We left Episode 16 at the charity auction whereby Zuleyha’s embroidered peacock cushion had gone up for sale. Yilmaz wins the bid with his offer of 5000 Lire. Demir wants to contest his bid but Hunkar reminds him that it would be an embarrassment to the Yamans to show his jealousy in front of high society Cukurova. His anger worsens when he thinks that tonight Yilmaz would have his head on his wife’s cushion. Zuleyha, on the other hand, was ecstatic. Yilmaz’s action tonight showed her that he still loves her and her heart wants to bursts with love for him. Meanwhile, Yilmaz sits at home gazing at the cushion and remembering how their love used to be and how Zuleyha now belongs to another man.

Whilst sitting in the lounge room at home Fekeli receives a phone call from Hunkar wanting to meet. Yilmaz warns him not to go but he tells him that the meeting is not unexpected and leaves the house to meet with her. There is no pleasant greeting when they meet. Hunkar tells him to take Yilmaz and leave Cukurova and of course, Fekeli refuses. He tells her he has spent 20 years in prison longing to be home and he plans to die in Cukurova. He tells her again that after all these years she will not accept the truth about her husband. To this, she answers, “There were 3 witnesses who saw you shoot Adnan.” Fekeli tells her, “Even if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me.” He goes on to tell her that she has been living a lie her whole life and she needs to find out the truth so she can sleep better at night. His final words to Hunkar were, “Neither I or Yilmaz will be leaving Cukurova.” They part company and go home.

We are now introduced to a new character to our series. She is actress Melike Ipek Yalova who plays the part of Dr Mujgan Hemimoglu. She has been working in Istanbul along with her father who is a respected Surgeon in Istanbul. Her father is a little worried about Mujgan as she has been posted to the Adana Hospital and will be leaving Istanbul in the morning. He feels that Mujgan is far better off remaining in the city rather than moving to a rural area. Mujgan, on the other hand, is happy to go. I think Mujgan might stir up the men in the Cukurova Valley as she is very beautiful.

After the charity auction, Zuleyha’s love for Yilmaz is refreshed. She is restless and makes an attempt to get Sebahattin to arrange a meeting with him but he warns her of the danger.

That evening whilst seated at the dinner table a large box is delivered by Cetin for Demir Yaman. Demir opens the box in front of Zuleyha to find a gift from Yilmaz. The embroidered peacock cushion. This is a slap in the face to Demir who is instantly offended to even think that Yilmaz had touched the embroidered cushion. Zuleyha is very hurt to see her cushion returned. She thinks to herself, “He didn’t keep it. He doesn’t love me.” Demir takes the cushion and sets it on fire and then throws it into the canal.

Yilmaz is at work when he tells Fekeli that he sent the embroidered cushion back to Demir as a gift. Fekeli tells Yilmaz that he only sent the cushion back to hurt Zuleyha and not to get back at Demir. Yilmaz looks at his father and says, “She doesn’t love me any more dad.” Fekeli warns him that he doesn’t know that for sure and not to hurt the one he loves.

It is time for our new character to emerge in Adana. She has set up a medical clinic in the village huts to vaccinate the children against poliomyelitis. It is here that she first meets up with Gaffur who is out of work and wanders around the Ranch still giving orders to people. He approaches Mujgan and tells her she has no right to be on Yaman land without permission. Mujgan tells him that she works under the Ministry of Health and requires nobody’s permission to treat the workers. She asks him to leave her alone.

Hunkar is really missing Saniye in the kitchen. The present staff cannot cope. She calls Saniye to the mansion and puts her to work in the kitchen telling her that she will talk to Demir about accepting them back at the mansion. After speaking with Demir at some length, Hunkar calls for Gaffur. She asks him to go on an errand to pick up a parcel for her at the Blacksmith’s shop in town. Gaffur who feels he is again being trusted by Hunkar is happy to go on the errand. When he arrives at the Blacksmith’s shop he finds it empty. He calls out repeatedly with no response. He then walks up the stairs to the office above. He opens the door and finds the dead body of a man lying on the floor covered with blood. Then he feels the barrel of a gun pressing at the back of his head.

The gunman places the gun into Gaffur’s hands and escapes. (You get the feeling here that Hunkar has set him up for blackmail.) Gaffur realising that he could be charged with murder if anybody finds him standing over the body with a gun in his hands makes a hasty exit. He is panicking as he runs through the streets. He puts the gun into the bottom of a barrel and covers it with paper and then runs back to the Ranch and reports to Hunkar what had happened. Hunkar leads the questions, “Did anybody see you?” and “Did you touch the gun?” She tells him that if he did he would be a suspect in the murder. She asks him what he did with the gun. He tells her and she tells him not to worry about the gun. She will get it so the police will have no evidence against him.

Meanwhile, Demir is talking to two men. He is paying them money. One is the murder victim we saw on the ground and the other is the gunman. He tells them they did a good job! (So, there we have it, Mother and Son have set Gaffur up.) Later on, mother and son liaise as to how effective they have been in frightening Gaffur and they both agree that they have had the required effect. Demir says, “He should behave and understand that he can’t threaten us again,” says Demir. “He is a fool.” Demir praises his mother for planning the false murder. They discuss who they will replace to run the Ranch instead of Gaffur. They decide on Halil who has been working at the Ranch for many years.

Demir then calls for a meeting of all workers with Saniye and Gaffur to be included. He tells the Ranch staff that no staff member can threaten, lie or be disloyal. He makes an example of Gaffur and calls Halil out from the workers and congratulates him with a promotion to Head Butler. Gaffur will work as a labourer on the Ranch and Saniye will be sent back to the kitchen. He dismisses the staff and leaves Gaffur and Saniye looking devastated.

Demir meets Mujgan for the first time when he and Zuleyha take the baby to hospital with a high fever. He introduces himself and thanks her for what she has done for the farm workers at the huts.

Yilmaz also meets Mujgan when he visits the hospital to request the medical team visit his Cotton Factory. ( The eye contact between Yilmaz and Mujgan leads you to think there may be a connection between these two further down in our series).

Sebahattin’s divorce is nearly settled although Demir is against the divorce and calls Sebahattin’s Lawyer and uses his power within the community to try and change the Lawyer’s mind about representing Sebahattin. He tells her that the Yaman family do not want this scandal to be known in Cukurova and that Sermin is his Uncle’s daughter. He asks the Lawyer to talk Sebahattin out of divorcing her. His voice sounded more like an order than a request. The Lawyer will not back down and tells Sebahattin later that day that they will have a hard case trying to divorce Sermin as she has no intention of getting a divorce. She asks him to try and provide good evidence for the Judge. Sebahattin is angry with Demir for contacting his Lawyer and walks straight into his office and tells Demir he will not be threatened by him. Demir tries to blackmail him with the thought that he will cut out the money he sends to Betul who is studying in Paris. Sebahattin tells him to, “Let me go, and, Leave me be!” He walks out. Demir immediately stops all payments going to Betul in Paris. He is now going to put the squeeze on Sebahattin.

Dr Mujgan is at home. It has been a long day at the hospital. She makes a coffee and is about to drink when the doorbell rings. She opens the door to find Cetin standing with a gift box. She accepts the box and opens it to find a note inside, “I am grateful that you spared your day off for the health of my workers.” Signed, Yilmaz Akkaya. Inside the box was a lovely scarf.

Cetin arrives back and tells Yilmaz that his gift was delivered. Fekeli thinks it is a move by Yilmaz to show his interest in Mujgan but Yilmaz defends himself here by saying, “It is just a scarf. I think it is pretty normal.” They take a bet with the loser having to buy Adana Kebab. Fekeli believes Mujgan will send the scarf back whereby Yilmaz feels she will keep it.

That evening when the family are seated in the lounge room Haminne has one of her Dementia moments. She rambles about how she and her husband will not let Hunkar marry Ali Rahmet Fekeli. “Stop him coming to the door.” She says. She continues with, “She has already been promised to the son of the Yaman’s!”

Although Demir and Zuleyha hear what Haminne is saying they pass it off as having no truth in what she is saying. (These comments of Haminne lead you to believe that Fekeli and Hunkar once loved each other but Haminne and her husband had stepped in and made her marry Adnan Yaman.)

At the cotton Factory, Yilmaz and Fekeli are awaiting a visit from the textile kings of Istanbul. Whilst waiting in his office he is delivered a gift box. The same gift box that he sent the scarf into Mujgan. Fekeli pipes up and says, “I told you she would return it.” Yilmaz opens the box to find a note which says, “Thank you for your kind gift, but I just did my duty. It wouldn’t be proper for me to accept your gift.” Signed, Dr Mujgan Hemimoglu. Fekeli smirks to himself knowing he will be eating Adana Kebab very soon. After some time Yilmaz’s business visitors arrive. They are given a warm welcome and Yilmaz feels excited to be showing them around his factory. He has promised to provide them with 100 tons of cotton if they sign a contract with him.

In the kitchen, at the mansion, Zuleyha makes it plain that she does not trust Gulten and she will not be giving her any favours from now on. She gives Fadik a necklace in front of Saniye and Gulten outwardly showing her dislike for the two of them.

Sermin visits Hunkar at the mansion and reports that Zuleyha had told her that she could not run away to Istanbul as she didn’t have the courage. This action leads you to think that Sermin and Hunkar are working together but it still could be in Zuleyha’s plan to build up the trust so she can later make her escape easier.

On one of her trips to town, Zuleyha sees Yilmaz and Mujgan talking to each other. Yilmaz tells Mujgan that he was sad to see she returned his scarf and invites her to eat Adana Kebab with him. Hearing his invitation to Mujgan makes Zuleyha upset and jealous. She drives home and picks up her baby and tells him, “Papa has given up on me.”

Gaffur has been working on the farm like a labourer. He still wants to give orders and is finding it hard listening to Halil giving him orders. Gaffur decides to take matters into his own hands and invites Halil to have a drink and nibbles down by the canal that evening. Whilst there Gaffur pushes so much alcohol into Halil that he loses consciousness and lies flat out for many hours. Meanwhile, Gaffur hurries back to the stables and releases all the prized thoroughbreds out into the night. He smirks to himself as he creeps into bed beside Saniye.

The next morning Gaffur runs screaming to Hunkar that the stable is empty and her beautiful horses are nowhere to be found. Demir and Hunkar call for Halil, who of course is still unconscious beside the river. In his absence, Demir tells Gaffur to go and find the horses until Halil is found. Halil returns to the Ranch still drunk and is immediately fired by Demir. Gaffur happily finds the horses and returns them to the stables and is once again reinstated to Head Butler of the Yaman Ranch. His plan worked perfectly!

Sermin is surprised by debt collectors wanting to take her house away from her. Demir had already given her money to pay her debts and which she gave to Veli. She is now in trouble. Demir refuses to give her any more money but Sebahattin sells his car and pays off her debt.

Hunkar receives a call at home. It is from that family of a dying man. She has her driver take her to the family home where she sits by his side with his grieving family in the next room. He tells her that before he dies he wants to tell her a secret that he has held for over 20 years. He breathlessly begins, “That night, the night that Adnan died,” but is unable to tell finish his confession before he dies. Hunkar is left thinking about the words that Fekeli told her, that one day she will know the truth about her father.

Cengo brings news to Demir about the visit of the textile kings to the Cotton Factory and the promise of 100 tons of cotton given by Yilmaz. Demir tells him that Yilmaz must not succeed in his attempts to provide the 100 tons of cotton. He and Cengo need to prevent it. The land and its profits are theirs and will not go to Yilmaz. Cengo tries hard to buy whatever cotton he can from the landowners but finds it has already been bought and delivered to the Cotton Factory. That evening Demir, Cengo and Gaffur gather together and make a plan. They watch as the cotton is unloaded from trucks and stored within the warehouse at the factory. Gaffur reports to Demir that all is set and they only have to wait until the time is right.

Later on, Cengo and Demir are sitting watching and waiting in their car outside the Cotton Factory. Gaffur and his men break into the factory and open the warehouse doors. Gaffur gets a huge fire hose and turns on the water valve. He sprays all the cotton that has been delivered from the farms and saturates the lot destroying 100 tons of cotton promised to the textile king of Istanbul.




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