Finally Season 2 is here. Join me while we find out what Yilmaz will do now that he knows that Zuleyha wrote to him in prison and how she was forced by Hunkar to marry her son.

We left Zuleyha at the end of Season 1 deciding, with the help of Sermin, to terminate her pregnancy after Demir did not believe that the baby was his.

Yilmaz confronts and threatens Mujgan’s father with the knowledge that he molested a young girl at the hospital and making it impossible for him to refuse attending their wedding. In fact, both parents turn up at the wedding with instructions from Yilmaz to be on their best behaviour in front of Mujgan and their guests. The wedding continues.

At the same time Zuleyha and Sermin sit waiting for the doctor to arrive at his consulting rooms where the procedure will take place.

Demir arrives home noticing his wife is missing. Thinking she is with his mother at the wedding he goes looking for her but finds she is not at the wedding with Hunkar. After considerable searching the Ranch and questioning the staff, Demir and Hunkar make a hurried journey to the doctors rooms managing to get there just in time to stop Zuleyha from aborting the baby. Unfortunately Sermin pays a heavy price for taking Zuleyha to the clinic. Demir’s is vengeful and sets fire to Sermin’s mansion as pay back.

Demir and Hunkar leave the Yaman Ranch while Sermin’s mansion burns, taking Zuleyha and Adnan with them to Istanbul. This weird behaviour is noticed by the Ranch staff. Why would they be leaving at such a crucial time?

Yilmaz has been deep in thought since reading the letter. He now knows that Zuleyha had been lying to him when she told him she was happily married. She sacrificed her life for him. He shares this knowledge with Fekeli along with the news of the house fire and the Yaman’s quick departure. Both men feel that something major must have happened in the Yaman household that evening to drive Demir into a rage which led him to setting fire to the mansion.

Demir has taken his family to Istanbul in the hope that he can get Zuleyha to forgive him for all his injustice towards her in not believing the baby was his.

Gaffur is devastated to find that all his stock pile of money, Zuleyha’s letter and the fake I.D.’s have all gone. He and Saniye have also fallen apart since Saniye found out that Gaffur had been having an affair with Seher and that she was pregnant with his child.

Sabahattin goes into a rage when he finds the mansion burnt out and goes in search of Sermin.

Gaffur is set upon out in the fields and finds himself tied to the back of a tractor with Yilmaz standing over him. If you cast your mind back to Season 1, Demir did exactly the same thing to Yilmaz and had Gaffur drive the tractor whilst he pulled him through a field of thorns. The wheel has now turned and Yilmaz uses the same tractor to weed out information of the Yaman’s whereabouts from Gaffur.

After finding out that the family are in Istanbul Yilmaz makes an excuse to Mujgan and leaves in the hope of finding and talking to Zuleyha. He begins his search with the help of Fekeli’s friends. He walks the streets of Istanbul and casts his mind back in time to when he first met Zuleyha. His heart and mind are full of wonderful memories.

As fate would have it, Demir leaves Zuleyha in Istanbul and returns to Adana after being told his company is being audited by the Tax Department and his company files are being removed from the company holding.

This news sends Demir back to Adana in a fluster. Hatip Aga stirs the pot and tells Demir it was Cengo who set him up . This fuels Demir’s anger and sends him after Cengo who is innocent. Hatip Aga is definitely out to make trouble and Cengo was lucky not to have lost his life. It was Gaffur who saved the day.

In Istanbul Yilmaz spends his day with his old friends at the garage where he used to work . He awaits news from Fekeli’s men of the whereabouts of the Yaman’s.

Meanwhile, Zuleyha is trying to talk Demir into living in Istanbul permanently. She does not want to return to Cukurova where she will see Yilmaz and Mujgan together now that they are married.

Hunkar makes an excuse to go back to Adana and this information comes to the ears of not only Fekeli but Yilmaz on his arrival back in Adana. He is eager to talk to Hunkar about the remnant of the letter written by Zuleyha. I am sure Hunkar would have remained in Istanbul if she knew what was in store for her back in Adana.

Saniye gives Gaffur a chance to tell her the truth about Seher or she is leaving him. Gaffur weeps as he tells her the baby is his. He asks for forgiveness and begs her not to leave him.

Saniye then goes to Hunkar and begs her to help her take the baby and allow her to raise the child as her own.

Later that evening Hunkar gets the shock of her life when in the stables she comes face to face with abductors who kidnap her. It is at this time that Fekeli phones to speak to Hunkar and the staff tell him that she is missing.

Hunkar has comes face to face with Yilmaz who has the letter fragment in his hand reciting its contents to a surprised Hunkar.

Yilmaz confronts her with her lies. Hunkar believes that she saved Zuleyha’s life by making her marry Demir. Yilmaz draws his gun and tells her that she ruined everyones lives and now she is going to pay for it. The situation is saved by Fekeli who fortunately comes upon Yilmaz and tries to take the gun away from him but the gun discharges and Fekeli is critically wounded.

At the hospital Fekeli undergoes emergency surgery to remove the bullet and is fighting for his life.

Mujgan overhears Fekeli tell Yilmaz not to tell anyone that he shot him.

Our final scene sees Hunkar return to the Ranch traumatised but otherwise uninjured following the incident. She goes to her room to contemplate the incident that took place and realises that tonight she may lose the man she loves.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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