Hearing that Sait was murdered and Demir’s involvement in the incident at the orange orchard, Fekeli arrives enraged at the Yaman Ranch. Demir swears he had nothing to do with his death and pulls out a gun in his defence with Fekeli goading him into pulling the trigger. Saniye runs screaming for Gaffur to help but before Gaffur can go to her aid the police arrive in force.

The police arrest Demir for aiding in the murder of Sait. The household is in shock as Demir is escorted from the house and placed in the police van. The Ranch is in chaos but calmly standing at the Ranch gate is Yilmaz gazing at a welcoming sight of Demir being carted away in the prison van. This sight gives him a feeling of great satisfaction.

Hunkar orders Gaffur to get out the Mercedes so she can follow Demir to the Police Station but she doesn’t leave before warning Zuleyha not to leave the house whilst they are both away. If she attempts to run Hunkar will make sure she catches her. On the other hand, Sermin feels quite happy that the arrogant Lord of the Ranch has finally been paid back for some of his evil deeds whilst Gaffur and Saniye feel it is the end of the Yamans greatness throughout the Cukurova Plain. What a shame for the family if Demir is guilty of killing Sait?

At the Police Station Demir gives his statement to the Prosecuting Attorney. He demands to know who placed the report convicting him of the crime. He suspects Fekeli and Yilmaz. The prosecutor asks Demir if he asked Musa to gather men to cut down the orange trees in the orange orchard owned by Yilmaz. “What has this got to do with Sait’s death?” Just answer the question the Prosecutor says. Demir answers, “Yes.” The Prosecutor continues, “Did you know that Sait had warned Yilmaz that you were going to cut the orchard down?” Demir confesses, “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I wanted him dead.” The Prosecutor asks, “Do you deny that you ordered the death of Sait?” He replies, “Yes, of course.” The Prosecutor goes on the tell Demir that he believed that when he found out that Sait also worked for Fekeli and Yilmaz that he acted out of rage and ordered Sait killed.

As the interview progressed outside the interrogation room Hunkar and Cengo nervously await the outcome of Demir’s arrest. Will he be held in jail?

Meanwhile, Fekeli and Yilmaz attend the mourning house of the deceased Fekeli. The family is heartbroken. Sait leaves a small son and daughter without a father and a wife and mother without any support. Fekeli tells them that he can find no way to comfort them but he does swear that he will find out who did it and take revenge for her. He orders Cetin to arrange the funeral and blesses them whilst Yilmaz places a large amount of money in a paper bag at her side. She asks God to bless them both for their providence. They leave after providing a meal for the grieving mourners.

Gaffur is running a gamut of accusations from his fellow workmates in Adana. He is feeling he has to stick up for Demir while they accuse him of being a murderer and shooting poor Sait for revenge. Gaffur warns them to be careful of the stones you throw.

Fekeli and Yilmaz feel guilty and responsible for Sait’s death. An orchard of destroyed oranges trees may have a value of 100,000 Lire but the cost of a life is priceless. Fekeli tells Yilmaz that Sait had found Ali Riza and Demir knew this. He didn’t want this remaining witness found.

With Demir’s statement taken he is processed through the legal system and sent to jail awaiting trial.

In his jail cell which houses about 12 men, Demir is introduced to the inmates as a Lord and all men are asked to kiss his hand whilst he hands out money to each and every man to help secure his safety in the prison.

Meanwhile, Gaffur has returned to the Ranch and seeks out Saniye. They discuss Demir’s arrest and his possible guilt. Gaffur tells her that if Demir is imprisoned for 10 or 20 years then there is only one person who could run the Ranch, Him! Saniye looks at him with renewed respect. She covers her face with her hands realising her husband could be made the manager of the whole Yaman Ranch and along with that comes big money.

Hunkar and Demir’s Lawyer gather in the lounge room of the mansion. The Lawyer advises Hunkar that whilst the investigation is being carried out the process of a Court case is going to take some time to get to trial. Hunkar will not accept this and tells him to find a faster way to get her son out of jail.

Fekeli and Yilmaz lean on the stable rail talking. Yilmaz is reminiscing and telling Fekeli how fake I.D’s were made up for him and Zuleyha to escape the day they caught him and put him in prison. He had bought her flowers. He tells him how the Gendarmes beat him to unconsciousness and how his last sight of Zuleyha was of her running, screaming and crying out his name whilst he was driven out of the Ranch gates to prison. He tells Fekeli he thinks about this all the time and asks himself, “What has happened to Zuleyha to make her like she is now? It is a question he cannot answer.”

In the stables that evening Hunkar has cornered Gaffur. She asks him outright if he killed Sait. Gaffur assures her he didn’t but has to own up that he found Ali Riza for her in Maras and that Demir had told him not to tell her of his whereabouts. He also confesses that he saw Sait coming out of the Hardware shop also and he was sent there by Demir to find Ali Riza. Gaffur ends up in telling her that Sait didn’t tell Demir that he had found him and he did order Musa to cut down the orange orchard trees. Hunkar is now aware of her son’s involvement around Sait and orders Gaffur to get the Mercedes out of the garage and drive her to Maras to find Ali Riza.

The adopted son of Fekeli Rahmet has done a wonderful thing for his dad. He has an enlargement of Fekeli’s family framed and hung in a place of honour within their home. Fekeli is stirred deep to his soul when he gazes upon his murdered family. They were his life. The pain has never stopped.

Meanwhile, the prison inmates along with the guards at the prison are being treated like kings by Demir. A delivery has just been made of Borek, Kebab and Shalgam (hot turnip juice) for their dinner with blankets and pillows for their comfort with a promise of a television soon to come.

Hunkar and Gaffur have arrived in Maras and finds Ali Riza packing up his house. (You may recall Demir paid him a wad of money to pack up and leave Maras to go somewhere nobody could find him.) Hunkar asks him, Where are you going?” He tells her Demir told him to flee as Fekeli is after him for giving false witness at her husband’s murder trial. He had lied about her husband being unarmed. The look of shock at what she had just heard was written all over Hunkar’s face and also reached the ears of Gaffur and a hidden Cetin. So…… Fekeli was telling the truth to Hunkar!

Back at the Ranch Zuleyha sees an opportunity to reach Yilmaz. She calls Sebahattin and arranges a meeting with him, keeping in mind that Hunkar had warned Zuleyha not to run away or she will ruin her. They meet beside the river. Zuleyha pours out her heart to Sebahattin. He once again gives her the advice to not tell Yilmaz the truth. His interference frustrates me.

Whilst Zuleyha is visiting Sebahattin the new Governess finds the baby with a temperature once again and rushes him to the hospital where he is seen by Mujgan. Zuleyha returns home to the Ranch to find no baby and no Governess. She rushes out in her little red sports car again heading for the hospital. Meanwhile, Hunkar also arrives back at the Ranch from Maras to find Zuleyha gone. Of course, she fears that Zuleyha has run away with the baby and drives to Fekeli’s home and tears strips off him looking for her. She demands her grandson. She also demands to know if Yilmaz and Zuleyha have run off to Istanbul together. Fekeli is very much in the dark he knows nothing until Yilmaz returns home and tells them that he saw Zuleyha at the hospital and the baby was sick. Hunkar is embarrassed by her behaviour but will not offer an apology before she leaves.

At the Ranch, Zuleyha and Hunkar face each other. “So you didn’t run, says Hunkar.” Zuleyha tells her she is too scared to run. She is scared of Demir but most of all she is scared of the Great Lady! Hunkar asks her to call her Mom but Zuleyha tells her that she will never call her MOM! She also tells her she is a cruel woman. Zuleyha does not love her son and never will but he did save her son’s life and because of that, she will not leave him whilst he is in jail.

The next day Hunkar and Fekeli meet at a cafe high up in the hills. The atmosphere is strained between them. Hunkar tells him that she has found out the truth about her husband. Fekeli tells her she would not have listened to him even if he had told her. They discuss how different the future could have been. He loved her before she married Adnan but had never told her so. He had been shy when he was younger. They were carefree spirits. He was scared. Then one day he plucked up enough courage to ask her to marry him. He waited for her at the hill cafe but she never turned up. The next day he heard that she was marrying Adnan Yaman.

Hunkar visits the new Prosecuting Attorney responsible for sending Demir to jail. She puts on her sweet voice and applies her manipulative manner in order to have Demir released. “You obviously do not know who we are! We are one of the oldest families in Cukurova,” She says. He has no time to listen to her self importance and asks her, “Let’s get to the chase.” She tells him that Demir is an important man and should be released. He puts her in her place by telling her that he is no different to any other man and will be treated as such. They have statements as to her son’s collaboration in the murder of Sait.

Sermin is financial again and buying up big. Fusun wonders where she has found the money. so far there has been not a word about the sale of her mansion to Yilmaz.

Hunkar speaks to her Lawyer about her desperation in trying to get Demir out of jail. It seems all doors are shut to her. The Lawyer tells her the only way to save her son is to get somebody who is willing to lie and take the blame for the murder. “That is the only way,” he says.

Gaffur and Saniye are called to the mansion by Hunkar. They are surprised to see the Great Lady and her Lawyer awaiting them. Hunkar in her sarcastic and syrupy manner introduces them as “just like my own children.” She asks them if they recall a field in Karacali that has a lovely mansion on its grounds. They reply that it is a magnificent piece of land. She tells them that she is thinking of giving that field to them along with 50,000 Lire to renovate. My goodness, Gaffur and Saniye think all their blessings have come at once until the Lawyer drops the bombshell! “We want you to lie and take on Demir’s crime and go to jail!” The Lawyer tells him that he should be out in a couple of years and he can then reap his reward. The look on Saniye’s face says it all! Hunkar dismisses them to talk it over the offer and adds a little more temptation with the words, “you will be a Lord when it is over.”

Fekeli and Yilmaz invite Mujgan to dinner that night. They fuss over her and have a really nice evening with Fekeli, of course, making close observations of our dating couple. After Mujgan departs and drives herself home Fekeli and Yilmaz settle down to discuss the evening. Fekeli knows that Yilmaz told her about his past but Yilmaz tells him he has not told her that Zuleyha is the woman he loved nor that he went to jail for her. Fekeli advises him to tell her soon.

Hunkar and her Lawyer have upped the financial reward if Gaffur takes the blame for Demir’s crime. She doubles their salary while Gaffur would be in prison if he agrees. Gaffur asks the Lawyer, “What would I have to say?” He tells him to say that Sait owed him money. They had a fight and Sait pulled out a gun and was going to shoot him. He then shot him. (I don’t think Gaffur knows that Sait was shot 3 times in the back. This is not self-defence.) The Lawyer tells him he would only have to serve a very little time. By the look on Hunkar’s face she is praying that Gaffur agrees. She doesn’t care if he goes to jail for life but she does tell him if he doesn’t make up his mind soon they will have to find somebody else to take his place.

Saniye and Gaffur take the afternoon off to make their decision and visit the Karacali field and mansion. They stand gazing out at the wealth they could have for only two years imprisonment.

At the prison, the Lawyer and Hunkar visit Demir. He is told that they cannot find out who shot Sait and until they do he will remain in prison. His mother tells him the only way is to get Gaffur to admit to the crime. Demir will not hear of this despite his mother’s insistence. This suggestion infuriates Demir.

Cetin is looking for 5 men to work on his farm. He asks them to raise their hand if they want to work. In searching the crowd for each arm he immediately recognises Sait’s watch sitting on the wrist of a man called Bekir. Could this be the man who killed him? Cetin pulls one of the farm workers aside to question him and finds out the Bekir and Sait were enemies. He transports the worker to Fekeli for further questioning. The worker tells Fekeli how he saw Bekir two days previously and asked him if he was wearing Sait’s watch. He was told it was none of his business. He always knew that they were enemies for life.

Gaffur and Saniye have decided to go through with the jail sentence to become rich. Saniye is in tears whilst she packs his suitcase. He presents himself to Hunkar who gives him the news that Demir refused his offer.

Fekeli interrogates Bekir and notices Sait’s watch. He applies physical pressure until Bekir owns up to killing Sait. He swears that it was an accident. 3 bullets in the back is no accident. Fekeli demands to know who paid him to do it. Bekir swears nobody did. All the time Fekeli is thinking there could have been nobody else except Demir responsible but Bekir will not change his story.

Fekeli tells Cetin to call the police. (This situation leads you to think that Hunkar has found somebody else to take Gaffur’s place seeing Demir would not agree to his sacrifice. Is Demir guilty of this crime? We only know that he would not accept Gaffur as the scapegoat.) Poor Yilmaz has to accept that his enemy will be let out of prison. He watches as Bekir is led away. Demir’s release brings about a huge argument between Fekeli and Yilmaz. For the first time, their voices are raised against each other with Fekeli insistence that n man should be sent to prison when he is innocent.

Fekeli then visits the Ranch to speak to Hunkar. He tells her that her son is innocent and he found Bekir who is the guilty one. He would not want her son to go to jail for 20 years like he did. She thanks him. Their eyes meet with warmth for the first time in many years,

Demir is released from prison after being told that Fekeli found the murderer. He arrives back at the mansion to a warm welcome.

Demir tells his mother that he felt shame that she thought he was guilty of murder. She tells him that she found out that Fekeli did not shoot her husband unarmed and he spent 20 years in jail for it. She also tells him that she knows of his involvement with Ali Riza. Her involvement in his affairs angers Demir who tells her it is about time they live separate lives. With a raised voice he shouts throughout the house for Zuleyha and tells her to pack her bags, He will not spend another night in the same house as my mother.




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