The meeting of Demir and Yilmaz in front of Sermins mansion turns out tragically. Demir is shocked to hear that Sermin sold her house to Yilmaz and offers him 600,000 Lire to buy it back. Of course, Yilmaz refuses to sell. Demir in his anger and haste to exact his revenge on Yilmaz draws his pistol and fires at Yilmaz. Gulten who could foresee what is going to happen tries to protect Yilmaz and unfortunately takes the bullet.

Gulten has been critically injured. Demir rushes her to the hospital where she tells the story that she was playing with Gaffur’s gun when it accidentally discharges. She had protected Yilmaz from Demir and saved Demir from going to jail but she has paid a big price. Gaffur and Saniye are beside themselves with grief as she is wheeled into the operating room.

As we listen to a conversation between Hunkar and Fekeli at the hospital, it looks like Fekeli is becoming more aware that the Yamans told lies at the journalist interview and he reminds Hunkar that they had no need to tell the whole of Adana about the love triangle between Zuleyha, Demir and Yilmaz. He realises they control Zuleyha but he doesn’t know why. Hunkar warns him to keep Yilmaz away from her son and to force him to sell the mansion back to them. If not, she will not be able to stop her son from spilling blood.

Back at the Ranch! Hunkar and Sermin have a raging argument over the sale of the mansion to Yilmaz. This action is a real offence to the pride of the Yamans. This mansion has been in the family for generations. Hunkar swears she will make her pay for what she has done.

Mujgan has been staying in Ankara with her friend since finding out that Yilmaz and Zuleyha were lovers. She has now decided to travel back to Adana on business. Yilmaz is also on the road driving to Ankara to see Mujgan but unfortunately, they miss each other on the highway and he has to make the return journey to Adana before he catches up with her.

At the hospital, it is quite comical watching Gaffur eating the food left on the hospital trays. Gaffur is going to make sure he doesn’t go hungry and most of all he is hoping Demir gives them compensation for Gulten’s sacrificial act in saving his life.

At the Ranch, Demir and Hunkar are trying to get Sermin to take the sale of the mansion to Court and get it back from Yilmaz, but no amount of threats or money will change her mind. Sermin is ecstatic about her new ability to stand up to the Yamans now they have no financial hold over her.

Mujgan and Yilmaz arrive back in Adana. They finally meet at the hospital. “Can we talk Mujgan?” he asks. She guides him to a chair. She is angered by the gossip and his lies. She tells him “I have felt like a fool for days.” She refuses to listen to his excuses and tells him never to come near her again. She will try and forget him. She walks away while he begs her to change her mind.

Hunkar and Fekeli are having one of their regular meetings for tea. Their topic today is how best they can save their sons from killing one another. They met at a beautiful lookout high in the hills of Adana with the Taurus Mountains as their backdrop. This is a stunning location. (Hunkar is a cunning and devious woman and I still think she has been behind a lot of the horrific deeds carried out by the Yaman family. I only hope she didn’t have a hand in killing Fekeli’s family in revenge for him taking her husband’s life.)

Life in the home of Cengo has turned from bad to worse. The debt collectors are there looking for items that they can repossess. Nihal is glad to see Cengo arrive to and he is able to get one more week to pay the debt. He advises that he has now separated from his wife. As hard as he tries nobody will give him a loan. His anger towards Demir grows. (He is a little like a ticking time bomb himself. We just don’t know when he is going to explode.)

Hunkar and Fekeli decide to be peace workers between their sons. Fekeli is successful in talking Yilmaz into selling the mansion back to the Yamans and Yilmaz agrees under one condition. Demir must agree to meet and talk with him. Hunkar takes this information back to her son and begs him to stop the hostility and talk with Yilmaz. Demir finally agrees and the meeting is set to go ahead at the hilltop lookout in the presence of Hunkar and Fekeli.

The meeting goes ahead with the main goal of bringing about peace. Demir at first is reluctant but agrees to accept peace if Yilmaz allows him to buy back the mansion. He tells him that he would gladly pay twice what he paid for it.

Yilmaz, on the other hand, tells him, “I do not want your money, but I have one condition and if you accept it, the mansion will be yours.”

Demir asks him “tell me what you want.” Yilmaz goes on to say that in the article written by the journalist in his interview had one point missing. “You did not tell the journalist what I had told you the day you visited me in prison. I want you to contact them and tell them that!” (Yilmaz is referring to the time he told Demir that Zuleyha was his wife.)

“If you want the mansion back my condition is that you contact the journalist and gives her a statement saying that Yilmaz told him on that day in prison that Zuleyha was his wife in the eyes of God, yet still he went and betrayed Yilmaz by marrying her himself.” He goes on to say, “If you agree to do this I will give you back the Mansion on the very same day.“

Demir sees red! Yilmaz has asked for too much! Demir rises from the table ready to attack. He will never agree to this condition. Yilmaz rises also slamming his fist down on the table in memory of the day that Demir betrayed him. Demir had not only lied but also stole his wife and sent him to prison for life.

The infuriated Demir leaves the lookout with Hunkar and drives away. There will be no further peace talks today.

Yilmaz apologises to his father about breaking down the peace talks but is pleasantly surprised when Fekeli agrees that this is a matter of honour. Although his father does warn him that the war has only just begun. He must now watch every step he takes as Demir is a formidable enemy and will attack. What he does promise Yilmaz is that he will be behind him until the last hour and last moment and makes him promise not to be the first one to pull out his weapon and fire. He only wants him to defend himself and not to have blood on his hands.

At the cotton factory, Yilmaz stages an accident and cuts his finger in the hope that when he gets to the hospital Mujgan will be there to stitch him up. Mujgan attends his injury which allows Yilmaz to once again get the opportunity to speak to her. He promises her that Zuleyha is in the past. He explains that he couldn’t see her in Ankara because he was in prison. She gives him no more opportunity to explain further and leaves the room.

At the hospital, Gulten has recovered and Gaffur and Saniye have arrived to take her home. Gaffur fusses over her now hoping to get on the good side of his sister in case Demir hands out money as it is Hunkar has sent her own car with Gaffur as the driver to pick her up from the hospital.

At lunch, Demir hears the businessmen of Adana discussing the surplus oranges available in Adana. They are considering buying all the surplus oranges themselves and making a huge profit by offering the growers a pittance for their product and selling them in Istanbul and Ankara. At dinner that night he discusses the oranges with Hunkar and considers offering the orange growers his help in getting them out of their plight. He invites them all to a business luncheon at the Club.

Gulten is welcomed back to work in the mansion given a gift by Demir. It is the field in Sogutlutaria that Gaffur has always wanted. Gulten is to return the next day to have the Title Deeds changed over into her name. The Great Lady will take her to town in the morning. The next day Gaffur is dressed waiting out the front of the Ranch to go with Gulten to the Title Deeds office. He cunningly wants to be the signatory for Gulten. He is quite offended when Hunkar tells him to clean out the stables instead. He will have no opportunity to manipulate the situation.

At the Businessmen’s Club, Demir has gathered all the orange growers and invited them to lunch. He plans on buying all their oranges from them and tells them he knows how hard it has been for them this year.

At the same time as the luncheon goes ahead, we see boxes of oranges being loaded into several trucks and the farmers discussing together how profitable their year has been.

Demir feels embarrassed after telling the growers that as the Lord of Cukurova he is going to bail them out of the trouble they are in, to find out that all their oranges had already been sold. Demir asks them, “Can you tell me who bought all the oranges?” They reply, “Yilmaz Bey!” Yilmaz had sold all their oranges to Germany and made the growers a good profit and Germany has undertaken a long term agreement with the Cukurova growers.

And, so it is, that Yilmaz hits the front page of the Cukurova local newspaper. He is crowned a hero by the locals for saving the orange farmers from devastation. He is applauded throughout the whole of the agricultural community. Unfortunately, Hunkar and Demir do not see Yilmaz as a hero. He has effectively made them look insignificant and his ability to protect the growers from poverty is an act becoming of a Lord of the Cukurova Plain.

Demir’s face says it all. I am sure he will exact vengeance upon Yilmaz for this act.

At the time of his newspaper interview regarding the oranges Yilmaz was also asked to respond to the interview they had with Demir and Zuleyha. Yilmaz takes this opportunity to have his say. He agreed to mostly everything said in the article and accepts now that Zuleyha no longer loves him and what they had together was childish love. He continues to confess that he now has a new love interest in his life and she lives and works in Adana. He will be pursuing this love.

Reading this article really hurts Zuleyha. She breaks down and burns the paper into ashes.

That evening Demir is seen getting up to no good! In this scene we see him handing over a wad of money to an unidentified suspicious man.

In the next scene we then see a man tampering with the brakes on Yilmaz’s car.

The following morning finds Mujgan with a car that will not start. Yilmaz who is driving by stops and lends a hand giving her the keys to his car whilst she attends an urgent medical visit out of town. He tells her he will swap over her car at work afterwards and then take her out to dinner. She accepts and drives off in the car that has been sabotaged the previous night.

In Adana, Zuleyha sees Mujgan driving the car and while it is stopped gets in the passenger side and shuts the door. She tells Mujgan that she wants to talk! Mujgan is put in a situation that she has to drive on or cause a traffic obstruction. Zuleyha stubbornly sits next to her whilst she continues her journey. Mujgan has now driven right out of town on her way to see her patient. What neither girl is aware of is brake fluid leaking out on the road from underneath the car. Zuleyha doesn’t get an opportunity she was looking for to discuss Yilmaz with Mujgan as when she puts her foot on the brake pedal to slow down the car she finds the pedal goes straight to the floor.

Our last scene shows another car approaching and the girls screaming as they try to avoid a crash at high speed.




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