This episode continues at the stand-off in the middle of the road between Yilmaz and Demir. They have pistols aimed at each others head with Zuleyha standing between them. Zuleyha has to make a quick decision or they will kill each other. She turns her back on Yilmaz and looks Demir straight in the eye. She tells him what he wants to hear the most, “Demir, I love you, I’m yours, I’m your wife.” She begs him to walk away and not to leave his son without a father. She turns and looks at Yilmaz and delivers the most shattering of words she could think of, “You have to accept it Yilmaz. Whatever we had is gone. I love Demir. Go.” This declaration calms Demir and her pleading. He walks her to his car. Zuleyha, although unhappy about the words she has spoken has avoided a blood bath between the two men and her Yilmaz is still alive. She gets into the car and Demir drives away leaving a devastated Yilmaz standing in the middle of the road.

Yilmaz takes a minute to absorb what has happened and then gets in his car and follows them at speed along a narrow country road. “I won’t let you win Demir Yaman,” he says.

A new day has begun. Fekeli has arrived at the Cotton Factory to have his normal cup of coffee and chat with Yilmaz. Yilmaz has not shown up for their meeting. Cetin and the factory staff have not seen him. He settles into his office to wait for him.

The Yaman’s are entertaining the Mayor of Adana tonight at the Ranch and preparations are under way. Before their arrival Demir has a discussion with Hunkar about his deadly meeting with Yilmaz and how Zuleyha stood up for him. He tells his mother that Zuleyha has changed and he now trusts her implicitly and whilst dressing for dinner in their bedroom he tells Zuleyha the same thing and adds how he loves her above anything else. She replies, “Don’t worry. You made a promise to me that you would not kill Yilmaz. You won’t regret trusting me.” As you look at her eyes you get the feeling she is telling him once again just what he wants to hear. It seems that Zuleyha is finally playing her own game. They leaves the room and make their way down to the dinner party.

Fekeli is worried. Yilmaz did not show up at the Cotton Factory. It has been a whole day and still nobody has seen him. He calls Sait and asks him to get together some men to start searching for Yilmaz. He has a bad feeling that something has happened to him. We now see a different Fekeli. His search for Yilmaz unearths nothing. His son is missing. He feels Demir has something to do with it. He is becoming impatient, anxious and angry!

The Yaman’s dinner party is well underway with guests chatting and having coffee when an enraged Fekeli bursts into the dining room. He demands from Demir, “What did you do to Yilmaz?” The room becomes silent. All eyes are on the enraged man. Feeling embarrassed, Demir rises from his chair to attack Fekeli but is held back by his guests. Fekeli warns Demir that he is no weakling and he will attack when his loved ones are threatened. He tells him he has spent 20 years in prison but still the truth about Demir’s fathers death has been held back. He will no longer remain silent. Demir orders him out of the house and he leaves. Unfortunately no wiser to the whereabouts of his adopted son. Hunkar immediately goes into apologising for the outburst and settles her guests with saying, “That’s Fekeli for you. You know how he is. He just came back from the dead.” All this time Zuleyha is wondering what Fekeli was talking about and whether something indeed has happened to Yilmaz. This question is also asked by Hunkar to Demir but he swears to her that he did nothing to Yilmaz. He reminds her that he made a promise to Zuleyha that he wouldn’t shoot him unless it is in self defence.

Later that evening Haminne, although she has dementia she had immediately recognised Fekeli. She pipes up and tells Demir, “That was Fekeli.” Demir is shocked in knowing Haminne recognised Fekeli. He turns and asks Hunkar straight out, “Did Fekeli come to the house!” Hunkar tries to lie her way out and uses Haminne’s dementia to cover over the comment. Then Haminne adds, “Fekeli had a fight with Adnan (who is Demir’s father) and Adnan took out his gun and wanted to shoot him. Demir says, “When?” Haminne says, “Yesterday.” Hunkar quickly reminds him that she has a confused mind and Demir dismisses the conversation.

Fekeli arrives home with still no sign of Yilmaz. All his men have searched the hospitals, roads and police and still have come up with nothing. Fekeli now feels that maybe Demir had killed his son and his men may be looking for a body! Tears pour down his face with the worry.

Dawn has arrived. Two days since he has seen his son. He asks Cetin to bring around his car and they drive to the Police Station to seek help. Whilst they are there a call comes through from a patrol car 40 km out of Adana. They have found a red jeep smashed into a tree. The registration plate confirms it is Yilmaz. Fekeli races to the scene.

Fekeli finds Yilmaz lying unconscious in his car after hitting a tree at high speed. He is in a critical way. He screams his name over and over again. He gathers him into his arms, “My son, my son, open your eyes,” and “Dear God help me.” They rush Yilmaz to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.

The news of Yilmaz’s fate is brought to the Yaman Ranch by Sait. Gaffur leads him into the lounge room and listens whilst he tells Demir and Zuleyha that Yilmaz has had a car accident and is now in the hospital. Gaffur secretly chuckles to himself and hopes that he dies. Just to make sure he will visit the hospital. Now is his chance to kill him which will place him back in the good books with Demir and Hunkar let alone the financial reward which would come his way.

Sermin has been frantically looking for the negatives of her husband’s photographs showing her and Veli in compromising situations. Hunkar now knows of her indiscretions and she needs to find them so she cannot use this to blackmail her. She has tried to warn Fusun that Veli is a swindler but Fusun pays now attention to her. Veli has successfully swindled them both.

Meanwhile, Gaffur has arrived at the hospital and is sneaking around looking for Yilmaz’s room. He finds Yilmaz lying unconscious alone. This is his opportunity. He lifts a pillow and places it over his face and smothers him. He is startled when the doctor on duty opens the door and walks in. Gaffur is frightened and races from the room whilst the doctor is running and yelling down the corridor that somebody has tried to kill Yilmaz. Fekeli and Cetin hear his alarmed yell and turn towards the door just in time to catch the fleeing Gaffur. Our next scene sees Gaffur tied in a chair in a barn-like room. Fekeli and Cetin are standing over him. He has a beaten face and he is crying.

He tries to lie his way out of his punishment but unfortunately for him, he is faced with an angry Fekeli looking down at somebody who has just tried to kill his son. Gaffur pleads for his life and tells lie after lie to Fekeli. In the end, Fekeli tells him to go and tell Demir Yaman that Ali Rahmet Fekeli said, “This doesn’t end here.” He forces Gaffur to repeat the words back to him. Gaffur is shaking, sweating, crying as Fekeli moves closer and tells Gaffur, “These next words are for you. Instead of begging, chose to live.” He leaves him whilst his men work Gaffur over and drag him out to dump him on the side of the road in Adana.

Knowing that Yilmaz is in the hospital and not being able to see her lover makes Zuleyha anxious and worried. She has said goodbye to Demir who has gone to Adana for a few days and she sees this as an opportunity to try and see Yilmaz. She begs Sebahattin to help her and this he does. He brings her a bottle of sleeping pills and suggests she swap these with Hunkar’s normal evening medication. Whilst Hunkar is out of her bedroom Zuleyha quickly slips in and replaces her medication with the bottle of new sleeping pills. That evening the tablets are brought to Hunkar as usual. After a little while, she falls into a deep sleep in her lounge chair. Zuleyha checks to see if she is non-responsive and then makes her move. She quickly leaves the house and meets Sebahattin. They drive off to the hospital whereby Sebahattin dresses Zuleyha in a nurses uniform and manages to slip her past Fekeli’s guards and into Yilmaz’s hospital room.

She is most upset to see her handsome lover lying unconscious with his head bandaged over his wound. She takes his limp hand in hers and raises it to her lips. She whispers how she wishes he was awake so that she could tell him everything and they could take their son and escape. She promises him he will know everything one day. She tells him she can’t live without him and her heart always was and always will be, his.

Sebahattin drives her home. She tells him that if Yilmaz knew the truth about her and Demir he would come for them and Demir would be not let her go. Sebahattin is aware of the danger and warns her that Demir would not only take her son but the Yaman’s would do anything to have the Yaman name continue. It is only her son that Hunkar wants. Zuleyha admits that she is aware of this and she feels she cannot take it too much longer and she wants to tell Yilmaz everything. She is reminded by Sebahattin that Demir thinks he is raising his own son and he may do something to the child and her if he knew the child belonged to Yilmaz. Zuleyha understands this and tells Sebahattin that she feels sorry for Demir as he loves her so much but he doesn’t know that his mother lies and tricks him. She thanks him for helping her and slips out of the car and back into the mansion. She checks on Hunkar who is still asleep. She changes the tablets back again and gently wakes Hunkar up. She had outsmarted Hunkar and had been successful. She feels good.

The next day Yilmaz wakes from his deep sleep. Fekeli is beside him weeping happily to see his son open his eyes. Gradually over time, Yilmaz gets stronger. Fekeli tells him how Gaffur was caught trying to kill him and how he feels that Demir is responsible somehow. Yilmaz tells him that neither Gaffur or Demir was responsible for his accident. This answer puzzles Fekeli as he has had the car mechanics checked and all was O.K. How then did this accident happen? Yilmaz goes on to explain the accident happened because Zuleyha told him that he had no place in her heart and she chose Demir over him. These comments lead you to think that Yilmaz tried to kill himself!

Fekeli calls Hunkar and apologises for his outburst the day of her dinner party. He asks her to forgive him and that he is disappointed in himself for having no control.

Over time Yilmaz is released from the hospital. He is welcomed back to his Cotton Mill.

Demir and Cengo have bought the field to commence their dairy and the Cukurova Council have visited Yilmaz asking him to stand to be elected to the Director of the new Chamber of Industry.

Sermin has tracked down Veli. He can see a change in her. She tells him she knows he has swindled her and Fusun. She wants every penny back he has taken from her or she will tell Demir everything. Veli defends himself and accuses the Yaman family of being the biggest swindlers. He tells her the truth about how Demir got to marry Zuleyha and what he did to Yilmaz who was not her brother. He warns her to “let him go” or he will tell the whole of Adana about the Yaman ’s. For once Sermin is left with her mouth open and nothing to say. This information she will use to her benefit when dealing with Hunkar and Demir.

Unfortunately for Veli his criminal activity has caught up with him. A group of men whom he has never seen before grabbing him and work him over. At first, he thought they were sent to beat him after he didn’t pay out his gambling debt, but when he sees Hunkar walk into the torture room he knows he is in big trouble. She stands in front of him and looks him in the eye, “Where is the emerald necklace you took from Zuleyha?” He tries to lie his way out by swearing he had never seen it but Hunkar is up to his character and dismisses it. She tells Sait to beat the truth out of him.

This he does until he confesses. “I sold it, “ he says, “ to Ihan Jewellery.” We don’t see or hear anything more from Veli and his captors. What we do see is a scene whereby Hunkar is presenting Zuleyha with her stolen emerald necklace returned from the jeweller. Both women are pleased that Demir will not know of what transpired and Zuleyha places it back in its rightful place in her jewellery drawer in her bedroom. Demir will be nnonethe wiser.

Sermin of course has learnt the Yaman secret and is on her way to Hunkar armed with her new knowledge. She tells Hunkar if she continues to give her trouble over Sebahattin she will tell the whole of Adana about Yilmaz and Zuleyha. “The Yaman’s name would be dragged through the dirt,” she says. Hunkar’s reply to her blackmail is to go to pull out the roll of negative film of her and Veli together that Sermin has been looking for. She tells her to “keep her mouth shut” or she will release the photos to the Adana newspaper and whats more, she wants Sermin to apologise in front of the workers and staff to Gulten for falsely accusing her of having an affair with Sebahattin. Once more Sermin is defeated by Hunkar.

Yilmaz is feeling much better now. He journey’s to the village huts looking for Nazire. He hasn’t seen her since he drove her to hospital. He finds her and her children and invites her to come and live at his home along with her children. He will now take her and the children as his responsibility and take care of them all. Nazire happily accepts his offer.

Saniye has owned up to Hunkar that she isn’t pregnant any more after Hunkar wanted to take her to the doctors to have the baby checked out.

Demir and Cengo have heard that Yilmaz may be selected to the position of Director of the Chamber of Industry. This offer has offended Demir and Cengo and they react jealously.

It is Zuleyha’s birthday. Demir has a special evening prepared for her along with a new dress for the occasion. He has hired the whole restaurant and set a romantic scene. He has placed a table for two in the middle of the room complemented with music and candlelight. He seats Zuleyha who looks beautiful in her new red dress and takes hold of her hands and tells her of his undying love for her. They present a wealthy couple in love.

Meanwhile , Yilmaz sits alone at home thinking of Zuleyha also. He also remembers that today is her birthday. He is thoughtful and withdrawn. He tells Fekeli of how Zuleyha was happy with a small cake and a candle when they were together. She had told him, “I would rather die than be without you, Yilmaz.” She also told him she would never leave him. He is so sad.

Following the birthday dinner, Demir gives Zuleyha her birthday present. It is a small red sports car. She looks at it surprised. “Demir, I cannot drive.” He tells her she needn’t worry as he will teach her. He places her in the car and gives her the keys! When Hunkar sees the car she only sees it as a tool for Zuleyha to later make her escape with the baby.

Our final scene is the Election Day to vote in a Director to the new Chamber of Industry. Two names are foremost on the list. Demir and Yilmaz. The voting commences and each vote is marked against the candidates names. In the end, there is only one vote left and Demir and Yilmaz have the same amount of votes. Who will win? Who will be the first Director of the new Chamber of Industry? Join me next week to find out.





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