This episode continues at the intense warehouse explosion where Fekeli and Yilmaz had entered and agreed to meet Demir and Cengo. Demir and Cengo had set a trap and watch as the building is blown to pieces. “Bingo,” says Cengo. “Two birds with one stone!” They hurry off to Demir’s office to gloat over their achievement in killing their enemies. Demir would have much preferred to shoot Fekeli in the same fashion as his father died, unarmed. With their death, he hopes the piece of land they had their eyes on for their dairy will once again come up for sale.

Little did they know there were two men sitting in their car with smirks on their faces. Yilmaz turns to Fekeli and says, “Everything you said has come true”. Congratulations.

Gaffur is still hiding in the barn whilst everyone thinks he has gone to Istanbul in search of Gulten. He doesn’t like being separated from Saniye nor does he like to be cold and hungry, but here he must stay for at least 6 days before he can lie to Hunkar and tells her he could not find Gulten in Istanbul.

At the Ranch, Hunkar knows nothing amount Demir’s involvement in the warehouse explosion. News on the radio gave the number of deaths to be around 10. A visitor is shown in to her lounge room. It is Ali Rahmet Fekeli! “I thought you were dead,” she says. “I have been dead for 20 years,” he says. “I have been living with my dead family!” She reminds him that it is her husband who is dead and he was unarmed. He tells her all he wants is the truth to come out. He goes on to say, “There was an explosion today and 2 men were killed. One named Ali Rahmet Fekeli and the other Yilmaz Akkaya.” Hunkar looks at him with surprise. She didn’t know about this. (I think Fekeli was pleased to know that she was not involved.) In leaving he tells her, “I think you know the truth about this incident.” Hunkar keeps his visit a secret from Demir at this stage.

That evening Demir and Hunkar are dressing for an engagement party in town. Hunkar will be staying to take care of the baby. Gaffur is in the barn and Saniye is in the kitchen. Demir (as he usually does) selects the dress and jewellery he wants Zuleyha to wear. He loves to parade her in front of his friends and business acquaintances. Tonight he chooses an emerald dress. He wants to drape an emerald/diamond necklace around her neck but when he opens the jewellery box he finds the necklace missing. He asks Zuleyha, “Do you know where the emerald necklace is?” She answers, “No.” (If you recall, this was the necklace that Veli stole when he last visited the Ranch.) He selects a string of rubies instead wondering where it is and if it has been stolen by the thief who stole Sermin’s jewels.

The engagement party is a splendid event. All the guests are dressed in formal attire. Our lover boy is also attending. He looks so handsome in his tuxedo and bow tie. He is introduced to every eligible single girl in Adana but he has only eyes for Zuleyha. He stands to the side of the room and watches as Zuleyha enters the room. He cannot take his eyes of this vision of beauty. He watches her as Demir gets her up to dance. His eyes follow every move she makes. Over Demir’s shoulder, her eyes meet his and hold a long soul filling gaze.

It is not long before Demir sees him. How can this be! He is supposed to be dead! He is shaken to the very core. The look of shock stamped on his face. His attempt was not successful.

After meeting Hunkar for the first time at the Ranch. Fekeli’s mind keeps going back to her. He sits at home in front of the warm fire looking at the telephone. Hunkar, on the other hand, is trying to pluck up the courage to call him. Eventually the phone rings and Fekeli answers. He picks it up and speaks into the receiver, “Yes, Mrs Yaman?” Hunkar is shocked that he knew she would call. Our next scene shows Hunkar getting dressed to go out. She leaves the baby in the care of Saniye whilst she is away. She is off to meet once more with Ali Rahmet Fekeli.

Upon meeting with Ali Rahmet she asks him what it is that he wants. He replies, “I want to have a face to face talk with you, and I want you to listen to me.” He tells her that it was Demir that blew up the warehouse intending to kill him and Yilmaz. She will not hear of it, “ Demir would never do such a thing. Never.” He tells her that she never listened to the truth 20 years ago and she does not want to hear the truth now. “You only believe what you want to believe.” Fekeli agrees that his hands have blood on them but her husband 20 years ago had blood on his hands also which she refuses to believe. He tells her his children were killed because of his actions in killing her husband and he was imprisoned for 20 years because of it. Now, he has been given another child. That child is Yilmaz! Hunkar tells him he has made a mistake and Yilmaz is not innocent. He becomes insistent that she listen to him. He says, “Listen to me Hunkar. Your son tried to kill me and Yilmaz today. He wasn’t successful but he will try again. I can’t stop him but you can. I do not want to see blood on his hands.” He continues to tell her he will stop Demir if necessary in killing Yilmaz. He will not let history repeat itself. He has come to see everything is corrected.

Demir and Zuleyha have arrived home after the engagement party. Demir’s jealousy eats at him all the time. He demands Zuleyha tell him if she still loves Yilmaz. She does not answer him.
It is noticed that the baby is all alone with no Saniye taking care of him. Demir calls out for Saniye. She is nowhere to be found. Saniye took an opportunity to run some food out to Gaffur at the barn. When she arrived there the barn was empty. She immediately hurries back to the mansion knowing he had crept into their house. She worries that somebody will see him and then they would be in big trouble. She tracks him down in the lodge and finds him asleep in their bed after filling his belly. Saniye makes her way back to the mansion and to the baby. Unfortunately not soon enough as Hunkar has arrived home also. Firstly, Demir rips into Hunkar for neglecting the baby and going out. Then Hunkar rips into Saniye for leaving the baby and deserting her duty. It isn’t Saniye’s day.

Demir still in a bad mood asks his mother where she was and why she didn’t take care of the baby. Hunkar responds and tells him that she spent the evening with Ali Rahmet Fekeli. Demir goes off his brain at her, “What do you mean?” he yells. She looks at him and asks him, “Were you responsible for the explosion at the warehouse?” They glare at each other. He tells her, “I will not let the murderer of my father along with the man who wants to take my wife, live. So don’t try to stop me!” That evening Demir and Cengo gather together to discuss the explosion. They agree that they were tricked by Fekeli and Yilmaz and they feel embarrassed that they must be laughing at them at this very moment.

Yilmaz has returned home after having a little bit of fun at the engagement party parading about in front of Demir. Gulten welcomes him home and with smitten eyes. He will not hold her gaze and walks into the lounge room to see Fekeli. He is most interested to hear how his evening went. He tells Fekeli, “It was just as you said, papa. Demir was frozen when he saw me.” Fekeli warns him that they have to now take it slow. He does not want Yilmaz taking any revenge on the attempt on their lives. Yilmaz swears to him that he will not kill him but he will not give him any peace!

Village people in Adana have woken up to a great surprise. Every house has had a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables left on their doorsteps. They have been delivered as a gift from Fekeli as a sign of his continued support to them. He tells the villagers that he has been locked up for 20 years but there is no place like home. He confirms that his door will never be shut to them. The adoration of the villagers is seen by Cengo which fuels jealousy within him.

Back at the Ranch, it is a sad day for Saniye. She has lost her baby. She is very upset and leaves the Ranch to find Gaffur in the barn. When she reaches him he is cold and hungry. He is expecting hot food but Saniye brings him bad news. This news puts them both in an awkward situation. Gaffur has already told Demir and Hunkar that Saniye is pregnant. What are they going to do! Later that evening Saniye sneaks back to the Ranch trying very hard not to be seen, but eagle-eyed Hunkar notices her sneaking about and wonders what she is up to. She reminds herself to follow her next time.

Gulten has made a bold move towards Yilmaz. She enters his bedroom on the pretence of bringing him some clothes. This worries him. He says to her, “Couldn’t you have brought them in the morning?” “Why this late?” He also tells her that it is inappropriate for her to be in his room and he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. He tells her , “Don’t come to my room again.” She apologises and leaves. Her heart has been broken and all her dreams dashed. Not so though of Yilmaz. His mind drifts to his beautiful Zuleyha.

It is dinner time in the barn. Gaffur is tucking into a large rice dinner that Saniye has brought him. He needs to stay out of sight for at least 6 days before he can safely come out of hiding. That would be enough time for his return journey to Istanbul and his fake search for Gulten. He and Saniye chat happily and are taken by surprise when Hunkar walks into the barn and catches them both. Shock and panic is seen all over their faces. She demands to know why he is hiding and not in Istanbul. “You are hiding something and I want to know what it is. Where is Gulten?” she asks? “You both have been lying to me from the beginning. Shame on you.” They both beg the great lady not to tell Demir as he would kick them out of the Ranch. They beg on the life of the little baby in Saniye’s tummy to allow them to stay! Oh dear! Another lie!

It is not long before Gulten gets a phone call from the Ranch. It is Hunkar ordering her back home or she will kick out Gaffur, Saniye and the expected baby! After the incident with Yilmaz, she decides to pack her bags and leave.

Back at the Ranch, Gaffur and Saniye pace up and down hoping that Gulten will come and save them. They see her coming and are so relieved that they still have somewhere to live. Hunkar makes a point of looking for Gulten to arrive and walks down to the lodge where Gaffur and Saniye live. This time Gulten does not hold back. She tells Hunkar of all the horrible things that Gaffur has done to her and how she would be dead if Yilmaz hadn’t saved her from killing herself. Gaffur now has to hang his head in shame.

It is not long before Gulten’s return reaches the ears of all at the Ranch, Sermin being one of them. She kicks up a stink that she is back. Hunkar relates how Gulten has been living in Istanbul with a relative and is blameless of the theft of Sermin’s jewels and the scandalous rumours of her and Sebahattin. Sermin will now have to find somebody else to blame. She is not a happy lady and Sebahattin drags her home to present her with photographs he has had developed of her and Veli in compromising situations. Sermin throws herself into a rage and tears up each photograph into little pieces. He also knows that she gave Veli her jewels to sell. Sermin now has to accept her conditions and give him a divorce. Worst still is that Hunkar tracks Sermin down and tells her that Veli is a swindler and she should never have trusted him. Sermin starts to become very nervous. Has she lost not only her jewels but all her money that she had given him for his investments?
Hunkar follows up her visit by sending Said (a private investigator working for Demir) to find Veli. She tells him, “Do not touch him, just let me know where he is first.”

Yilmaz and Zuleyha are just about to have a close encounter! Zuleyha comes across Nazire at the village huts who has taken an epileptic seizure. Nazire has passed out beside the river bank. Zuleyha is calling for help whilst her daughter has run into the fields calling out for Yilmaz. On hearing her cries Yilmaz hurries to the riverbank. There he is taken by surprise and is face to face with Zuleyha. There is a moment of silence between them then they both hop into action in saving Nazire by rushing her to the hospital in Yilmaz’s red jeep.

Fadik, watching them from the river bank thinks that this is a good time to get into Demir’s good books. She runs to tell him that his wife and Yilmaz are meeting beside the river bank!

Nazire is admitted to hospital and Yilmaz and Zuleyha were instrumental in saving her life. They leave the hospital and Yilmaz makes the offer to drive Zuleyha home. At first, she was hesitant but later gets into the front seat to sit beside Yilmaz.

Meanwhile, the infuriated Demir is after them. He follows them in his car along one of the back roads of Adana. He blocks the road and draws his pistol from the glove box. He orders Yilmaz out of the car. Yilmaz also pulls his pistol out of the glove box. Zuleyha can see a bloodbath happening, Demir’s jealousy has fuelled a rage within him. She places her hand on Yilmaz’s arm, “Yilmaz, don’t go! Stay in the car.” He looks at her beautiful face and gets out.

They stand face to face pointing their pistols at each other. Zuleyha gets out of the car and stands near them. Yilmaz tells her, “Get back in the car Zuleyha.” Thinking that she may be injured by what was going to transpire. Demir says the same thing, “Get back in the car Zuleyha.”

Demir tells Yilmaz, “This will end here, today.”




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