It was an awkward feeling in the Restaurant when Demir and Zuleyha walked in. Yilmaz had just got through telling Mujgan about his past and the eye contact between the two couples left an unsettled feeling. Cengo and Nihal (his wife) had also arrived. It was obvious that Zuleyha could not keep her eyes off her lover. Cengo was making things worse with his snide remarks and also becoming fuelled with alcohol and anger. Zuleyha asks Demir to take her home before even ordering their meal as her jealousy and tension had become too much for her. Demir, although angered by her request leaves the restaurant and drives them home but not before he attacks Zuleyha about her obvious jealousy. On arriving at the Ranch Zuleyha the enraged and runs up to her bedroom and locks the door. Tonight Demir can sleep on the couch.

Back at the Restaurant dinner is over. Cengo has been continually drinking throughout the night whilst continuing his snide remarks toward Yilmaz. On departing he makes a point of stopping at his table and in his drunken slur insults Mujgan. Yilmaz comes immediately to her defence and attacks Cengo and knocks his to the ground.

That night at home while still in his drunken stupor Cengo reveals one of his secrets to Nihal. He tells her that Yilmaz and Zuleyha were once lovers. Nihal has always liked Zuleyha and this news helps her to understand her behaviour a little more.

After taking Mujgan home from the Restaurant, they take a walk in the cool of the evening. Mujgan after hearing of his past asks him, “Do you still love that woman you went to jail for?” (Obviously she does not know that it was Zuleyha.) He replies, “No” but in saying that he tells her that he cannot give her any promises that their relationship will have a happy ending but he will promise to try his hardest to make her happy. She takes his hand and tells him, “That is enough for me.”

Zulehya and Demir had an unsettled night. The next morning Demir walks into their bedroom where a tired Zuleyha asks him if he was going to punish her like he did before and take her baby away from her. Demir assures her that he wouldn’t do that and apologises for his behaviour. He tells her that he was taking out his anger towards Yilmaz on her and he is sorry. She asks him, “How can I make you trust me more?” He tells her, “By loving me.” She answers, “Then make me love you but not like this in anger and hurt.”

In the meantime Gaffur is in Maras. He has been sent by Hunkar to find Ali Riza Citci. He is the last remaining witness alive who knows what really happened the night of her husband’s murder. Demir and Fekeli are also in the search and have also each deployed Sait to Maras to look for Ali Riza Citci with Sait to report firstly to Fekeli if he finds him.

Nihal is not happy. She has been receiving phone calls about her husbands behaviour in the Kebab Restaurant and she is becoming embarrased about his drunken attack on Yilmaz. The whole towns knows and it is not long before Demir finds out about Cengo’s drunken attack after he and Zuleyha left the restaurant. This is just what Demir was trying to avoid. Demir is angered by Cengo’s behaviour as it draws attention to them both and makes them look jealous of Yilmaz’s continued popularity.

Nihal is lunching with Zuleyha today and has been warned by her husband not to admit to Zuleyha that she knows Yilmaz was her lover. They discuss the fight and Nihal tells Zuleyha the fight was mostly over the fact that Cengo does not like to see Mujgan and Yilmaz dating. The lunch becomes a little strained by the appearance of Yilmaz and Mujgan which once again upsets Zuleyha. It is obvious now that they are serious about each other and her jealousy nearly consumes her. It appears that Yilmaz has increased his pursuit of Mujgan and she is welcoming his attention.

Gulten has been hearing all the news about the new dating couple in Adana. She watches them and decides it is about time she makes one final try to attract Yilmaz before he is taken by Mujgan. She gives an excuse about her need for a pair of shoes to Hunkar and gets the day off to shop. She dresses in her most attractive clothes and heads off to the Cotton Factory to see Yilmaz. When she sees him she throws her arms around his neck and hugs him. He is a little embarrassed and takes her into his office and sits her down. He goes on to tell her that he will not encourage her and he makes it clear to her that there can never be anything between them. She is like a younger sister to him. Gulten’s face drops and this rejection finally makes her understand her hopes are all in vain. She leaves his office.

I am glad that Yilmaz finally got the courage to tell this to Gulten. She has been flying a flag for him since he first arrived at the Ranch and this has caused so much trouble for Zuleyha and Yilmaz. Her involvement in this he is yet is to understand.

Sait has arrived in Maras to look for Ali Riza Citci. He is playing a dangerous game spying for both Fekeli and Demir. He has tracked Ali Riza down and finds him in a hardware shop. After confirming that this is the man he is looking for Sait leaves the shop to return to Adana. Gaffur has also been able to track Ali Riza down and stands across the street from the Hardware Shop and watches as Sait leaves the shop.

Gaffur arrives back at the Ranch. Demir has been told by Saniye that Hunkar had sent Gaffur to Maras in search of Ali Riza. (In last week’s episode Demir asks Sait to look for Ali Riza not knowing that his mother has also asked Gaffur to do the same thing.) Their requests were supposed to be held in secret from each other. Gaffur tells Demir that he found Ali Riza and he also saw Sait at the Hardware Shop. Demir tells him that he does not want his mother to find out the whereabouts of Ali Riza Citci and hands Gaffur a wad of money to keep his mouth shut. Gaffur then hurries off to tell Hunkar his rehearsed lie. (The only thing that concerns me is that when Sait comes back from Maras and if he tells Demir that he didn’t find Ali Riza Citci then Demir will know he is lying and this will be quite dangerous for Sait.)

Sait on his return to Adana heads straight for the Cotton Factory to report to Fekeli. Fekeli on the other hand has gone to Istanbul to take delivery of his family’s coffins and to help transport them back to Adana. Sait is disappointed in not being able to report his findings.

Our next scene sees Sait at the Yaman Ranch reporting to Demir in the stables. He tells him that he had no luck in finding Ali Riza Citci. Demir stares down at him knowing he is lying.

Demir sends Sait away but not before he asks him to get Musa (a hitman) to come to see him. Musa turns up for the meeting and is seen talking to Demir during the day by Gaffur and Sait. Musa tells Sait that Demir has a plan to cut down all of Yilmaz’s orange orchard that night. Sait hearing this news rushes to warn Yilmaz. Unfortunately he is not at home and Fekeli is also away. He tracks down Cetin who tells him where Yilmaz can be found. He begins to panic and hurries away to find Yilmaz, if he doesn’t find him soon the whole orange orchard can be destroyed.

Meanwhile Yilmaz has continued his pursuit of Mujgan with an invitation to the movies. They meet after work and make their way to the theatre. They are standing outside chatting when Sait turns up and pulls Yilmaz aside. Yilmaz can see that there is some urgency just by looking at Sait’s face. Sait relates what Demir and Musa will do to his orange orchard that night. Yilmaz tells him that if he stops Demir and Musa then his allegiance to Fekeli will be exposed and he will be in danger. Sait tells him not to worry as he will no longer work for Demir. Hearing this Yilmaz deploys Sait to gather together the farm workers and save the orchard.

Late that night Demir leaves the Ranch. He arrives in his car and parks in the dark outside the orange orchard. He meets truck load of workers armed with chain saws. The workers begin to cut the trees down when they are attacked by Yilmaz’s farm workers who are armed with rakes and scythes. They are so surprised by the attack that they jump back into their truck and drive away. All the time Demir is watching from a safe distance away watching the scene from within his car. Unfortunately he also sees Yilmaz and Sait walk out of the bushes. He now knows that Sait has betrayed him!

At the mansion a Governess has been hired to take care of Adnan when Zuleyha is away from the home. This takes any responsibility away from the staff who have not been caring for the baby in her absence in the way in which satisfies her. The Governess is introduced as Nimet and she comes with very good references.

Fekeli has finally arrived back from Istanbul. He is brought up to date about the attack on their orange orchard and Sait’s involvement in the events of that night. Fekeli tells Yilmaz that he is concerned for Sait’s safety now that Demir knows he betrayed him. He warns Yilmaz that Demir will respond and that he is a formidable enemy and will strike back.

Cengo and Demir join together over tea to discuss a new plan that Demir wants to put into action against Yilmaz. He enlists the Chamber of Industry to offer Yilmaz a loan to cover the loss of the 100 tons of cotton. Of course Yilmaz would not be able to pay this back necessitating him to become bankrupt. Unfortunately for Demir he knocks back the loan. They have yet to see what Yilmaz has in store for them with his new business venture with the textile king of Istanbul.

The next day Yilmaz relates what happened to Fekeli, “You should have seen them dad, Cengo and Demir tried to crush me.” They both burst into laughter.

Sermin is the one who is bankrupt. Nobody will accept her credit card in Adana. She approaches Demir for more funds and is knocked back. Demir does make an offer to buy her mansion at the Ranch and offers 150,000 when Sermin wanted 300,000. Sermin is offended by this offer and walks out. She then tries Sebahattin who also refuses to give her money. He had sold his car to get her out of her last financial crash.

Back in his office at the Cotton Factory Yilmaz and Sebahattin discuss Sermins plight and need to sell the mansion. Yilmaz sees an opportunity looming. He discusses this with Fekeli at dinner. “Do you know what I am thinking dad, why don’t we buy Sermin’s mansion. It would be like entering the enemies castle?” Fekeli gives him a satisfying smile. The offer of 300,000 will be made, double Demir’s offer.
Demir has visited Ali Riza with a wad of money and tells him to leave tonight. Fekeli is out of jail and is looking to find the people who were responsible for his jail sentence.

Fekeli has finally brought his beloved family to Adana. At the graveyard he adorns their graves with flowers. He has a huge pain and gap in his life. They were murdered whilst he was in prison.

Gulten and Zuleyha have a huge argument. Gulten rubs in the fact that Yilmaz has a new girlfriend and raises her voice and screams at Zuleyha who in turn fires her and tells her to leave the mansion.

Sermin arrives at the Cotton Factory following a call from Yilmaz. He offers her 300,000 cash but she has to sign the deed within 5 mins.

That night Sermin returns to the Ranch and is stopped in the garden by Demir, “Well he asks, are you going to sell me your mansion?” She looks him in the eye and says, “No, I’m not. The mansion is not for sale to you.” He asks her, “Why, I gave you a good offer. She tells him, “You did, but it is my decision to not sell you my fathers inheritance.” She turns her back on him and says, “Goodnight.”

That night Yilmaz pushes the Bill of Sale under Fekeli’s nose and tells him, “We have succeeded in getting into the enemies castle. Demir will lose himself when he finds out. The deed is done and he deserves it.”

The daily newspaper has brought the news of the pending construction of the largest Thread Factory in the Middle East. This front page news shows a photograph of the sod-turning ceremony and the greeting between Fekeli, Yilmaz and the textile king of Istanbul. Cengo’s mouth drops as his eyes takes in the scene. Demir is shocked to his boots. Both will be in for a few more shocks when the Sale of the mansion is divulged.

The absence of Sait has become noticed. Fekeli has asked Cetin to do a double check on his whereabouts.

The Chamber of Commerce has given a celebratory dinner for Allaadin Yildizoglu, Fekeli and Yilmaz. This new venture will bring employment and prosperity to Adana. Demir has requested Zuleyha dress to the max for the event. Zuleyha chooses in a stunning black cocktail dress. They are welcomed at the door of the Club by Fekeli who meets Zuleyha for the first time. His eyes travel over her beautiful face. Demir not wanting to make eye contact. Not far away Yilmaz and Mujgan make their appearance. Zuleyha’s heart breaks as she sees him take her hand. All the while Fekeli’s eyes watch the reactions of our two lovers.

In the morning Cetin brings the devastating news that Sait has been found dead with three bullets in his back. Normally Fekeli would say “Peace and Calm” but this time he loses his control and races to the Yaman Ranch sure that Demir murdered him. He bashes down the front door and confronts Demir in front of Hunkar and Zuleyha. “You killed Sait.” he says. All eyes stare at each other and the enraged Fekeli ……




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