In this week’s episode we finally see our lovers come face to face. Unfortunately for them Demir has escaped from custody and with Hunkar’s help has tracked them down.

Demir is running from the Police and if caught could be executed if he can’t prove that he did not kill Cengo. He will not go without Zuleyha and stands his ground with gun in hand confronting Yilmaz. Zuleyha makes the choice to stay with Yilmaz and even protects him with her own body until she sees Hunkar with her baby in her arms. They have brought him as a tool to blackmail her. It worked, she is forced for the babies sake to get into the car. Yilmaz cannot give chase as Demir shoots each tyre out from under the wheels. Yilmaz can do nothing but watch as they drive off into the night.

Demir’s intention is to escape to another country and start a new life with his wife and child by his side. This idea was not as easy as he thought as Zuleyha does not want to go. She fights for her freedom but is defeated once more by his threat of taking the baby away from her. Defeated she reluctantly has to go with him.

Yilmaz is frantic with worry over Zuleyha being forcibly taken from him and possibly being taken out of the country. Fekeli won’t stand with him against Demir and it is the first time that they are opposed to each other. Fekeli tells him he will lose in the end and Yilmaz stands defiant in not wanting to lose Zuleyha for the second time. He has also armed himself.

The borders are on the alert for Demir and the family. They believe he may head for the frontier. The border guards also try to deal with Yilmaz who is waiting on any word of their whereabouts. He catches up with Hunkar’s car and stops it in the middle of the road but unfortunately inside there is no Zuleyha only Hunkar and her driver. Yilmaz holds a gun to her face demanding she tell him where Zuleyha is but Hunkar is saying nothing to Yilmaz or the border guards. Only that Zuleyha is with Demir.

In Adana the Prosecutor is collecting evidence about Demir’s escape. Yilmaz gives his statement telling her about the last time he saw Demir, the abduction of Zuleyha and baby and Hunkar’s involvement in it all.

Hunkar’s visit to the Prosecutor is definitely something else. She lies her way through her interview and blames everything on Yilmaz and his jealousy of Demir over Zuleyha. She also tells the Prosecutor to look into his criminal history. The Prosecutor is aware that Hunkar is stalling for time which will give Demir the opportunity for escape across the border. Little does she know that Hunkar had organised his whole escape.

Yilmaz and Mujgan are on rocky ground. Mujgan knows that there is a change in their relationship but thinks it is all because of the death of Cengo. He has broken a promise to her and picked up a gun again. Fekeli tells him he must follow his destiny whether it be good or bad.

Seher had agreed to give Saniye her baby after it is born. She was going to buy the baby for 1000 Lire. Saniye wanted to raise the child seeing Gaffur is the father. Unfortunately Seher’s baby is born dead which breaks Saniye’s heart. She asks Gaffur to divorce her so that he has the opportunity to father children.

Hunkar moves in as Head of the Yaman Company now that Demir is gone. She finds out that the Company has a 450,000 Lire debt from their creditors . She returns to the Yaman Ranch to check her books.

Demir has dragged Zuleyha and the baby across the desert in his escape .

She is tired and the sun burns down upon her whilst she tries to protect the baby from the elements.

The baby becomes sick with a fever and they head to a village for refuge. They are not far from the Syrian border. Demir could escape across the border himself but he remains to care for Zuleyha and the baby.

Hatip Aga provides a house for Sermin. Sermin has him where she wants him as she saw him kill Cengo and he knows if she tells he is in prison for life. Sermin also knows that Hunkar will be trying to track her down for reporting that she saw Demir kill Cengo.

Mujgan’s father looks to have money problems and is under pressure to a blackmailing voice over the phone . His blackmailers know that he was to blame for killing a young girl. He tells them he is going to sell his hospital to pay his debt.

Finally Demir and Zuleyha arrive in a village looking for a doctor. The baby’s condition has deteriorated. To make things worse they have to hide from police patrolling the border town. They are able to hire a small car and pay the driver to take them to the hospital in Adana.

They are driven back to Adana where Mujgan provides lifesaving treatment for the baby.

Although Demir has a chance to escape he remains at the hospital. Before he is arrested he declares his love for Zuleyha and acknowledges that he has made many mistakes. Zuleyha is aware of the sacrifice he made for her in the desert. He could have escaped. He saved her son’s life. He tells her she is free to do whatever she wants and in a turn around of feelings on Zuleyha behalf she tells him that she will be waiting for him at the Yaman Ranch when he gets out of jail.They say their goodbyes. He is arrested and returned to prison.

Life returns to normal at the Yaman Ranch with Hunkar leading the family and running the Company as well. She also has put added pressure on Suleyha removing the telephone from her bedroom stopping her from calling Yilmaz secretly, removing the car keys and locking the gate to Sermin’s mansion forbidding any staff to enter. Zuleyha will be kept from making an escape even if she wants to.

Ercan who is Demir’s company executive has been told by Hatip Aga that the Prosecutor has been known to take bribes of money and releases her captives held in prison. Now this information has come from Hatip Aga and could be all lies. Hunkar is led into making a big mistake, she visits the Prosecutor’s Office with a box in hand which contains many gold coins looking for a way for the Prosecutor to release Demir but no matter how much she tries to tempt her she finds her unshakable.

There is no going forward for Mujgan and Yilmaz. Yilmaz is forever returning in his heart and mind to Zuleyha. He needs to know what happened to her after that night she was taken by Demir. He cannot look into his wife’s eyes. He is at a cross road and doesn’t know which way to go. He cannot change Zuleyha’s life but he can save Mujgan from a life of sadness knowing his heart belongs to another.

Fekeli travelled to Istanbul to visit Mujgan’s father. Her father holds it against Yilmaz for marrying his daughter. Fekeli has come to ask to buy his hospital in a business arrangement. Her father tells him that he is being blackmailed into selling his hospital.

Yilmaz cannot wait any longer. He jumps the fence between the two houses at the Ranch and he is armed. He takes Zuleyha into the green house to finish his talk with her. She nearly tells him that Adnan is his son but in the end tells him it is over. They can never go back to how it was. He is happy to take both her babies and care for them himself but Zuleyha backs off and tells him what they had for each other is over. She tells him it is too late and begs him to try to be happy. She turns and leaves him.

Yilmaz has been pacing the floor since getting back from his talk with Zuleyha. He now is going to tell Mujgan everything but before he does the telephone rings.

Join me next week in finding out who was on the other end of the telephone and what news Yilmaz received that is so shocking.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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