A huge argument between mother and son continues and they really get stuck into each other. Demir is not listening to Hunkar any more, nor will he live in the same house as she does. He orders the evacuation of Zuleyha and his son from the Ranch complete with the Governess. His mother’s attitude towards Fekeli has unleashed a raging bull. He packs them into his car and drives them to a hotel in Adana.

Yilmaz and Mujgan are out on a date. They see Demir and Zuleyha drive past on their way to the hotel. Mujgan comments on how Demir must love his wife very much, she can see it in his eyes whenever he looks at her. Yilmaz tells her that she is seeing things, “You cannot tell that just by looking.” Mujgan accuses him of jealousy which he quickly denies. She also tells him that she has observed that Zuleyha doesn’t look at Demir in the same way. Mujgan tells him that maybe there was somebody in Zuleyha’s life she loved which stops her looking at Demir with love. Yilmaz tells her that maybe Zuleyha’s love in the past was so big that it changed her life. Mujgan quickly tells him, “ Well maybe, look what happened to you because of the girl in your past. Look how your life changed.”

They continued on to their way to the restaurant for dinner but once seated the question of Yilmaz’s past love still weighs heavily upon Mujgan knowing Yilmaz went to prison for the girl he loved. She asks him, “ Do you think if you have loved somebody intensely in your past that you can feel that way again?” Yilmaz finds it hard to give her an answer. He asks her, “ Have you loved anyone else in your past? She answers, “If I did I would know by experience and not have to ask the question.” Yilmaz gives her his answer, “ At one time I would say that you could not love like that again the wound is too deep, but then somebody can come into your life and heal that wound and this allows you to love again.” Mujgan asks him, “Did she hurt you that much?” He goes on to tell her, “I murdered for her. I went to jail for her. I was nearly executed for her and she forgot me in one day! What is left is not love but a big angry and broken wound that is healing.”

Demir is quite happy to be on their own and out of the Ranch. The thought of his mother believing him to be a murderer has deeply hurt him. He confesses to Zuleyha that his mother was prepared to have an innocent man lie and take the responsibility for the murder just so she could get him out of jail. He cannot trust her any more and Zuleyha is the only one he can trust now. They settle down for their first night in the hotel with baby Adnan next door with the Governess, whilst at the Ranch, all is quiet as Hunkar puts Haminne to bed telling her mother. “He will be back.”

A new day has begun. It has been a restless night for Fekeli and Yilmaz. Their personal lives have taken a new road. Fekeli with renewed feelings for Hunkar and Yilmaz with new feelings for Mujgan. They welcome each other at the breakfast table but conversation is anything but calm. Yilmaz is angered that Demir was set free from jail when he is guilty of so many crimes. Fekeli promises him that he will pay for the crimes he has committed but he has to remove his hate from his heart. Justice will be done in the correct time.

Once Yilmaz has left the house Fekeli calls for Nazire. He is curious about her thoughts on Mujgan. He has noticed that Nazire doesn’t approve of Mujgan. He asks her to tell him her honest opinion. She tells him that Mujgan is cute and lovely but she has always loved Zuleyha and feels she betrays her when she looks at Mujgan and Yilmaz together. She reveals to Fekeli that Zuleyha and Yilmaz truly loved each other with intensity. Fekeli questions her a little deeper, “Do you think Demir could have done something bad to Zuleyha?” She tells him that she doubts that Demir could hurt her and Zuleyha is someone whom power and wealth meant very little but she must have given up hope when Yilmaz went to jail to have ended up with Demir. He dismisses Nazire but his chat with her makes him thoughtful as to Why! Zuleyha is married to Demir considering the strength of love she had for Yilmaz and her lack of desire for money and position. (Maybe Fekeli will dig deeper and reveal the truth?)

The Ranch is trying to get on with everyday duties without the management of Demir. Gaffur tries to take charge but Hunkar bypasses him expecting Demir to turn up at any time. She becomes uneasy when two men arrive to pick up Zuleyha’s little red sports car. This action leads Hunkar to believe they still intend to live away from the Ranch.

Yilmaz when visiting Mujgan at the hospital sees her in action when she is called to an emergency. It is here that he sees Mujgan trying to save the lives of two people. He sees how she must treat each life the same regardless of the person or their crime. Yilmaz finds this hard to accept. He would prefer her not to save the life of the guilty one and let the innocent live. She has to remind him that she took an oath which she lives by, that is to save all lives regardless. His attitude annoys her and she turns her back on him and walks out. He still hasn’t plucked up the courage to tell her that the woman he loved so fiercely was Zuleyha. He is warned to tell her soon or it could damage his relationship with the doctor.

At the Chamber of Commerce Meeting, all members gather. Yilmaz finds himself doing something he never thought he would do. He found it necessary to stick up for Demir when members of the meeting start gossiping about his involvement in Sait’s murder. These members also believe that Demir paid somebody to kill him.

Yilmaz has arrived at Mujgan’s home to apologise for his actions at the hospital. He tells her he is learning a lot about himself with the help of Fekeli and herself. He never considered himself as a cruel man. He was always the victim. He now understands that what you go through can make you cruel deep down where you don’t see it. He also told her that he did not like Mujgan to be angry with him. He tells her he believes there is something big growing between them. Before he can explain further when there is an electrical blackout. Whilst standing under candlelight Yilmaz reaches his hand out to stroke her face and tells her how he watched her in the hospital today and how as he watched her saving a life he fell in love with her. He believes his wound is now healed. “Thanks to you I don’t have a wound any longer.” He slowly pulls her to him and lowers his head to take her lips in his.

Demir seems very happy to be living away from the Ranch and influence of his mother. He has driven Zuleyha to a ruin of a house. She stands to look at the old villa whilst he tells her how this house will be their new home once it is restored. He will make the house however she wants and when it is restored he will take her to Italy to buy the new furniture. Although the sale has not gone through yet he tells her that within a couple of weeks it will be theirs. She will not have to go back to the Ranch and be dominated by his mother. (It sounds like Demir is punishing his mother as well.) He also tells her that once the house is complete he wants them to have another child. This news is not received happily by Zuleyha.

After viewing the property Demir drives Zuleyha to his office and shows her around. This is the first time she has seen where Demir works. Previously this was mainly where he and Hunkar ran the business. He now wants Zuleyha to become involved and has decided that he will not be including his mother any longer. He tells her that his mother will resist fiercely and tell them both to get back to the Ranch and it is not going to be easy but she will have to accept it.

Zuleyha leaves the office to lunch with Nihal at the shopping Centre. It has been quite a morning.
The word has got around town that Demir has moved out of the Ranch. The society ladies of the Cukurova Plain are gossiping about the Yamans. The Yaman image has been tainted with the imprisonment of Demir and now the departure of his family from the Ranch. At a local town meeting, Hunkar tries to play it down she lies and makes excuses as to why Demir has left and taken Zuleyha. Unfortunately, the ladies had already spoken to Zuleyha and know about the argument. They let Hunkar sit at the meeting table and listen to her lies before they tell her they know about everything about what has gone on. Hunkar is embarrassed and shamed in front of everyone.

Saniye brings Gulten to the kitchen due to Fadik having the flu. (Gulten was banished from the mansion and fired by Zuleyha in our previous episodes.) Hunkar who is in a bad mood after her fiasco of a ladies meeting rips into her and Saniye and replaces Fadik with Seher for the time being. Gulten is once again banished from the mansion leaving the kitchen in an uproar. Gulten sobs with hurt and frustration. (Gulten knows an awful lot about the Yaman family and pushed enough she could reveal it all if they are not careful.)

Demir and Cengo are in Demir’s office looking at a model of their proposed dairy farm in Adana. This project has been the dream of Demir and Cengo for quite a while. This project will be better than anything that Yilmaz and Fekeli can put together. It is 3 times bigger than Yilmaz’s project and a huge investment for the Yamans even a Minister from Istanbul will come to turn the sod. “Yilmaz will never be able to beat that,” says Demir to Cengo. They leave the office to join their wives for dinner. Once they have left the room Demir’s Secretary is seen picking up the telephone.

Zuleyha keeps hearing gossip about Yilmaz and Mujgan which fuels her jealousy. He has been seen coming out of Mujgan’s house late at night. Her reputation is becoming suspect by the town people. Nihal (Cengo’s wife) especially likes to rub this in when she speaks to Zuleyha now she knows that Yilmaz and Zuleyha were lovers.

In the evening Fekeli and Yilmaz were discussing the same thing. Fekeli tells Yilmaz that this is a small town and seeing Yilmaz is serious about Mujgan then maybe they should name the relationship. Yilmaz understands what he is saying but tells him the relationship is in the early stages and he is not ready yet to commit himself. Fekeli tells him to just keep in mind what he has said he doesn’t want him to be upset later on. Yilmaz is feeling a bit of pressure especially since he hasn’t told Mujgan about his relationship with Zuleyha yet.

Gaffur is a dishonest man and since Demir has been away from the Ranch and he has a little more control he has begun to slowly cheat on the Yamans. Instead of buying 50 bags of grain he buys 40 and pockets the rest of the money. He also rents a tractor to help plough the fields and makes the farmers give him rent for the use of it. This dishonest practice will surely come to slap him in the face in the future.

Hunkar has journeyed to the office to see Demir. Demir knows she is not happy. She hasn’t seen him since he left the Ranch. They feel awkward looking at each other but Hunkar breaks the ice and tells him that the ladies of the town are talking about him since Zuleyha told them that he left the Ranch after an argument with her. “ She has nothing to hide mum,” says Demir. He attacks her about Fekeli and how she has made a friend of his father’s murderer. Angered she also attacks him with her knowledge of his criminal actions against Yilmaz. She reminds him that his father was no angel. To protect the family name she wants him and his family back at the Ranch now! He looks her in the eye and says that his exit from the Ranch was the right thing to do. He is sure about that and her attitude towards him is unnecessary. She raises from her chair defiantly and leaves his office. It is here at the office building she sees Zuleyha walk in. Not a word is spoken as she storms out of the building. Hunkar is getting the feeling that she is no longer wanted.

It is a new day. Gulten is unwell with pain in her stomach and she uses this excuse to go to the hospital. The plan I am sure is to get close to Mujgan. As Mujgan examines her Gulten then takes this opportunity to see whether she knows anything about Zuleyha and Yilmaz. (You get the feeling that Gulten wants to cause trouble and she is going to do it with her knowledge of our lovers.) Her consultation is disturbed by the arrival of Sebahattin who has a feeling that Gulten is up to no good and this is confirmed when Gulten jumps off the examination couch and leaves when he enters the room.

Sermin has returned Sebahattin’s car which he sold to pat off her debts, She now has extra cash since selling the mansion to Yilmaz. She begs Sebahattin to come home with her but he refuses.
Sermin has told nobody that she has sold the house although they are curious as to where she has got her money from.

The following day Zuleyha and Nihal meet for their regular lunch at the club. They watch as Mujgan enters the restaurant alone obviously waiting for Yilmaz. She looks beautiful today dressed in a striking red dress. She is shown her table where she sits and waits. A stranger approaches her table and tells her to sit with him. He sees her sitting with Yilmaz and inappropriately makes an advance. She tells him to go away. Unfortunately for him Yilmaz enters the club and takes in the scene before him he attacks. The restaurant staff pull them apart and apologise whilst Yilmaz takes Mujgan’s hand and escorts her from the restaurant. All the while Zuleyha watches from her table and is saddened to see the protective attitude he has towards Mujgan. She knows him well. He surely has feelings for her.

On the other hand, Fekeli’s feelings toward Hunkar have not changed. He often reminisces on how it could have been. At night he often sits looking out onto the beautiful vista of Adana from a
Lookout high up in the hills where he used to take Hunkar for tea.

Hunkar calls for Gaffur. Since Demir has left Gaffur has been the first person on her lips to call when she wants anything. This time he has to get out the truck for an inspection of the farm.
She tells him to gather all the farm workers together so she can address them personally. She asks them why it is taking so long to plough the field. She is told that they need 3 tractors and they only have one old tractor. (Little does she know that Gaffur is renting the tractor to her workers.)

Hunkar on walking into the Mansion finds Haminne has wandered off. She calls for Gaffur and all farm workers to help find her. Gaffur panics and runs to the house to phone Demir. He asks him to come immediately as they need him. Demir puts everything down to help search.

Meanwhile, Fekeli at his hilltop lookout sees Haminne in an agitated state. He recognises her and approaches her gently as to not scare her. She sees him coming and in her demented mind calls to him “Ali Rahmet, Ali Rahmet.” Fekeli quietly sits beside her while she rambles on. He asks her, “Where is your daughter?” She answers, “She loves Ali Rahmet but she is going to marry Adnan Yaman!” He asks her, “So she loves Ali Rahmet and doesn’t want to marry Adnan Yaman?” Haminne answers “Yes. They secretly meet you know.” He tells her that they could have let her marry Ali Rahmet. Haminne tells him that would never happen as they wanted her to marry into a wealthy family, namely the Yamans. She ends up in telling Fekeli that Hunkar had been told that if she disobeyed her father he would break every bone in her body. Although she did try to defy him but he locked her in her room and never let her out until her wedding day.

Fekeli now knows the story of why Hunkar never met him to run away together 40 years ago. He also knows that it wasn’t because she stopped loving him that she didn’t turn up. She has also suffered for all these years. He guides her to his car and drives her home to the Ranch just at the same time that Demir arrives to help search for her. He is angry to see Fekeli driving out of the Ranch. He is also angry at his mother for making him worry. He tells her that he is going to come home but Hunkar in her stubborn angry mood tells him not to bother and walks off into the mansion while Demir is calling after her.

That evening Fekeli meets with Hunker at the hilltop lookout. They share tea and catch up on the scare with Haminne. Hunkar thanks him for his help. He tells her of how 40 years ago she married Adnan Yaman at the old mansion. He goes on to tell him how beautiful everything looked that day. The tables, flowers and lanterns looked a picture. Hunkar asks him, “How do you know? Were you there?” He tells her he watched her from a distance until he couldn’t stand it any longer.
She didn’t look happy, although everyone said she was. He asks her now, “Were you happy on your wedding day?” She tells him the happiness was for her parents and if things were different she may not have made the same mistake. They look at each other knowing that given a second chance they would have run away together. For 40 years he has thought of her. She asks him, “Do you hate me?” He tells her hate and love have a very thin line but his heart still pounds after all this time when he looks at her.

Zuleyha and Demir settle down for the night at the hotel. Demir tells Zuleyha that Haminne was lost and he feels it is best to go back to the Ranch. Zuleyha is so fed up with his indecisions. They have been living in a hotel because he didn’t want to live there and now he has changed his mind again. She gets into bed and turns her back on him.

Yilmaz has turned up at a restaurant to supervise the finishing touches to a special dinner table for two. Red roses and candles adorn the table and he looks a little nervous as he opens a ring box to gaze at an engagement ring he will present to Mujgan tonight.

Hunkar has entered the stables. She is in dressage and leads her horse from the stables. She mounts and gallops off into the fields but by dusk, she is still not back at the Ranch. Gaffur and Saniye start to get worried and Gaffur picks up the telephone and once again calls Demir with an emergency. Demir hearing that the great lady is missing leaves Zuleyha and journeys to the Ranch to help look for his mother. Meanwhile, out in the countryside, Hunkar lies unconscious after falling off her horse. It is dark and nobody knows where she is. It may be many hours before she is found.

Mujgan has made herself beautiful for her evening out with Yilmaz. She is called to her front door and is confronted with an unknown person. Has a medical emergency taken place or has somebody taken her?

Meanwhile, Yilmaz is seated at the table waiting for Mujgan. She hasn’t turned up. Is this fate?




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