This week’s episode begins 1 week prior to the attack on Fekeli and Hunkar.

Seher has been successful in weaving her way into the mansion. She still has her eyes on Gaffur and is doing her utmost to get rid of Nimet the governess. She continues getting Nimet into trouble. The first time was over the lack of formula and this time over no barrier cream for the baby. Zuleyha sees this as neglect of her son and dismisses her even though she is innocent. Seher is happy to take up the role. She now has one more foot in the door.

There is a theft of 500 Kilos of Cotton from the Cotton Factory. Cetin informs Yilmaz that the week before it was 250 kilos. It is obvious to them that they have thieves on the payroll, but at this stage, they don’t know who.

Demir’s day has started off well. He gets much praise for his football team winning the finals as he walks through his company building. In arriving at his office Demir finds Fekeli waiting for him.

The atmosphere is strained. Fekeli begins his conversation by telling Demir that his father would not listen to anybody’s advice. He was stubborn. Fekeli then slams down the brake cable that had been taken out of Yilmaz’s car. It had been severed in two. He stares him in the face. “You nearly killed your own wife when you had the brakes slashed.” Demir tells him to “get out.” Fekeli goes on to say, “I know you did it, you know you did it and God knows you did it.” Demir smirks at him. Fekeli finishes his verbal attack with “You will pay for this.” As Fekeli closes the door behind him Demir mumbles to himself, “You are a snake and I should have you killed.”

Mujgan’s mother has newly arrived in town and is staying with Mujgan at her apartment.
She has come to talk her daughter into returning to Istanbul. She also has heard that Mujgan is going to marry a convicted murderer.

That evening Yilmaz meets Mujgan’s mother and it doesn’t go well. Mujgan’s mother intimidates Yilmaz. Yilmaz gives it straight back to her and tells her that all she has heard is true but that is how it is. He doesn’t think she likes him and Mujgan’s mother does not think they suit each other.

Fekeli and Cetin are on the trail of the man that cut the brake cables in Yilmaz’s car. Also, he is very close to finding out who is stealing his cotton bales. That evening two men are caught by Fekeli and Yilmaz stealing from the warehouse but they are let free without calling the police. Hunger is a terrible thing. There was no need for them to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Demir meets up with Fehmi. Fehmi is the man who has been planted by Demir and working for Fekeli at his home. He is also the man who cut the brake cables on Yilmaz’s car. He tells Demir that he thinks Fekeli is suspicious of him and this news makes Demir nervous. He wants nobody to find out that he was involved with the accident.

Demir and Cengo’s friendship goes from bad to worse. Demir embarrasses Cengo in front of their mutual business partners whilst dining at the Club with an offer to pay off his debts after Cengo had to sell his wife’s gold jewellery to make to feed his family. This poisoned friendship has moved to another level. Cengo is a worthy enemy and still has a sting in his tail. His embarrassment leads to him going home and breaking down in front of his wife and he vows to take revenge.

We have now come to the scene at the end of last week’s episode where Fekeli and Hunkar are having their usual chat at the Lookout restaurant.

Fekeli is concerned that their agreement to have no bloodshed between their sons has broken down. Hunkar is surprised by his words. She has no idea what her son has been up to. Before they could further discuss the issue a lone sniper opens fire on them whilst they are sitting at the table. Fekeli moves quickly and throws Hunkar to the ground as the sniper jumps into his car and speeds away.

Hunkar is shaken by the attempt on their lives. When she asks Fekeli, “Who has done this?” He answers her by saying, “I guess your son did not know that you would be with me.”

When Hunkar arrives home she gets stuck into Demir. She remembers Fehmi coming to the Ranch to see Demir and thinks that he may be the sniper. How could she believe that her son was involved in the attempt on Fekeli’s life today? If he was he nearly killed his own mother. Demir demands from his mother, “What were you doing with him?” Hunkar tells him she meets to keep the peace. Demir is taken by surprise and tries to take the focus off himself by attacking his mother.

Yilmaz was in the orange orchards when he hears about the attack on Fekeli. He is incensed with rage that his beloved father could have been killed today. He will not listen to Fekeli who is trying to calm him down but rather he speeds off in his car heading for the Yaman Ranch with Fekeli giving chase. His rage is so great he doesn’t even stop at the Ranch but uses his car to ram his way through the shut front gates.

The sound of the car thundering through the gates brings the whole household to a standstill. Including Mujgan’s mother who was visiting Sermin and sitting in the garden. Her new Son-in-Law to have just made a great impression!

Yilmaz yells at the top of his voice for Demir to come out and meet him. He draws his gun shooting in the air. It is a violent scene and everyone is scared and goes into hiding as Demir and Yilmaz begin firing at each other.

Both Demir and Yilmaz have chests which are heavily panting with built up hate and anger. They want to finish their feud today. One of them will die. It is Fekeli and Hunkar who finally are able to get through to them. They face their children and tell them they will have to shoot them first before they get to shoot each other. In his anger, Yilmaz storms away in his car.

Demir, on the other hand, decides to go to the police and place a complaint. Also, I am sure to try and have any suspicion removed from him. The police begin conducting an investigation into the incidents that have befallen Yilmaz and Fekeli over the past week or so. The police start their investigations with Fekeli knowing he was not long out of prison. This investigation will also take into consideration the severed brake cables.

Following Sermins sale of the mansion to Yilmaz and the refusal to sell it to Demir, Hunkar has decided to shun Sermin. She has begun separating the two mansions by building a stone wall. She has also placed an article in the local newspaper telling the community that the Yamans have no connection to her financially or socially from this day forward. This is a smack in the face for Sermin. How is she going to find it hard to hold her head up in Cukurova after this?

Fekeli has been looking for Fehmi for a while now. He has all his men out looking for him.

Yilmaz has a visitor at the Cotton Factory. Surprise! Surprise! Cengo has come to clear the air. He tells Yilmaz that he is no longer in partnership with Demir and he has come to ask his forgiveness. “I have done you wrong,” he says.

Cengo has one more offer for Yilmaz. We do not know what this offer is at this stage but maybe towards the end of our episode, all will be revealed. Both men go into Yilmaz’s office to discuss his proposal.

Mujgans mother does not accept Yilmaz’s proposal of marriage and does not give them her blessing. She calls Fekeli and Yilmaz thugs and bandits. She sees them sporting guns and having to have armed guards for their protection. “This is not what I want for my daughter.” She saw how they burst into the Yaman’s Ranch with guns blaring and she will not agree to the union.

Mujgan stands up against her mother and declares her love for Yilmaz. She also tells her that she will accept him as he is. Mujgan tells Fekeli and Yilmaz that they are her family now. Mujgan chooses love over her mother’s blessing. Mujgan’s mother is so offended that she packs her bags and leaves. That evening Yilmaz tells Mujgan that she may have a tough life if she accepts him and he will not promise to put his gun down. Mujgan accepts him as he is and tells him there is no need for him to change. He draws her close and places his lips on hers sealing their pledge.

Although Yilmaz holds Mujgan in his arms he has no passion on his face. This leads me to believe his soul is still with Zuleyha.

In this scene, we see Cengo in the office at the Coton Factory with Yilmaz casting his eyes over a legal document. “Is everything O.K.?” he asks Yilmaz. “It is,” says Yilmaz. He then opens his cheque book, fills out the details and hands it over to Cengo. Cengo raises from his chair, “Thank you.” The deal is done. Cengo congratulates him. They shake hands. At this time we do not know what Cengo has sold to Yilmaz. It could be his farm. His house or his share in Demir’s dairy farm. Whatever it is Demir will not be happy.

Cetin has found Fehmi and Fekeli’s men have him tied up in his warehouse. This is wonderful news and to make sure that Hunkar hears what he has to say Fekeli has asked her to join him in the interrogation. Fehmi confesses that he cut the brake cables of Yilmaz’s car. He also confesses that it was Demir Yaman that paid him to do it. Hunkar is stunned. So her son lied to her! He denies being the sniper who shot at Fekeli and Hunkar but he does tell her that her son knows many mercenaries that could have done the job.

Mujgan is getting ready for her wedding. This will be a quiet ceremony at home with Fekeli and a few chosen guests. Yilmaz sent a baby blue dress for Mujgan to wear for the ceremony and he chose a white suit for himself. Whilst Yilmaz gets ready in his bedroom he cannot help being taken back to the time he asked Zuleyha to marry him. He has a different feeling this time.

At the Ranch, Hunkar paces up and down. When her son arrives home she immediately directs him out of the house to talk. Zuleyha sees them go into the stables and listens to their conversation. Zuleyha hears that Demir was the one who ordered the brake cables cut. She comes out of hiding in a rage. “That is why you paid me so much attention at the hospital. You nearly killed Mujgan and me.” She is so upset she runs from the stables leaving Hunkar and Demir stunned. Demir has left the Ranch also. He takes his gun and says to himself, “I did everything for you Zuleyha.” He drives off in his truck gun in hand. What Demir doesn’t know is back at the Ranch Zuleyha has fled with the baby.

At the wedding ceremony, all gather for the giving of rings and cutting of the cake.

The front doorbell rings. It is Yilmaz who opens the front door to find Zuleyha along with the baby in her arms.





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