Last week’s episode concluded at an asylum where Hunkar has committed Zuleyha following her attempted suicide at the Yaman mansion. Her baby has been taken from her. Her lover is to marry another. Her mother-in-law and husband are monsters. She has one hope left and that is a letter she has written to Yilmaz before she tried to kill herself. This letter could save her and her son.

Last week we saw Melek put Zuleyha’s on a study table in her bedroom after returning from school. It is evening now and still, the letter remains on the table in her bedroom.

Demir has arrived at the asylum after being told where his wife is being held. His mother has used Zuleyha’s attempted suicide to get rid of her. Her daughter-in-law has become an embarrassment to her. This is the first time that Demir has gone against his mother’s decision. He will not leave Zuleyh in an asylum and he will bring her home.

Inside the asylum Zuleyha spends hours being restrained. She has plenty of time to go over in her mind about Yilmaz. She prays when he reads her letter he will come and save her. Little does she know that Yilmaz is oblivious to any letter being written as it still sits in a little girl’s bedroom.

Demir becomes frustrated by the hospital administration when they will not allow him to take his wife home. He is enraged by the Head Psychiatrist and storms through the hospital calling out her name. He goes from room to room looking for her. Demir eventually finds her when he hears her screaming from a room at the end of the corridor. On entering her room he quickly takes in her situation. She is fighting off her nurses who are trying to sedate her. He picks her up and marches out of the asylum.

She is placed in his car to be driven home. Seeing his wife in this state brings tears to his eyes. He looks at her broken figure and asks her to forgive his mother and him for what they have done to her.

Yilmaz continues to be drawn back to the night he was shot and when Zuleyha came to him and asked him for protection. “Why would she do that when she knew that Demir would come after her?” And “she left knowing if she didn’t go here would be more bloodshed.” These questions keep going through his mind. “She was very brave dad. Something is not right about it.” His father warns him to make sure it is Mujgan he wants and not to break her heart.

Gaffur and Seher continue having secret liaisons around the Ranch. Saniye is becoming suspicious after catching the two alone in the kitchen. Saniye knows Seher to be a liar and only out for one thing, position and money. Maybe she has now added her husband to her list. It is only a matter of time before Saniye catches them out. She warns Gaffur that if she ever finds out that something is going on with Seher he will regret it.

Demir brings Zuleyha back to the Ranch. When Hunkar sees her she tells her son that he has made a great mistake in bringing her home. Never-the-less he carries her inside the mansion and up to their bedroom. He places her gently on their bed. She is in a fragile emotional state. He and his mother have been effective in breaking her spirit.

Zuleyha is so grateful to be home and she thanks him for not leaving her at the asylum. He gathers her into his arms whilst she weeps. “They strapped me by my feet and hands,” she tells him. “They locked me up and they drugged me.”

Demir feels so sorry for her. He stands to look down at his wife and combs her hair.

Zuleyha looks into his eyes and tells him he has a great love for her. “Even though you knew I didn’t love you, you never stopped loving me, and you didn’t leave me at the asylum. You went against your mother.”

He tells her that she is his everything. Zuleyha tells him that she cannot love like does. He asks her “Can’t you try?” She answers, “I will try.”

At the Fekeli Ranch, the household goes about their daily routine as normal. Mujgan and Yilmaz are cementing their relationship with Yilmaz telling Mujgan about all that had happened to him since he was in prison. He even shares that Zuleyha was his wife and how Demir had stolen her away from him. Mujgan asks him to lay down his gun of vengeance against Demir.

Hunkar and Demir have a heart to heart talk about the situation they have with Zuleyha. Demir can’t stand to see his wife so upset being separated from her baby. Hunkar warns him that if he brings back the baby he risks Zuleyha running away with the child. Demir tells her, “I have to do something but I don’t know what to do.”

By breakfast the next morning Demir had made up his mind. He tells Zuleyha he is going to take her to see the baby. She throws her arms around him and embraces him. She cries, “Thank
you. Thank you.” All the while Hunkar shakes her head.

He brings her to a cafe by the river where he reunites mother and child.

The joy of mother and son reunion is short-lived. Demir gives her very little time to be with him before he is telling her they have to go. He asks the baby’s nanny to take him away. Zuleyha now realises that her son will not be coming home with her. Demir had made his decision and the baby will not be coming home and sh only will be allowed visitation.

Zuleyha changes from a gentle lamb to fighting tiger. She screams at Demir to not take him away. Then due to her uncontrolled anger, she screams at him, “He is not your son. He is Yilmaz’s son. His name is Yilmaz and I named him that when he was born.”

Demir hears what she is saying but tells her, “You are only saying this to hurt me.” He does not believe it. He does tell her that he will bring her every day to see him. He takes her home.

Zuleyha is now fuelled for a fight. It is now war. Surely if Yilmaz had her letter he would have come by now. She looks to him to save her and his son. She is unaware that her letter still sits on a little girls study desk.

At the Fekeli Ranch, Cetin has been is gathering information about Huseyin (the man who gave himself up and went to jail and is being paid by Demir to take the blame). They all know that he is not guilty but how are they going to prove to the police that Demir paid him to do it. In jal he lives like a king. Cetin still undertakes investigations secretly.

Mujgan and Yilmaz are preparing for a wedding and are having engagement photographs taken prior to the event.

Their photographs will be in the local paper very soon.

Demir will attend an Awards evening in Cukurova. It is a formal event with the Yamans as well as Yilmaz and Fekeli attending. It still puzzles Yilmaz as to why Zuleyha would turn up after a social function only a couple of days after the shooting at Fekeli’s Ranch, “There will be an awkward presence if she comes,” he tells his father. In Zuleyha’s mind, she will try to take this opportunity to finally talk to Yilmaz. She agrees to go.

As guests arrive they are shown to their respective tables. Yilmaz arrives with Mujgan and Fekeli.

The Yamans have also arrived.

All are seated.

Back at the Yaman Ranch Gaffur is playing up to Seher in the barn. He has bought another pair of earrings for her. (If you remember he bought a pair earlier in one of our episodes but Saniye thought he bought them for her.) He places the earrings in her ears. He kisses her neck. Smells her perfume and nuzzles her ear. Both are unaware of Saniye approaching the barn.

Saniye stands outside the barn door. She can hear them inside. She sees the new earrings. She confronts them both. So shocked to be caught out Seher tries to lie her way out. Saniye sees it for what it is and raises her hand and slaps her across the face. “ I told you to stay away from him.” She wrestles her to the ground and continues to attack her.

Saniye is beside herself with anger and emotion. “God damn you both. I swear I will kill you both!” She looks at Gaffur and he also tries to lie his way out of what she saw but Saniye moves close to him and tells him “Take one look at her and I will rip your eyes out and chop your manhood off!”

She ends her vengeful rage with a big “SPIT” in his face. She walks out.

The Awards Ceremony has progressed with Demir and Yilmaz both receiving an award each. Eyes keep flashing back and forward across the tables. Demir and Yilmaz, Zuleyha and Yilmaz, Mujgan and Zuleyha, Cengo and Demir and last of all Fekeli and Hunkar. The atmosphere is strained to say the least.

Mujgan has the need to go to the bathroom and Yilmaz escorts her from the room. This is Zuleyha chance to make a move. She follows them to the bathroom and faces her Yilmaz but the words do not come out of her mouth. They are both interrupted by the return of Mujgan.

Zuleyha feels frustrated and shuts herself in the bathroom. She closes the door behind her. He made no comment about her letter. “He hasn’t read the letter. He hasn’t read the letter,” she tells herself.

“God grant me patience.”

Gaffur tries everything he can to talk Saniye around. She tells him he is guilty. She takes her earrings out of her ears and gives them to him back. She leaves him with a broken heart. Gaffur gives a big sigh. He knows he has paid a big price for his infidelity.

After finding out that Yilmaz has not read her letter Zuleyha blames the innocent Gulten , thinking like before, she did not post the letter. It doesn’t matter how much Gulten tells her that she really did post the letter, Zuleyha doesn’t believe her.

Gossip about Zuleyha having had a miscarriage is spread by Fadik to Sermin and reaches the hospital. The gossip is delivered further by Sermin to Sebahattin and Mujgan. “Zuleyha has had a miscarriage. Fadik saw the blood stained rags in the garbage bin and she was taken to hospital.”
Sermin leaves the hospital and visits Fusun and the gossip is spread even further.

Zuleyha and Hunkar have no time for each other now. Hunkar continues to threaten Zuleyha into submission but Zuleyha tells her there is nothing left for her to threaten her with. Hunkar shows Zuleyha the true face of a domineering controlling woman. ( I am sure there will be a showdown one day between these two.)

Sebahattin visits the Yaman Ranch. He makes the pretence of visiting Haminne but deep down he wants to talk to Zuleyha. When he asks her about her miscarriage instead of telling him the truth about cutting her wrists, she decides to go along with the story that she had a miscarriage.

Demir takes Zuleyha for another visit to see her baby. Demir even taking her to a hotel where she can stay with the baby all night.

After coming home from the hospital and hearing the gossip about Zuleyha, Mujgan spreads the gossip a little further and tells Yilmaz about the miscarriage. “Maybe that was why she came to you that night of the shooting,” She says. He is upset hearing this news. He still sees her face that evening she came to his home. He still cannot get her out of his mind, nor his heart, however much he tries.

On one of their regular outings, Fekeli and Hunkar meet up in the mountains at a place of their youth. Hunkar tells him that she wishes life had been different. They reminisce about their love and how it used to be. They have a renewed warmth towards each other and a forgotten love is rekindled in their eyes.

As if by fate, on their way back home along a mountain road they are presented with a fallen tree blocking their way. With a big storm brewing, they take shelter in a log cabin.

After warming up the cabin and making tea Fekeli and Hunkar settle in for the night.

At the Fekeli Ranch Melek takes her letter from her study desk and places it beside Yilmaz’s bed.


WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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