We have come to our final episode of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova for Season 1. I hope you have enjoyed this series and hope you stay with Turk-Flix for the brand a new Season commencing later this year. For now, join me in our last episode to see what the Lord of the Cukurova Plain has to say about his wife’s pregnancy, considering he believes that he cannot father a child.

The feeling at Zuleyha’s hospital bedside is anything but joyous at the news she is pregnant. Demir and Hunkar are truly shocked. Demir had just finished telling his mother that he had investigations performed which showed that he was infertile. That being the case, Demir must be thinking his wife has been unfaithful to him and who is the father of Zuleyha’s child?

The news that Zuleyha is pregnant has an upsetting effect on Yilmaz. The thought that Demir had made love to the woman he loves leaves him feeling devastated.

At the Ranch , Zuleyha is also upset, she does not want to be pregnant with Demir’s child. She asks herself “Why has this happened to her?”

Demir confronts Zuleyha. “When did you have sex with Yilmaz?”

It does not matter how much Zuleyha tries to convince him that the baby is his he still thinks she has been unfaithful to him.

Demir draws his gun. He questions her and raises his voice attacking her for her unfaithfulness. Then drops the bombshell that he cannot father a child and he has known Adnan was Yilmaz’s child from the beginning.

Zuleyha can’t believe her ears. “What are you saying? This baby is yours. I have slept with nobody else but you. “

He does not believe her. He raises the gun towards Zuleyha and she invites him to pull the trigger. He fires into the air. He leaves the Ranch In a huge rage.

Yilmaz also has been sad and deep in thought since he found out that Zuleyha was pregnant. He is also filled with anger towards Demir. He feels that Demir in a silent way has defeated him by fathering a child to the woman he loves.

Both men are affected by the news that Zuleyha is pregnant in different ways.

Demir feels betrayed and inadequate as a man because he cannot father a child himself. He also recalls Zuleyha’s words to him that she will always love Yilmaz with every beat of her heart. He puts a gun to his head willing himself to pull the trigger.

Meanwhile Yilmaz has taken himself off to a far away bridge to think about his upcoming marriage to Mujgan and his past life involving his beautiful Zuleyha, He will marry Mujgan but his heart will always be Zuleyha’s. The news that she is pregnant has reached deep within his soul and gives him wrenching pain. He asks himself, “Why can’t I forget her. Why?”

Zuleyha on the other hand has been insulted, offended and shamed by Demir.

Hunkar believes in Zuleyha’s faithfulness and believes the baby could very well be her son’s. She tells Zuleyha that when he comes to his senses he will apologise to her and ask forgiveness.

Demir has been responsible for so much emotional trauma for Zuleyha. Each and every time he took her baby away from her he ripped open a large wound in her soul. He now believes this baby also belongs to Yilmaz.

Hunkar and Demir have kept Zuleyha blackmailed in a loveless marriage. Zuleyha had only married Demir because of the promise by Hunkar that Yilmaz would not be given a death sentence. Demir had thought that she would grow to love him as he loved her or at least be content.

Demir never knew to what extent his mother was involved with this blackmail until now. Zuleyha would never have married him without the promise that if she married Demir, Yilmaz would avoid the hang mans noose.

The response by the Yaman’s to her pregnancy has been the last straw. Demir has indicated that he could kill her. Zuleyha is very thoughtful about what her next move will be,

Zuleyha shows Demir her contempt for his behaviour and moves out of their bedroom into the nanny’s room with the baby. She will no longer share his bed.

Mujgan has completed her invitation list for Saturday’s wedding with the exception of her mother and father who have refused to come. They do not accept Yilmaz as their son-in-law. The thought of her wedding without their blessing brings her great sadness.

Yilmaz has been away from home for quite a long time. He prays to God to help him get over Zuleyha. He also hopes he is doing the right thing in marrying Mujgan. He is afraid of making a mistake.

Gaffur is in need of money and the security of his secret hiding place in the bricks of the Ranch wall has become compromised with renovations. He still holds two identity cards which belong to Yilmaz, plus a burnt piece of a letter that Zuleyha had written to Yilmaz in hospital. He has to look for a new hiding place. They are wrapped in a handkerchief and moved to another location.

Saniye watches as her husband stashes away his loot in a loose brick of a concrete fence.

Gaffur reserves a little of his hidden money which he wants to give to Seher. Saniye is heart broken to see the money that she has worked hard for hidden from her and now being given to Seher.

Saniye has not been able to give Gaffur a child and to see him now take her money and give it to his lover and mother of his child hurts her immeasurably. What Saniye doesn’t know is that Gaffur has told Seher he will divorce Saniye and later come to her.

Yilmaz has travelled to Istanbul. He knows that Mujgan would be truly happy on their wedding day if she saw her father and mother at the ceremony. He walks in on Mujgan’s father and places an invitation to their wedding on the desk in front of him. Mujgan’s father takes the envelope and rips it up in front of his face. Yilmaz then gives him return airfares and accommodation which is angrily turned down. Finally Yilmaz loses his patience and takes him by the scruff of his neck and forces him against the wall. “ You and your ex-wife will be coming either calmly or by force.”

Mujgan’s father and mother have been given an ultimatum. Let’s wait and see if they turn up.

Hunkar pressures Demir to repeat the test to see if his first fertility test could have been an incorrect result. Demir agrees and goes to Istanbul for the investigations. He does tell his mother that if the test proves he can father children and Zuleyha’s baby is his then he will beg for forgiveness, but if the result is the same he will kill them both.

It is late at night when Zuleyha comes knocking at Sermin’s door. Sermin takes her inside where Zuleyha offers her money if she will help her. We will find out what help is required later in the episode.

Meanwhile, at the lookout, Fekeli and Hunkar meet as usual. Fekeli is a little bothered about a situation in town where Demir drew a gun on Yilmaz when he was only wanting to give him a wedding invitation. Fekeli asks Hunkar if she knows why Demir has turned on Yilmaz. Hunkar has to lie and denies knowing the reason. Fekeli ends their evening by asking her to the wedding.

The day of the wedding has arrived. The Fekeli Ranch becomes the venue for the reception.

On the other side of town at the Yaman Ranch in front of Sermin’s mansion, Cetin supervises the renovation of the new concrete wall. Labourers are already breaking down the wall. Unfortunately for Gaffur it is the wall in which he hid his money.

“Cetin Abi,” calls one of the labourers. Cetin walks over to find the labourer has unearthed Gaffur’s stash. He hands it over to Cetin who unwraps the handkerchief to find Yilmaz’s ID inside. He takes the contents and heads over to the Ranch in readiness for the wedding.

All the girls are dressed and looking beautiful for the wedding.

Yilmaz stands looking at his white suit coat. He still hopes he is doing the right thing.

Cetin brings him the fake ID’s and hands them to Yilmaz. The sight of these papers draws his memory back to the time that he was trying to plan his escape from the police and take Zuleyha with him by having fake ID’s made up.

Yilmaz places the papers in his top drawer of his bedside table. He sits staring at his wedding clothes with not much joy on his face and remembers the happiness when he was about to marry Zuleyha. Inside his heart he is heavy with indecision.

Mujgan is finally dressed by her wedding attendants and awaiting Yilmaz to come and escort her to the venue.

The wedding car is ready and decorated for the event.

There is no happiness on Yilmaz’s face. The closer to the wedding ceremony the more unsettled Yilmaz looks, even his father Fekeli can see that deep down he is still undecided whether he is doing is the right thing considering he still has so much love within him for Zulehya. Soon there will be no turning back. Fekeli knows his son so well that he can see in his face unhappiness and prays his nervousness will settle once he is married.

Hunkar leaves the Ranch to go to the wedding.

Meanwhile in Istanbul, Demir waits for the results of his investigations. When the report is ready he takes courage and listens to his doctor revealing the outcome.

The doctor tells Demir that he has a problem which is common but he still can father a child with his low sperm count. If he has treatment he will realise a 50% increase in sperm production.

This news uplifts Demir to an ecstatic level. “Then the child is mine,” he tells himself. He thanks the doctor and makes his way home to Adana.

That evening following Hunkar’s departure to the wedding, Zuleyha meets with Sermin. The two women are secretly leaving the Ranch together.

At the wedding, much to the surprise of Fekeli, Mujgan’s parents make their entrance.

The bride and groom arrive with Mujgan’s happiness unmistakable when she see’s her mother and father amongst the wedding guests.

Yilmaz and Mujgan sit and make their vows at their bridal table and even though Yilmaz was hesitant to say, “I will,” the ceremony went ahead.

Sermin and Zuleyha arrive at an address where a white coated woman opens the door for them. They enter the building and the door is closed behind them. Zuleyha has decided to terminate her pregnancy.

In his car on the road leading home Demir chuckles to himself and tells himself that he will finally be a father.

Hatip Aga now believes that Yilmaz will now have a weakness since he has chosen a bride. I am sure in our new season we will see more of Hatip Aga.

The wedding is over and Yilmaz and Mujgan are finally alone. Yilmaz promises Mujgan that nobody will hurt her. He gathers her in his arms in a close embrace.

In the morning Yilmaz is dressed ready for work. He opens his bedside table and takes out the fake ID’s. He can see a piece of paper which is burnt around the edges sticking out of the card.

Yilmaz unfolds the note and immediately recognises Zuleyha’s handwriting. He stands looking down at the paper with shaking hands. His eyes flash across the paper.

Yilmaz begins to feel panic. He leaves the bedroom before Mujgan returns and hurries outside to inspect the paper further.

The small piece of burnt paper reads, “My Yilmaz, I love you more than my life. Everything is over today my Yilmaz. They left me no other way. Hunkar has told me to marry Demir and by doing so I will save your life or if I don’t I will be the one ending your life. I thought about death too because life has no meaning for me without you but I couldn’t do that to you. If I had died then you would die too. I can stand anything for your life my Yilmaz. I just want you to live even if you are away from me. Just stay alive.”

Our final scene in this our final episode for this season, shows a Yilmaz that is devastated by what he has read. After all this time Zuleyha has loved him. She had written to him. She had sacrificed her life for him. Tears poor down his pale face. His breath comes in heavy gasps. “Zuleyha , My dearest …”

This episode concludes Season 1 of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova.

Next Season we should find out whether Zuleyha terminates her pregnancy and what Demir will do about this now he knows that he is the father of her baby.

We will see what Yilmaz will do now he is newly married to Mujgan and what he is going to do now he knows that Zuleyha still loves him and has sacrificed her life for him. Her letter came to him one day too late.

Mr Hatip Aga will no doubt show his devious face and Gaffur has still to sort out Seher and Saniye.

Hunkar and Fekeli’s relationship draws more tender but what will happen when all the evil the Yaman’s have done to Zuleyha surfaces.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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