Yilmaz and Zuleyha gaze deeply into each other’s eyes. They haven’t seen each other since he was dragged away and put in jail. There is tension in the air. He tells her she is so beautiful, breathtaking. She has a son now. If things were different they would have had a child and a life together. Zuleyha, head bowed says, “I didn’t want it to be like this”. He asks her, “Did Demir force you!” She is silent. “If he did I will take you and the baby away if necessary”. “I would be a father to that baby,” he tells her. She still remains silent with head bowed. His next question is, “Do you love Demir?” Zuleyha will not answer him she is finding it hard to even speak. Yilmaz loses his temper and bashes the table trying to get some response from Zuleyha. She finally speaks and says, “Don’t you see the situation I am in?” He repeats his question, “Do you love Demir?” Her only answer to that is, “You don’t understand!” He demands she look at him and bashes the table once more. “What don’t I understand”?

Zuleyha speaks low and soft, “You were going to be executed. I was so lonely”. Tears welled up in his eyes whilst listening to her. “It was hopeless”. She said. So, he tells her, “You chose this,” indicating her wealthy clothes and jewellery. “It was not like that, Demir loved me a great deal”.
So, he says, “You do love him?” She remains silent. “I wish you had written to me, even a couple of lines, even just to tell me that you had decided to cut me off” he cries. Tears build up in his eyes and run down his face. “I prayed and waited every single day for just one letter but nothing ever came he says. “It was not the court that sentenced me to death Zuleyha, it was you”!

Zuleyha now speaks up, “I thought you would forget me if I didn’t write,” she tells him. He answers, “You were my only hope in there, shame on you”. He now believes Demir when he told him that she had forgotten him within a week. He also now believes that Zuleyha loves Demir. Yilmaz asks Zuleyha to tell him that she wants to be with Demir. He tells her, “Isn’t that the reason you have come here today. Didn’t Demir send you here to tell me this. Or, is it you that just wants to talk to me”? He continues to say, “If you are worried about me killing him, don’t be. From now on I will be out of your life Zuleyha”.

Throughout all the questioning Zuleyha hardly speaks. She continues to keep her head bowed. She is becoming very emotional with tears streaming down her face. His final attack comes when he tells her she is dead to him now and walks out. She is left sitting by herself in the restaurant broken hearted.

Yilmaz leaves the building. Returns to his car and drives off. He is also broken hearted with tears streaming down his face.

At the Ranch, all Hunkar can say whilst sitting with her son is, “This is such a big gamble!” They see Zuleyha drive into the Ranch gates. She gets out of the car. Demir walks up to her. One look at her and you can see she has changed. “Where is my son,” she asks? “He is in his cradle,” Demir answers. She turns her back on him and walks into the house and up the stairs to her baby.

Demir follows Zuleyha into the bedroom and sees that she is broken-hearted. She holds the baby close in her arms. He is all she has left of Yilmaz. Demir tries to work his way back into her affections but it doesn’t work. He tells her that he never wanted it to be like this. She raises her head and stares at him. He tells her, “Don’t look at me like that”. I think he has pushed her too far. He keeps telling her that it is because of his great love for her that all this has happened. If he had known that she was Yilmaz’s wife in the first place he would not have pursued her quite as hard and tried to stay away from her but by the time Yilmaz told him who she was, it was too late.

Zuleyha now speaks up and looks Demir straight in the face. She tells him that she has accepted her fate. She also accepts that this is her home and that she has a son more precious than life. She tells him she accepts that he is her husband and she will neither run away nor create havoc in the house, but if he expects her to fall in love with him then, “Forget it”. “I have no heart left”. “Accept that”! Demir will not accept this and tells her that someday she will realise how much he loves her and she will return his love. He will wait until that time.

Yilmaz has arrived home. He sits with Fekeli and relates the events of his meeting with Zuleyha. Fekeli can see how upset Yilmaz is. He shares how beautiful she was and how everything about her spoke wealth. He admits that when he first saw her he held his breathe and was taken back by her beauty. He continues to say that he had waited all this time to hear from her mouth that she has been forced by Demir. “Do you know what her answer was,” he said to Fekeli? She said, “What could she do, I was desperate, Demir was already in love with her”. Yilmaz tells his father that “He loved the wrong one”. Fekeli gives him words of wisdom and tells him that, “God will comfort him”. He is told that “All comfort comes from God and to let God be enough for him”. Amen! Yilmaz tells himself that tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow he will start a new life.

Our mischief maker Gulten has settled into Fekeli’s household. She still has eyes for Yilmaz and knows that he has seen Zuleyha. She wonders if Zuleyha has told him that she kept all her letters for him whilst he was in jail and had burnt them all. She asks Yilmaz, “What did Zuleyha say when you saw her?” He comments, “Nothing”.

Demir is trying to weave his way into Zuleyha’s affections. He is wining and dining her at one of the best restaurants in town. You can see by her face that she has changed. He offers to take her anywhere in the world she would like to go. She refuses and tells him that they have a baby and she will never leave him. He then offers to get a Nanny to care for the baby whilst they travel. She refuses this offer also and tells him she will care for Adnan herself. He looks a little frustrated.

Yilmaz, on the other hand, has immersed himself in his work. With the help of Cetin, his right-hand man, they have built a Cafeteria for the factory workers. His workers will work two ten hour shifts. Every day they will be able to receive a free hot meal and to be able to sit down in comfort. He gives Cetin a pat on the back for work well done.

It has been a couple of days since Zuleyha’s traumatic visit to meet Yilmaz. She is calmer but you can see that she has changed. She sits with the family at the dining room table when Sebahattin (who has moved back home to support Zuleyha) enters the room. He directs his question to Hunkar. “What are you going to do about the rumours concerning Gulten and himself”? This is the first time that Demir and Zuleyha had heard of any trouble involving Gulten. Sebahattin updates Demir on the gossip going around about him and Gulten.

He also tells him that it is all false and these rumours need to cease. Demir angrily calls for Gulten but he is told by Hunkar that she has been sent to the huts. He then calls Gaffur to gather together all his ranch workers so he can find out where the rumours had started. He stands before them and demands the guilty person comes
forward and eventually, Fadik confesses she was responsible. Demir is savage with her punishment and banishes her to the huts and reprimands Gaffur for not defending his sister’s honour. He orders him to bring Gulten back. (Remember Demir knows nothing of Gulten’s hanging and that Yilmaz now has her.) Saniye and Gaffur know they are screwed if they can’t get
Gulten to come back to the Ranch. Gaffur will have to go and see Yilmaz in the hope Gulten will come home.

Sebahattin, although he is back in the house, does not want to have anything to do with Sermin. He has applied for a divorce and he will wait a year if necessary to get what he wants. Sermin considers moving to Istanbul just to get away from everything.

Yilmaz, on the other hand, is doing a round of visitation to the business owners in Adana. They seem to like him. They have heard what he has done for his factory workers and this has impressed them and they are very respectful towards him. He has offered them help from any pressing problems they may face.

Fekeli is at home. He waits for an opportunity to speak to Gulten. When he feels the time is right he questions her about where she worked in the mansion and whether she had much to do with Zuleyha. She has obviously lied to him as afterwards she is seen in her bedroom admonishing that she had to do it. Fekeli has observed that Gulten is obviously smitten when it comes to Yilmaz. He tells Yilmaz that he can tell that she loves him and asks how long has she been like this. He confides, “Since our arrival at the Yaman Ranch!”

At the Cotton Mill, Gaffur has arrived looking for Yilmaz. He wanders around looking at all the new machinery that has been delivered to the factory. On seeing him walking around his property Yilmaz takes him by the scruff of the neck out of the building. “Why are you here”? He tells him, “I have come for Gulten”. Yilmaz tells him she is not there as a prisoner and she can leave at any time she wishes. Gaffur tells him, “It is not right for a young girl to stay at his house. It will ruin her honour”. He tells Gaffur he can come with him to his house where he can ask Gulten what she wants. After all, it is her decision. At the house, Yilmaz calls for Gulten. At first, Gaffur talks all buttery to her but it is not long before he loses his temper when Gulten refuses to come with him. Yilmaz orders him off the property and to go back and tell Demir that if he wants her he will have to come and get her himself.

Gaffur is now in a bad situation. He and Saniye have lied to Demir. How can he now go back and tell Demir that Gulten will not come back and prefers to stay with Yilmaz? They have to tell him something, so they put their heads together and come up with a plan to say that Gulten ran away to Istanbul from the village huts.

At the Yaman Ranch, Hunkar is seen walking out onto her verandah. She gazes out to see a black car parked along the side of her house. In the back seat, with the window down, she can see the figure of a man. She looks more carefully and she recognises Ali Rahmet Fekeli. She exclaims to herself, “He is not dead!” “Why did he want me to think he was”? And “Why has he come back”?

That evening she tells Demir that she had seen Fekeli and that he is alive. He was surprised. She also told him she thought she saw him in the hospital and that he had come into her room but at that time she thought it was a dream.

Demir hasn’t had a good week. He has had Sermin and Sebahattin giving him a headache and he now has Fekeli to contend with. Gulten has been accused wrongly and has now been banished to the huts. He also has had a visit from a jeweller in Adana. The jeweller recognised a ring which had the name S. Yaman imprinted on it from a box of jewels a friend of his bought off a man walking the streets. The jeweller did not know who the man was but told him that he was not a local person. (This must have been all the jewellery that Sermin gave to Veli to cash in for his investment in the Bazaar.) Sermin, when confronted by Demir, screams and blames the theft of her jewels on the missing Gulten but Sebahattin knows his wife is capable of selling the jewels and stands up for Gulten. Unfortunately, with Gulten’s absence, it has made it easy for Sermin to blame an innocent girl.

After telling their lies that Gulten had run away to Istanbul, Hunkar has told Gaffur to go to Istanbul and search out Gulten. His lie is now getting him into bigger trouble. Although our scheming Saniye puts another plan into action. She hides Gaffur in the barn whilst everyone else thinks he has gone to Istanbul. They obviously have another lie planned for the time he is supposed to get back. We will have to wait for our next episode to see what eventuates.

Sermin has phoned the hotel where Veli is staying to speak to him. She is told he is not one of their guests and there has been nobody of that name ever been registered there. She feels this is unusual and goes around to Fusun’s house to inquire if she has seen him. She also tells her that she hasn’t seen him. Sermin asked her, “Did Veli ever pay you back for the money you loaned him?” She answers, “No”. Sermin is beginning to feel that something could be wrong. She tells Fusun to let her know if she sees him around. What she didn’t see was Veli, he was in the upstairs bedroom all along. He now lives with Fusun and was happy to see Sermin leave.

It is the night that Demir and Cengo normally socialise. They have picked a busy nightclub this time which has a good supply of women and alcohol. Cengo during the evening gets himself really drunk and begins a fight with Demir. The fight becomes violent necessitating the club staff to pull them apart. It wasn’t long before the news flows through Adana about their fight and the news even ends up at the ears of Yilmaz. He sees evidence of the change in their friendship when he is having lunch with local businessmen at a popular restaurant. Cengo walks in and sees Demir sitting at his normal table and not wanting to be even near him, leaves. Yilmaz raises his eyebrows at this and that evening tells Fekeli what he has seen. Fekeli tells him that this is only the beginning!

Gulten seems blissfully happy at the house with Fekeli and Yilmaz. She wanders into his bedroom and smells his clothes and leaves him a red rose to remind him that she loves him. He will have to discourage her. Although he knows Gulten loves him he can only see her as a sister. His true love is Zuleyha and he cannot get her out of his mind. Fekeli tells him if he is going to tell Gulten that he has no feelings for her, then this should be done gently without wounding her too much. That night Yilmaz has a disturbed sleep. He rises and walks out to the stable fence. Fekeli joins him there knowing his heart is broken by his love for Zuleyha. Yilmaz tells him of how he aches for her. He can’t stand it any more. The pain is too bad. Fekeli comforts him.

Our Yilmaz has driven to Cengo’s agricultural field. Cengo sees him coming. He tells Yilmaz, “I suppose you have heard of the fight I had with Demir?” Yilmaz confirms he had and tells him, “Your buddy is an asshole”. Yilmaz has come to speak to him about a plan he and his boss has put together and that he has come to work along with him. Cengo tells him that he is impressed with how a stranger to Cukurova can even begin to know how to work along with his fields. He asks Yilmaz to tell him who his boss is but in this scene we do not hear his answer.

We are getting close to the end of our episode now. We see Cengo arriving at the airfield where Demir is waiting for him. You think that they are going to fight but fighting is the furthest thing from their minds. Demir walks up to his and they both burst into laughter. “HE TOOK THE BAIT DEMIR,” Cengo tells him. They put their arms around each other and embrace. “HIS BOSS IS FEKELI ALI RAHMET”! Demir asks, “When do we meet?” It is explained that the time is set for 5.00 pm that afternoon at an abandoned warehouse.

At 5.00 pm Fekeli and Yilmaz drive into the grounds of the abandoned warehouse. Demir and Cengo are sitting in their car which is parked out of sight. They have a plan. They have set a bomb to go off at 5.00 pm and intend to kill them both. Yilmaz and Fekeli have walked inside to wait for Cengo. They stand looking around. It is so quiet. They look at each other. Still, no Cengo has turned up.

At that moment Demir and Cengo are eagerly waiting for the bomb to go off. When it happens it shakes the very earth. Nothing or nobody could escape that explosion!




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