Well, Demir has certainly been found in a compromising position with his pants down! Lying beside him in his bed is Seher the kitchen maid. Seher is cunning and has taken a drunken opportunity to further her career within the Yaman household! In the morning Demir gets quite a shock to see the maid snuggled up beside him and Ercument comes to wake Demir up and gets quite a surprise when he takes in the intimate picture.

Seher is quick to start her acting career. She screams and blames Demir for the position she is in. She runs screaming from the house calling to the Ranch driver to come and take her back to the mansion.

Ercument tries to calm a nervous and very scared Demir. Although Demir swears that nothing happened, Ercument doesn’t believe him.

Seher really puts on the acting. She draws the driver into believing that Demir had raped her but doesn’t really tell him what happened.

Seher makes sure that all the Ranch staff see her crying and running into the mansion. Hunkar calls out to her but she will not stop to speak. Hunkar sends Fadik to see why she is crying but Fadik couldn’t get much information from her either. Uncontrollable crying is all she was faced with.

Once Fadik leaves the room Seher relaxes. She smiles with a sense of satisfaction. She played her part well. (It is my opinion that Seher is pregnant to Gaffur and has taken this opportunity to point the finger at Demir. Let us see what eventuates in our next few episodes.

In the meantime Demir and Ercument are on their way back to the Ranch. Ercument keeps rubbing into Demir that Seher is like all maids. He could tell that she wanted his body as well, “So don’t be too upset about it,” He tells Demir.

Ercument believes Seher is lying but Demir can’t remember anything. Ercument also believes that girls like Seher will grab at every opportunity to better themselves, even jumping into the masters bed.

Ercument is a devious character. He looks at the maids as trash to be used as you wish. He also wants to take them to bed with him if the opportunity arises. He has unreleased sexual tension and believes that all the female staff should get what they deserve! He is dangerous.

All the Ranch staff know that Seher is a sneaky and devious employee. So far, nobody knows why she came back from the country house crying except the big three Demir, Ercument and Hunkar.

Hunkar tries to put Zuleyha off from learning about what happened by lying and giving the reason for Seher’s tears on her smashing Demir’s car mirror.

Hunkar joins Seher in her bedroom. Seher acts her part well. When asked to tell Hunkar what happened she tells her a story of the drunken Lord who took advantage of her whilst she was putting him to bed.

Hunkar listens whilst Seher spills out how Demir raped her. At the end of her story Hunkar turns and ask her, “Why did you stay there all night?” Her answer was, “He wouldn’t let me leave.”

Ercument and Demir continue talking in the study.  The situation now is that although Demir doesn’t think he raped Seher, he cannot prove he didn’t.
Haminne loves Zuleyha to feed her rice pudding but she is always rambling on in the past.  Today whilst Zuleyha feeds her in the garden Haminne starts talking about Hasene.    Zuleyha had not heard her name spoken before today.  “Who is Hasene?”  she asks Haminne,   “My daughter” she replies.  “She was a good cook and they are coming for her hand next week.  I think she is too young still.”   Haminne goes on to say that she married a factory worker from Istanbul.
Hunkar tells Zuleyha that the factory worker abused her sister and she died young and the product of the marriage is Ercument.   Her sisters husband died just after her sister and left Ercument without parents. He grew up to be a rascal.
After Hunkar receives a letter that was posted 3 years ago by her friend.  Zuleyha thinks that she has maybe wrongly blamed Gulten for her letter never being received by Yilmaz.  She now feels guilty.   She tries to talk to Gulten and ask for forgiveness but Gulten wants nothing to do with her.
Hunkar and Demir have come up with a solution to the Seher problem.  They will buy two gold bracelets and tell Seher to keep her mouth shut.
Meanwhile, in her bedroom, Seher talks to herself about how she has now found a Lord to be the father of her child.   A big smile breaks across her face.

Sermin is fed up with the Yaman’s. She has a 700,000 debt on her shoulders. She tells Fusun that she would like to “burn their mansion down!” Fusun thinks she is joking but Sermin is serious.

The village chief’s son is to be married. Fekeli gives the keys of his car to the Chief to use as a wedding car for his son. Yilmaz and Mujgan will attend the village wedding. The staff at the Yaman Ranch will also be attending and so will Hunkar who will be a guest of honour.

Demir and Zuleyha didn’t go to the wedding, instead, they went out to dinner with baby Adnan.

Music and dancing welcome wedding guests. They take their seats and settle in for a good night. Gulten is a friend of the bride and helps her with her bridal preparations.

Cetin singles out Gulten and gives her many compliments. He seems smitten with her.

Fekeli and Hunkar sit together at the bridal table as the couple say their vows, while all the while Cetin makes further eyes at Gulten.

Mujgan is called to a medical emergency and leaves the wedding along with Yilmaz.

Ercument arrives at the wedding and sits with Hunkar. Fekeli is watching from his table. Fadik sees Ercument and makes an attempt to flirt with him but he only has eyes for Gulten.

The wedding is over and all the guests return home. Cetin to dream on Gulten and her beauty. Zuleyha to kiss her son in tears as she hands him over to the Nanny. Fekeli to dream of his Hunkar and Yilmaz and Mujgan who kiss and cuddle before saying goodnight.

Gaffur steals his favourite rooster to make amends to Allah for swearing to Saniye on the Koran that he did not have an affair with Seher. He is now afraid of being cursed. He brings the rooster to his local mosque as a sacrifice for his sin.

Hunkar tells Demir that Yilmaz no longer carries a gun. Demir tells her he will never put down his gun.

Demir hears his mother making arrangements to meet with Ali Rahmet. He follows her. They meet at the Club. It is Fekeli who is the first to see Demir standing in the doorway. He tells Hunkar that her son has seen them. Hunkar’s face drops.

Fekeli uses the meeting to tell Demir to put up his gun and stop the hostility between himself and Yilmaz. He goes on to tell Demir that while he and Yilmaz are concentrating on their animosity for each other there are others who are trying to take advantage of this. He names Hatip Aga as one who is doing his utmost to play the game. He relates how the Yilmaz’s workers in the huts were told to get out and how Demir’s name was used to do this, creating anger amongst the workers towards himself and Yilmaz while the real culprit was Hatip Aga. Fekeli tells them to be very careful and diligent as there will be more opportunities.

That day Demir and Gaffur visit the workers in the fields. He tries to get their attention but they are not interested. Finally, he encourages them to hear what he has to say.

He settles their fears and confirms that they will not be kicked out of their homes. He explains that others have used his name in vain. They have no reason to fear eviction. A truck load of food is sent to the huts.

Zuleyha tries to have another opportunity to speak to Gulten. At first Gulten turns her back to her but with a repeated plea for forgiveness and an explanation that she has so many enemies that she doesn’t know who to trust, Gulten accepts her apology. They put their arms around each other and hug. Gulten may be the only person Zuleyha can trust in the mansion from hell.

They decide to leave fate to deliver Zuleyha’s letter. Somewhere, somehow they will leave the delivery up to God. Meanwhile, the letter still remains lying under Yilmaz bed.

At the Chamber of Industry meeting attended by both Demir and Yilmaz, Hatip Aga makes his appearance. There is no holding back by Yilmaz. His first question is directed to him. “Let’s talk about you sending men to my worker’s huts and telling them to say that Demir Yaman sent them.” Hatip Aga tries to back out. “It’s all lies,” he says. He meets stiff opposition by Cengo, Yilmaz and Demir. He is told he either apologises or he has to leave and not come back.

Hatip Aga rises from his chair. “I will leave but I’ll make you pay for this one by one!”

The Members of the Chamber of Industry were amazed at how Demir and Yilmaz backed each other up. The Members congratulated Demir on his new partnership with Yilmaz in the dairy facility. Demir tells the members that Yilmaz will very shortly sell his shares to him, a rumour which is immediately squashed by Yilmaz, On the contrary, Yilmaz tells the members that it will be Demir who sells his shares to him. So it goes on. The Meeting is adjourned.

Ercument, as we know, is an evil thinking member of the Yaman family. He already is putting int place a means of blackmailing Hunkar into telling Zuleyha what happened at the country house.
He corners her in the hothouse where she is gardening.

Hunkar knows when she is cornered. She offers Ercument money.

Yilmaz finds a note from Gulten and compares the writing with the letter that was written to Mujgan’s father in Istanbul that caused them so much trouble. He realises that he stood up for Gulten but she was guilty when asked if she wrote the letter. He decides to go to the Yaman Ranch to speak with her.

Gulten is at Sermin’s mansion. Hunkar knowing that Gulten is the bride’s friend takes some linen to be given to the bride. Ercument overhears Gulten telling Hunkar that she is going to visit the Bride after work.

Sebahattin calls Fekeli to tell him that Yilmaz is angry about Gulten writing the letter and that he has left to go in search of her. Fekeli tells him that he will go after him, remembering that Yilmaz is now unarmed.

Yilmaz turns up at Sermin’s house to be told that Gulten is at the brides home. Yilmaz leaves to find the brides house.

On the roadway between the bride’s house and the Yaman Ranch. Ercument waits for Gulten to walk his way. He has stalked her and only has one thing in his evil mind.

He asks Gulten to take him to the huts and show him around. He wants to go via the riverbank. She agrees to take him.

Yilmaz has arrived at the bride’s house looking for Gulten. He is told she had just left. He goes in search of her.

Hunkar is looking for Ercument. She is told that Ercument has gone looking for Gulten. She gets a bad feeling and goes in search of Ercument himself.

Ercument has made his move and begins to flirt with Gulten and makes her feel very uncomfortable.

He throws her to the ground. “Let me go. Let me go,” She cries.

He rips her clothes from her body.

The rape is over

Yilmaz who was walking along the road hears a woman’s screams. He runs in the direction of the screams. He drags Ercument off Gulten and throws him aside.

Ercument draws his gun and shoots the unarmed Yilmaz just as Hunkar arrives on the scene

Yilmaz falls to the ground amidst the screams of Hunkar and Gulten.


WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles




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