Hunkar and Fekeli have returned from a night together in a mountain cabin. They have stars in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I wonder what Demir would think about his mother spending the night with her old lover?

Demir and Zuleyha also spent the night away visiting her son. Demir holds her blackmailed when he took her son and has hidden him from her. She must do what he wants or the baby will never come back. Demir can see that he will never make his wife happy unless he allows her to see her child regularly. Hunkar believes Zuleyha will run with the baby if it is brought back home.

The letter that Zuleyha posted to Yilmaz has had a hard time reaching Yilmaz. It has gone to school with Melek, spent a day in a school bag, placed on a study desk for another day, sat on Yilmaz’s bedside table overnight and now has ended up on the floor under his bed with Zuleyha thinking that he doesn’t care any more because he has not come for her.

Zuleyha overhears Hunkar talking to Fekeli on the telephone and is now aware that there is love in the air.

Zuleyha is now being treated like a prisoner and not allowed any freedom outside of the house. Demir has brought her red sports car back for her to use but Hunkar and Demir will not allow her to go without Seher as a chaperone. Zuleyha knows Hunkar is scared that she will speak with Yilmaz or run off with the baby if she can find him.

At the hospital, Mujgan sits in the garden talking the Sebahattin. Mujgan is very thoughtful about Yilmaz and Zuleyha’s history at the mansion. She decides to question Sebahattin about their relationship. She asks him if he knew that they were married when they came to Adana, Sebahattin denies he ever did (which as we know is a lie). She knows that Demir tortured Yilmaz.

Sebahattin denies knowing anything about most of the questions she asks. Mujgan doesn’t need to know Yilmaz’s story any longer but she does want to know why Zuleyha still loves Yilmaz and why she came to the house the night Demir shot him. She can see that Zuleyha tries to take every opportunity she can to speak to Yilmaz. There is something going on with Zuleyha and she wants to know what it is. “If they love each other still then I will back out and leave,” she tells Sebahattin. “I want to know who this woman loves.”

Demir finds out that it was Sermin who reported him to the police for shooting Yilmaz and no formal complaint was ever lodged by Yilmaz or Fekeli against him.

Cengo is happy to be finally able to pay his farm labourers their wages after a long period of no money. He thanks his workers for trusting him and he is so grateful to them for working and keeping the orange orchard going even though he couldn’t pay them. He now gives them their wages with bonuses to show his gratitude.

Cengo has had a huge turn around in loyalty. He can see how wrong he has been in the past about Fekeli and Yilmaz. He knows Demir was the wrong man to call brother.

Zuleyha sits crying on her bed (which she does most days). Demir keeps her as a prisoner and now she must have a chaperone to go out. He is a controlling, possessive and abusive husband and his excuse for how to love is warped. (Then again he is his mother’s son.) I am quite sure she will escape him one day. He tells Zuleyha, “I can’t live without you,” but then again he can’t live with her either. He begs her to understand him. He tells her “I will kill myself if I don’t have you.” He also tells her the only way she can get her son back is to say goodbye to Yilmaz for good.

After dinner, Zuleyha and Demir attend an open-air cinema in Adana. Unfortunately, Yilmaz and Mujgan are attending also.

The movie evening doesn’t turn out well for Zuleyha. She can see Yilmaz and Mujgan in the front seats. They are laughing and flirting with each other. This is really hard for Zuleyha to watch. It rips at her heartstrings.

Demir rubs in how happy they look knowing this makes Zuleyha jealous. He is right, inside she is aching with jealousy looking at the pair together. She even hears words from them of love for each other.

Fekeli and Hunkar keep up their regular meeting at the lookout and also keep their relationship secret. They have two sons who have pledged to kill each other.

Hunkar believes she hasn’t the courage to go through with a relationship with Fekeli. She doesn’t feel that she has enough courage to withstand her son’s anger if she continues with their liaison.

Saniye is giving Gaffur the cold shoulder. He now has to sleep on the couch. He begs for favours but Saniye is having none of it. Still, Gaffur continues his affair with Seher and pushes the boundaries. It is on one of the nightly liaisons with Seher that he sees Hunkar and Fekeli meet. He is shocked but you can see Gaffur thinking of how he can use this knowledge to his benefit.

On the way home from the movies Demir takes Zuleyha to see the baby.

Demir tells Zuleyha he will keep the baby from her until Yilmaz marries Mujgan, after that he will give her more freedom. He sees how Zuleyha looks at Yilmaz every time she sees him. He will continue his blackmail until that time.

He also tells her that after Yilmaz marries Mujgan he wants her to tell him the truth about Adnan. “Am I his father or is Yilmaz?” Demir goes even further and tells her if she tells him the truth and Adnan isn’t his son then he will still bring him up as his own. This is contradictory to Demir telling her that he would kill her, Yilmaz and the baby and then himself if he found out that he was not the father.

Demir takes her home to await her answer.

The next morning Zuleyha tells Demir she picked up the telephone the day before and caught his mother talking sweetly to Fekeli. This was the morning after she had been out all night. Demir questions Hunkar about this but she is on the defence and will not be questioned by her son.

Saniye finds straw in her bed after Gaffur has been out with Seher for one of his late night cuddles. A little more evidence that her husband is visiting the barn not only to feed the horses!

The Yaman Ranch has a visitor. Ercument, who is a cousin of Demir’s, has arrived with car horn blaring. He has been living in France but is home for a long visit before returning to commence his new enterprise, a winery and looking for sponsors.

Hunkar believes he has come for money which they have given him in the past and from which they never get anything in return.

Zuleyha goes to town and this time brings Seher along with her. Zuleyha enters the Club and meets up with Mujgan. They sit and talk.

Mujgan is straight to the point about what is bothering her. She wants to know from Zuleyha how she feels about her and Yilmaz getting engaged. She also asks her, “Do you have feelings for Yilmaz. I need to know that?” She wants to know why she came to the house on the night of the engagement party. Zuleyha feels awkward but tells her. “It was a mistake.” Then Mujgan asks her, “Why did you make that mistake?”

Mujgan tells her that she is soon to be married and she does not want to start a family knowing that Zuleyha still has love for Yilmaz. She asks her again, “Why did you make that mistake?”

Zuleyha wants to tell her the truth that Yilmaz is the love of her life but she can hear the words of her husband saying to her, “Adnan will not return to you until Yilmaz and Mujgan are married.”

Feeling cornered Zuleyha takes a stand of attack. “How dare you talk like this. I love my husband and we have a son. I don’t care about Yilmaz or if you get married or you don’t. I came that night because I wanted to make my husband jealous.” Zuleyha tells Mujgan to marry Yilmaz with a clear conscience. She walks out.

Mujgan that very same day meets Yilmaz to look at a wedding dress.

She also tells him of her conversation with Zuleyha.

Cengo drives into the Cotton Factory. There has always been a bad feeling between Cengo and Fekeli but at this visit Cengo wants to bury the hatchet with Fekeli and offers peace. Cengo tells him that for years he has only ever seen him as an enemy, especially when he teamed up with Demir. He now wants to change that. Cengo reveals that he didn’t have the courage to come until now. He asks him to forgive him which Fekeli does. Fekeli bids him Godspeed and leaves for home, while Cengo and Yilmaz lunch together.

Cengo tells Yilmaz that this restaurant was a favourite place for Demir and him. Yilmaz asks him whether he misses Demir’s friendship. Cengo tells him that they were blood brothers but that is all over now.

Cengo brings up the bomb incident. He tells Yilmaz that he was the one who told Fekeli and Yilmaz to come to the warehouse that night knowing that they were going to blow up the warehouse and kill them both. Yilmaz tells him that he knows what he did but he also is prepared to forget about it and forgive.

Yilmaz asks why Demir cut him off as a friend. Cengo is honest with him and tells him how his wife spread all over Cukurova the fact that he and Zuleyha used to be engaged. Yilmaz told him that his wife had nothing to do with it and how his Aunt came to Adana from Istanbul and spread the gossip. Cengo is shocked. His wife was telling the truth.

His wife now wants Cengo to go to Demir and tell him he blamed his wife blamed for nothing. Cengo refuses.

Ercument meets Zuleyha for the first time and kisses her hand.

Hunkar drills Seher as to Zuleyha’s actions on their trip into Adana and Zuleyha is aware that her movements inside and outside the house are monitored.

Meanwhile, at the Fekeli Ranch, Cengo is seen speeding up the driveway to speak to Yilmaz who is giving Mujgan a lesson in horsemanship. Cengo tells him he has heard something important.

Cengo relates that he has a friend at the prison who is a guard. The guard has told him that Huseyin lives like a king in the prison with big money coming in every week. He also tells him Demir is the source of his income. This news doesn’t surprise Yilmaz, he and Fekeli already believed that was the case.

He goes on then to tell him that Demir was also the one who hired Huseyin to kill Ali Rahmet at the lookout.

Yilmaz is filled with anger when he hears this. He drives off in a rage leaving Cengo and Mujgan standing in the roadway. Mujgan hurries after him. She knows he has a gun and he is going after Demir with murder in his eyes.

Yilmaz is in his car heading for the Yaman Ranch in an uncontrolled rage. Mujgan is in her car chasing him. She catches up to him and stops him before he reaches the Yaman Ranch.

To stop him going any further she gets both sets of car keys and throws them into the bush.

Yilmaz tells her, “You will not stop me.” She tells him, “I know I can’t stop you.”

She replies, “If you go after Demir. I will walk out of your life. So make your choice.”

Meanwhile back at the Fekeli Ranch. Cengo stands watching the dust of Yilmaz’s car as it races down the road but cannot go after him as his car has broken down. Fekeli and Cetin turn up and to see if there is anything they can do to help.

Cengo is still shaking by Yilmaz’s reaction to the news he brought him. He tells Fekeli what he told Yilmaz about Huseyin. “My dear God,” says Fekeli. The shock of what his son will do to Demir is too much for Fekeli. He suffers a heart attack and falls to the ground

Out on the country road, Yilmaz and Mujgan still stand arguing about the kind of life he will live if he doesn’t put down his gun. Mujgan begs him to leave Adana with her and leave everything behind. He refuses. She cannot ask him to make that choice. He has built a life for himself in Adana.

A car comes racing up the road. It is Cetin with the news that his father has taken a heart attack and a frantic race to the hospital is made. At the hospital, Fekeli has recovered sufficiently to discuss his heart attack with the doctors and Yilmaz. Tests have been taken and the results should come in shortly.

Cengo’s wife Nihal sits in Demir’s office waiting for him to arrive at his office.

Demir has brought Ercument to show off his new venture into dairy farming. Construction will commence soon. This is his dream he tells Ercument.

Demir notices a group of men standing in the middle of his field. Demir walks up to the men and tells them, “This is private property.” He is shocked to see the leader of the group is Yilmaz.

Demir asks, “What are you doing here?” Yilmaz walks up to him and tells him that he has a right to be on his own land. “What are you talking about?” Yilmaz tells him that Cengo has sold him his 50% share in the field. “Didn’t you know?”

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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