At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Demir found out that Yilmaz had bought Cengo’s shares in his Dairy farmland. Yilmaz is now entitled to 50% of its future profits from any industry produced on its land. We also see that Yilmaz’s letter still hasn’t emerged from beneath his bed.

Demir, after finding out about Cengo selling his shares, leaves the field in a rage leaving Ercument behind. Yilmaz offers him a lift back to Adana.

Demir heads for Cengo’s home to confront him. The conversation was heated with both men nearly coming to blows.

Nihal saves the day but she gets stuck into Demir for blaming her about spreading gossip around Adana about Yilmaz and Zuleyha being lovers. Nihal tells Demir the rumour was started by an aunt of Yilmaz’s who used to live in Istanbul. Nihal tells him this information was told to Cengo by Yilmaz yesterday.

Demir is taken back. His friendship with Cengo has disintegrated over this issue and now Cengo has sold his share of the land to Yilmaz. Cengo does tell him that he could have avoided everything by lending him money when he came to him for help in the first place, instead of dissolving their friendship. “You treated me like a dog and I have nothing left to say to you. Get out of my house.”

Demir is very thoughtful when he leaves the house. He makes his way to the hospital to talk with Sebahattin who confirms the Aunt Naime story. Sebahattin also tells Demir that he regrets the day he married into the Yaman family. His lasts words to Demir is to look inside of himself for all his troubles. Sebahattin tells him he is to blame for Cengo, Sermin’s and his own present situation because of his domineering, arrogant, vindictive, possessive and paranoid nature. Sebahattin tells him to leave his consulting room.

On the way back from the meeting at the field, Ercument and Yilmaz strike up a good conversation. Ercument is very interested in Yilmaz’s business acumen and asks to look at his cotton factory. Yilmaz takes him to see his factory on his way back to Adana.

Yilmaz guides him through the cotton process. Ercument tells him that if he was to export to Europe that he would help him with contacts. He tries to encourage Yilmaz to export to France.

Saniye and Seher continue their all-out war over Gaffur. Seher tries each and every time to lie her way out Saniye’s suspicions. Saniye is ready to rip her eyes out.

Saniye runs a tight ship in the kitchen and there is no room for slackness. Fadik, Gulten and Seher are in for a rough ride.

Demir has arrived back from Cengo’s in a bad temper. He tells his mother that he accused Nihal wrongly. He has created a great deal of trouble for himself. Yilmaz now owns 50% of the shares in his dairy farm and he may have to take them back by force.

At dinner that evening Ercument tells Demir that it was his partner Yilmaz, who drove him home after he was left at the field. He praises Yilmaz and his Cotton Factory. He congratulates Demir on his choice of partner and his business venture. Hunkar was quick to tell him that Yilmaz is not a partner. Ercument is left feeling confused but is told by Hunkar that she will tell him all about it later.

The story of Ercument being left at the field by Demir and how he found out about Yilmaz owning the shares were also told at the Fekeli dinner table that evening. Mujgan doesn’t believe that there will be no more trouble from Demir. She can see Yilmaz and Demir with guns in their hands once more. Mujgan is tired of the fear that somebody will get killed. She also fears that Fekeli will take a big heart attack with the stress of it all. She begs them to put their guns away.

Demir takes Zuleyha to see the baby. Being separated from her baby is terrible torture being inflicted on her by Demir.

Hunkar tells Ercumen that although Demir has a son that the baby is not at the mansion because Zuleyha had a breakdown and couldn’t take care of him. Ercumen offers to take her to Paris for treatment in a private facility.

Back at the Fekeli Ranch Mujgan continues on about Yilmaz carrying a gun. She tells him she can accept everything else about him but she is scared that he will die because of his revenge.

Fekeli agrees with her. He feels they should start a new life without guns. Mujgan’s tears and begging leads to Yilmaz giving his gun to his father. Mujgan thanks him but the look on Yilmaz’s face leads you to believe although he gave up his gun that he felt he was forced into it by his loved ones.

Saniye sees Gaffur and Seher having a private meeting together. She becomes suspicious that in the evening they will meet in the barn. She follows Gaffur out of the house when he believes that she is asleep. He heads for the barn. She watches him enter the barn and can hear him saying sweet words behind a hay bale. Gaffur is on his knees talking softly and gently. Saniye picks up a hunk of wood and whacks him with it. Only to find he was counting the money that he had hidden from her and there was no woman involved. She spits in his face.

Fekeli and Hunkar have tea and simit at the lookout. Hunkar questions Fekeli about Yilmaz. She is told that he has given his gun to Fekeli and is soon to be married. He asks Hunkar to tell Demir to lay down his gun as well.

Demir watches his mother come home after being out all day meeting Fekeli at the lookout. He questions her driver on where he takes her and if she has ever stayed out all night. Her driver covers for Hunkar and lies as he has been paid to do.

Demir tries to reach Cengo and Nihal by giving gifts to their son. He gets the football team to sign a soccer ball and jersey and dresses the boy. He feels sure that Cengo will like this gesture. Demir approaches Cengo in the orange orchards, Demir apologises. He wants Cengo to give him a second chance. Cengo will not accept the apology. He tells him to go.

Demir asks Zuleyha to make up with Nihal to make it easier for him to talk to Cengo. Zuleyha visits Nihal to talk about the misunderstanding about the rumours that were spread about her and Yilmaz. She now understands that Aunt Naime spread the gossip. Nihal also will not accept Zuleyha apology.

Seher becomes sick in the kitchen and vomits. (I wonder if she is pregnant?)

Sermin entertains Fusun at her mansion. While she is there Sermin receives a Court Order telling her that since her father has died the Yaman’s have given her loans and land to the value of 700,000 Lire. They want it back. This news infuriates Sermin. “How can they do this?”

Sermin storms out of her mansion. She takes an axe and breaks the new dividing gate that has been erected to separate the two mansions.

Taking the axe she runs screaming to the mansion. She enters the house and confronts Hunkar.

Hunkar stands her ground. She tells her that they will fight it out in Court but she can’t think that she can sit back and not pay for the things they have given her. Hunkar knows that it was Sermin who reported Demir to the Prosecutor when Yilmaz was shot. She now wants her to pay for her betrayal. Sermin tells her that there will be a fight and she will not give in to her demands. She wants to kill her. It is Gaffur who takes the axe off her. Hunkar orders an iron gate to be erected in the fence to keep Sermin out of the Ranch.

Sermin returns home an emotional wreck. She tells Fusun she will never be able to fight them. They are too strong.

At the hospital, Sebahattin is confronted by a very upset Sermin. She shows him the “Letter of Demand” from the Yaman’s. Sebahattin has no sympathy for her. He tells her she has brought this on herself. He also tells her to bring their daughter home from Paris so she can graduate here. Angrily she leaves his office in disgust.

Sermin’s next move is to go to Yilmaz. She tells him that the Yaman’s want the mansion back and more. She tells him “Since I sold you the mansion they are making my life torture.” Yilmaz asks her, “Did you do anything to hurt them?” She lies herself out of the question and answers, “No way.” She takes our her Letter of Demand and shows Yilmaz its contents. She tells him that she now has to bring her daughter back from Paris where she is studying. Yilmaz helps her out by taking on her daughter’s sponsorship until she graduates in a years time. Sermin is grateful for a little help financially.

After Fadik tells Saniye that her husband has been seeing Seher in the hayloft, Saniye sees Gaffur and Seher in close conversation and thinks the worst. She charges at Seher and rips at her hair throwing her to the ground. The fight is so intense that the screams are heard in the mansion and Hunkar has to get involved.

Hunkar calms the distraught Saniye. Saniye tells her that Seher is coming on to her husband.

Hunkar drags Saniye and the kitchen staff into the kitchen. When questioning Fadik, she tells her that she lied to Saniye because she mocked her about the way she wore her hair. Hunkar gives them all a dressing down.

A group of field workers and their families have arrived at the worker’s huts. The present residents stand up to them and fight them for possession. They are told that Demir has given the huts to new residents and they will all have to get out. A fight gets underway in the middle of a field.

It is not long before Yilmaz gets to hear about it and he makes his way to the clearing. He takes charge. He is told that Hatik Aga told them the huts were empty and they were to replace the remaining workers. They were also told that Demir would support them. Yilmaz keeps the peace and takes all their guns away and sends them to the police for cataloguing. This action brings him much praise from his workers. He tells them all that he will sort out the problem.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Zuleyha has a meltdown when Demir tells her the baby will not be coming home until after Yilmaz marries Mujgan.

Demir and Hunkar decide to drug Zuleyha. I think her emotional breakdown even touched Hunkar’s frozen heart when she listened to Zuleyha’s sobs begging for her child.

Hunkar hears the staff talking about Fekeli’s heart attack. Fekeli reassures her that he is now well.
Hunkar finds out that Cengo and Nihal are dining at the Fekeli Ranch.

Seher is sent to the Yaman’s country house where Demir and Ercumen settle down for a weekend getaway. Fadik was not allowed to go and remains back at the Ranch. Fadik swears revenge when she sees Seher getting to go when all she wanted was to be given an opportunity to flirt with Ercument.

Demir and Ercumen have shooting practice together and heavy drinking to help pass their night away. Demir falls asleep in his chair after too much wine.

Ercumen leaves him in his chair and takes their driver and heads for the night clubs of Adana. After some time Demir awakes and is helped upstairs by Seher

Demir in his drunken state collapses on the bed. Seher sees a chance and takes advantage of the moment. She undresses. In the morning Demir wakes to find a sleeping Seher beside him and he believes they have spent a lustful night together.


WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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