This episode of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova is long and you may require a refreshment break.

Fekeli’s surgery is over and the long wait begins to see if he will survive. Yilmaz owns up and tells Mujgan that he shot his father by accident but doesn’t tell her that Hunkar was also involved in the accident. The knowledge that Hunkar forced Zuleyha to marry her son has really upset Fekeli . He is discharged home into the care of Yilmaz and Mujgan for recuperation.

Hatip Aga lied when he told Demir that Cengo had reported him to the Tax Department and it is not long before Demir finds out that the culprit was Sermin. Sermin is a formidable enemy for Demir now he has burnt her house down. She is a guest at Hatip Aga’s house until she finds accommodation.

Yilmaz on the other hand is being torn apart on the inside with his new found knowledge that Zuleyha never betrayed him. His behaviour has brought a tension into his new marriage with Mujgan. Yilmaz is caught in a web between the two women and makes plans to try and talk to Zuleyha while trying to keep Mujgan calm.

All Cengo’s family and friends gather at the Club for Cengo’s son’s circumcision celebration. Meanwhile Cengo finds out that Hatip Aga tried to implicate him as the pimp regarding Demir’s taxation and goes after him. Cengo finds Sermin and Hatip in the orange orchard. An argument breaks out and Cengo is shot by Hatip Aga while Sermin watches on. They both run away leaving Cengo on the ground fatally wounded.

The injured Cengo makes his way to his son’s celebration where he collapses and dies before he could divulge who shot him. This does not stop the Police arresting Demir of suspicion of murdering Cengo! Demir’s statement to the Prosecutor does not hide the fact that he argued with Cengo but it did hide the fact that he threatened Cengo’s life. His biggest shock comes when the Prosecutor tells Demir that there is a witness to him murdering Cengo! At this moment we do not know who the witness is, possibly a lying Sermin getting revenge on Demir. The Prosecutor places him in prison.

Yilmaz visits the Prosecutor on hearing that Cetin has presented himself as the person who shot Fekeli. Yilmaz will not let him take the blame and both he and Fekeli confront the Prosecutor with the truth. Yilmaz is also placed under arrest and also taken to jail. As luck would have it Demir and Yilmaz share the same cell. This is the first time Yilmaz has seen Demir since finding out about what happened to Zuleyha. An immediate fight breaks out between them and they have to be physically separated and placed in isolation cells to cool their tempers down. Here they continue to mouth off at each other with built up anger and hate.

Yilmaz in his emotional outburst divulges that Zuleyha had written to him saying that Hunkar had forced her to marry Demir. He also tells Demir he now knows of the torture she was put through by the Yaman family while he was in jail. Yilmaz tells him to find out the truth from Gaffur who hid the letter from him all this time.

One last frustrated outburst from Yilmaz threatens Demir. He swears that when he is released he will take everything away from him including his son and unborn child. He declares that the love he has for Zuleyha is nothing next to the love that they have for each other.

Yilmaz breaks down and weeps.

The word has got around that both the Lords of Cukurova are being held in the same prison, a deadly combination. An order is given to Saniye by Hunkar not to let Zuleyha out of the mansion. This order becomes apparent when Saniye stands in her way withholding the car keys and slashing her tyres to prevent her leaving.

Hunkar on hearing about the letter has made its way to Yilmaz has sworn to kill the person responsible for hiding the letter. Gaffur is scared that Hunkar may find out that it was him.

Meanwhile at the prison Fekeli meets up with Hunkar. This is the first time she has seen Fekeli since the shooting when he risked his life to save her. He is indifferent towards her knowing that she has had so much to do with destroying two lovers. He is now aware that she has been lying to him from the beginning.

Both Yilmaz and Demir have been in solitary confinement since their fight. They have still continued their verbal onslaught of each other between the cell walls. Their frustration and inability to get to each other increases their rage.

Yilmaz presents to court and is released pending trial but before he goes he tells Demir that he will be waiting for him and will kill him when he gets out. He also promises him that he is going to see Zuleyha at his first opportunity.

Demir’s response to Yilmaz is that he will kill both Zuleyha and him before he will let him have her.

Upon leaving the prison Yilmaz runs into Zuleyha but is unable to talk to her. As she gazes at his face she becomes aware that something is different about the way he looks at her. He promises to talk to her soon before he is whisked away by Fekeli . Shortly afterwards father and son have a huge argument over Mujgan and what will happen to her if Yilmaz choses Zuleyha.

At the prison Demir is in deep psychological and emotional pain. He tells Hunkar at visitation that by no circumstances can Zuleyha see Yilmaz. “ Lock her in the house he tells her. Do not let her out .”

Hunkar and Zuleyha are shocked to hear from Demir’s lawyer that the punishment for Cengo’s murder has been elevated to execution if he is found guilty. He also advises that Sermin is an eye witness to the murder and was responsible in reporting Demir to the police.

In the meantime Hatip Aga and Sermin live it up hoping to get rid of Demir once and for all.

Sermin has been successful in hiding from Hunkar. Sermin knows that they will kill her for what she has done.

Fekeli tells Hunkar that you cannot get in between love. He cannot trust what she says is the truth any longer and she cannot stand between Yilmaz and Zuleyha if it is God’s will.

Sermin’s mansion is being renovated following the fire. It is Yilmaz who plans to move in himself once the repairs are completed. Hunkar warns him to get out of Cukurova and tells him that she will make him regret the day he was born.

Demir finds out about his new neighbour from Gaffur who visits Demir in prison to tell him the bad news.

Demir tells Gaffur that Yilmaz has a death wish and to stop him at any length moving into the house. He tells Gaffur to shoot Yilmaz and protect what is his.

Hunkar herself is becoming quite psychotic now. She fears that her son might be executed for a crime he did not commit and that coupled with the fear that Zuleyha may run away with Yilmaz weighs heavily upon her. She has come to the place that makes her unpredictable.

Demir on their last visitation at the prison told her that he will escape from prison or die. If he escapes there will be blood on his hands.

True to his word Demir plans an escape and it works. He stabs himself in the groin with a screwdriver which sends him to hospital outside of the prison walls.

With the aid of Gulten a message is given to Zuleyha from Yilmaz. He wants them to meet after dark. Gulten steals the keys to the Ranch truck helping Zuleyha to make her escape and then she creates a diversion making it easy for her to go.

Yilmaz waits by the old ruins and watches whilst Zuleyha approaches him speaking under his breath “my precious”.

Yilmaz weeps when telling her that he knows everything that she went through. He asks her to forgive him. Tears roll down both of their faces.

From deep within the darkness the name of Zuleyha is bellowed in a voice that is threatening and dangerous. The voice is immediately identified as Demir’s. He made his escape and tracked them down. We will have to wait until our next episode to find out the outcome.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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