At the conclusion of last week’s episode, we saw the two girls in Yilmaz’s car travelling at high speed with leaking brake lines. To avoid an oncoming car and not being able to stop they have had an accident and nobody knows where they were going. All except Yilmaz who lent the car to Mujgan while he repaired hers. As it is, the girls have crashed head-on into a large tree on a back road. Both girls are unconscious with Mujgan still behind the wheel and Zuleyha lying out on the road.

Yilmaz whilst fixing Mujgan’s car notices an oil trail on the road but does not piece together that it has come from his car and Hunkar and Demir have just begun to realise that Zuleyha is late for her arranged meeting with them. Not only that, one of his colleagues has told Demir that he saw his wife get into Yilmaz’s car! Demir envisages his wife running off with his enemy.

Yilmaz has returned to work. He was going to take the repaired car to Mujgan later in the day until he receives a call from Sebahattin asking him about Mujgan’s whereabouts. He tells Yilmaz that Mujgan never turned up at the hospital nor did she visit the patient earlier that morning. This call puts Yilmaz on alert. Something has happened to her. He asks Sebahattin for the country address that Mujgan was heading for and decides to go and look for her. Out on the country road, he can see once more the thick black oil trail on the dirt road. He becomes nervous realising the danger.

Demir makes an immediate dash out to the cotton factory looking for Yilmaz only to be told he is not there nor is his wife but what he does find out is that Yilmaz is driving Mujgan’s car and Mujgan is driving Yilmaz’s car. Demir feels the surge of panic rise in his chest realising that his wife is in the car that he ordered to be sabotaged. He whispers to himself whilst he drives his car, “Dear God, Zuleyha. Please don’t be in that car!”

Yilmaz finally comes across the scene of the accident.

He stands gazing at the crash realising that both the women whom he loved have been injured. The look of shock is evident on his face. You can see how torn he is and his thoughts “Which one will I go to first.”

His heart rushes him to Zuleyha lying on the road. He gathers her in his arms and cradles her head in his lap whilst stroking her beautiful face with tears falling down his cheeks. Here is his first love. He calls her “My precious,” as he kisses her forehead and holds her close.

Mujgan begins to regain consciousness and Yilmaz rushes to her side. It is at this time that Zuleyha wakes to hear Yilmaz attending to Mujgan. She doesn’t know that Yilmaz has been by her side and how he cradled her and kissed her. All she can hear are his endearments to Mujgan.

The girls are transported to the hospital by ambulance both with head injuries. The eye contact between Yilmaz and Zuleyha rips at your heart strings. All they really want is each other.

Demir has received a call from the hospital and his worst fears have come true. His wife has been caught in his own trap and now lies in the hospital.


Both men now stand beside their women.  An uncomfortable situation considering the hate they have for each other let alone the love triangle.  Yilmaz and Zuleyha’s eyes stray towards each other taking in lives they have created themselves and situations that seem to be unchangeable. Demir is wanting Zuleyha transferred to a private room of which the hospital has none.  He also does not want to have to face Yilmaz in the hospital room every minute of the day now does he want him anywhere near his wife.
Yilmaz, Fekeli, Demir and Hunkar stand in the hospital corridor waiting for news of the girls.  Yilmaz within earshot of Demir tells Fekeli that the accident happened because somebody tampered with the brake lines.  Hunkar asks Demir, “What was Zuleyha doing in the car?”  Demir has nothing to say.  He certainly doesn’t know that Zuleyha was going to talk about Yilmaz and their love.  I had the impression that Zuleyha was nearly going to tell her about the baby.
Both the girls have been lucky and have minor injuries.  They will be allowed home within 48 hours.   Each man sits beside his woman waiting for them to wake up.  Zuleyha with a head injury and bruised ribs and Mujgan with a head injury and dislocated shoulder.

Demir is feeling quite guilty and scared about his wife. Zuleyha for the first time tells Demir, “I love you.” Whether these words are true or just for Yilmaz’s benefit we don’t know. What we do know is she is broken hearted watching Yilmaz’s attention towards Mujgan in the next bed.

Demir has been successful in obtaining a private room for Zuleyha by paying off its occupant. He wasn’t prepared to find Zuleyha very weak and holding onto the door in the hospital corridor. How could she stand to see her lover and Mujgan together any longer? She begs him to take her home.

Meanwhile, Cengo has broken up with his wife and his son has been so upset with the break up that he asks his father to spend some time with him at home. This is the time of the year that Cukurova hosts the Cukurovaspor football game. It will be held in four days time he tells his son. His son begs him to take him as usual. His father tells him, “Of course I will.”

Demir arrives back at the Ranch with his injured wife. Although extremely tender and dizzy she is put to bed to be cared for by Demir. Her baby is brought to her. She cuddles him close and eventually falls asleep with him in her arms.

Now things are getting back to normal at the Ranch, Demir feels he can go back to the company. He leaves Zuleyha in the care of Hunkar and leaves. Seher has been asked to bring the baby his breakfast is up to no good. She takes half the baby’s formula and tips the rest down the sink. She then tells Zuleyha that they have no formula left. Zuleyha calls for Nimet the Governess. She gives her a dressing down for not doing her job and neglecting to order more supplies. An order is urgently sent for and Gaffur is to collect it.

Today is Mujgan’s first day back at work since her accident. She is rested and looking forward to it. Yilmaz has driven her to the hospital. Mujgan asks him, “Don’t you want to know why Zuleyha was in the car the day of the accident?” He says, “I didn’t want to ask.” She goes ahead and tells him that she had something to tell her but never got the chance to say anything before they crashed. Neither of them is any the wiser why Zuleyha got in the car in the first place.

The car has been towed to Fekeli’s garage. He has his mechanic go over the vehicle and they are informed that the brake cables had been cut on purpose causing the accident. This was just what Yilmaz thought and he tells Fekeli that it must have been Demir. Fekeli warns him that this was done at their home garage and they will now have to take further precautions for their safety in the future.

On returning from his errand to buy formula for the baby, Gaffur stops at a jewellery store. At the time we think he is buying jewellery for Saniye but as soon as he returns to the Ranch he heads out looking for Seher who is in the stables. He creeps up on her with mischief on his mind. He takes out his purchase and gives her a beautiful scarf. He then tells her, “You don’t have any earrings!” and with that, he takes out a red jewellery bag and is just about to place it in her hands when a call comes from the yard. “Seher,” It is Fadik. Gaffur in full shock hides his gift in his pocket and warns Seher not to say anything about him being in the stables and hides behind a hay bale.

Demir has arrived at work to hear that the Cukurovaspor Football Team has so much debt the local football team has to be disbanded. All their sponsors have withdrawn their support. Demir is thinking about this as he walks towards his office where he finds Cengo waiting for him with the request that he wants to talk. Demir allows him to enter the room. Cengo asks him if their partnership is over. Demir says, “Yes.” Cengo continues then to ask him for money that he invested with him. Demir tells him that he can have his money but not before the dairy facility is completed. Cengo is not happy with this as he needs money for his family and business otherwise he will go bankrupt. Demir offers financial help to get him through but Cengo sees it as charity. He leaves in raging anger.

Meanwhile, Fekeli has called a meeting of all the staff and workers protecting his house. He puts them all on guard as to the enemies that may be gathering against him and Yilmaz. He shows them the brake cables and tells them that this must not happen again.

It is a quiet day at the Ranch with just the sound of the telephone ringing throughout the house. It is Zuleyha who answers it and it is Mujgan on the other end. Mujgan wants to meet. Zuleyha drives out to the lake to meet her.

Mujgan, of course, asks her what it as that she was going to tell her in the car before the accident, but after seeing Yilmaz and Mujgan together at the hospital in tender moments, she decides to tell her that although Yilmaz and her had a relationship in the past, her feelings are not the same. As his friend she just wants him to be happy and at peace and she feels Mujgan could be happy with him. “I don’t want you to keep seeing me and feel uneasy,” says Zuleyha. Mujgan is relieved to hear this confession which allows her to proceed with her relationship with Yilmaz. What she doesn’t see is the broken-hearted Zuleyha walking back to her car after sacrificing her own happiness for her sweetheart.

That evening, just as Zuleyha said, the girls get to see each other once more at the Club for dinner. Zuleyha is dressed in a beautiful maroon dress with Demir’s emerald necklace and earrings to adorn her beautiful face.

Yilmaz and Mujgan arrive at the Club also and before walking through the doors Yilmaz takes out his engagement ring and offers it to Mujgan. This time she accepts and he slides it onto her finger.

Inside the Club, the band is playing gentle music. Demir once again confesses his love for Zuleyha and tells her that she has never really understood that she loves him too.

Yilmaz and Mujgan enter the Club and Yilmaz has many glasses raised to “the Citrus King of Cukurova.” Demir is all ears as he listens to their conversation.

Meanwhile at home Cengo is stewing in his anger and despair. His wife brings him her wedding jewellery to sell and tells him to swallow his pride and sell the gold to pay their debts. He weeps on his wife’s shoulder.

Yilmaz and Mujgan take to the dance floor. It is hard for Yilmaz to take his eyes off Zuleyha as he moves Mujgan around the dance floor. Demir not wanting to be outdone by Yilmaz takes Zuleyha by the hand and moves her also onto the dance floor. Here both couples although feeling awkward publicly look normal.

Saniye back at the Ranch has had a tiring day. Never-the-less she is cleaning up the lodge after Gaffur. She picks up his dirty work clothes and checks them for the laundry basket. “What is this,” she says, as she pulls out a small red jewellery bag from Gaffur’s trouser pocket? She inspects a pair of beautiful gold earrings. “Oh! “. She moves into the bedroom and teases Gaffur into finding something different about her. It takes a while before he sees the earrings in her ears. Of course, he lies his way out and tells her he was going to surprise her.

Gaffur once again gets caught out from being dishonest. This time he has rented Gulten’s field out for 250 Lire. Unfortunately, when the farmer goes to the field there are already 8 more people working the field. He wants his money back. He also tells Gaffur that his sister had already rented the field out. Once again Gaffur is reminded that the field was given to Gulten and he has no part in its future. He is embarrassed. He screams on his way to the Ranch to find Gulten. She is in the kitchen when he finds her and he drags her outside. “How dare you give the field to other sharecroppers,” he says. She defends herself by telling him that the field is hers and she will do with it whatever she wants. Gaffur’s last words to her is, “I’ll kill you and bury you there!” A fight breaks out whereby Hunkar gets involved. Gulten defends herself and tells Hunkar that her brother hit her because she is sharecropping her field. Gaffur thinks it is against his principles for a woman to makes such decisions even though she has the Title Deed.

Hunkar finishes the fight in telling Gaffur that it was herself who is guiding Gulten to sharecrop her field and he has nothing to do with it. “Do you understand?” Gaffur is embarrassed by the great lady in front of everybody. He swears he will kill Gulten for what she has done.

Demir decides to help out the Football Club and attends their meeting. There is a title of President of the Club which is coming into contention. Demir’s deal is to pay off the clubs debt and run as a candidate for President. They accept and make him President on the spot. Demir pays the players who are ecstatic about not having to stop playing for their adored Adana and Demir once again be wears the Crown for Cukurova. Demir takes his team to the finals and wins. The whole of Adana cheers for their team while Demir of course sits back sucking up the glory.

Our last scene shows Fekeli and Hunkar at their lookout having tea. We see a car pull up and a man sporting a high powered rifle which has them within its sight.

He fires spreading bullets which are mainly aimed at Fekeli. Fekeli grabs Hunkar and pulls her to the ground. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next week to find out the outcome.





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