This episode commences at the sod turning ceremony. Demir’s frustration after listening to all the gossip involving himself, Zuleyha and Yilmaz has come to a head. He has no control when he sees Cengo. Cengo, on the other hand, is unaware of his wife’s loose tongue and gets a shock when Demir attacks him in front of a distinguished crowd. Cengo is bloodied and bruised when leaves the ceremony with an irate Demir chasing after him in his car. “What has happened?” Cengo asks his wife. “Why has he done this?” Nihal sits in the passenger seat of the car but doesn’t own up.

Demir finally catches up with them on the road. He confronts them about their part in the gossip which has spread throughout Adana like wildfire. He tells Cengo he thought his secret was safe with him in regard to Yilmaz but because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut his wife has told everyone. Nihal tells them both that she said nothing but Demir knows she is lying. He is now shamed in front of all of Adana let alone the Minister from Istanbul. He slams them for their disloyalty and tells them that they no longer have a partnership with him nor are they his friends any longer. They are to stay away from Zuleyha and his family from now on. (As you know from last week’s episode Cengo is broke. This added conflict may push him to be a formidable enemy for Demir .)

In last week’s episode, Mujgan found out the woman Yilmaz loved, killed for, went to jail for and whom he loved with the very essence of his soul was Zuleyha. Broken hearted that he lied to her she gave him back his engagement ring and would not talk to him. This week we see Mujgan leaving her apartment and watching a sleeping Yilmaz who has spent an uncomfortable night sleeping in his car waiting to talk to the brokenhearted Mujgan. Unfortunately, in a deep sleep he misses her departure. She has packed her bags and left Adana.

The great lady and Zuleyha arrive back at the Ranch following the fight between Cengo and Demir. Hunkar is at a loss to understand why the fight happened. “They are brothers,” she says. Zuleyha puts her in the picture. When Demir joins them he tells them that Nihal denies everything. Zuleyha then tells him of how Nihal wanted 30,000 Lire from her to keep her brother out of jail or she would tell everybody in Adana the secret. This was blackmail. Demir blames Zuleyha for not telling him earlier. She, in turn, asks him why he told Cengo about Yilmaz in the first place.

Mujgan’s father had come to Adana after he had received a letter from an anonymous person regarding his daughter’s relationship with a convicted murderer. At the time Yilmaz was at a loss to who could have written the letter. The script was written in an uneducated hand. He had asked Gulten if she had written it which she denied. Yilmaz shares this knowledge with Sebahattin and they both try to work out who would know that Yilmaz was in prison for murder. This knowledge is only known by a few people. This question brings Sebahattin to the Yaman Ranch to question Sermin and Gulten. “Which one of you wrote that letter to Mujgan’s father?” he asks. “What letter?” Sermin asks. They both deny writing the letter and it is Sermin who believes he could be looking in the wrong direction. “Why don’t you look at Zuleyha, she is the one with the knowledge and enough jealousy to write that letter to the Professor,” she says. “Do you think for one minute that Zuleyha is going to give up Yilmaz to Mujgan?”

Yilmaz and Fekeli have now heard about the fight at the sod turning ceremony between Demir and Cengo. Yilmaz believes the fight had something to do with Zuleyha. Fekeli can see the love that Yilmaz still has when he talks about Zuleyha and reminds him that there is no room in any man’s heart for two loves at the same time. He has a deep wound and he doesn’t want him to leave a wound in Mujgan’s heart also. He needs to be careful of which one he goes after. Yilmaz takes his advice and drives to an isolated spot to think about his decision. At the same time, Zuleyha is in her room dreaming of Yilmaz with an aching heart. (I wonder what his decision will be?) Mujgan has told him she will not wear his ring until she is sure he loves nobody else but her.

Mujgan has driven to Ankara to a friends house to digest the break up with Yilmaz. On her friend’s advice, she calls Sebahattin to see if he has had any news of Yilmaz. Sebahattin tells her that Yilmaz was very upset and angry when he found she was gone. He encourages her to talk to him either in Adana or get him to drive to Ankara but not to run away from the situation. She agrees to speak to Yilmaz and he happily plans to drive to Ankara to do this but before he goes he will have dinner with the orange growers at a street kebab restaurant beforehand in order to try and help the problem they have in not being able to sell their oranges. He enlists Cetin to go with him. It is here that a fight breaks out when one of a group of four diners decide to make fun of Yilmaz by saying that he as two women. One of the towns doctor and the other Demir Yaman’s wife! The fight becomes so violent that one of the men pulls out a pistol and fires. He misses Yilmaz but Yilmaz’s aim is better than his, he returns fire and hits his target. An ambulance and police are called to the scene. This incident could possibly put Yilmaz back in jail!

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Zuleyha tells Hunkar that it is about time for her and Demir to break up. Hunkar is dominant and confronting in her conversation with Zuleyha. Zuleyha tells her that there is no need to keep things secret from now on as the whole town knows about Yilmaz. The game is over and she wants her freedom. She does not love Demir, never has and never will. She tells the great lady she wants out before things get bad. She tells her she wants a divorce! Hunkar is not having a good day, does Zuleyha for one minute think that Demir would allow this. Their argument is interrupted by Sermin who has come to get her own back on Zuleyha for leaving her in the middle of the road the day before. She blames Zuleyha for writing the letter to Mujgan’s father. This is the first time that Zuleyha has heard of this letter and she is shocked by Sermin’s accusation. Now Hunkar knows as well which makes Zuleyha’s situation look and feel much worse. She puts her hands over her face in frustration and fear . She will never get away from this evil family.

Demir doesn’t know what to do, his secret is now known all over town. He cannot lie his way out. The prestige of the family name is placing him in a compromising position. He is even considering taking Zuleyha and the baby to live in Istanbul. He doesn’t know how he is going to face everyone. It is his evil and conniving mother who believes he should tell the truth of how he fell in love with Zuleyha and how Zuleyha left Yilmaz for him. This is partly the truth they say without all the details of his involvement in having Yilmaz jailed and blackmailing Zuleyha into being his wife. This may just get him the sympathy to quieten the towns gossiping tongues. Hunkar recommends calling a journalist and giving them a story to place in the local papers. A story that tells of a great love between the Great Lord and his drivers girlfriend!

Demir is settled by his mothers plan but cannot see how it is going to work with Zuleyha. She will not agree. Hunkar tells her son that she has a plan for this also and to leave everything up to her, but before she goes ahead with the plan she wants her son to do one more thing for her. To make sure that Zuleyha does not run away, she wants Demir to take the baby away from her to make sure she does exactly as they want. This way they will know for sure that Zuleyha will not interfere with their plans and their story. (Poor Zuleyha, this will be the second time her baby has been taken from her.) Hunkar then goes in search of Zuleyha and tells her there will be no talk of divorce and she will do exactly as they tell her otherwise she will never see her baby again. With that Zuleyha races to her bedroom window to see Demir loading the baby into his car.

Cetin has finally been able to get to Fekeli to tell him that the police have taken Yilmaz into custody for shooting Samet. This is heart breaking news to Fekeli. How could Yilmaz lose his control? If the man dies Yilmaz will be sent to prison for murder. Yilmaz is panicking. He realises that he has just put himself back behind bars after only just being released from prison. He prays that Samet does not die.

At the home of Cengo and Nihal, Nihal is begging Cengo to believe her. Her husband gives in to his better judgement and believes her. He tells Nihal he will go and talk to Demir about it in the morning. Nihal tries to talk him out of it as she is scared that Zuleyha may have told Demir of the other part of the conversation, namely the 30,000 lire blackmail.

Zuleyha has cried in her room most of the night. Demir has returned without the baby. She remembers the family that took care of the baby when Demir first took him away from her. She thinks to herself that if she can find the house again then she may be able to get the baby back. She creeps out of the house and drives her little red sports car to the house but only to find her son is not there . Demir noticing she had left the house tracks her down and once again brings her back to the Ranch. Zuleyha feels defeated once more.

This time Zuleyha’s heart is truly broken. She has had enough of Demir’s emotional blackmail. She cries, “Enough, Enough.” You can see by Demir’s face he realises what he has done is unforgivable.

The next day Demir dresses Zuleyha ready for the interview with the journalist and warns her against saying anything she shouldn’t. In the lounge room Hunkar plays the part of the gracious host worthy of being the mother of the Great Lord of Cukurova. The interview goes as planned with Demir and Zuleyha answering rehearsed questions and answers throughout the interview. Of course Zuleyha has only one thought on her mind and that is to get her baby back. Hunkar looks proudly at her son as he lies his way through his story.

At the end of the interview Zuleyha demands her baby from Demir. Demir will return him at his leisure she is told. He tells her he realised at the interview that he was the only one is this marriage that has love. She tells him “you are evil and I hate you.” Demir has a warped sense of what love is obviously taught to him by his scheming and devious mother.

In the office the following day Cengo confronts Demir about his attack of himself and his wife. Demir this time tells Cengo about his wife’s threatened blackmail of 30,000 Lire to try and save her brother from prison. Cengo now knows that his wife certainly was responsible for the leak of the secret. Demi tells him that the whole thing was his fault for trusting him in the first place. Their friendship is over. Demir tells him to get out. Cengo being embarrassed by his wife behaviour returns home, packs his bags and leaves. No amount of begging by Nihal can change his mind. His parting words to his wife are, “Shame on you. Get your mother and father to move in with you. We are getting divorced.”

Meanwhile Fekeli has enlisted a group of Lawyers to represent Yilmaz in court. They feel he will be released if Samet doesn’t die and also if the financial compensation is adequate. Also there are witnesses to tell how Samet fired first but until they can plead their case Yilmaz will have to stay in hospital.

Seher in the kitchen is making a play for Gaffur. Saniye has no idea at the moment what is going on but if she hears about it Seher will be digging up potatoes instead of cooking them for dinner!

Yilmaz has had a lot of time to think about his love life whilst in jail. We still doesn’t know what his decision will be and which lover he will pursue. He knows that he cannot marry Mujgan with his big wound still aching for Zuleyha. Lets hope he will make his decision soon. Things are getting quite dangerous at the Yaman Ranch. Demir still hasn’t brought the baby back.

In prison, Yilmaz has a lady visitor. Yilmaz thinks it could be Mujgan or Zuleyha but when he sees Gulten he is angered and tells her to go home. She is obsessed with him. This has to stop.
He calls the guard to show her out. Yilmaz is now quite comfortable in jail. He has enough money to treat his cell mates to food and comfort. He is treated like a Lord and on a telephone call to Fekeli has a washing machine, refrigerator and new televisions delivered to each cell in the prison as a gift from him.

The front page story in the local newspaper seems to have quietened the gossip in the Adana society. The ladies seem quite taken by the beautiful love story and the business men at the Chamber of Industry meeting seem more accepting of Demir. Although he had to make light of the fact that Cengo is no longer his partner . The meeting was convened and the gossip has now settled.

Meanwhile, Cengo is finding he is in trouble with his oranges. There is a surplus of fruit in the orchards and nobody wants to buy them. He is also under pressure from his debtors. The orange orchard problem was one of the issues Yilmaz was going to speak to the growers about the night he shot Samet. There still may be is a solution to this problem.

Mujgan waited for Yilmaz to come to Ankara to talk to her but he never turned up. She writes a letter to Yilmaz and posts it. We do not know what the letter contains but Mujgan’s friend did advise her to go and visit her brother in America, maybe she is going abroad.

After pressure from his Lawyers Yilmaz is finally out of prison after Samet retracts his statement and claiming he was drunk at the time of the shooting and he was to blame. Yilmaz is released into the welcoming arms of his father . Unfortunately, once settled back at home the very first thing he sees is the front age of the local newspaper and the love story of Demir and Zuleyha. “This is too much,” he says and storms out of the house.

Our last scene in this episode sees Demir drive into the gates of the Yaman Ranch. Zuleyha who stands at her bedroom window sees him coming. He stops the car and she sees him take the baby out of the back seat. She races down the stairs and out the front door where Demir passes the baby into the arms of his frantic wife.

Demir turns and sees a figure of a man sitting outside Sermin’s mansion and sunning himself in her garden. He walks over to the mansion to find a dashing Yilmaz very relaxed in a garden chair. “What are you doing here in my mansion?” Demir asks. Yilmaz replies, “You are mistaken this is my mansion!”

Do you think Yilmaz has made his decision as to which love he will pursue or do you think it is purely revenge?





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