Zuleyha has left the Ranch and driven to Yilmaz with her baby in her arms. She has found out that Demir was responsible for cutting the brake cables on Yilmaz’s car which nearly killed her and Mujgan. She decides to leave Demir and looks to Yilmaz for protection. She ends up on Yilmaz’s doorstep on the very night that he becomes engaged to Mujgan. She knocks loudly on his front door. He opens the door dressed in his white suit and gets the surprise of his life to find Zuleyha gazing at him with their baby in her arms. “Yilmaz, I have something to tell you,” she cries.

Meanwhile, Demir who is in an insanely dangerous mood and has left the Ranch to fire uncontrollably in a hate-fuelled attack on an imaginary Yilmaz. The thought doesn’t enter his mind that his fight with Zuleyha could lead to her running to Yilmaz until later in the evening.

“Hayir!” (No!) “Hayir!” (No!)

Enraged with hate and jealousy he drives to the Fekeli’s Ranch. He is armed and dangerous and has brought a number of gunmen with him. He and stands at the bottom of the steps of Fekeli’s home yelling for Zuleyha to out to him.

Yilmaz is protective over Zuleyha. “Come inside,” he tells her, “he won’t shoot when you have a baby in your arms.” Inside the house, Fekeli and Cetin hear gunshots. “Was that a gunshot,” asks Mujgan? She and Figen look at each other as Fekeli tries to make light of it. He gives Cetin the eye and they leave the room but not before they arm themselves.

Demir gives Zuleyha one last chance to leave the house and come to him before he and his gunmen open fire. Demir and his men spray uncontrolled bullets at every window and door.

The women are hysterical with fear. Zuleyha keeps repeating that she should go to Demir as he continues to scream for her to get out of the house. He swears there will be a blood bath.

Yilmaz, knowing Zuleyha well, can see how scared she is and won’t let her go. She, on the other hand, realises that what she has done was a mistake. She has placed everyone in danger. She has also spied the red ribbon and engagement ring on Mujgan’s finger. Her presence in this house can only lead to somebodies death, namely Yilmaz. “Let me go,” says Zuleyha to Yilmaz. “He will kill everyone.” The next spray of bullets sees Yilmaz wrapping his arms around Zuleyha and her protecting her with his own body.

This action is seen by Mujgan who has nobody to protect her, certainly not her fiancé.   She can clearly see that Yilmaz is still in love with Zuleyha.  She remembers her mother’s words saying she does not want her daughter to have a life around somebody who brandishes guns.

Hunkar is also aware that Zuleyha has gone with the baby.  She and Gaffur are in her Mercedes heading for the Fekeli Ranch hoping she may still be able to save her son’s life.

Sebahattin has orders not to anybody out of the room where they have been placed for their safety.
Outside the house, the gunfight continues. The hate between Demir and Yilmaz is obvious.

Hunkar and Gaffur finally arrive and Hunkar walks straight into the gunfire. A ceasefire is called by both sides to avoid her being hit. Hunkar stands in front of her son. “What are you doing,” she asks Demir? He answers like a little boy who has had his toy taken from him. “They took my wife and child and they have to give them back,” Hunkar begs for Fekeli to give up Zuleyha but he tells her that it is impossible for him to give up somebody who has come for his protection. Demir screams like the spoilt little boy that he is. He swears he will not leave until somebody is dead.

Inside the house, Zuleyha blames herself for everything. She cannot be responsible for anyone’s death. She will never be able to escape Demir. She was not able to talk to Yilmaz and she can see that he is now engaged to Mujgan. Her greatest wish is that he is happy and she knows that Demir will not leave without her. He will not be content until he has killed Yilmaz. These thoughts motivate Zuleyha into opening the door and walking down the front steps and give herself up. As she moves she cries out, “Alright! Alright!” Once more she is defeated. What will her punishment be this time?

The next three photographs are in sequence. Yilmaz can see Zuleyha is going to give herself up and tries to stop her. He takes her by the arm and tells her, “Don’t go, I will protect you.”

Demir sees his possession being touched.  He takes aim and shoots.

Yilmaz is shot in the back

Screams go out as Yilmaz falls to the ground. Immediately he is surrounded by Fekeli, Mujgan and Sebahattin. This leaves Hunkar, Demir and Gaffur to quickly grab Zuleyha and run off leaving chaos in their wake.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz lies in an unconscious state fighting for his life but even here he still dreams of his Zuleyha. In his dreamlike state, he has floated to the orange orchard. He is lying on the ground looking up at his Zuleyha. She looks so beautiful in a snow white flowing dress. She calls to him, “Yilmaz, I’m here.” He looks at her and answers, “You came to me!” She answers him, “I will love only you until my last breath.” He tells her,
“I was so sad when you gave up on me.” Her answer to him was, “I have never given up on you. I have always loved you and so it will be until my last breath.” She bends down and places her lips on his.

The scene outside the Fekeli Ranch is heartbreaking. Fekeli has broken down seeing his son lying on the ground with a cowards bullet in his back.

Yilmaz is critical. He lies face down in the front garden. Luckily he has 3 doctors who are guests at his engagement party. Figen also is a surgeon. It is Mujgan and Sebahattin who make the decision not to move Yilmaz or call an ambulance. The bullet is lodged against his spine and any movement could cause paralysis and death. They both agree that his best chance for survival is for the bullet to come out where he lies. It is decided that Mujgan will go to the hospital and retrieve enough medical supplies to perform the operation.

Meanwhile, back at the Yaman Ranch, Zuleyha is locked in her bedroom with the baby in the cradle. She sings a lullaby with tears rolling down her cheeks. She believes that Yilmaz is dead and blames herself.

Demir and Hunkar sit outside in the garden that evening where Demir pours his heart out to his mother. “I can’t live without Zuleyha mum. She was going to go to Yilmaz. I want to kill them all.” It breaks her heart to see her son so broken hearted. (Hunkar is a devious and evil woman. I am sure she will come up with a plan for her son to carry out.) As it is, if Yilmaz dies Demir will go up for murder.

A makeshift operating room is set up on the cold flagstones. Cars are lined up with headlights on high beam providing maximum light. It is decided that Figen will operate as this kind of surgery comes within her speciality. Time is of the essence. The operation begins.

As dawn breaks, it is easy to see the carnage of the night before. Bullets have ripped up the front yard. Glass is strewn across the pathways. Windows are shattered. The spot where the injured Yilmaz laid was bare with only remnants of his operation visible. He is lying in his own bed having the bullet safely removed but even here, after all, that has transpired, Yilmaz is still dreaming of Zuleyha and calling her name out loud.

It is very hard for Mujgan to hear these words as she sits by his bedside. What has happened over the past 24 hours has opened her eyes to the feelings Yilmaz still has for Zuleyha. She tells Fekeli, “They still love each other. If this happened to a friend of mine I would tell her to leave at once. I should leave, but I just can’t. I don’t know what keeps me by his side.”

Hunkar has told Demir that they have no choice but to take the baby off Zuleyha as they have done twice before. This is the only tool they can use to make sure she does what they demand. Demir blames Zuleyha for his actions, telling her sleeping form that she has forced him to take the baby from her but she wakes to see Demir putting her baby in the car. She chases him in her nightdress and bare feet and is unsuccessful yet again. He takes the baby from her leaving her broken form lying in the middle of the road.

Gaffur has been really shaken up by what he saw at the Fekeli Ranch. He can’t sleep thinking Yilmaz could be dead and he can see the Gendarmes coming to arrest Demir for murder. The Ranch staff also gossip about how the Great Lord of the Yaman Ranch took away a mothers baby. Hearing the gossip Hunkar calls a staff meeting.

At the staff meeting, we see Hunkar in her devious and manipulative glory. She lines up Gaffur, Saniye, Fadik, Gulten and Seher. In short, she tells them anything they see at the Yaman Ranch must be kept a secret. “We love you so much,” She tells them. “We are counting on you.” Hunkar now delivers her plan to explain why Zuleyha is locked in her bedroom and the baby was taken from her. “Zuleyha is suffering from depression,” she tells them. “It is sad and last night she had a breakdown.” She backs this up with a load of lies to explain how Demir accidentally shot Yilmaz and he has a trivial wound. She then goes on to say that Zuleyha is in no condition to take care of a baby so they have sent him away to be cared for. She finishes up by asking them to keep the secret and to stop any rumours they may hear.

Fekeli calls Hunkar and tells her that Yilmaz is alive and the decision to call in the Gendarmes will be left up to Yilmaz. They have been lucky. Yilmaz will live. He has regained consciousness. Mujgan now has to make the decision of whether to stay or to leave. She still has an engagement ring sporting a red ribbon on her finger. She decides to go home with Figen for now.

In the garden where Yilmaz was shot, Fekeli sits with Sebahattin over coffee and asks him whether he thought Demir and Zuleyha were in love when they married. (If you cast your mind back to our earlier episodes you may recall that Zuleyha tried to commit suicide on her wedding day by throwing herself into the canal.) Sebahattin from the beginning has covered up for the Yaman’s and to some extent is responsible for never telling the truth. He does the same thing now. He tells Fekeli, “What would it matter if she was happy or not.” Sebahattin has had every opportunity to tell him Zuleyha’s story even to the fact that he knows the baby belongs to Yilmaz. Fekeli reminds him that a woman who is in a happy marriage does not try to shelter in someone else’s home.

Zuleyha sits in her bedroom distraught. She thinks that Yilmaz is dead and the baby has been taken from her. Hunkar visits her and reminds her that she told Zuleyha in the beginning that Yilmaz’s life was in her hands. That hasn’t changed. The one thing she couldn’t do was to force Zuleyha into loving her son. She tells Zuleyha that Yilmaz is alive and she still has his life in her hands.

In his sick and sad fashion, Demir looks at Zuleyha’s cut and bleeding bare feet. He is shocked to see what condition she is in after she ran after the car. He takes her feet in his hands and weeps as he kissing them.

Fekeli and Hunkar are at the lookout for their regular meeting. Fekeli now starts asking Hunkar about Zuleyha. “Did you know that Zuleyha and Yilmaz were married?” Hunkar once again lies. She tells him that she didn’t find out too much later when Yilmaz was condemned to life in prison. She always thought they were brother and sister. Zuleyha had fallen in love with her son and Demir had already fallen in love with her. Plus she had nobody to protect her. It should have worked. When Demir came to your house the night that Yilmaz was shot, it was to take back what was his. His wedded wife and his son.

Fekeli asks her why Zuleyha came to his house in the first place. Hunkar uses the excuse that she had just found out that Demir had cut the brake cables in Yilmaz car the day of the accident. She wanted to tell Yilmaz. This gave Demir made his enraged. After Hunkars explanation, it is Fekeli’s belief that Zuleyha’s old love must have resurfaced. This is something he can understand because his old love has resurfaced for Hunkar.

Fekeli meeting with Hunkar continues and concludes with Fekeli telling her that he cannot stop Yilmaz from seeking revenge on Demir and stopping him from carrying a gun. Their previous attitude to having peace is over. If it had been anyone else who shot Yilmaz, he would already be dead by now. He is all I have left in the world.

Figen has packed Mujgan’s bag. “We are leaving, ” she tells her. Mujgan refuses to go. She promises Figen she will leave once she says a proper goodbye to Yilmaz. Figen understands that it is the love that Yilmaz has for Zuleyha that is breaking her heart.

Demir the next morning packs clothes and food for the baby. He thinks he is everything in hand but he does not see Gulten watching him from across the corridor. She also follows him to the stable where he stops to talk to his mother. She listens at the door and hears the location of the woman who is caring for the baby. Gulten then makes her way to Zuleyha’s room. Her old friendship for Zuleyha returns. She tells her that she knows where the baby is. She will help Zuleyha make a plan to get out of the mansion and to get her baby back.

Disguised as peasants Zuleyha and Gulten catch a bus to the village in search of the baby. Gulten tells Zuleyha that she will not leave her. She does not regret going against the Yamans. She would be shaking in her boots if she knew that Demir had come home to find Zuleyha gone. In his sick mind, Demir had stopped off in town and bought Zuleyha a new dress. The bus was a slow ride and the two girls arrive a little too late to stop Demir once again taking the baby.

Demir in his sick manner has the new dress laid out on the bed for Zuleyha to wear that evening for dinner. He has also selected her jewellery. Her response to him is to cut the dress up and disobeying him. She is warned that she will pay the consequences of her actions.

Cengo has bought back his wife’s gold jewellery after Yilmaz entered into a contract with him and baled him out of debt. He also has given money to his wife to pay off her brother’s debt. He is thankful that his wife has stood by him in tough times. He swears to get even with Demir for his betrayal as an adopted brother.

Hunkar realises that her sins against Zuleyha are fast coming to smack her in the face. Her evil deeds keep returning to haunt her. Not only the deeds towards Zuleyha but also the lies she has told to her son. In the beginning, she thought it all would work out but she did not count on Zuleyha never loving her son nor the strength of love between Yilmaz and Zuleyha.

Yilmaz has regained a little strength from his bullet wound. He is beginning to mobilise. He has walked to the lounge room and sits with his father. His first words are “I need to find out why Zuleyha came to me.” Fekeli tells him that he has already found out it was because of the brakes being cut in his car. She had found out that Demir had tried to kill him. Yilmaz asks his father “Did Hunkar tell you this?” His father replies “Yes.”

Yilmaz tells his father that he thought Zuleyha was happy. He had asked her himself if she was happy and she told him “Yes.” Now she comes to him and asks him to protect her on the night he was becoming engaged to Mujgan. He is so confused. “What is it that wants to stop my happiness?”

At the Fekeli Ranch, Ali Rahmet receives a call from the police station. They have a man in custody who has owned up to trying to kill him and Hunkar at the lookout. Hunkar receives the same call and decides to go and see the criminal herself. His name is Husseine. He once worked at the Cotton Factory and he has now turned himself in as he knows that Fekeli is looking for him everywhere. Husseine is identified as the same man that was stealing the cotton from the Cotton Factory. He will now pay for his crime and is led away to jail.

In jail, he is presented with an envelope containing a lot of money payment for turning himself in. The money is given with compliments of Demir Yaman. Once again Demir has managed to swing around the real reason for the attack on Fekeli. He has paid somebody to lie and to go to jail taking the suspicion off himself. Husseine has been a spy for Demir all this time.

Mujgan tells the sleeping Yilmaz that his wound is greater than her love can give him. She leaves him a goodbye note and the engagement rings and leaves Adana by road.

Zuleyha is still punished by Demir and becomes hysterical when she sees all the baby furniture being loaded onto a truck. She becomes hysterical screaming at Demir to bring her baby back. Wanting to hurt her deeply Demir tells her that he has sent the baby to Sweden and she will never see him again.

Demir thinks that by doing this he has secured his control over his wife but when Zuleyha settles down emotionally she makes one last effort to get back at him. She writes to Yilmaz.

To help you fully understand the contents of the letter, I will transcribe for you. It is a long letter but would not have the same impact if I cut it short.

“Yilmaz, I wrote you letters a thousand times before but you didn’t get any of them. This is my last letter to you. My last chance to tell you everything. Adnan is your son, Yilmaz. I wanted to tell you this truth before but I couldn’t do it. I didn’t marry Demir willingly. I have never loved Demir. I have only ever loved you all my life. Hunkar pushed me to marry Demir. He threatened me with your life. She told me I would either marry him or you would be hanged. I tried to kill myself on the wedding day. They saved me and I didn’t die. They kept our son and I kept living for him. I lived every day with the hope that we would meet back up again one day. I have wanted to tell you everything but I was so scared that they would hurt our son. I have no reason left to be afraid of as I have lost all my hope. I was once dead when they took me away from you. Now the only thing I had left from you is gone. They took my son away from me and I have no meaning to live anymore. I have no strength left to stand the pain any longer. I am begging you to please continue to be strong for our son. You need to hang on and take him from these monsters. Demir thinks Adnan is his son. He won’t want our son when he sees this letter. Don’t leave our son to them. Take him to your home no matter what it costs. You raise him but please do not put your life at risk. My son won’t have a mother. Don’t leave him without a father. I had hoped we would have had such a happy life together. Tell our son his mother had no other choice except to leave and she never wanted to leave him behind. Tell him that I left him in your care. Take good care of him, Yilmaz. I love you, even in my last breath, Goodbye.”

Zuleyha places her letter in an envelope and addresses it to Yilmaz. She asks Gulten for one last favour and that is to post the letter for her. This she does. The letter is delivered to the Fekeli household.

Zuleyha once completing her task retreats to her bedroom and locks the door. She takes a razor blade with her.

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Giles



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