Last week we left Zuleyha’s letter sitting at the bottom of the stairs on a brick wall. Zuleyha’s letter has been addressed and delivered. It is the job of Nazire’s daughter Melek to collect the Ranch mail and upon seeing the mail on her way to school, she picks it up and puts it in her school bag. Nobody is aware the letter exists let alone after writing it Zuleyha has retreated to a bedroom in the mansion where she plans to take her own life.

In the upstairs bedroom Zuleyha has slit her wrists and is found by Hunkar and Saniye unconscious later in the day.

At the same time Demir who is at work is taken into custody following a complaint received by the police and the attempt on Yilmaz’s life. He is embarrassingly arrested and in front of his employees and escorted from the building under guard.

What a shame for the Yaman’s to have their daughter commit suicide in their own home! Hunkar cannot let this shame leak out and shock the residents of Cukurova. She despatches Gaffur to town to retrieve a doctor and swears them all into secrecy.

Yilmaz is slowly recovering from his injury. He manages to walk to the lounge room now. On one of these walks, Nazire takes the opportunity to tidy his bed and finds a letter and two rings which Mujgan has left under his pillow before she left. They are all presented to Yilmaz. When he sees the rings he knows what he is likely to read when he opens the envelope. He sits and reads on.

Mujgan begins her letter with how much she loves him but how she has to say goodbye. She tells him that his wounds are too deep and he really needs to find the happiness that he deserves. Yilmaz will not leave the letter as a final goodbye. He is in a weakened state but takes a car and goes after her with Fekeli not too far on his tail. Fekeli catches up with Yilmaz and continues his journey taking over as a chauffeur. Along the way, Yilmaz gets a talking to from Fekeli who asks him to look into his heart once more to see if it really is Mujgan he loves. It is unfair to Mujgan to continue when all along it could be Zuleyha who owns his heart. He gives him a scenario of Zuleyha coming to his home and telling him that she has left Demir and she is free to live with him. “What would you do?” Fekeli asks. Yilmaz replies “I have asked Zuleyha many times if she loves Demir and she has replied she does. I will help her if she needs help but I have stopped loving her. Life must go on.”

At the Ranch, the doctor arrives and treats Zuleyha on the spot. He stitches up her wrists and treats her blood loss. All the while Hunkar is paranoid that somebody will find out what has gone on at the Ranch. If anyone knew they took the baby from Zuleyha and then she tried to commit suicide because of it, she and Demir would see the Yaman name dragged through the dirt by gossip throughout Adana. Their Yaman name would be mud.

Saniye collects the blood-stained items from the room and takes them to the garbage bins to get rid of all evidence. Fadik and Seher watch from a distance and snoopily check out the garbage and find the blood-soaked rags. They now know something terrible happened at the big mansion.

Zuleyha lies on the bed after being given heavy sedation.

Hunkar and the doctor with the help of Gaffur, carry Zuleyha and place her in the Mercedes. Saniye and Gaffur are shocked and frightened for Zuleyha and they know the Great Lady is up to no good and the Great Lord is nowhere to be seen.

Hunkar, unaware that Demir has been arrested, creates a story to tell Demir should he show up looking for his wife. He will be told that she has gone to a funeral with Hunkar when instead she will be transported to a private psychiatric hospital under Hunkar’s orders to be kept out of sight.

Demir, on the other hand, is being held at the police station and awaiting Fekeli and Yilmaz presence. He will not be released until they show up. The police are told that both Fekeli and Yilmaz are in Ankara and he refuses to stay at the police station. “I am a man of standing in Adana,” he tells the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor replies, “I don’t care if you are a poor worker or a man of standing. You will stay.” At the command of the Prosecutor, he is ordered to be held until Fekeli and Yilmaz show up. He is placed in a cell.

Gaffur continues to have eyes for Seher and she encourages every move.

Seher pushes him for news about Zuleyha. She tells him she saw the blood. Gaffur remains silent. “Where is Zuleyha” she begs him in a voice tempting him with pleasures should he weaken and tell her what she wants to know? Gaffur cannot divulge what he knows. Seher tempts him once more. “If you don’t tell me, that means you don’t trust me.” She draws away from him leaving him frustrated. In a continual sexual advance, she tempts him once more. At this stage, we do not know if he succumbs!

Cengo whilst drinking at a coffee shop listens to the local gossip about how Demir shot Yilmaz and how he has been arrested by the police. Cengo drives to the Cotton Factory and the story is confirmed by Cetin. Gaffur has also found out that the Great Lord is in jail. He shares the news with Saniye.

Demir paces back and forward in his cell at the police station. He certainly is surprised Cengo has tracked him down.

Demir takes one look at him and asks him, “Why are you here? You certainly haven’t come to have a social visit.” Cengo reminds him, “ Anyone who sits on a throne eventually falls off.” He is so happy to see Demir behind bars where he should be.

Cengo leaves the jail and is confronted by Gaffur who cannot help himself rubbing in that Cengo is no longer the best friend of his Great Lord. Gaffur loves to have the feeling of power now that he has been left in charge of the Yaman Ranch. He taunts Cengo into a fight outside the police station necessitating the police to break them apart.

Gaffur is told he is not to tell his mother about his whereabouts. Gaffur agrees to his wishes.

Fekeli and Yilmaz have arrived in Ankara at Figen’s home. He begs Figen to tell him where Mujgan is and he loves her. Figen tells him to let her go if he loves her and she cannot live a life with gunfire and danger. Stay away from her. Yilmaz finds out that Mujgan is in Istanbul and plans to leave for the USA. Yilmaz and Fekeli travel to Istanbul to try and catch her before she departs.

Hunkar has admitted Zuleyha into a psychiatric hospital. She signs all the papers to have her committed. Zuleyha is petrified by what she sees. She begs Hunkar to let her go home. She then stops. “You are putting me in here because you want my baby.” She screams, “Mum! Mum! “ Her screams are quietened as she is wheeled and restrained in a hospital bed. “Please don’t do this,” she cries. She is sedated and drifts off into a drug-induced sleep whilst Hunkar returns to her Mercedes and drives away.

In Istanbul, Mujgan prepares for her flight to the USA. The front door bells peel to find Yilmaz at her doorstep. He has come to beg her not to go. Mujgan’s mother thinks he has a hide to turn up after what happened at the shooting. “You are bandits.” She tells him.

Mujgan declares to her mother her deep love for Yilmaz. She also declares because of this love she will spend the rest of her life with him. Her mother throws down the gauntlet and demands Mujgan make a decision between her family and Yilmaz. Her mother warns her, “If you go through that door you will be disowned by your father and me.” Mujgans decision is made and she leaves with Yilmaz.

Meanwhile, at the Ranch, Gaffur becomes suspicious of an intruder in the mansion when he sees the master bedroom light on. He quietly creeps up the stairs and finds Seher bedecked in Zuleyha’s jewels and dressed in Zuleyha’s finest clothes. Seher is very frightened. Gaffur threatens her that he will tell the Yamans but in the back of his mind, he thinks he could use this situation to his benefit. He closes the door and looks deeply into her eyes. “Let’s see what you are like without Gelim Hanim’s dress on. Afterwards, I will see if I forgive you or not.”

Gaffur and Seher play the game of Lord and Lady of the house which includes sleeping in their master’s bed. They are very nearly caught by Saniye but they are lucky and get away with it. I wonder if Seher was able to get the information she sought from Gaffur after all!

Yilmaz, Fekeli and Mujgan return to Adana and to the Fekeli Ranch. Mujgan and Yilmaz have now committed themselves to be together. Yilmaz has talked himself into feeling no love for Zuleyha anymore.

Fekeli has been advised that Demir is in jail and Cetin tells him that he doesn’t know who reported him but the police are waiting for him to make a statement. Fekeli spins a tall story to the police denying the attacker was Demir Yaman. He blames it on bandits. When asked who made the complaint the Superintendent of Police was not privy to that information. Demir is released.

It is morning and Hunkar has arrived back at the Ranch from committing Zuleyha to the Asylum. She has also just become aware that Demir is not home. Gaffur, as promised, tells her that Demir is in Ankara. It much later in the day that Demir eventually returns home.

At the asylum, Zuleyha wakes to find herself restrained and unable to move.

Although she makes an attempt at escaping her captors Zuleyha is caught and brought back to her room. She breaks down praying to God to save her.

Demir knowing nothing of what has befallen Zuleyha walks straight to their bedroom. “Where is Zuleyha?” he asks his mother. Hunkar tells him about her attempt to commit suicide and how she has taken her away to a mental institution. “What!” He wants to go to her straight away but his devious controlling mother manipulates her son into believing it is the best solution and she will not tell him where she has taken her. She tells him that Zuleyha was going to take Adnan away and go to Yilmaz and this is the best thing for all of them.

That night Demir rides his horse throughout the Ranch whilst his wife struggles against a revengeful plan organised by his mother in an asylum. His mind takes him back to the time he first met Zuleyha and times of celebration. These thoughts tug at his heart whilst his cold faced mother sits on her bed having put her plan into action and trying to save the Yaman reputation.

Demir after consideration joins his mother in her bedroom and agrees with what she had done. It was the only way to save our reputation. He agrees in sending Zuleyha away and keeping the baby but he doesn’t agree to leave her in an asylum. He asks Hunkar once again where Zuleyha was being held and once again Hunkar refuses to tell him.

Their conversation is being overheard by Seher outside the bedroom door. She takes it upon herself to knock on Demir’s bedroom door. Demir opens the door. “I know where they have taken your wife,” she tells him.

The last Hunkar sees of her son is his car speeding off into the night.

Zuleyha is now in a straight jacket and singing lullabies in remembrance of her son.

Melek has arrived back home from school. She takes out Zuleyha’s letter which is addressed to Yilmaz and places it on the sideboard.


WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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