What a surprise to see the police enter the garage to arrest Yilmaz and find the garage empty. Also, Hunkar has said nothing with regards to Zuleyha’s pregnancy!   She certainly has a plan in mind for Zuleyha and she will use her to manipulate the situation to her liking I guess.   Demir is still in Paris and knows nothing of what has eventuated in his absence.  What will be his response? The police search the property for Yilmaz who is out in the field burying the fake ID’s that have finally been completed.  He tries hard to escape the police but is finally caught and transported to the local jail for eventual transfer to Istanbul.  Zuleyha in the meantime is frantic with fear that she will never see Yilmaz again.  He doesn’t even though that he is to become a father!

In the kitchen, Saniye is furious that Hunkar is offering comfort to Zuleyha.  She sees Zuleyha as a servant and not as a person to have special treatment given to her.  Zuleyha now tells Hunkar the full story as to how Yilmaz saved her from Naci and accidentally killed him.  To keep Zuleyha calm Hunkar asks a local Lawyer to look into the case and he reports that Yilmaz could receive 30 years jail and could be executed.  Zuleyha takes this news badly and Hunkar has to remind her that she now has a baby to think about and she will keep her secret.  (I am beginning to feel that it is the baby that Hunkar only cares about.  Remember there is no heir to the Yaman fortune). Zuleyha is eventually asked to leave the mansion and live in the cottages by Hunkar to avoid gossip from the staff and Sermin.

In the evening we see Saniye and Gaffur eating Adana Kebab for dinner. (I believe this kebab is quite famous for this region in turkey.)  This scene really made me want to taste the kebab myself.

Zuleyha is now in the cottages. Gulten has found Zuleyha’s wedding ring whilst cleaning out her room in the mansion and Gulten now knows that they are not brother and sister.  Along with a blanket she takes the ring to Zuleyha and tells her she will keep her secret.

Demir has now returned home and hears about what eventuated in his absence.  He is furious to learn that Zuleyha has been moved to the cottages and is working in the fields. (I feel Hunkar sent her there to gain his sympathy).   He tracks her down in the fields and she tells him everything that happened whilst he was away and also about the Istanbul incident. She does not tell him that they are lovers and not brother and sister.  Demir comforts her and tells her he will go to Istanbul and save her brother hoping he will be given a lesser sentence and certainly not execution. She also tells him of her persecution by the staff and Gaffur.  On arriving back at the mansion the staff are shocked to see Zuleyha getting out of the car. All their efforts were for nothing.  On the other hand, Hunkar looks with a sense of satisfaction  (this is what she hoped for!)   Demir tells all the staff that Zuleyha that nobody will look down on her and she will care for Haminne only from now on.  He asks Hunkar if she has any objections and of course the answer is NO!

Demir leaves for Istanbul where he meets with Yilmaz in the prison.  Demir leaves him with money to help pay for his comfort and food and asks Yilmaz to tell him about the murder incident .  After he tells his story Demir tells Yilmaz that he will obtain another Lawyer to represent him and have his sentence reduced and his execution fear removed.

You do see them speaking confidentially but you do not know what is said, (Demir looks thoughtful after their discussion which somehow leads me to suspect that he knows they are lovers).

Back at the Ranch!   Demir has arrived and calls for Zuleyha to give her the news that Yilmaz may have his sentence reduced to 15 years if his new Lawyer is successful.  She is so thankful to him and Hunkar.  She is given the prison address so she can write to him. (You feel that he had wanted to say more but held himself back) .  Zuleyha pens her first letter and cuts a piece of her hair to place in the envelope.  She asks Gulten to post the letter for her and hands her the envelope.  Meanwhile, Yilmaz hands his prison guard a letter which he has addressed to Zuleyha. (I doubt these letters will ever arrive at their destination).

Demir has arrived at his company office.  He has brought Hunkar with him and he has something on his mind.  Hunkar views a new Telex machine being delivered to the office and asks her son,  “what is a telex machine”? (I can still remember the days that communication was received by telex and telegrams.  Now we have WiFi ).

Demir goes on to tell her that he has decided to marry Zuleyha.  (Of course, Hunkar plays surprised but deep down we know she is happy to see her plan running as she hoped).    At the Ranch, our great lady threatens Zuleyha that if she doesn’t accept Demir’s proposal of marriage and also make him believe that the baby is his,  then her lover in prison will stay in prison longer or even hung. His death will be on her hands!

Demir and his mother have prepared a day for Zuleyha to learn about his future plans for both of them. He has bought a beautiful dress for her to wear that evening for dinner.  She is unaware of where they are going and the plan he has in mind.  He admires the way she appears dressed in his beautiful garment.   They drive through the Ranch amidst the stares of the farm workers and housemaids. This has come as a big shock to them.  Demir has chosen a high-class tasteful restaurant to deliver his proposal.  It has a beautiful decor.  He treats her like she is a princess.  All the time Zuleyha is looking apprehensive and unhappy. She feels trapped.  It is here that Demir declares himself and tells her that they are going to get married.  He presents Zuleyha with a beautiful necklace but she feels nothing but disgust when he strokes her arms and bends to kiss her neck.  That evening, In her room which she shares with Haminne,  she breaks down and weeps at her situation.  A wedding is being planned and she can do nothing about it.

The news that there will be a wedding spreads through the Ranch like wildfire.  Sermin is most upset to hear the news.  Her plan of having her daughter inherit the Ranch is foiled.  What if Zuleyha falls pregnant!

Yilmaz keeps writing to Zuleyha with no response.  He paces the exercise yard with nothing on his mind except his sweetheart.  He has no idea that she is carrying his child.

The master bedroom is made with fresh linen. The day has dawned for the wedding.  Demir is groomed to perfection and Zuleyha looks amazing.  So beautiful.  Demir presents Zuleyha with her beautiful necklace which only enhances her beauty.  He knows she doesn’t love him but tells her she will love him one day just as he loves her now.  The wedding celebrations have begun with guests and family arriving for the occasion.  Demir stands in the garden looking for Zuleyha who hasn’t come down from her bedroom.  Little do they know that Zuleyha has walked to the canal in her wedding dress and remembering her words to Yilmaz that she will not live without him. Jumps off the bridge into the water.  Stay with me to see the outcome!




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