At the end of last week’s episode, Ercument had lured Gulten away from the road and into a secluded area beside the river. Here he sexually assaults her. Hearing her screams Yilmaz runs to her aid but Yilmaz is unarmed and cannot defend himself and Ercument shoots him.

Yilmaz wakes just in time to save Gulten’s life. He picks up a large rock and repeatedly hits Ercument over the head before collapsing once more.

Gulten’s screams echo through the bush after the violence of her attack. Yilmaz after making sure that Ercument will never rape another woman again falls to the ground unconscious.

Ercument lies lifeless on the ground after having his head bashed in.

Hunkar who also saw the horrific scene throws her arms around Gulten and together they weep.

Help comes in the form of Fekeli. He has come in search of Yilmaz. He takes in the deadly scene and takes control of the hysterical women. He sends Hunkar and Gulten back to the mansion while he places Yilmaz in his car and seeks medical help. He cleans up the violent scene and removes any evidence of the murder which could be linked to Yilmaz. He takes the large blood stained rock and throws it into the river leaving the deceased Ercument where he fell to await a member of the public to find him and report it to the police.

In the car , although Yilmaz is seriously injured he asks his father not to take him to a hospital. He wants no scandal for Gulten nor does he want Mujgan to find out he has been shot. Fekeli calls Sebahattin and arrangements are made to secretly attend Yilmaz out of hospital. He is taken to Sebahattin’s home. For the sake of Gulten’s reputation no police are called. The incident will be kept quiet.

For the first time we see a compassionate Hunkar as she tends the traumatised Gulten. She bathes her and combs her wet hair and offers comfort wrapping her arms around her.

Meanwhile Sebahattin has been contacted and has operated and removed the bullet while Yilmaz laid on his lounge. Yilmaz will heal but it will take at least 10 to 15 days of rest. It is decided that Yilmaz will stay at Sebahattin’s home and keep out of sight and Fekeli will make up an excuse for his absence for the next couple of weeks.

Later that day Fekeli meets with Hunkar and gives her Ercument’s gun. He also relates how he took the rock that Yilmaz used to hit Ercument and threw it in the river so there is no evidence of the crime. Ercument was dead.

Hunkar reveals to Ali-Rahmet that this was not the first time that Ercument had raped a young girl.

Hunkar visits her son’s office on her way home. Hunkar hands him Ercument’s gun which Demir had not long ago given to Ercument. She tells him how Ercument shot Yilmaz and the rape of Gulten and how they have covered up everything and kept it a secret. She ends her story with the death of Ercument.

Demir and Hunkar return home to await the any news from the local police. Sooner or later they will find his body and sooner or later they will come to the Ranch to give them the bad news.

Gulten has been resting and now feels a little stronger thanks to Hunkar and Saniye’s tender care.

Saniye kicks Seher out of the kitchen to work in the barn, baring her from the mansion.

Zuleyha wants Demir to take her to see the baby. Demir tries to put her off until tomorrow. Once again she has a melt down in front of an already frazzled Demir. Zuleyha takes it upon herself to drive her little red car in search of her baby. Demir is hot on her heels in his car.

At the hospital Fekeli has come in search of Mujgan. He has made up an excuse for her not to see Yilmaz. To cover such a long period of time Fekeli tells Mujgan that Yilmaz went to Germany. Mujgan accepts his story.

Zuleyha is well on her way along the road to Adana. She is making for the hospital. She wants to tell Mujgan to hurry up and marry Yilmaz so she can get her baby back.

Zuleyha drives her car straight to the hospital. Demir jumps out of his car quickly. “Calm down, calm down,” he keeps saying, but Zuleyha is a little paranoid by this time. She is fed up with his mother and himself keeping her away from her baby. “I want my son,” she tells him. All eyes are on Demir and Zuleyha. Demir wants no gossip but Zuleyha raises her voice drawing attention. “Give me my son,” she screams. She works herself up so badly that she collapses and is taken inside the hospital to recover.

Zuleyha is impatient for Mujgan and Yilmaz to get married. She tells Mujgan at the hospital that as soon as they are married she gets to get her baby back. Demir was a little embarrassed by her behaviour but Zuleyha has taken a courageous step and if it works she may get her baby back.

Seher has been demoted to the barn. She rakes hay for the horses. She hasn’t got much time for Gaffur lately. She has a bigger fish to reel in. She is pregnant and if her plan works she may get to sleep in the Great Lords bed.

Zuleyha’s plan on the other hand worked, she has her baby back in her arms. She thanks Demir for giving him back. He tells her he does everything because he loves her. He wants her to be happy. (Although as we know it is in a warped manner.) Zuleyha tells him that she has forgotten what happiness is.

The sound of cars out the front of the house awakens the household to the arrival of the police. They have bad news. Ercument has been found murdered!

Hunkar just about loses consciousness at the news. She has been waiting for two days for Ercument to be found. Finally that time has arrived.

The police ask Demir to come and identify the deceased, which he does.

The family have to travel to Istanbul with Ercument’s body. Hunkar takes Gulten with her instead of leaving her in a vulnerable position as maid at Sermins house. Gulten will help Zuleyha with the baby as well a time of recuperation for herself.

Demir leaves the Ranch in Gaffur’s hands whilst they are away in Istanbul. Gaffur sees this as a perfect opportunity to get together with his lover but however much he tempts Seher with dresses or jewellery, she pushes him aside. She warns him that if he crosses her path again she will tell Saniye. This threat makes Gaffur back off from his pursuit and he gives up.

Yilmaz is slowly recovering. He is told that he saved Gulten’s life and the incident has been kept a secret. Sebahattin fills him in with what has been going on with regard to the investigation of Ercument’s death. Sebahattin tells him that Ercument has been already buried in Istanbul. The only people who know anything about the attack is Hunkar and Demir who are keeping the whole thing secret and do not ant the scandal pointed at the Yaman family.

Mujgan is feeling Yilmaz’s absence badly. She tells Sebahattin that she hopes he doesn’t regret being engaged to her and is staying away because of this. Fekeli and Yilmaz decide will make her day a happy one. Yilmaz sends her a large box with her wedding dress inside, allaying any fears as to a change of affection in his absence. He follows the wedding dress with a personal visit and gathers her into his arms.

In Adana Cetin sees Gulten standing outside a store. He asks her out for a date but the timing isn’t right and she has to reject his invitation.

Zuleyha is happy having her baby home with her again.

Demir and Yilmaz agree to meet secretly outside of Adana beside a lake.

emir has called the meeting to tell Yilmaz that he wants peace. He thanks him for what he did for the Yaman family. He tells him he will also put down his gun. There will be no more blood.

Although Demir tells him that he cannot also stand by his side in partnership. He makes him an offer, “I am willing to pay you double the cost of Cengo’s shares. This way I will own the whole dairy facility and we can all move on.” (We will have to wait until next week to find out if Yilmaz accepts or not.)

Meanwhile at the mansion Seher makes her move. She approaches Hunkar in the conservatory. “Great Lady I am doomed. I am pregnant with Mr Demir’s baby!” Hunkar is stunned.

In the stables that night Hunkar meets with Demir. She tells him of Seher’s claims. He stands his ground and swears the baby is not his.

Hunkar asks him, “How can you know this? You spent the night with her.”

Demir calms down and looks his mother in the eyes, “Because I can’t father children,” he tells her.
Hunkar is stunned once more. She stares him in the face and says, “Demir you already have a son. Adnan is your son.” Demir looks her straight in the eyes and tells her, “Adnan is not my son mum, he is Yilmaz’s son!”


WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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