Our second episode certainly hasn’t disappointed.  It was packed with warmth, tenderness, excitement and drama.   We saw Haminne who had wandered off into the night due to her dementia is saved from drowning by Yılmaz.  It was amazing to see all those workers standing around and doing nothing to help her.  It was on reflection that I thought that being farm workers away from the coast that they may have not known how to swim.  Thank goodness our young man from Istanbul did!  Mrs Haminne (in her dementia) feels that Züleyha is her Daughter-in-Law.  Hunker and Zuleyha let her continue in her fantasy to keep her from being agitated.  Haminne really likes Zuleyha and allows her to feed her soup which is her favourite food.

Demir is away from home visiting Cengo his friend.  They are sitting out on a veranda having dinner and the scene is comfortable and relaxed.  They spend the evening having a few drinks and discussing Zuleyha.  Demir is starting to feel the first pangs of love toward Zuleyha.  He is encouraged to follow his feelings and pursue her even though he knows very little about her.  His friend plays an old 68 record and the music helps set the scene on our verandah during dinner.

The kitchen staff consisting of Saniye (Gaffur’s wife) and Fadik,  give Zuleyha a hard time in the kitchen.  They are so scared that she will take their jobs although she has tried to reassure them  she and her brother will leave soon.   On the other hand, Gulten (who is Gaffur’s sister) has deep feelings for Yilmaz and hopes over time she can get him to love her. Gaffur is jealous that Yilmaz saved Hanimme.  Bulent Polat (who plays Gaffur) was perfectly cast for this series.  He really is a good villain.  He makes you dislike him right from the start.

Hunkar has rewarded Yilmaz and although he not  really want to take the money from Hunkar he realises that this money will give him an opportunity to buy new ID’s for them to make their escape.That evening in their special hiding place Zuleyha confides to Yilmaz how badly they are treating her in the kitchen.  He shows her the money Hunkar has given him and tells her that he must go to Adana to get new ID’s for them or they cannot go anywhere.  He reminds her that he is a fugitive of murder and unless they have new identities they can go nowhere.   He holds her close. He misses her.  He draws her into his arms in a warm embrace and passionately their lips meet.    Whilst our lovers are embracing, Demir is sitting in his lounge chair thinking of his conversation with Cengo about Zuleyha.  The beautiful song  “Unutama Beni” fills the air and the music floats us into the through a time piece drawing the viewer into our lovers embrace and Demir’s deep thoughts of Zuleyha

On his return to his lodgings Yilmaz finds Demir sitting in his room. He has heard that he and his sister may leave the Ranch.  He tells Demir that the girls in the kitchen are giving Zuleyha a rough time.  He is told that he will handle everything and he and his sister cannot go anywhere.  He realises that Yilmaz has been living with vermin and asks him to move to the cottages in the village whilst he room is cleaned and disinfected.   Demir tells his mother nobody can look down on this  brother and sister.  He is protective over them.  It is now that Hunkar realises that her son has feelings for Zuleyha. Our great lady makes her way to the fields to talk to Gaffur.  She takes him aside and asks him to go to Istanbul and check on the history of our lovers.  She swears him to secrecy and he makes preparations for the journey the next day.  Meanwhile, at the same time, Demir is questioning Yilmaz for information as to how and where in Istanbul they came from. Mother and son are trying to build some knowledge of their past.

Yilmaz has now moved to the cottages to allow his room to be disinfected.  He has asked Zuleyha to join him there when she has finished work that evening.   The living conditions in the village are bad and the situation is serious. Zuleyha has arrived at his cottage and on hearing children crying and men and women yelling, she is taken back by the sickness that has developed in the village.Due to a whole family needing care Zuleyha spends the night in their cottage taking care of the children.  All have high fever.  She works throughout the night sponging temperatures down and offering assistance. Yilmaz finds her there on his way to Adana to get the ID’s.  She assures him that she is well and he must take this opportunity and go.   She stays to care for the family but not without paying a price.  She faints.

The great lady and Demir are at the breakfast table the next morning when the frantic worker arrives at their front door with the news that all the workers are sick and Zuleyha has collapsed.Demir springs into action and is appalled to find the village in such a terrible state.  Hunkar (who thought she had done the right thing in ordering Gaffur to give them extra food and vaccinations for the children) was shocked to see such a pitiful sight. How can any human being live under these conditions? Transport was ordered to take everyone to hospital for treatment along with Zuleyha. A makeshift quarantine area was made at the hospital and the diagnosis of Typhoid was made due to the squalid conditions at the Ranch.   Hunkar is furious to learn the vaccinations were not given  and bashes on Sermins front door demanding to know why!  Sebahattin  informs her he knew nothing about it and Serbin had not told him. Demir is also angry that he cannot find Gaffur when he needs him. (Hunkar will not tell him that she has sent him to Istanbul to investigate our lovers.)

Yilmaz has arrived in Adana and has been successful in hunting down Uncle Ayhan’s friend who will make them false ID’s he also buys two more wedding rings to replace the ones he pawned.

He now has hope and has to return on Wednesday to pick up the ID’s.  He stops to drink Shalgam (a popular vegetable-based drink from turkey’s southeastern region made from purple carrots, bulgur wheat, salt and yeast) before his return to the Yaman Ranch.

With the crisis over at the hospital, Demir puts Zuleyha in his car to drive her home.  She is exhausted.  He senses there is something wrong with her.  Feeling nauseous and faint Demir stops at a small restaurant to allow her to rest where she falls asleep in her chair whilst he tenderly cares for her.   On their way home he petitions her to not to leave the Ranch.

Gaffur’s absence is noticed by Demir who puts Yilmaz in charge of sanitation, food and medicine for the workers. A makeshift medical unit is set up in the village.   Hunkar has told Demir that she has sent Gaffur to Istanbul to look at property.  Demir questions his mother as to the necessity for her action and advises her that Yilmaz will now step up and do his job.    Meanwhile Gaffur is in Istanbul . He has tracked down Uncle Ayhan and his wife. Unfortunately Uncle has had a stroke and cannot speak but his wife divulges all of our lovers secrets.  Armed with enough information to get Yilmaz fired let alone imprisoned he heads back to the Ranch.

Mrs Sermin is digging deep with her mischief.  She organises for Demir’s ex-wife who is 6 months pregnant to take up the courage to visit the Ranch.  This visit turns out poorly with Hunkar asking her to leave.

Zuleyha and Yilmaz meet in their secret hiding place to discuss the days events and to embrace.  They are aware that Gaffur went to Istanbul.  Yilmaz now has their ID’s and even though Zuleyha wants to run away he asks her to stay a little longer.   The next morning  Demir leaves for a week long trip to Paris.  He is not to see the trouble that walks through his front gates.  Huseyin (Naci’s brother) has arrived.   He is looking for Yilmaz. He tells her that Yilmaz murdered his brother and he wants to take revenge.  Hunkar does not give Yilmaz away (you can see in her mind that she is creating a plan of attack).   She has made Gaffur swear on the Koran that he will keep silence about what he learnt in Istanbul.

That evening whilst walking through the mansion, Hunkar sees Zuleyha vomiting in the bathroom. Knowing that she has a lover she asks the question, “Are you pregnant?”We will have to watch our next episode to see her answer.Meanwhile,  unbeknown to Yilmaz, Hunkar has called the police and has alerted them to our fugitive who is asleep in the garage.  Sirens scream through the gates and they arrest Yilmaz!  Zuleyha will now be left alone and pregnant at the Ranch.  I feel Hunkar now will make her move to unit Demir and Zuleyha.  Join me to see if I am right!



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