This episode definitely makes the old saying, “Beware your sins will find you out,” to be true for Gaffur. Gaffur certainly pays the penalty for his unfaithfulness to Saniye and Seher also gets her punishment for lying to Hunkar and Demir. Zuleyha’s lost letter resurfaces and Yilmaz’s wedding to Mujgan draws closer.

At the end of last week’s episode, Seher tells Hunkar that she is pregnant with Demir’s child. After talking with her son that evening Hunkar finds out that the baby couldn’t be her son’s as he has known for many years that he cannot father children.

He also confesses to Hunkar that when he married Zuleyha he knew that he could not father a child and when she became pregnant he went along with the game. He knew the child must belong to Yilmaz. He also knew that his mother had covered up this fact from the very beginning.

He confesses that Yilmaz told him in jail that he and Zuleyha had married in the eyes of God and having this knowledge he still went ahead and forced Zuleyha to marry him because he loved her.

Hunkar finally reveals to her son that she has also covered up this lie from the beginning. She tells him she did everything because she knew how much he loved Zuleyha. Having honestly revealed to each other their secrets Hunkar and Demir hold each other close and weep. Demir does swear to his mother that he loves Adnan as his own son and nobody is going to take him away from him. He will fight to the death if necessary.

Zuleyha sits in her bedroom rocking her baby in the cradle. She whispers to him calling to him by his secret name, Yilmaz. It is obvious that Zuleyha loves Yilmaz after all this time and it is obvious that she wants him to know he has a son. All these events are yet to unfold especially if he receives her letter, but her letter still lies under his bed.

Seher is now in big trouble. She has tried to blame Demir for her pregnancy and hopes to move into the big mansion. The baby he carries is really Gaffur’s but Saniye knows nothing about this. Hunkar now knows the truth about Demir not being able to father a child and she knows that Seher is out to try and blackmail them. Hunkar and Demir try to find a solution to try and stop Seher spreading gossip around Cukurova.

Seher is confronted by Demir and his mother and questioned as to who is the father of her baby.
Seher tries to lie her way out but the Yaman’s raise their voices in anger and demanding she tells them the

Demir pulls out his gun and loses his patience. He points it at Seher’s head. “Now tell me the truth?” he says.

She breaks down and tells them that Gaffur is the father. After revealing the truth she is sent back to her room crying and in a panic. Seher doesn’t know where to turn. If Saniye finds out she is pregnant to her husband then all hell is going to break loose.

At the Fekeli Ranch preparations are under way for a wedding. Yilmaz is having his room redecorated for him and Mujgan. Zuleyha’s letter is still under his bed but when paint is spilt on the floor the letter gets covered up in the white liquid.

While Nazire cleans up the paint Yilmaz and Mujgan have breakfast in the garden having not seen the plight of the letter. Nazire comes across the soaked letter and retrieves it.

Nazire brings the wet envelope to Yilmaz in the garden. He opens the envelope which is very wet with unreadable smudged writing. He cannot decipher Zuleyha’s handwriting. He gives it back to Nazire who takes it and throws it in the garbage.

Gaffur is walking on thin ice where Saniye is concerned. She feels he has been lying to her but cannot prove it.

That evening at the dinner table Demir and Hunkar tell Zuleyha what happened with regard to Seher and her pregnancy and also that Gaffur is the father. Of course they didn’t tell Zuleyha that Seher had ended up in Demir’s bed and that she was claiming that Demir was the father.

The Great Lady calls Gaffur to meet her in the stables. This command was also heard by Saniye. Gaffur runs to the stables to find not only Hunkar waiting for him but also Demir. What neither of them notice is Saniye hiding behind the stable door.

Demir is straight out with it. He calls him an asshole for what he has done to Saniye. Hunkar is direct and delivers the news to Gaffur that Seher is pregnant. Gaffur is shocked. “What!” Hunkar finishes up with, “ and the baby is yours.”

Gaffur has been caught out and he tries to lie his way out. He blames Seher for flirting with him. He swears his innocence and pleads the problem is all of Seher’s doing. He swears if Saniye hears about this she will kill him. Unfortunately for Gaffur, Saniye has heard every word.

Deep down Saniye knows that it is all true. She has heard many rumours by the staff around the Ranch. In a rage she flies out from behind the door and hits him across the face.

Demir’s instructions to Hunkar is to make arrangements to send Seher away.

Saniye turns her back on Gaffur and locks him out of the house with Gaffur pounding on the door still swearing his innocence. Gaffur knows that his sins have been found out and in the end Saniye throws Gaffur’s clothes into the dirt and tells Hunkar that she wants a divorce.

Saniye has a break down. Gaffur still tries to talk her round by even putting a knife to his own throat threatening to kill himself . This ploy does not work with Saniye telling him to cut his own throat or give her the knife and she will do it for him. She tells him that his days are done and she no longer wants him.

It is decided to send Seher to a farm a long way from Cukurova. The farm is run by Mr Ekram’s, who agrees to take Seher where she can work and also take care of her baby. Demir will no longer have her at the Yaman Ranch.

Mujgan’s mother and father will not attend their daughter’s wedding. Yilmaz also tries to get them to come without success.

Fekeli and Hunkar meet at their usual spot at the lookout. They discuss the offer Demir made to Yilmaz about the shares for the dairy facility. As yet they don’t know what his decision will be. Fekeli sees the years slipping away and wants Hunkar to spend their last years together.

Gaffur has been delegated to the barn to sleep with the other farm workers. No warm bed next to Saniye or Seher from now on.

Yilmaz tells Fekeli that he has no intention of selling the dairy facility shares to Demir even though Fekeli nearly begged him to do so for the sake of peace. Yilmaz tells his father that he believes he has become soft and Hunkar Yaman is playing with his mind. Yilmaz still believes she is a snake.

At dinner that evening Yilmaz is told by Cengo that if he accepts Demir’s proposal of double the share money this amount would surely bring the Yaman’s close to bankruptcy and Demir would have to sell a large number of his fields to get the money together. He even recommends Yilmaz raise the amount to triple which would certainly make sure that he was making an offer far above what he can afford. They then discuss Yilmaz buying the fields with Demir’s own money which would give Yilmaz a large percent of the Yaman’s land holdings.

Yilmaz can see the wisdom in this action and the wisdom in his fathers advice.

Cetin drives Gulten home after she misses her bus. He is really drawn to her. On their way back to the Ranch they see Gaffur broken down on the side of the road. Gulten hides in the car as they pass him so as Gaffur could not see that she was alone with him in his car.

Cetin has been sweet on Gulten for a very long time and her if she will go out with him. After her ordeal with Ercument she is scared of men. She has lost her virginity and could not give him her purity which he deserves. He pleads for her not to be scared of him and he tells her he would never hurt her, but deep within her she can’t control the rising panic. She makes him stop the car and proceeds to walk home, how could she tell him what happened that day by the river bank.

Meanwhile back on the road whereby Gaffur’s car has broken down, Hatip Aga stops to help. (If you recall Hatip Aga was the businessman who was banished from the Chamber of Industry by Demir and Yilmaz).

Hatip Aga is a sly man intent on getting back at the Yaman’s. He befriends Gaffur and on the pretence of helping him get the truck fixed offers him kebab. Gaffur can’t turn him down , he loves food and accepts his offer even though Gaffur knows he is an enemy of the Yamans. He leaves the truck on the side of the road and lets him take him out to lunch.

Hatip Aga is playing with Gaffur and we have yet to find out what his plan is. It is obvious that Hatip Aga already has Gaffur eating out of his hands. He draws all the Yaman gossip out of Gaffur.

In his office the next day and after talking with Cengo and his father, Yilmaz makes his move and calls Demir. He tells him that he will sell him the dairy facility shares to him. He asks him for triple his offer. This offer rocks Demir to his soul. He knows this amount places him in a desperate financial position. Yilmaz hangs up and awaits his answer.

The wedding preparations have progressed and Yilmaz is in Adana and has picked up his wedding invitations. He carries them in a box as he walks down the street. He literally walks straight into Zuleyha.

They look straight into each other’s eyes.   It is as if time has stood still .  Their gaze is held while they drink in each others beauty.

Their meeting is strained but definitely reveals the love they still have for each other even though they have separate lives now. Their meeting was accidental yet very intimate.

After her unsettled experience of meeting Yilmaz in the street, Zuleyha meets up with Hunkar for their normal women’s charity meeting . Zuleyha isn’t feeling very well and puts it down to walking in the hot Adana sun. Hunkar drives her to the hospital after she nearly collapses at the meeting.

Demir arrives and tests are underway to find out the reason for her illness.

Her blood tests reveal Zuleyha is pregnant!

Well, this news has brought some puzzling looks from our group standing around her bed. How can this be? Demir can’t father a child! Somewhere, somehow, somebody has obviously made a mistake in their laboratory testing. Either Demir can father a child or Zuleyha’s blood tests are wrong.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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