The last two episodes of Bir Zamanlar Cukurova have been a little boring. The storyline seems to be going around in circles and I think it is about time for an injection of interest. It has taken a long time for Zulehya to talk to Yilmaz about all that has gone on in her life and I don’t think they can stretch this out too much longer. Our episode this week commences with Zulehya composing a letter to Yilmaz explaining all the event since he was imprisoned. You think, Wow! She is finally going to break the ice, but alas you see her burning the letter, so once again the opportunity passes us by.

We then join Fekeli and Yilmaz at the Cotton Factory whereby all the cotton has been destroyed that was promised to the textile king of Istanbul. Yilmaz immediately suspects Demir as the saboteur and wants revenge, but the wisdom of Fekeli helps him to see that revenge and violence will get him nowhere. “don’t give him the pleasure of seeing you feel defeated,” says Fekeli. His wisdom calms Yilmaz who then gives the factory workers the task of salvaging whatever they can from the saturated 100 tons of cotton.

Demir is curious about what effect the ruined cotton has had on Fekeli and Yilmaz at the Cotton Warehouse. He calls Sait to the Ranch and questions him. He wants to know if they are angry, emotional, planning revenge against him or even going to the police about the destruction, but Sait frustrates Demir by telling him that Yilmaz does not seem overly worried and treats it as “unimportant.” This news is not what Demir wants to hear.

Fekeli, on the other hand, is travelling to Istanbul. He tells Cetin that he has a plan in his mind and he is sure that Demir will make big mistakes in the future.

In our last episode, Hunkar had attended the death bed of Husamettin, one of the 3 men who were witnesses to the shooting of her husband 20 years earlier. Husamettin had tried to tell her about the shooting incident but died before he could say anything. We now see Hunkar and Fekeli at this mans funeral. Both Hunkar and Fekeli know the significance of this man’s death. He knew the truth and had lived a life of wealth once Fekeli had been imprisoned. Fekeli has always believed that God will show everyone his innocence in His time.

Cengo is seen watching the chaos at the Cotton Factory whereby the workers are hand drying the cotton. They have only saved 5 tons out of the 100. Fekeli has to hold Yilmaz back from attacking Cengo. He tells him, “Don’t show them your wounds son. Don’t give them the satisfaction.”

That night Cengo and Demir are dining at the Club along with several of the local businessmen. They discuss the ruined cotton crop but only are fed stories of how Fekeli and Yilmaz are not too upset over the loss. Cengo and Demir look at each other feeling frustrated at not hearing any negative information. It is at this time that Fekeli and Yilmaz make an entrance at the Club with smiles on their faces. Fekeli reminds Demir that his absence at the funeral was noticeable and he would have thought he would be there considering he was one of the witnesses to his father’s death. This was the first Demir had heard of his death and feels aggravation to be told off by Fekeli.

After the leaving the Club, Fekeli and Yilmaz drop into their favourite kebab shop to eat Adana Kebab. It is at the kebab shop that they run into Mujgan and her colleagues from the hospital. Previous to their arrival her colleagues had been teasing Mujgan with how handsome Yilmaz is and embarrassing her. She now will have to joint in conversation as Fekeli and Yilmaz are asked to join their table for dessert. Mujgan and Yilmaz avoid making eye contact but are well aware of the attraction between them both. They all pass an excellent evening together.

After being told off by Fekeli about not attending Husamettin’s funeral. Demir calls Sait to the Ranch. He asks Sait, “Have you ever heard of Ali Riza Citci?” Sait shakes his head and answers, “No Sir, I have not.” Demir goes on to tell him that he used to work for his father 20 years ago and he wants Sait to find him and not to tell anybody that he is tracking him down. Sait leaves on his mission but not before he shares this information with Fekeli. It is Fekeli that tells him that AliAliRiza was one of the 3 men who gave testimony which sent him to prison. Fekeli also tells him there were three people who gave the same story about how he shot Adnan Yaman. They testified that Adnan was unarmed and I shot him in the heart on purpose. They were all liars and everyone thought that he would go to prison and die there, but the amnesty freed him. He goes on to say two of these men have now died but the one who remains is Ali Riza Citci. He knows the truth about the shooting. He tells Sait that Demir now wants to find him also so, “Go and find him but come back and tell me first.” He agrees and leaves on his mission.

Zulehya’s letter is complete. She has finally written to Yilmaz explaining that she still loves him and all that has befallen her since he went to jail. She pours her heart out and reveals to him how scared she is that Demir would do something to him or their son, but she has finally found the courage to tell him that he is the father of her child, not Demir. She also warns him that Demir is dangerous and if he finds out that she has written to him or that the baby isn’t his, he will kill them all. She finishes her letter telling him that she loves him with every beat of her heart but she is also very, very scared. That day she gives her letter to Sebahattin to give to Yilmaz. Sebahattin warns her that this could have a devastating effect when Yilmaz reads what has happened. Still, Zulehya tells him to give it to Yilmaz and she will not change her mind.

Sebahattin tries to make contact with Yilmaz but has to leave a message with Cetin to get him to call him when he is available.

Demir and Zulehya are having a few days away in the Yaman chalet in the fresh mountain air. The weather is cold but fine after a few days of bad weather. Along the dirt road leading to the chalet, they get a flat tyre. Demir has to stop in an attempt to repair the tyre. On lifting the boot he finds he is angered to find he has no wheel brace after lending it to one of his workers. He tells Zulehya that they will have to wait until somebody passes by and helps them out. Zulehya decides that she will feed the baby whilst they wait and passes the baby to Demir while she prepares his formula. Demir stands to cuddle the baby when he hears a rumbling from the mountain above. He places the baby on the trunk of the car and gazes up towards the noise to see a landslide tumbling down upon them. He yells to Zulehya to run and pushes the baby towards her for safety.

Zulehya rushes to grab the baby but Demir fails to escape the landslide and is caught and submerged under dirt and rubble. Zulehya places the baby in safety and races to Demir’s aid. Unfortunately, she is unable to help. She can see him underneath the car with just his face visible.

Zulehya gathers up the baby and starts walking up the dirt road trying to seek help. She has not gone too far before a yellow maintenance truck appears on the road. She cries for help and flags it down and they race to try and save Demir.

Our next scene is at the Yaman Ranch. Hunkar is out the front of the mansion directing staff as to their duties for the day when she sees a yellow maintenance truck enter the ranch gates. When she sees Zulehya in the passenger seat she begins to panic. Zulehya screams as she gets out of the truck carrying her baby. “Demir was injured by a landslide which caught him under the truck.”
He is severely injured. The baby is left in the hands of the staff while Hunkar and Zulehya race to the hospital. At the hospital, it is revealed that Demir’s injuries are so severe that he requires surgery. As no surgeon is available at the local hospital Mujgan calls her father who provides a surgeon from Istanbul to operate.

Everyone has gathered at the hospital to wait for news of Demir’s condition. Even Yilmaz has arrived at the hospital seeking out Sebahattin and the important information that he has to tell Yilmaz. When he finally finds him Sebahattin is called away to attend Emergency and tells him he will catch up with him later on. He promises to get back to him.

Fekeli has left Adana on his planned trip to Istanbul. He is visiting Alaaddin Yildizoglu (the textile king). Unfortunately, he has to tell him that his 100 tons of cotton will not be delivered in time as their contract designates. This news is not received lightly. Fekeli asks him for one more week to provide him with the cotton promised. This delay in production would cost the textile king a100,000 Lire loss. Fekeli writes him a cheque to cover his losses. He tells Alaaddin that he is honouring their contract with 100 tons of cotton from Egypt. He knows it is not good business but he will keep his word. Fekeli now asks him about a Thread Factory that he wants to construct but is having trouble in accessing the land to build it. Fekeli offers him 100 acres in Adana for his project if they become partners. This way they will have a Cotton Factory and Thread Factory side by side. Alaaddin agrees to the arrangement and congratulates him on smart business.

In Istanbul, Fekeli visits his wife and children’s graves. They died 18 years ago now and he still grieves terribly for his loss. He has made a decision and he is taking them back to Adana where they belong. He makes all the arrangements for their coffins to be transferred as soon as possible.

At the hospital, Demir regains consciousness to everyone’s joy. Yilmaz as well has arrived at the hospital to seek out Sebahattin and his important message. When they meet Sebahattin takes it upon himself not to give Yilmaz the letter and in the end tells him that he cannot remember why he called him in the first place. Later on Sebahattin sees Zulehya and gives her the letter back and to reconsider giving it to Yilmaz. She admits that with Demir so ill that she cannot do it to him. So she walks outside the hospital and with tears streaming down her face burns the letter.

Zulehya has been trying her hardest to care for Demir whilst he is so injured. She feeds him and cares for his comfort. Demir watches her and asks, “Do you love me Zulehya?” She answers, “Of course I do.” He doesn’t believe her and tells her, “You only feel gratitude.”

At dinner that night Yilmaz asks Fekeli, “Why can’t I get over her dad?” He continues with, “I tell myself every morning that it is over but when I see her face it makes me shiver. Why can’t I forget her?” Fekeli tells him that everything is in his hands and he has to find himself again.

After a period of time, Demir is discharged from hospital and Fekeli has news that the textile king will be visiting him very soon. Also, Mujgan and Yilmaz accidentally crash into each other in the streets of Adana during which time Mujgan’s sunglasses are broken. Yilmaz apologises and wants to replace them but once again Mujgan tells him not to worry about it. He gazes at her as she walks away with renewed interest. Yilmaz goes and replaces her sunglasses even though she told him not to. You can feel the chemistry developing between these two but Fekeli does not want Yilmaz to complicate his life when he still longs for Zulehya. He tells him to make sure that there is no hope left with Zulehya before he involves Mujgan in his life.

The next day Yilmaz sits outside the gates of the Yaman Ranch in his car and follows Zulehya in her red sports car when she ventures out. He cuts her off and gets out of his car.

He stands face to face in front of her. His eyes travelling all over her face. He asks her, “Are you happy?” she replies, “Yes.” He tells her, “You gave up on me and now I have to give up on you,” she asks him “Is this what you stopped me to say?” He replies, “Yes.” He tells her he will not remember her name from now on and from tomorrow he will be turning over a new page in his life. He then leaves her. That night Yilmaz delivers Mujgan her new sunglasses. She waves as Yilmaz drives away. His decision is made.

Sermin and Sebahattin have a huge argument over the stopping of Betul’s financial support whilst in Paris. As you may recall Demir tried to blackmail Sebahattin into not divorcing Sermin and as a tool of his power stopped any money being transferred to her. Sebahattin is now feeling the sting from his decision and feels guilty that his daughter a penalty for their unhappiness. He visits his Lawyer and tells her that he is cancelling his divorce as he has no other option left open to him. He feels defeated. That evening he visits Demir and tells him that he has won.

At work, Mujgan has received red roses from Yilmaz. She reads his card which says, “I have a hard time expressing myself. I hope the roses can tell you of my feelings.” Signed Yilmaz Akkaya.
In return, Yilmaz receives a card from Mujgan which says, “Merhaba Yilmaz Bey!”

Our next scene sees Yilmaz and Mujgan seated at a restaurant. Yilmaz feels a little intimidated by her intelligence in being a doctor. He tells her that he was a high school drop out and because of his past, he would like to tell her everything before he begins to date her so that she can then make a decision whether to see him again.

Well, “That’s it,” says Yilmaz. “I would understand if you want to get up and leave.” I would understand if you want to get up and leave.” Mujgan looks him full in the eyes and stretches out her hand and places it over his. Their eyes meet and warmth is passed between the two. No words need to be spoken.

At the doorway of the restaurant, Zulehya freezes when she sees the intimate scene before her. Yilmaz has been true to his word and has moved on.




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