Our first scene is taken at the hospital where Hunkar has been rushed by Demir following the shooting on the Hill. Yilmaz was also shot by Demir and he was left lying on the ground. Zuleyha, in the meantime, is locked in her bedroom thinking she has sent Yilmaz to his death.

In the hospital, Hunkar is fighting for her life. Demir is broken-hearted and weeps. Cengo has come to comfort him. Demir tells him the story of how Yilmaz shot his mother and how he fired and put a bullet in his heart. Demir is a crack shot and he knows he hit his mark. Cengo leaves the hospital to investigate what has happened to Yilmaz. Surely he would have been brought to a hospital or the police would know something if he was dead.

Gaffur and Gulten have now had a change in their relationship as brother and sister. Gulten still stands up for Yilmaz and wants to go to him and tell him about what has gone on at the Ranch. At this time he and Saniye know nothing of the event that happened on the Hill. He expects a wad of money for his role in Zuleyha’s betrayal regarding the note.

On the other hand, Zuleyha is beside herself with worry. It was her note to Yilmaz that may have got him killed. She wonders if he is still alive. She watches out of the window for signs of Demir’s return and when he does turn up he opens the bedroom door and grabs the baby locking the door behind him.

Zuleyha is now trapped and without her son. She remembers Hunkars words that her son would be taken from her if she disobeyed Demir. She is hysterical, crying, screaming and bashing on the bedroom door. The servants can only watch as Demir walks out of the house with the baby in his arms.

He has taken the baby to Sermin. He knows that their relationship of late has not been too good with all her debts etc., but she is still family and he is relying on her help. He explains to Sermin that an enemy has shot his mother. She is in the hospital and that she is in surgery at this very moment. He tells her that Zuleyha is locked in her room. She wants to leave him to go to Istanbul and he cannot allow this to happen. He requires her to take care of the baby until he returns from the hospital. He leaves the house and gathers all the staff together and explains that Hunkar has had an accident. He takes Gaffur and Saniye aside and tells them his mother was shot. He does not disclose that it was Yilmaz who shot her or that it had anything to do with the note. He places Gaffur in full charge of the Ranch and Saniye in charge of the mansion. He orders Zuleyha to stay locked in her room until his return from the hospital. With his home put in order, he now leaves for the hospital.

Yilmaz has arrived back at the horse stud. He sits together with Fekeli telling him about what happened at the Hill of two Poplars. He puts his hand in his inside left-hand pocket and pulls out a metal case and shows him a bullet hole right in the centre. “If it wasn’t for this I would be dead, he says”. He once again thanks him for saving his life. When a doctor is called to dress a wound on his arm Fekeli takes this opportunity to ask how Hunkar Yaman was. The doctor informs him that she is in the hospital and critical and Demir has not placed a formal complaint against her attacker. He wants to handle this himself. Fekeli shows concern for Hunkar (this leads me to believe that they have had a previous relationship).

Yilmaz feeling unsettled after not taking the opportunity to kill Demir when he had the chance. He just couldn’t leave the baby without a father. Not pleased with himself he gets in his car and drives out to a cliff face and stands to look out into the ocean. He is deeply hurt. “Why had Zuleyha trapped him”?

Demir is sitting by his mother’s bedside talking to her unconscious body about how much he loves her when he is joined by Cengo. Cengo has checked all the hospitals and surgeries but nobody has seen Yilmaz. Demir is confident that he shot him in the heart. His body must be somewhere! He is sure they will hear something soon.

Zuleyha has spent her day bashing on the bedroom door. (I am getting a bit frustrated with Zuleyha. Surely she could have smashed a window by now. Crying and bashing is not going to do it for her.) The servants can hear her attempts to get out of the bedroom all over the house. Gulten is the only one who feels sorry for her because she is the only one that truly knows why she has been locked away. Saniye though has forbidden anybody to unlock the door. Gulten keeps aggravating Gaffur and his anger towards her is growing day by day. He will not allow her to ruin everything that he has built up over the years. He is also expecting a big wad of money when all this is over. He banishes Gulten from the kitchen.

Zuleyha is exhausted. She has stopped bashing on the door and sits on the floor. This is where Demir finds her when he returns from the hospital. He attempts to get her to eat something. He tells her that he believed that she finally loved him but she deceived him and wrote the note to Yilmaz. She now cannot be trusted. She demands that her son be brought to her over and over again. Demir walks out of the room and returns with the baby in his arms. She realizes that she won’t be able to escape as long as he has her son.

In the morning he mood hasn’t changed. She will not speak to Demir. He dresses for work. Removes the cord from the back of the telephone in case she will call for help. He tells her that it is time for a decision. She either stays in her locked room with the baby or he takes the baby and she is free to go wherever she wants. “What will it be”! He leaves and locks the door.

After a raging fight with Gaffur, Gulten leaves the Ranch and is walking towards the Cotton Mill to find Yilmaz. Gaffur has noticed her absence. He believes she will tell Yilmaz everything of what has been going on at the Ranch. She has disobeyed him and she will pay the price. He catches her and beats her and then chains her inside a barn on the farm and leaves her there.

On arriving back at the Ranch he tells Saniye that Gulten has been disobedient and was on her way to tell Yilmaz about Demir and the note. He will not let her out until she has a change of mind.

Fekeli, on the other hand, has been pacing the floor waiting for his son to return home. When he does turn up he still feels the same. His mind is so full of Zuleyha. The same question keeps going around and around in his head. “Why did she trap me”? Why does she hate me”? Fekeli is a wise man and replies, “How do you know that Zuleyha is the one who trapped you? “Maybe she is the one who is trapped”! “Maybe Demir forced her to write the note.” “Don’t be too eager to judge her.”

Yilmaz replied that he thought when she wrote, “My Yilmaz” that she still loved him. He hadn’t slept all night thinking about her. Fekeli asked him, “What would you do if she asked you to run away with her”. Yilmaz replied, “I would take her and leave”. He asks Fekeli, “Why are you defending her”? He replies, “You don’t know what the circumstances are”. “Keep seeking the truth, you don’t know why Hunkar was at the shooting, nor do you know who told her you were there”. He goes on to say that, “You blame Zuleyha. Why? First, find out the truth”.

With this added wisdom Yilmaz drives out to the Yaman Ranch and stands to watch the activity whilst being under cover of the bush. He looks up at the house and says to himself; “How will I get to see you Zuleyha”? “How will I get to talk to you”? “Did you trap me or did I trap myself. What is the truth”?

In the quiet of Hunkar’s hospital room, Fekeli stands to gaze at the unconscious woman lying in the bed. He reminisces and calls her “Sword of my life”. “My Yaman”. He places his hand over hers. He never thought he would be holding her hand once more. Distance had separated them and she had gone away. He had been without her then and he is without her now. “How did we end up like this”! “Life is a mess”. “Who is to blame”? “She had opened her heart to him but he had put his fist in it”. He asks for God’s blessing for her recovery and says farewell. What he didn’t know that although Hunkar’s eyes were closed she was listening to every word he said.

Cengo is taken back when he sees Yilmaz outside a gun shop where he is buying a high-powered rifle. “So he is alive. I must tell Demir”. He quickly telephones him only to find Haminne on the other end of the phone and he is unable to speak to anybody sensibly. He cannot contact Demir and decides to go it alone and try to kill him. He follows him to the Cotton Mill where he confronts him in the courtyard. Cengo draws his pistol and aims it directly at his face. So says Cengo, “Is this the man who shot Hunkar Yaman”? Yilmaz replies, “Are you the triggerman of Demir Yaman who steals another man’s wife”? Cengo is taken back, “What are you talking about. Whose wife did Demir steal”? Yilmaz replies, “He stole my wife”! Cengo asks him, “Aren’t you the one who sells his sister for a gambling debt”? Yilmaz replies, “So this is what he has told you”. “ Did he say that Zuleyha is my sister”! “Didn’t he tell you that he sent me to jail raped my wife and then married her”! Cengo cannot believe what he is hearing and calls him a liar, but Yilmaz takes the barrel of the gun and places it between his own eyes and says, “What if I am telling the truth”? What if she is actually my wife”? If you don’t believe me go and pull the trigger!

Cengo has left the Cotton Mill and finds Demir out in the airfield. Demir can tell that Cengo is agitated and something is wrong. Cengo is disappointed in Demir. He treated him like a brother. Demir had even taken a bullet for him. He has dedicated his life to being not only a friend but also a brother to him. He has always been his hero. How can he lie to him this way? He tells him, “I wanted to be a hero for my blood brother and sacrifice myself.” Demir asks him, “Did you speak to Yilmaz”? He replies, “I went to kill him but he told me a whole different story”.

Demir tells him that Yilmaz has told him the truth. When he first met Zuleyha he thought that she was truly his sister. It was not until he went to jail that he knew Zuleyha was really his wife. This news devastated him because he loved her but later on when he saw her at the mansion he knew he could not give her up. He thought that Yilmaz was in jail for life and in time she would love him back. He didn’t expect Cengo to understand him but his love for Zuleyha is so great that he would do the same thing again. He would do anything to keep Zuleyha. He accepts that they may not be close brothers now that he knows what he did but Cengo wouldn’t understand the strength of love that he has for her. Cengo’s last words to Demir were, “I wish you had told me in the first place”. He leaves Demir standing next to his aircraft. He turns his back and leaves.

Sermin was given the key to the locked bedroom. Zuleyha feels so trapped she even has contemplated suicide but every time she looks at her baby she has renewed hope that she will be able to escape. Sermin has entered her room with a tray of food. If she could get away with it she would help Zuleyha to escape but she is in enough trouble with Demir at the present time and he would kill her if she found out. She tells Zuleyha that her marriage is also unhappy. She sympathizes with Zuleyha and relates how the Yaman’s prize their reputation within the community above anything else.

Poor Gulten is still chained in the barn. Gaffur has been seen by Saniye taking food from the kitchen. She follows him at a distance and sees him enter the barn. She creeps up to a crack in the wood and sees Gulten chained and lying on the floor. She can hear Gaffur raising his voice and telling Gulten she will stay where she is until the time that Demir kills Yilmaz. Once he has gone Saniye forces open the door and tries to unlock her chains. There is nothing she can do she has to return to the Ranch and try to talk Gaffur into letting her go. This was easier said than done. Gaffur refuses to give her the key and orders Saniye to leave her where she is until she changes her mind.

Hunkar has regained consciousness and starting to feel a lot better. Demir visits her regularly and after some time she is released into the care of Sebahattin to be cared for at home. Demir has filled her in as to the events that took place at the Ranch with regards to Zuleyha. She is still locked in her bedroom for fear that she will leave him and take the baby. Later that day Hunkar visits Zuleyha but things are different now and Zuleyha will not allow her to touch her baby. Hunkar tells her, “What is done, is done”! “ Demir never forgives treason.”

In thanks for caring for the baby whilst he was away from the Ranch, Demir has given Sermin a significant amount of money to help pay for her debts. He also tells her that she is family and she doesn’t have to sell her house. Sermin thanks God that her crisis has been averted.

Saniye is seen by Nazire unlocking the door and entering the barn. She thinks this is unusual and as soon as she has gone she creeps over and peeks into the barn. It is here that she sees poor Gulten in a sorry state and chained to the wall. She hurries off to tell Yilmaz who returns and breaks her chains. He asks Gulten, “ Am I the reason Gaffur chained you up”? “Was it because of the note and Zuleyha”? She answers, “No”. He asks her, “Did anyone force you to bring me Zuleyha’s note”? She replies, “I brought it to you because Zuleyha wanted me to”.

(So…. She is lying again). She is so scared of what Gaffur will do when he finds out that she has escaped, so she runs off to look for Saniye. Saniya makes up a lie and tells Gaffur that she had found another key and she released Gulten and she will not speak the name of Yilmaz ever again. He relents and allows her to stay.

Veli still works his charm on the ladies and has Fusun and Sermin giving him money. They think it is for his business but little do they know that he is gambling again. He works one lady against the other and they are becoming jealous of each other. If only they knew that he has just lost all their money gambling in Adana. I am sure some of Sermin’s money would have been what Demir gave her to pay off her debts.

Cengo has decided to forgive Demir for lying to him. He tells him that he has never known such a depth of love that Demir has for Zuleyha. He doesn’t understand it but he doesn’t believe that Yilmaz deserved what Demir did to him. In knowing all this he still loves him like a brother. They put their arms around each other and embrace.

It is evening and Fekeli and Yilmaz have settled down to some Adana kebabs and Raki for dinner. They look relaxed and happy. They are sharing their meal with a new character called Sayit. Sayit believes it or not, is in the employ of Demir. He has worked for him for many years but does not like him. He continues on as an employee at the Ranch but in the role of Fekeli’s confidante and feeds information to him on a regular basis. Tonight Fekeli is seeking information about Hunkar. He is told that she is home from the hospital which is a relief to Fekeli. He also tells him that from now on he will be taking orders from Yilmaz and not himself. Sayit is happy about this arrangement.

Meanwhile, Hunkar and Demir are in the study at the Ranch. Hunkar confesses to Demir that she is worried about how long they can keep Zuleyha locked up in her room. It cannot go on forever. She is worried about what the town’s people will say and that it won’t be long before the whole city knows what has been going on at the Ranch. Their reputation will suffer. She continues to tell him that he cannot control people and that when she was in the hospital she feared that Yilmaz would kill Demir. He is all that she really has left. Upon her advice, Demir unlocks the bedroom door and allows Zuleyha and the baby to join them in the lounge room.

That night Zuleyha slips out of bed and goes to the study. She unlocks the office table drawer and takes out a pistol that Demir keep hidden there. She creeps back to her bedroom, slips the gun into her dressing table drawer and pops back into bed, all the while Demir is sleeping!

In the morning Yilmaz is at the farm workers village. His reception there is not too welcoming. He asks Nazire whether she knows anything about why they are treating him like this. She relates how Gaffur and Hasan came and told the villagers that Yilmaz had hit his son and did not stop and it was Demir who took him to the hospital and paid for a private room. Yilmaz is surprised at what she has told him and tells her that she should have told him a long time ago. Yilmaz sees Hasan and confronts him with his lies. He raises his voice so all the villagers can hear and ask Hasan, “How much did Demir pay you to lie”? Hasan swears on Gods name that he is speaking the truth. Yilmaz repeats his question, “How much were you paid to lie”? Still, nothing was said. It was Hasan’s son, who joins Yilmaz, that sets the account right. He is on crutches and sees Yilmaz and walks up to him. Yilmaz asked him “who did you see when you woke up in your hospital bed”? He replies “You and my mother”. The villagers all call out to Hasan, “Shame on you, you liar”! Hasan owns up and tells Yilmaz it was Hunkar who paid him the money.

Yilmaz speaks to the farm workers with authority. He tells them that although they are used to Demir and he has paid them well over the years if anyone wants to stay with Demir that is fine. If anybody trusts Yilmaz then they can follow him and he will take care of them and offer them full employment. He makes the same offer to the farm workers in Demir’s orchards. Many drop their spades and follow him. (I do not think that Demir will like this one little bit). He follows up his speech with a hot lunch and tea for all his workers after a morning of hard work in the fields.

Whilst Sebahattin is announcing to Sermin that he has applied for a divorce and the documents should be in the mail tomorrow. He is required urgently to attend Hunkar. He finds her with severe chest pain. Upon his examination, it is found that her stitches are infected and she must go to the hospital immediately. With Demir at work, Zuleyha finds herself with the opportunity to phone a friend in Istanbul and line up some accommodation if she can get away. Zuleyha quickly returns to her room and packs a bag for herself and Adnan. She also takes all the money that is in the safe in her room along with her jewels. Lastly, she takes the pistol she took from the study drawer. She picks up her baby and secretly makes her way through the house and out to the Ranch gates. Demir’s guards confront her and she draws her pistol and demands they open the gates. The step out of the way and allow her through. She is now out of the gates and on her way to freedom. She walks along the back roads of the farm until she reaches Adana.

In the meantime, Fadik has seen the empty jewel boxes on the bedroom floor. She raises the alarm. Saniye freaks out when she knows that Zuleyha has gone. Demir will kill her and Gaffur when he finds out. She races to find Gaffur and tell him the news. In turn, Gaffur makes a hurried journey to Demir’s office to tell him she is gone.

Gaffur and Demir search different areas. Gaffur checks the train station whilst Demir drives the streets looking for Zuleyha. Unbeknown to them Zuleyha has tricked them both and caught a bus to Istanbul. She is feeling very nervous about being caught. Demir has now arrived at the bus station and after being told by Gaffur that he has searched the train and the station and she is not there, he tries the bus station. He is told that the bus left 5 minutes ago. He tracks it down.

In the bus, Zuleyha looks out of the window to see armed guards waving down the bus. They enter the bus and pull her out. It is then that she sees Demir standing alongside his car. He has found her! She asks him to let her go. He tells her, “You are free to go but not with the baby”. The baby is taken from her by one of the guards. Her answer is to take her pistol and put it to her head ready to pull the trigger. He smiles and takes the gun from her. It had no bullets.!





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