What a lovely way to commence this week’s episode with a sun-drenched Zuleyha lying in the orange orchard amongst a bed of blooming wildflowers singing to her baby. For once she looks radiantly happy as she envisions Yilmaz walking towards her. Unfortunately, this is only a dream and we are whisked back to reality all too soon to an unhappy, gloomy, tear-drenched face of Zuleyha in her bedroom weeping over the realisation that Yilmaz may love another.
The search for the Great Lady carried on all night. Every Ranch worker was called into the search to eventually they find her alive but bruised and broken by Demir. This accident has really scared Demir after his raging argument with his mother over her attention toward his father’s murderer. He realises that this accident scared him and he loves his mum dearly and could have lost her so easily. He calls for his car to take her to the hospital. On their way, Demir recognises Mujgan sitting in the back seat of a car being driven along a country road and remarks to his mother that it is not right for a woman to be out late at night.

In a restaurant, Yilmaz is waiting for Mujgan to arrive for their preplanned dinner. He has an engagement ring in his pocket. He has all the trimmings for a romantic dinner for two. He sits at the table waiting for her but she doesn’t turn up.

If you recall we left Mujgan last week opening her front door to an unknown person. This week we find she has been abducted by two men who force Mujgan into their car on the pretext to deliver a baby when the truth of the matter is their friend has been shot whilst undertaking criminal actions.

Yilmaz is on her trail though. He has left the restaurant and tracking her down. He is aware that something untoward has happened to Mujgan. He first tries her apartment and is told she was seen leaving with a man. He then goes to the hospital in search of more information where he learns she was seen by Demi in a car on the road to the quarry. He is now nervous. Her disappearance has been planned and he becomes aware that she has been taken against her will. He hurries along the quarry road to find her. Meanwhile, Sebahattin calls Fekeli to warn him about the danger that Mujgan and Yilmaz may be about to face.

Mujgan is held at gunpoint. She is told to examine the patient and finds he requires emergency surgery after losing a lot of blood but she is ordered to fix the problem herself even though he may die.

After being checked over by Sebahattin, Hunkar is discharged from the hospital. Demir is trying to be attentive but she is unforgiving and still very angry with him for leaving the Ranch. On reaching home she tells him to leave and not come back. She will not accept his apology. Luckily he obeys his mother as Fekeli has heard of her accident and is on his way to the Ranch to see her. She is nervous when he arrives. He tells her that he has been worried about her since hearing of her accident. He is not nervous at all and approaches her warmly and places his hand over hers to show his concern.

Yilmaz, on the other hand, has found the place where Mujgan is being held captive. He quietly parks his car and takes out his gun and creeps into the building. Inside the building, Yilmaz can hear Mujgan pleading with her captors and telling them that she cannot save him. Their answer to her pleads is to shoot the patient in front of her eyes and then turn the gun on her. They have decided they will not let her live. Yilmaz takes this opportunity to save her life and returns fire. He manages to shoot one of the abductors while the other runs away. He rushes to Mujgan’s side and gathers her in his arms before leading her from danger whilst the police arrive to help round up the criminals. Mujgan is traumatised by her ordeal. She clings onto Yilmaz thanking him for saving her life and concludes that she loves him very much. He holds her close and tells her he loves her too. You could just about believe him but the look on his face leads you to think that the words have no depth of feeling and those words did not come easily.

Mujgan is taken to Yilmaz and Fekeli’s home to recover and for her protection. She is grateful for their care and stays the night in the guest room. Yilmaz meanwhile journeys to his bedroom where he sits on the edge of his bed and opens the ring box to gaze down at the engagement ring he bought for Mujgan whilst his mind drifts away to another time when he presented two wedding rings to Zuleyha and the love, joy and happiness they shared thinking of their future together. His love was immense and she returned his love with every breath she took.

Sharing the same time period, Zuleyha sits looking out of her hotel window dreaming of Yilmaz and how things used to be.

The next evening Yilmaz once again sets up the restaurant ready for his proposal to Mujgan. He is a little awkward and nervous but manages to get the words out “will you marry me.” She tells him that she loves him very much but she feels that his wounded heart is still not healed and asks him to wait a little longer. She thinks that although he says he loves her he has a long way to go before he is truly healed. She hands him back the ring and tells him she is not going away and she loves him dearly but the time is not right.

Although Hunkar has told Demir to stay away from the Ranch a new day sees him drive through the Ranch gates with Zuleyha by his side. Saniye and Gaffur welcome them home happy. They are pleased the pressure is once again off them.

Hunkar is not home but rather in Adana. She has gone to visit the graves of Fekeli’s wife and two children. It is here that Fekeli finds her and it is here that he tells her that he has forgiven her husband and her son for the things that they have done to him and at this spot he also forgave Hunkar and himself. This confession brings tears to Hunkar’s eyes as she looks into the eyes of the man who was once her enemy. Feeling emotional she leaves the graveyard to drive back to the Ranch. She goes into a rage when she sees that Demir has returned home. She tells them that she has been embarrassed enough in front of her friends. She will not forgive them and tells him to leave. Demir cannot stand to see his mother so upset, he takes her in his arms and begs her to forgive him.

Yilmaz after being turned down by Mujgan returns to the Cotton Factory and finds Fekeli waiting for him. Fekeli can tell by one look at his face that the proposal didn’t go as he wanted it. Fekeli agrees with Mujgan that Yilmaz still has an open wound and one other thing remains, Yilmaz has still not told her about Zuleyha.

Gaffur is in a little strife. Demir coming to check out the accounting books. He is afraid that his dishonesty will be found out and that he has shortchanged the Yamans for 10 boxes of grain. He has to pay a bribe money to have the books changed.

Cengo and Nihal are also not happy today. Nihal hasn’t enough money to pay the household bills. Cengo has put all their money into buying the field to build Demir’s dairy farm without telling Demir that he is becoming broke. Nihal sees the way that Cengo idolises Demir and doesn’t like it. Cengo puts him first before his family. When Cengo asks Demir how long it will take for production to commence he is told two years. The look on Cengo’s face tells you that he will not be able to last that long financially.

Nihal has opened her front door to find her brother Levent (who is a new character to our series). He also is in financial trouble. He owns a shop and is in 30,000 debt. If he cannot come up with the money he will be jailed for bankruptcy. Of course, he asks his sister to get the money from Cengo. This is another added stress to her current financial problems.

Zuleyha is on her way to Adana to have lunch with Nihal. Sermin has begged a lift into town. Sermin has no filter to the words coming out of her mouth. She starts telling Zuleyha about the heroic acts of Yilmaz in saving Mujgan from her abductors and goes on to say, “It is a shame that he couldn’t do the same thing for you!” This remark sends Zuleyha into a rage and she stops the car. Sermin tells her that she can see by her attitude that she still loves Yilmaz. Zuleyha stops the car and tells her to get out. Sermin has her evil hat on today and replies, “You will regret what you have just done one day.” With that last comment, Zuleyha drives off leaving her standing in the middle of a deserted road.

Zuleyha has now arrived to have lunch with Nihal. Nihal shares with her their financial situation and she also tells her of her brothers need for 30,000 Lire. She asks Zuleyha for a loan to keep her brother out of jail. She tells her that she could never go to Cengo with the problem as he has paid to get her brother out of trouble many times before. Zuleyha’s hands are tied. She would like to help Nihal but she has no money of her own and would have to ask Demir for it. She could never take the money and go behind his back. Nihal uses another way in trying to get her to get the money. She tells Zuleyha that she has always known that Yilmaz was her lover. If necessary she will tell everyone. Zuleyha is shocked, Nihal is supposed to be her close friend. How did Nihal find out that she and Yilmaz loved each other? “Are you trying to threaten me?” says Zuleyha. “No, No,” says Nihal. Zuleyha rises from her chair upset and angry. Nihal tries to hold her back and apologises to Zuleyha but Zuleyha is furious and offended that Nihal could use her love for Yilmaz to threaten her.

Zuleyha is fuelled with anger towards Demir. There could have been no other way that Nihal could know her secret other than it coming from her husband to Cengo. She bursts into his office and demands an explanation. He has to own up that he shared all their personal business with Cengo.

That evening with Zuleyha, Demir, Cengo and Nihal attending a dinner held by the Chamber of Industry there is an awkward presence around the dinner table. The evening also becomes a little strained when Yilmaz and Mujgan walk in and are seated at a table. It is tonight that Yilmaz has decided to tell Mujgan about his previous love for Zuleyha. This is the one secret in his life that he has withheld from her. Zuleyha cannot keep her eyes off them.

Yilmaz and Mujgan settle at the table and Yilmaz begins to tell her of his secret, unfortunately, they are disturbed by the arrival of Mujgan’s father. He has travelled from Istanbul after his daughter’s infidelities with Yilmaz. He confronts them both at the dinner table. Yilmaz rises from his chair in respect but is dismissed by her father who demands to know what she is doing hanging around a convicted murderer! Mujgan defends Yilmaz by telling her father that he is the man she loves and who she is going to marry. Her father refuses to accept the union and tells his daughter that unless she leaves for Istanbul with him tonight he will disown her. All the diners in the restaurant have heard every single word said including Zuleyha. She now knows that Yilmaz will soon marry.

Mujan and Yilmaz leave the restaurant to sit and talk together. Mujgan shows him a letter her father gave her which he received in Istanbul telling him that his daughter was carrying on inappropriately with a convicted murderer in Adana. Yilmaz reads the letter and takes it from her, “How could anyone be so cruel and do that to me,” Mujgan says.(The sending of this letter leads you to think that jealousy could be the motive.) Yilmaz calms her down and holds her close. He reaches into his pocket and takes out the ring and places it on her finger. The ring should shut up all those gossipers in Adana. The only other thing that did not go to plan was the lost opportunity to tell her about Zuleyha. (Let’s hope this missed opportunity doesn’t go against him later on.)

Ali Rahmet and Hunkar take time to meet together at their usual spot high in the hills overlooking Adana. They reminisce on how things used to be when they were young. The thoughts of their love brings a beautiful smile to Hunkar’s face and changes her normally stern and emotionless face to one with ageing beauty, even Fekeli’s face has softened as he looks at her.

At the Ranch, the Yamans have returned from their dinner. Zuleyha has not spoken a word since leaving the restaurant, her face says it all. She heard the words “I love you,” from Mujgan’s lips. She is devastated. Demir realises that his wife is upset over what she heard. He asks her, “When are you going to give up on Yilmaz? He will marry Mujgan soon.” He asks her, “When are you going to love just me?” Her response is to tell him that she wished it was possible to love him but it never will be. He can beat her if he wants but she gave her heart to only one man and that is Yilmaz. She will never love anyone else. Demir tells her to leave and go to her darling Yilmaz but she can’t take the baby. Zuleyha then takes one deep breath and tells Demir, “Adnan is not your son!” Demir slowly raises his head and stares into her face.

He does not believe her. He tells her that if he thought there was any truth in what she was saying he would dig three graves, one for herself, one for Yilmaz and one for the baby. He would then go and kill himself. Zuleyha’s attempt for freedom has backfired on her.

Fekeli has tried to change Mujgan’s father’s attitude towards Yilmaz and his daughter’s relationship without success. Her father is a stubborn man and will not change his mind and demands his daughter leave with him for Istanbul. Once again she refuses to go with him. He hurts her deeply by telling her she is no longer his daughter.

Meanwhile, Yilmaz has made a visit to the Ranch. He seeks out Gulten. He asks her, “Gulten, did you write this letter?” She denies it but he doesn’t believe her.

Zuleyha is sitting in her little red sports car outside the gates of the Ranch.  She waits for Yilmaz to leave and she follows him into town.  She takes the opportunity to try and talk to him but he is unapproachable.  He tells her he is not going to wait all his life for her.  She has made a life without him and he will do the same.    He now loves Mujgan and is moving on.  He leaves her and drives away.  What they didn’t see is Mujgan standing across the street watching them talk.  She sees how upset Zuleyha is as she leaves him.  She now wonders what was going on between them.

At the hospital, a woman is admitted after fainting in the street. She is looking for Yilmaz. She tells the nurse that he is like a son to her. Mujgan overhears her conversation and welcomes the close friend of Yilmaz. She introduces herself as Aunt Naime who has come from Istanbul. She tells Mujgan that she is also a close friend of Zuleyha’s too and that Zuleyha and Yilmaz loved each other so much and were engaged to be married. Mujgan’s face drops. The secret has been exposed before Yilmaz has a chance to tell Mujgan. On hearing of his Aunt’s arrival, Yilmaz rushes to the hospital to talk to her and Mujgan. He tries to explain to Mujgan but she will not listen. She takes off her ring and gives it back to him.

Mujgan sits crying in her apartment. She will not answer Yilmaz’s phone calls. He drives to her apartment hoping to talk to her. He begs her to open the door. She decides to let him go without a word.

Our episode closes with the continued gossip which has spread from the hospital around Adana.  All now know that Demir married his driver’s fiancé.  The same gossip follows Demir to the foundation ceremony of the Dairy Farm with the Minister of Industry,  even here at the sod turning ceremony, the businessmen of Adana are gossiping about the Yamans and how Demir took his drivers girlfriend as his wife.




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