At the end of last week’s episode, we were waiting on the last vote to be counted to see who would be the first Director of the new Chamber of Industry. Demir and Yilmaz sat impatiently waiting for the envelope to be opened. The name of Demir Yaman is read out for all to hear. Demir and Cengo are elated but poor Yilmaz is so disappointed and walks out of the election meeting. Mumbling to himself about how Demir must have paid off the election members to ensure he wins.

He arrives home frustrated and angry. Fekeli tries to calm him and says, “Don’t be angry my son. Who are you angry at?” Yilmaz tells him it is mainly with the people who supported him over the time he built up the Chamber of Industry. They had promised to vote for him. He tells Fekeli, “I feel like I set it up just to give it to Demir.” Fekeli comments that they both know that Demir has done something to obtain his win. “Remember there are also people whom you trusted but in the end who voted against you. You lost a battle son but not the war. Just wait, the war isn’t over yet.”

In this scene, we are at the hospital where Sebahattin is doing his ward rounds. He meets his colleague who was on duty the night that Gaffur tried to suffocate Yilmaz. His colleague pulls Sebahattin aside and tells him that the whole hospital is talking about Demir and his head man Gaffur. “Why,” asks Sebahattin. His colleague goes on to tell him that Gaffur had been caught trying to suffocate Yilmaz with a pillow and people are now beginning to talk about whether Demir put him up to it. Sebahattin is shocked at what he hears and on arriving home that evening goes straight to Demir and says, “What are you doing Demir?” Demir looks puzzled. Sebahattin again says, “Are you that desperate?” Demir demands to know what he is talking about. Sebahattin answers him with, “Why did you send Gaffur to suffocate Yilmaz in his hospital bed?” This is the first time Demir has heard anything about what Gaffur did. He was, even more, angered to hear that Cukurova had begun talking about him in relation to the incident considering Gaffur is his right-hand man.

Gaffur and Saniye are having fun. They are lying in bed laughing and tickling each other when they hear a loud bashing on their front door. All their laughter stops as they look at each other and race to the front door. Gaffur asking God for help as he recognises Demir’s voice. “What is it, Mr Demir,” he says. Demir is enraged and grabs him by the neck and smashes him in the face knocking him to the ground. “What did you do?” Demir asks.

Demir loses control and grabs him by the throat and begins to choke him. Saniya screams as she sees Gaffur turning red but Demir has both hands around his throat and continues to squeeze tightly.

It is left up to Sebahattin and Saniye to pull Demir off Gaffur. He then tells Gaffur and Saniye to pack their bags and get off the Ranch. Saniye begs for forgiveness but Demir will not budge. “The Yaman name will be talked about all over Adana,” he says. “Pack your bags and get out.” Saniye begins crying relentlessly. She has had enough. She claps her hands whilst looking at Gaffur and says, “Bravo, I have lost my job. I have lost my house. Where will we go now?” She shuts him out of the bedroom to sleep in the lounge room. He calls out, “Saniye don’t do this to me,” but the door remains closed. Gaffur breaks down and cries like a baby at their situation.

Meanwhile, Fekeli has been telling Yilmaz of his visit to the Ranch when he was frantically looking for him the night of his accident. He recalls that the Yamans had dinner guests and they were the Mayor, Councillors and their wives. This could have been another reason he did not get all the votes he wanted at the elections. In seeing Fekeli in such a fit of anger may have been the reason they did not vote for him. “I made a mistake,” Fekeli tells him. “I always tell you to do everything with patience and peace, yet I didn’t do this myself. We have to learn a lesson from our mistakes.”

The dawn has arrived and Gaffur and Saniye have packed their bags. Gulten was also packed to leave but is not allowed to follow Gaffur and Saniye out of the Ranch gates. The Ranch gates are closed behind them and they begin their long walk along the back roads. Gaffur leaves Saniye for a rest whilst he retrieves all heir money which he had hidden in a loose brick in the Ranch wall. He has saved a great deal of money wrapped in a cloth as well as the two I.D.’s that Yilmaz had hidden for his and Zuleyha’s escape before he was caught and sent to prison. Along with these fake I.D.’s is a small burnt piece of a letter that Zuleyha had written to Yilmaz when he was in prison. Gaffur had saved this letter fragment after Gulten in jealousy had burnt them. He looks down at his hidden items and says, “If you don’t take me back then I’ll show you who Gaffur Aga is and what he is capable of.”

Demir fronts up for his first day as Director of the Chamber of Industry. Cengo is present and sits in the front row. They had been chuckling to themselves as to how they beat Yilmaz especially since he had been instrumental in setting up the Chamber of Industry but lose everything to Demir. The loss of the election hasn’t made Yilmaz too upset, he has turned up at the Cotton Factory to an adoring group of factory workers with loud applause for his attempts at becoming the Director of the Chamber of Industry. His workers all agree that they know Demir must have had something to do with fixing the voting but to them, he is a winner. He has won their hearts. Yilmaz tells them that he is over it now and “we will work harder to win the next election.” Mind you, this doesn’t stop Yilmaz in sending Demir the biggest wreath of flowers with a card “congratulations” written on it. Fekeli on hearing what he had done thinks this gesture will nearly drive Demir insane and they both chuckle to themselves. “Peace and patience,” they say with big smiles on their faces.

Sait has brought news to Fekeli and Yilmaz at the Cotton Factory. He tells Fekeli that Hunkar had ordered him to bring him this newspaper. They take a look at the front page and see where Veli has been found dead. (We last saw Veli with Hunkar and her hired thugs working Veli over for information on Zuleyha’s stolen emerald necklace). Fekeli tells Yilmaz, “He must have been murdered.” Yilmaz looks at the murder victim and comments to Fekeli, “This man ruined my life. This was fate.” Hunkar now takes her newspaper to Sermin and sticks it under her nose to make sure she is aware that he no longer exists. (I am a little suspicious of Hunkar’s involvement in his death. Maybe she has made sure he won’t be giving her trouble any longer.)

All the same, this news makes Sermin sad. Zuleyha finds her crying and comforts her. “What is the problem Sermin?” She is shown the newspaper. Zuleyha asks her if she is crying for the dead Veli and realises that there must have been something between the two to make Sermin so upset. Zuleyha takes the newspaper to Hunkar (remembering that Hunkar had somehow managed to get her emerald necklace back from Veli), “Did you have anything to do with Veli’s murder?” she asks. Hunkar denies any involvement. Zuleyha tells her, “ It wouldn’t matter if you did, I feel no sadness for this man. He ruined my life and I gave him every cent I earned and in the end, he sold me.” She feels no sympathy for the loss of Veli.

Gaffur and Saniye have walked to town and are quite happy. They have plenty of money to maybe run a small business. They have a room over their head for tonight at the local hotel. They have a light feeling like they are on a holiday. They have decided to eat Adana Kebab’s this evening and are feeling on top of the world. Unfortunately, when Gaffur goes to pay his bill he finds that all his money has been stolen! Now, what are they going to do?

Zuleyha has met up with Sermin in town. They take the time to have tea together. Sermin admits to Zuleyha that she did have an affair with Veli and also confides that Hunkar knows about her and Veli and is controlling her with threats of a scandal. She admits she had a weak moment and fell for Veli and that he had swindled her out of every lira she had. She tells her that Hunkar had her followed and has the negatives and photographs of the affair and is blackmailing her with these. She tells Zuleyha that she has to be careful. “You do not know what Hunkar is really like.”

She goes on to say that Hunkar is now threatening her because she knows that Yilmaz and Zuleyha were not brother and sister. She believes she had Veli killed because of it. She tells Zuleyha, “If I say a word about what I know, Hunkar will publish all the photographs in the local newspaper.” Zuleyha tells her not to worry, she will keep her secret for now.

It is Demir’s first day as Head of the Chamber of Industry. He is joined at the meeting by Yilmaz. Demir opens the meeting with a request to the members to provide an “Incentive Investment Certificate” which they need before they can do any more business. Yilmaz stands and places the already prepared Certificate in front of Demir. “I ordered it previously and it arrived yesterday,” he says. This action makes Demir feel inefficient in the eyes of the members. Yilmaz seems to be one step ahead of Demir. Demir is beginning to feel that Yilmaz is now shadowing him. He wishes he would leave Cukurova but with Fekeli supporting him this makes all the difference. After the meeting, Demir meets Cengo and they go to the firing range. Demir’s pride is hurt and he is filled with anger. He points is a pistol at the target and in his mind envisages Yilmaz’s face and fires repeatedly.

Back at the Ranch, the little red sports car is ready for Zuleyha’s first driving lesson. Demir takes her around the back roads to allow her to get a feel of the clutch and accelerator. At first, she was nervous but now feels quite relaxed and by the time they get back to the ranch she is well motivated to get her licence to drive. Although Hunkar still warns Demir that she will use her new found freedom to run away with the baby.

Gaffur and Saniye had no other option but to go and live with Aunt Suna. Aunt Suna lives way out in the bush and all household duties have to be done by hand and for food and board, they are put to hard physical work which comes hard to them after the comforts of the lodge at the Ranch. Saniye has to collect fresh water in heavy pales whilst Gaffur breaks his back on chopping firewood for the freezing cold house. Saniye begs him to do something. He either gets her back to the mansion or else she will leave him and go back to her father.

Once again Sermin and Zuleyha meet in town. Zuleyha now has her driving licence and gives Sermin a lift back to the Ranch. Sermin tells her that she is an intelligent girl and she would do much better in Istanbul than at the Ranch. She goes on to tell Zuleyha to be aware of Demir. “He can change very quickly from somebody who loves intensely to somebody to be careful of. Zuleyha tells her that it doesn’t matter if he falls out of love with her. Sermin takes this opportunity to say, “do you still love Yilmaz?” Zuleyha doesn’t answer her but tells her that Demir’s love is too much for her. Sermin tells her that once he is finished with her he will get rid of her but keep her baby.

The girls drive on towards the Ranch. Unfortunately, the vehicle begins to cough and splutter and eventually stops in the middle of the road. Zuleyha knows nothing about the mechanics of a car but gets out and opens the bonnet and stands there looking at the engine. This scene is watched from a distance by Sait. He has been following Zuleyha. This could only be the work of Demir or Hunkar.

Yilmaz comes upon the breakdown and stops to help our ladies out. He walks up to the car with Zuleyha’s gaze following his every movement. He bends over the car and tells them he will fix it in no time. He removes his jacket and passes it to Zuleyha to hold for him. He bends down and begins to repair the vehicle. Zuleyha stands with his jacket in her arms. She smells it and her fingers caress its folds. She holds it close to her body feeling comfort from having something that has been close to her sweetheart.

it is not long before the car is up and running again. The ladies thank him and proceed on their way. Sermin comments on how handsome Yilmaz is as they continue their journey. Once back at the Ranch Zuleyha walks to her bedroom and holds her hand to her face and smells. She walks to her babies cradle and places her hand close to his nose and says, “this is your daddies smell.”

Yilmaz also felt stunned in seeing Zuleyha. He acts quietly at home around Fekeli. He walks up to Yilmaz and says, “Is it Zuleya?” Yilmaz tells him that he just saw her on the road and Fekeli tells him that, “Zuleyha is both a wound and a cure for him.”

Let’s not forget our scheming Sermin. She has gone immediately to tell Hunkar that Zuleyha and Yilmaz met on the road and how they still have eyes for each other. “She will eventually leave she tells Hunkar.”

Sait has been put in a difficult position. He is working both for Demir and Fekeli. He has been asked by Demir to follow his wife and tell him of her movements every day. Sait, on the other hand, has seen Yilmaz meet Zuleyha on the road but has not said anything to Demir. He is protecting him. If Demir finds out that he has withheld information he is going to be in big trouble and we know that Sermin has already told Hunkar the news.

Demir has tried to hire a Nanny to help Zuleyha with the care of the baby, but Zuleyha will not hear of this. She will not allow anybody else to raise her son. She puts her foot down and has a big argument with Demir at the dinner table over this situation. She defiantly walks out of the room whilst Demir demands she come back. Demir thumps the table in anger and goes after her. In the bedroom, the argument continues. Zuleyha confronts him, “You profess to love me but you will not trust me.” She continues with, “Not only that, you decide on what I wear, where I go, whom I talk to and what I do.” He has made her feel like a prison and now he wants to take the care of her child away from her. Demir apologises and says, “I am sorry. I will cancel the Nanny until she decides that she wants help.” Zuleyha is satisfied. This is the first time she has stood up to him and won.

Sait is now at a meeting with Fekeli and Yilmaz. He tells Yilmaz how he has been ordered to follow Zuleyha and report who she sees and where she goes to Demir. He also tells Yilmaz that he did not tell Demir about the meeting he had with Zuleyha with the broken down car. Sait tells him that Demir does not trust anybody and he did the same thing to his first wife also.

In the stables that night at the Ranch, Hunkar tells Demir that Sermin told her that Zuleyha spoke to Yilmaz today on the road today. She asks him whether Sait told him of the meeting. After his recent argument with Zuleyha, Demir isn’t in the right mood to listen to his mother telling gossip and getting him into trouble again. He replies, “For God’s sake Mum, did Sermin tell you that?” He tells her Sermin lies all the time. He leads his horse out of the stables. Hunkar wasn’t able to turn him against Zuleyha this time.

At Aunt Suna’s country retreat! Saniye breaks down and threatens to leave Gaffur if he doesn’t get out and get her back to the mansion. Gaffur waits for Hunkar in the stables the next morning and begs to be taken back into the Ranch. He tells of how Saniye is tired out from physical work and he wants to return to the mansion. “Please take us back,” he begs. He tells Hunkar, “If you do nothing and Saniye leaves me, I will either kill myself or.” She quickly says, “Or, What?” He says, “You know what.” She thinks to herself and says, “No, I don’t. What will you do?” He tells her that a man who has nothing left will talk and he knows a lot of what has gone on at the Yaman Ranch!

Hunkar tells him to wait in the stables whilst she goes up to talk to Demir. She lets him wait for a while and then returns to the stables and tells him to go and get Saniye and bring her back to the lodge and she will convince Demir to let them stay. (So his threat has worked. Although he needs to be careful in threatening Hunkar.) Gaffur returns to Saniye and gives her the nod. He has delivered the most wonderful news. It takes her two seconds to pack her bags. They creep into the lodge at night. Throw themselves on their beds and sit around praising Hunkar. It is so good to be home!

It is now Gulten’s turn to be dealt with by our newly energised Zuleyha. Gulten has tried to be kind to Zuleyha but she won’t budge. Zuleyha treats her with contempt. Gulten asks her, “What have I done?” Zuleyha is quick to tell her that she knows that Gulten never sent one of her letters to Yilmaz. (She remembers Yilmaz asking her why she never wrote to him in prison.) Zuleyha tells her she hates her for what she did and she was to blame for ruining her life. She asks her, “What did you do with them.” Gulten tells her she burnt all her letters. Zuleyha tells her that she knows she has always loved Yilmaz right from the first day but Gulten defends herself by saying, “It was your fault because you told me that he was your brother. You are to blame.” Gulten, in the end, tells her that she burnt her letters because she knew Demir would kill them both if he found out. Once again Zuleyha attacks her, “You set Yilmaz up by taking my note and giving it to Demir. You nearly had him killed.” She admits that she did show him the note and that she had to because Demir had a gun to Gaffur and Saniye’s head forcing her to do what he wanted. Zuleyha tells her she needs to be kicked out of the Ranch for all her interference. She dismisses her from the room.

Yilmaz is dressed in his best suit and has made a decision. He is flying to Istanbul. He tells Fekeli that he has thought it over carefully and leaves the house. We do not know as yet what is on his mind.

In the meantime, Zuleyha has walked to Sermins house and tells her that she has made up her mind and she is going to leave the Ranch and go to Istanbul with her son. “Have you thought it through,” Sermin asks. She says she has and we know no more about her plans. We don’t know if Sermin and Zuleyha will work together or whether Sermin will show her evil side and turn her into Demir.

It is a normal day. Demir is at work. Zuleyha at home with the baby and Hunkar on her way to visit Demir in Adana. No sooner has Hunkar left the Ranch, Zuleyha is seen by Sermin putting the baby in her little red sports car and driving out of the Ranch gates. Immediately Sermin picks up the telephone and calls Demir and tells him that his wife is running away with his son. Demir and Hunkar race to the Adana Airport to see if they can stop her catching the next plane. They sit and see Yilmaz front up for his flight and they are expecting to see Zuleyha turn up also. “Where is she mum ?” he says when he doesn’t see her anywhere. “Do you think she has gone by car?” They panic and race to the Ranch. They race up the stairs to find the bedroom empty and all her clothes still in the wardrobe. Where could she have gone?

The telephone rings and Hunkar picks it up. It is Nihal, Cengo’s wife. She has rung to invite them to lunch. Cengo has made kebabs and Zuleyha is already there with the baby waiting for them! She puts Zuleyha on the telephone to ask Hunkar to bring some diapers with her and her babies food. Hunkar and Demir look at each other puzzled. Sermin arrives and Demir gives her a mouthful for scaring them and telling them that Zuleyha had run away. (Is this part of Zuleyha and Sermin’s plan or has Sermin really tried to get Zuleyha into trouble? I am sure we will find out later in our series.) They travel to Cengo’s home to have lunch. (I think this is also part of Zuleyha’s plan to get her to trust her a little more.) They later return to the Ranch where Demir apologises to Zuleyha for listening to Sermin and making him think she had run away.

Sebahattin has received his divorce papers and his hearing commences today. He has come to Demir to say goodbye. Demir will not hear of it. He tells him that he cannot leave Sermin and cause a scandal in the town. Demir tells him he worries about what the gentry of Cukurova will say when they hear about the Yaman family scandal. Demir tells him he will stop at nothing to stop him divorcing Sermin. Sebahattin refuses to listen to Demir’s arrogance any longer but before he can leave him a call comes from the field, “Doctor, Doctor, come quickly.” Fadik’s foot has been crushed by a tractor! They both rush to the scene of the accident.

Yilmaz has returned from his secret mission to Istanbul. Fekeli and Cetin welcome him home. He tells them his trip was successful and his client will be journeying to Cukurova to see the cotton factory. Following that they will sign a contract for 100 tons fo cotton. The client’s name is “Alaattin Yildizoglu”. He is a very important man in the textile industry. He explains to Fekeli that he left his name and hotel number with Alaattin’s secretary with a note that he has 100 tons of cotton and within two hours he was contacted with interest. Fekeli congratulates him on his success but asks him, “How are we going to give him 100 tons of cotton when we only have 20 tons?” Yilmaz tells him, “We can’t papa, but the whole of Cukurova can.”

Fadik has been released from the hospital and has returned to the Ranch to recover and work in the kitchen. With a shortage of staff, she and Saniye are reinstated in the kitchen. Fadik apologises to everyone for her previous behaviour and is happy to be back where she belongs. Working in the field was such hard work. Gaffur is still nowhere to be seen.

It is the evening of the ladies of Cukurova yearly charity event. An auction has been organised to the raising of money. Zuleyha has contributed to the auction by embroidered peacocks on a beautiful cushion as an item to be auctioned off. Hunkar stands at the front door welcoming guests as they enter the room. She is surprised to see Fekeli walk in and all eyes are turned to them as he places his hand in hers as she welcomes him. Hunkar is told he had bought 50 tickets out of 250 to support her auction. Once Zuleyha sees Fekeli walk in she scans the crowd for Yilmaz but he is nowhere to be seen.

The bidding begins. Each item is brought before the audience and each item is auctioned off. The next item is Zuleyha’s peacock cushion. Demir starts the bidding at 150 liras. The bids rise slowly with Demir topping each and every bid. The hammer is raised and the auctioneer counts. Going once, going twice and before the hammer goes down a bid of 5000 liras is placed by a voice at the back of the room. Zuleyha raises her head to the sound of her sweetheart. Yilmaz has entered the bidding……




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