hurried journey to Istanbul.

Yilmaz and Mujgan arrive at the hospital in Istanbul to be met by Fekeli and Mrs Behice her Aunt. Mujgan’s father is critical. Before he dies he makes Yilmaz promise never to upset his daughter. Yilmaz makes this promise although he knows this tighter responsibility for Mujgan will conflict with his love for Zuleyha.

Hunkar realises that the Yaman finances are at crisis point and begins to draw in her creditors.

Gaffur is sent to collect 100,000 TL from Kamer Bey who is one of her creditors. She asks him to take two farm workers Tacettin and Huseyin with him for safety and gives him 100 TL to pay each of the men for their services. gaffur being Gaffur, keeps the money for himself and takes no protection.

Cetin still has eyes for Gulten but is unaware that she had been raped by Ercument before he died. He cannot understand why she will not go out with him.

Gaffur meets up with Hatip Aga. He tells Hatip that he is going to collect 100,000 TL for Hunkar.

Hatip Aga pours alcohol into Gaffur and plying him for information. It is not long before Gaffur tells Hatip that the Yaman’s have become so short of money they had to reclaim loans from their creditors. It is obvious that Hatip has dishonest intentions from the outset.

Gaffur collects the money from Kamer Bey. He places it in his jacket pocket. He is a little under the weather from all the alcohol that Hatip Aga has given him and makes a necessary pit stop on his way back to the Ranch where two assailants attack him and steal his money.

Gaffur is scared. He has lost the Yaman’s money. He runs to Hatip Aga for help. Gaffur begs Hatip to give him the 100,000 TL as a loan to avoid the Yaman’s finding out that he did not do as Hunkar told him. He wishes he had taken Tacettin and Huseyin with him for protection. His dishonesty is found out when Hunkar sees Tacettin at the Ranch and asks him why he didn’t go with Gaffur.

Hatip Aga gives Gaffur the money and makes him signed a large IOU. Gaffur is aware this is a debt that he will never be able to pay. Fate has dealt him a huge blow for his greediness.

Gaffur returns to the Ranch to be angrily confronted by Hunkar, but seeing he had brought the money back to her safely she gives the money to Ercan to pay the Company’s tax debt.

Mujgan’s father is put to rest in Istanbul. Yilmaz advises Mujgan that her father had big debts and needed to sell his hospital to pay them. His guilty conscience leads him to track down his father-in-law’s blackmailers who had used his photographs as a tool. Yilmaz even offers to buy Mujgan’s father’s private hospital as a means of financial help. Mujgan is still bewildered by her father’s huge debt. With the funeral over a decision is made to return to Adana and to take Mrs Behice back with them for Mujgans sake.

Sermin is still living in Hatip Aga’s house. Hatip keeps her close as she is the witness that could send him to prison for life for killing Cengo. Hunkar has scouts out looking for her everywhere.

In prison, Demir meets with his mother to check on the Company business. He feels comfortable and trusts his mother to handle any business necessary. He reminds her not to push Zuleyha too hard and not to keep her locked up.

Yilmaz is caught between his responsibility to Mujgan and his promise to her father and his constant yearning for Zuleyha. Mujgan now has only Yilmaz and Fekeli as her family. Meanwhile, Zuleyha also aches for Yilmaz. She would love to tell him that he has a son but is torn between what Demir has done for her and because she carries his child within her. It seems like our lovers are never destined to be together.

Mrs Behice is very close to Mujgan but she makes you distrust her. She also seems to have her eyes on Fekeli and his Ranch.

In Zuleyha’s bedroom, a Scorpion is found on her bed narrowly missing injecting its poison into the baby.

For fear that there could be more Scorpions in the room the family to go to the Vineyard house whilst a search gets underway and the scorpions are fumigated.

Hunkar leaves the house when her investigator finds Sermin. Hunkar leaves the house to confront her. She finds her at the Hamam. Hunkar demands she takes her false statement back and which holds Demir continually in prison. Hunkar threatens that if she doesn’t she will not live.

At the Vineyard house, Saniye has forgotten to bring the baby’s clothes and medications from the Yaman Ranch. Zuleyha sends her back to retrieve them.

Zuleyha is caught at the Vineyard house with a sick Haminne and the care of the baby. There is no staff at the house and she must take urgent action and take Haminne to the hospital. Half carrying Haminne she gets her into the red farm ute and races towards town.

At the same time, Yilmaz comes to the Vineyard house to talk to Zuleyha but as he stands at the door he hears Mujgan’s voice telling him that he is all she has now. He changes his mind and walks back to his car.

On the road, Zuleyha has to pull over at a water station with stomach cramps.

All the stress has been too much for her. After taking a drink she returns to the car to find grandma in her demented mind has wandered off.

Yilmaz is now on the same road as Zuleyha coming back from the Vineyard house.

Zuleyha’s pain increases and she begins to miscarry. She collapses to the ground.

It is this moment that Yilmaz arrives on the scene. He takes her in his arms and once again fate has intervened and pushed them towards each other.


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