Wow! What an entrance! Yilmaz looked so handsome in his white tuxedo. He stood out amongst our distinguished crowd. His gaze is drawn toward Zuleyha and her gaze penetrates the beautiful eyes of her lover. How can this be? Yilmaz is dead!

Cengo noticing the surprised look on Demir’s face leans over and asks him. Who is he? Do you know him? Demir tells him that this is the Yilmaz he has been telling him about. The one that has caused him all the trouble. Cengo wanting to stand up for his friend attacks Yilmaz in front of all the guests at the event. Demir warns Zuleyha to say nothing and not to disgrace the Yaman family in front of his business associates and pushes Zuleyha out the door and into his car.

Zuleyha realizes Demir has known that Yilmaz was alive all along and had chosen not to tell her. Oh! How she has grieved for him and yet all this time he was alive! She screams to Demir to stop the car. She wants to return to Yilmaz. Demir refuses. She becomes hysterical and raises her voice and demands he stop the car. He still refuses. She then opens the car door and jumps out! By the time he finds her in the bush, she is uncontrollable. She looks him in the eye and tells him Yilmaz is her husband and not her brother. (She thinks she is telling him something for the first time, but Demir already knows he is her husband). She tells him that she loves him and would die for him and wants to go to him.

The stress of the evening is so great Zuleyha collapses. Demir drives her home to the Ranch and carries her unconscious body upstairs to their bedroom. He calls Sebahattin to attend her. The servants are gossiping. They know something has happened. Once Sebahattin arrives Zuleyha is sedated. Hunkar is told by Demir that his wife had thrown herself out of the car trying to go back to Yilmaz.

Yilmaz has returned to Fekeli’s home. The vision of Zuleyha is still in his mind. He has dreamed of this day ever since his first night in prison. He has imagined the look on her face many times but he didn’t expect to see such a surprise on her face when she saw him. He felt she was looking at him saying, “Why are you here”?

Yilmaz and Fekeli and sit together encouraging each other. Yilmaz believes Zuleyha had dumped him for money. It was hard for him to accept that the woman he loves and who he had killed for, is another man’s wife! Whilst he was in jail he had written her hundreds of letters but never received one reply from her! It is Zekeli who sticks up for Zuleyha and tells Yilmaz, “ She may never have received your letters “. Yilmaz replies, “Come off it dad”. “ If you had seen her all dressed up, hair done and jewels at her neck you would have said she was happy”. “I wish I had never loved her”. “I wish I had never met her”. “The girl I knew was an angel, soft-hearted and money never mattered to her”. Fekeli, being wise and mature in the ways tells him to protect the love he has for Zuleyha with all his dignity. He tells him, “You do not know if she loves you or not. You also do not know if she suffers or not”. Have patience and time will work it out

Back at the Ranch… Demir sits looking down at the unconscious Zuleyha. He is pouring his heart out and declaring his love for her, even though she hears nothing. He tells her, “He will never let her go”. He lies down on the bed with his head on Zuleika’s unconscious body.

Sermin and Sebahattin’s marriage is on the rocks. They are continually fighting and Sebahattin has made a visit to his Lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Sermin, on the other hand, continues to make contact with Veli.

After seeing her at the Governor’s event, Yilmaz cannot get Zuleyha off his mind. He keeps hearing Fekeli’s words, “You do not know if you are right or wrong. Just believe in your love”. Is it possible that he could be wrong about Zuleyha? Fekeli can see that Yilmaz is thoughtful and asks him, “What is wrong”. Yilmaz tells him that he has been up all night thinking of Zuleyha and there could be a possibility that she does love him and he could be wrong. He is felt driven to go and talk to her even though Fekeli advises him not to go. He tells him that Demir will be well protected with armed guards but nothing is going to stop Yilmaz now. He heads for the Yaman Ranch.

Finally, Zuleyha wakes. She calls for Demir wanting to tell him everything. She cannot live like this any more. Hunkar, on the other hand, tells her that she will not be telling Demir anything as he already knows Yilmaz is her husband. Hunkar also sees Zuleyha has changed since seeing Yilmaz and she warns her that if she mentions anything about the baby not being Demir’s she will never see the baby again! After Hunkar’s threat, she demands that he be brought to her. Hunkar once again reminds her that the baby carries the surname of Yaman and not to do anything that would put her and the baby in danger. If Demir finds out that Adnan is not his son he would make her pay. So “think about it”! In the form of blackmail, the baby is then brought to her to breastfeed. She now feels defeated.

Whilst Yilmaz is on his way to see Zuleyha, Demir is on his way at the same time Yilmaz travelling to the fields to see Cengo. They pass each other. Yilmaz turns his head to see Demir dash past him and his attention is taken off the road. He accidentally hits a young shepherd boy tending a flock of goats. Yilmaz is distraught. The boy is in a bad way and he feels remorseful. ( Fate seems to have stepped in and stopped him from going to see Zuleyha.) There is no help around so Yilmaz places the young child in his car and races off to the hospital. He is immediately taken into Emergency for surgery whilst Yilmaz waits outside.

On arriving at work in the fields, Demir meets Cengo. This is the first meeting they have had since the evening when Cengo attacked Yilmaz and Demir just walked out. Demir asks him if he is angry. Cengo admits he is. He had stood up for Demir at the Governor’s event but he didn’t back him up. He just left. He felt that Demir had let him down and he was embarrassed. Demir then tells him the reason behind it all and how Zuleyha had a meltdown when he was taking her home and jumped out of the moving car. They now have to track him down.

It is not long before Cengo learns that Yilmaz works in Derinkuyu (a suburb of Adana near the ocean) and has bought the hugely expensive Cotton Factory. The local people are calling him, “The new master of Cukurova”. After relaying this news to Demir they drive out to check out the factory and also see the home where he lives in Kozan with Fekeli. They can’t believe that penniless and in jail, Yilmaz has risen to one of the most wealthy and respected positions in Adana.

Yilmaz still sits and waits outside of Emergency at the hospital waiting for any news about the young shepherd boy. It appears his operation was successful and he will live. His parents and Yilmaz thank the Lord for his recovery. It is here at the hospital that Fekeli finds Yilmaz and asks him to think about what he said a second time. Take it calmly and patiently he advises. “Some things cannot be undone”. At the same time, Gaffur is seen walking into the hospital. He joins the parents of the young boy and pulls aside Hasan his father. We don’t know what they are talking about but you can guess if there is anything to do with Gaffur, then there is mischief.

Trust has been broken by Zuleyha and she has been locked in the bedroom for fear that she will run away. Sebahattin is attending Zuleyha and she tries to get him to help her escape. His won’t help her this time but gets her to see the wisdom of not fighting the Yamans. He knows the power of Demir Yaman. He warns her that Demir and Hunkar would show no mercy to her or her child if they found her trying to escape. It is after this visit that Zuleyha decides to play it cool and apologizes to Hunkar for trying to run away. She has decided not to fight and accept the situation. OR WILL SHE!

A large sum of money has changed hands between Hunkar and Hasan (the shepherd boy’s father). In this scene, we do not know what the money was for but all becomes clear when Gaffur and Hasan visit the farm workers village that evening. They begin trying to get the farm workers in maligning their image of Yilmaz and to boost the damaged image of Demir. Hasan has told his friends that although he respects Yilmaz for his recent help with food and clothing, he never stopped and left his son on the side of the road injured. Gaffur also stirs the crowd up by saying that it was Demir who organized for a private room in the hospital for the child whilst Yilmaz was nowhere to be seen. (This we know to be untrue). Bit by bit they keep damaging Yilmaz’s character and try to restore Demir’s image in their eyes.

In the lounge room that evening Zuleyha makes her move. She puts her arms around Demir and thanks him for the way in which he loves her. She also apologises for not telling him that Yilmaz was her husband and not her brother. He responds to her caresses and tells her not to be scared of him. He admits that he should have told her that Yilmaz was alive but he needed to know everything prior to being married. She cuddles him and tells him she wouldn’t give up her marriage for anyone and she loves him very much. They embrace. Can she get him to trust her again? She can’t do anything whilst locked in her room.

Still, at the hospital, Yilmaz sleeps beside the young boy’s bed. Fekeli quietly enters the room and holds a gun to his head. He says, “Your dead, you don’t exist any more”. Fekeli is angry with him. How could he sleep when Demir Yaman’s men could easily put a gun to his head at any moment! He tells him over and over again to have patience. He advises Yilmaz that Demir is no ordinary man and he is challenging the biggest landowner in Cukurova. If he is going to take Demire’s place in Cukurova he must know how to use his mind. If Yilmaz continues his current path he will be killed. He goes on to say that he has lost 2 children and he does not want to lose him also. He loves him.

Back at the Ranch, Gaffur is home in his lodge letting off steam at Saniye. He does everything for Demir and Hunkar but still, they haven’t given him his 10,000 TL. He had found where Yilmaz lived and still Demir gives him nothing. He is in a foul temper. He is ranting at Saniye about all that he has done for Demir when he accidentally lets out of the bag that Yilmaz and Zuleyha were lovers and not brother and sister. He regrets what he said as soon as it was out of his mouth. Saniye cannot tell anyone or they will both be without a job. He tells her to keep her mouth shut.

Wanting to learn more about what is going on between our lovers, Sermin has walked up to the mansion to have morning tea. She tells Hunkar that she knows Yilmaz is alive and that she has seen Veli around in Adana also. (We know she sees him secretly). Demir warns her not to talk about either subject and to keep her mouth shut She doesn’t like Demir and likes him even less when a courier arrives with two envelopes which are opened by Demir. He finds they are letters of demand for 5600 TL for goods that Sermin has bought. He demands to know how many more debts she has! He tells her that her spending will bring the Yaman name into disrepute and orders her to sell her house immediately to pay for them. She returns home embarrassed and not knowing what she is going to do.

In the meantime, Nazire is waiting to catch Gulten’s eye. She has a message for her. Yilmaz would like to see her! This news excites Gulten who has always loved him herself. She gets changed into one of her new dresses and rushes to the arranged meeting place. Yilmaz is pleased to see her and thanks her for saving his life and caring for him in the village huts. Unfortunately for Gulten there was only one thing on Yilmaz’s mind. He wants her to do one more favour for him. He asks her to take a note to Zuleyha. This was not what she hoped for. She agrees to pass his note onto her.

Her absence had not gone unnoticed by Saniye who corners her in her bedroom and demands to know where she has been. She notices that Gulten is hiding something in her pocket and pulls out the note Yilmaz has sent Zuleyha. She reads it and threatens to give the note to Gaffur, but that threat becomes a reality when Gaffur enters the room after hearing their raised voices outside. He sees and reads the letter destined for Zuleyha. Both he and Saniye are scared of what Demir would do to them if he finds out that they were involved in giving the letter to Zuleyha. He would kill them. Gulten could have just signed their death warrant. Gaffur makes the decision to take the note to Demir (he is still after his 10,000 TL).

Our next scene sees Zuleyha meeting Gulten in the lodge. She is so grateful to her for delivering the letter from Yilmaz and gives her a reply to be delivered. (If you remember, Gulten had kept and burnt all the love letters that our lovers sent to each other).

On returning to the lodge with Zuleyha’s letter, Gulten walks into the lounge room to see Demir standing there with a gun pointed at Saniye and Gaffur. She passes him the note and he reads: ‘MY DEAR YILMAZ. MEET ME IN THE HILL OF TWO POPLARS ON THURSDAY MORNING AT EIGHT O’CLOCK. ZULEYHA!”
Gulten then returns to Zuleyha and tells her that she has delivered the note and he has said he will be there.

The morning has arrived. Zuleyha waits until she sees Demir leave for work. She takes off her wedding rings and prepares to flee to Yilmaz. Imagine her surprise when Demir walks back into their bedroom. He notices she is dressed casually and notices she has taken off her wedding rings. He looks her straight in the face and asks her, “Why have you lied to me”. He pushes her into the room and locks the door. Zuleyha realizing that he knows about the note bashes on the bedroom door hysterically screaming. Demir takes no notice and makes his way to the rendezvous with Yilmaz on the hill of two poplars.

Whilst Zuleyha is screaming and bashing on the bedroom door Hunkar is on the other side of the door listening to her screams. She hears Zuleyha saying that Demir is on his way to kill Yilmaz. She takes off after him.

They have both arrived at the Hill. They stand to look at each other with guns raised ready to kill each other within an arms distance.

Demir that speaks first, “So you think you have a meeting with my wife”?
Yilmaz replies, “You are the one who took my wife. You lied to me.”
Demire answers, “Now I will take your life”

Yilmaz knocks the gun out of Demir’s hand and points his gun at his face and says; “This war will not end until one of us is dead! “You forced me to do this. Zuleyha is my wife, but for the sake of your son I will not kill you but will hunt you down with every breath I take”.

He turns and walks away but Demir draws a second gun. Yilmaz turns and fires just as Hunkar races to save Demir. She is shot!

Demir returns fire and shoots Yilmaz!




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