Demir has pushed Zuleyha to the point of putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger. She had escaped, she was caught and her baby was taken taken from her. Demir stands in front of her and tells her to pull the trigger. She has no other way out. She pulls the trigger only to find that the gun has no bullets. Demir is a dark man. His only weapon now is to try and black mail Zuleyha into staying with him. He makes her an offer. Either stay or leave, but if she leaves she goes without her baby.

Yilmaz has gathered together his factory workers together for the arrival of a shipment of machinery. He has modernized his factory and purchased new machines, which will produce huge amounts of cotton and allow them to make their own fabric. He reassures them that nobody will lose their jobs because of modern machinery instead they will be hiring more employees. His workers applaud him.

Thanks to Sebahattin, Hunkar is still alive. She lies in hospital and worried about her son. She can see how sad he is. He is under a lot of stress. He has a sick mother, a wife who doesn’t want him and a farm that has no workers! (Mind you he doesn’t know about that as yet).

Zuleyha on the other hand has been driven back to the Ranch. She knows the decision she has to make and she knows she is free to go if she wishes. She is trapped. She cannot go anywhere without her son. She decides to start searching for him. She frantically runs to all the possible places he could be. She cannot find him at the Ranch and panic ridden runs out the gates and along the roads. She tries Cengo’s house first with no luck and ends up sitting in a park in the middle of Adana. It is very late at night when she returns to the Ranch. She sits on the front steps of the mansion completely distraught. It is here she stays for many hours.

After some time Gulten joins her and tells her how she was forced to betray her to Demir. She tells her to go away. Gaffur also tries his luck and is also told to go away. Eventually, Zuleyha is left sitting out the front of the mansion in the pouring rain until Demir arrives late at night and ushers her into their bedroom and dries her out.

Sebahattin has finished with Sermin. He has packed his bags. He says his farewells to Gulten and drives away. Gulten is seen saying goodbye to Sebahattin by Fadik who already has spread gossip that they are lovers.

At the Cotton Mill, Yilmaz continues to look after his staff. He has ordered them dinner. It has been a long day moving in the new machinery and they have been involved in a lot of physical hard work. He sits amongst them eating and drinking the same food as they do and even goes to the extent of asking Cetin to arrange a building to use as a dining room for future meals.

Hunkar’s fever is down thanks to the good care of Sebahattin. Demir visits his mother whilst she is asleep and lies like a little boy with his head on her chest. He tells his sleeping mother that he is tired of trying to get Zuleyha to love him.

Saniye has told Gaffur that she is expecting his child. Gaffur is over the moon to hear this news. He has waited so long to be a father. They will keep it a secret for a little while longer before telling anyone.

Up in her bedroom, Zuleyha is dry and sitting on her bed. She asks Demir, “Where is my son”? He tells her he is safe and he would never let anything bad happen to him. She tells him his love for her is like a torture. His response to her is that she is the one torturing him! She asks him again “Give me my son”! He doesn’t reply.

That night Yilmaz and Demir stand looking out into the rain. Both have the same thing on their minds, Zuleyha!

The day dawns bright and clear but all is not happy with Gaffur. He has been told that there are no workers in the fields. He is told that all the workers have gone to work for Yilmaz. He will have to act fast. He had been left in charge and if Demir gets to hear of this it will not be taken lightly. He leaves to go to Adana to hire more workers.

Hunkar has now been discharged from hospital and is so happy to be home at last. She asks Zuleyha, “Where is the baby”? Zuleyha will not speak to her and leaves the room. Hunkar then turns to her son, “What is going on”? “Where is the baby”? He takes her into the study and fills her in as to what has been going on since she has been in the hospital. He confides that he cannot trust Zuleyha again and that he has placed the baby in good hands with a wet nurse.

Zuleyha watches Hunkar in the morning drive out of the Ranch. She wonders whether she is going to get her son. Little does she know that she is on her way to see Yilmaz! He sees her drive into the Cotton Mill and is surprised as to what brought the great lady to his door. She looks powerful. He looks confronting. At first, he was in no mood to speak to her but when she asked him to talk about Zuleyha he changed his mind.

He walks her into one of his sheds to have their conversation. He knows she ripped up his Court Appeal document and sent him to prison to be hung. She is a monster for doing all the dirty dishonest things that she has done to him. He asks her, “WHY”? Her answer was, “Because Zuleyha was pregnant”! He raises his eyebrows. “Not to you but to Demir”. “They were madly in love”. Yilmaz questions her, “Why did you want me hung”? Her answer to him was, “I knew you wouldn’t be hung”. She tells him she did everything because Zuleyha was pregnant and she wanted her son’s happiness.

Hunkar goes on to say that he has to look at it from Zuleyha’s point of view. She was in love with Demir and pregnant. Demir then placed her under his protection. She tells him that she knows this news hurts him but that is how it is. “That is the truth”! “Don’t tear apart this family”. “Let Zuleyha go”! Yilmaz tells her he doesn’t believe her and the only way he will believe it is if Zuleyha tells him herself. Hunkar then returns to her car and drives away.

Our dear Zuleyha is begging Hunkar to tell her where her baby is. Hunkar ignores her. We see two mothers. One trying to protect her son and mend his broken heart and the other separated from her son and blackmailed into obedience. This makes a woman like a deadly viper protecting her young. Hunkar seems more powerful now than before she went into the hospital. She uses all her evilness to manipulate Zuleyha into doing exactly what her son wants. She finishes her conversation by telling Zuleyha that it was Yilmaz that shot her and sent her to the hospital and not to expect anything from her from now on.

Veli has now got Sermin and Fusun wrapped around his little finger. He invites Sermin to lunch and whilst she is there has one of his friends spins a tale about a shopping bazaar, which is going to be built. There is a guaranteed profit of 20:1. The last day of opportunity is Monday. He cannot wait another day. Sermin hears this and puts up her hand to help Veli secure the investment. She gives him all her jewels to sell so he can make the payment. He smiles and waves her off.

Gaffur is in Adana. He has employed enough workers to continue working the fields. He couldn’t find field hands but he has employed construction workers instead. He loads them into the back of the truck and heads back to the Ranch. It is not long before Demir finds out that his fields have no workers and have been abandoned. All his huts are empty and his workers have gone to Yilmaz. Gaffur has told him nothing! How can this be!

He hurries out to the fields and finds Gaffur unloading his truckload of workers. He grabs him by the scruff of the neck and bashes him. “Why wasn’t I told”?
Demir swears to Cengo that he will not allow Yilmaz to get away with it.

At the horse stud, Fekeli and Yilmaz are sitting down to dinner. (Yes, you guessed it, Adana Kebab and Salgam). Yilmaz’s mind is pre-occupied since Hunkars visit to the factory. He tells Fekeli that she came “to speak the truth” and he shares with him their conversation. Yilmaz wonders what kind of woman he married. “How could he be so wrong”? Fekeli tells him the truth will come to him when least he expects it.

That night he finds Yilmaz in the garage repairing a tractor. He tells him that Hunkar is a powerful woman and very rarely leaves the Ranch to come to anybody. Normally they go to her. Yet, she had sought out Yilmaz at the Cotton Mill so she must be pretty scared that you may kill her son. Yilmaz asks Fekeli, “Are you afraid I will kill him also Papa”? Don’t worry, I will only kill him if I have to, not because I want to”. Fekeli was happy with this answer.

Back at the Ranch! Demir tries to get Zuleyha to eat and drink. She is lying on the bed and does not talk to him. He lies on the bed next to her and they remain in silence.

The next day Yilmaz and Demir run into each other at a restaurant. Demir overhears Yilmaz talking to his colleagues about his new machinery. This frustrates Demir, as he still doesn’t know where Yilmaz gets his money. In his office, he goes over the prison files to see if Fekeli and Yilmaz were in the same cell. He can see that they were. They spent 28 days together. That is not enough time for somebody to leave all your life savings to. He dismisses it. I don’t think it will be long before he puts the two together.

The Court has delivered Sermins divorce papers. Hunkar opens the papers and gets a shock. She didn’t know that their marriage was so damaged. Fadik sticks her nose in and tells that it is all because of Gulten and Sebahattin are friends.
Sermin goes into a rage and attacks Gulten. Nobody even asks poor Gulten if it is true. Saniye tries to stick up for her but Sermin is beside herself and tells her to leave the Ranch. Gaffur is incensed when he hears the gossip and he has been embarrassed for the last time by Gulten. He wants to kill her. She shuts herself in her room with Saniye as her guard.

Fekeli still wants to remain a mystery as far as Demir is concerned. He wants to stay hidden making it harder for them to find out who is behind Yilmaz’s power and money. He says, “It will drive them made. They think he is dead and left all his money to Yilmaz. They are waiting for Yilmaz to blow all his inheritance and then have nothing left”. Yilmaz gets it! “So, you want them to think I am here only temporarily”? He tells Yilmaz that he wants the Yamans to get so angry that they try to destroy it all. Yilmaz asks him a question; “Papa, you have never told me how you came upon all your wealth”? He answers, “Do you think I got my wealth from crime”? I had a family before I shot Demir’s father. I had a wife, a daughter and a son. They shot my children so there would not be a trace of me left. I told my wife to sell everything we had and go to Istanbul. I told her to buy goods, fields and properties. That’s what she did. Then I went to jail for 20 years and it all became valuable. He has wealth in money terms but it is nothing without a family. It is useless.

Sebahattin has been asked to visit Hunkar. She asks him about the rumour that he and Gulten have some kind of love relationship going on. Of course, he denies it and tells her that it is all gossip. Sebahattin asks Hunkar straight out, “Why did you have to ruin two young people’s lives”! You don’t need to worry about Gulten but you may have to worry about Yilmaz. He only hopes Demir doesn’t find out. Hunkar looks at him knowing that he knows everything, including the baby.

Gaffur has invited a farm worker to visit him at the lodge. He is offering him his sister’s hand in marriage. Gulten, on the other hand, runs away and leaves a suicide note behind. She walks in a dazed fashion through the back roads until she reaches the barn where Gaffur had chained her up.

Nazire a friend of Yilmaz from the farm workers huts hears that Gaffur is searching for her and about the accusations against Gulten. She panics when she hears that Gulten is going to kill herself. She runs and tells Yilmaz what has happened and he begins a search of the canals and roads around the Ranch but with no success.

Gulten has arrived at the barn, she takes a rope and ties it to the rafters and then stands on a crate and puts the rope around her neck. She then jumps and the rope tightens.

Yilmaz on remembering the barn where Gulten was chained up by Gaffur. He races with all his might in case she was there. He walks in and sees her hanging by the neck. He manages to hold up her weight whilst he cuts her down. She is so distraught she cannot talk. He hugs her and comforts her. He tells her he will never allow her to do anything like this. From now on she will live with him and Fekeli.

Gaffur, on the other hand, has been called up to the mansion along with Saniye. Hunkar is counselling them on the gossip going around about Gulten. She tells them both that there is no truth in the gossip and for them not to be worried. Upon hearing this Gaffur knows he has made a mistake. He and Saniye hurry back to the lodge expecting to find Gulten there. All they find is an empty room and a suicide note on her bed. Gaffur now knows he has screwed up big time. He runs shouting and looking for his sister praying that she has done nothing to herself. He eventually thinks of the barn and barges his way in. He doesn’t find Gulten but he does find Yilmaz waiting for him. Yilmaz beats him and a flick-knife is drawn. Yilmaz gets ready to cut his throat. “Do you remember when I told you that I would return and cut your throat out”? “Well, today is that day”! He tells him to return and to tell his master that Yilmaz has Gulten and he will be caring for her from now on. Gaffur will never hurt her again.

He returns to the horse stud where he finds a calm Gulten who has been cared for by Fekeli. She throws herself into his arms with gratitude and he tells her she they will not let them hurt her any longer.

On returning to the Ranch and talking to Saniye, they decide to tell Hunkar that Gulten is at the worker’s village now. They don’t want to tell Demir that Gulten is with Yilmaz in case he throws them out also.

Zuleyha is still in her room. She has neither eaten or drank anything for days. Hunkar has told Demir that this cannot go on. He goes upstairs and takes a dress out of her wardrobe and tells her to put it on. “Dress”, he says. “We are going to see our son”! He drives her to the home of the farm worker that is caring for his son. He asks her to stay in the car whilst he goes in. He is then seen at the window of the hut with her son in his arms so that she can see that he is in good health. Zuleyha is so excited to see her baby. She runs to the front door only to find it locked. She cannot go in. Demir was just giving her a little taste of what she could have if she behaved. He says, “Do you want your son Zuleyha”? She replies, “I am sorry, please give me back my son”!

Demir offers her the baby on one condition. She asks him, “what condition”? “What do you want”? “Tell me….”

Our next scene is of Zuleyha picking up the telephone back at the Ranch. Demir and Hunkar are there also standing over her. She says, “Yilmaz”! He recognizes her voice. He says, “Zuleyha”! He asks her if she is alright. She confirms she is O.K but she wants to meet with him. He agrees.

Yilmaz is getting dressed for his meeting with Zuleyha. Fekeli warns him to be careful. Do whatever he wants but do it calmly and peacefully.

Demir, on the other hand, is dressing Zuleyha. He places magnificent jewels around her neck and diamonds in her ears. She is decisively nervous. He warns her not to do anything wrong or she knows what her punishment will be.

Yilmaz sits in the restaurant waiting for Zuleyha. This is their first meeting since he was arrested and placed in jail. She arrives looking so beautiful. He cannot keep his eyes off her. He rises from his seat and gazes at her beauty. She walks up to him and looks him in the eyes and says, “Hello Yilmaz”!




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