Welcome to the first summary of our new series.  After watching the first episode I know you will not be disappointed. Join me now as we look into the storyline and get to know the characters.

The story begins with Yilmaz and Zulehya lovers who find each other after being separated, on a train leaving Istanbul. Zulehya had survived a vicious attack and Yilmaz has become a fugitive whilst trying to save her.  Zulehya refuses to leave him and declares she cannot live without him. They both leave Istanbul not knowing where they will end up.

Our story takes us back two days prior to our lovers finding each other on the train. They have both been working hard in preparation for an anticipated wedding. Yilmaz is employed as a mechanic by Uncle Ayhan who loves him as a son. They have a close and loving bond. Zulehya, on the other hand, works as a dressmaker. They are very much in love.

Yilmaz has spent his whole wage on two wedding rings and hopes to approach Zulehya’s step-brother for her hand in marriage, even though they are aware he is unapproachable and fear they may have to run away together if he will not give his permission.Yeli (the step-brother) is a suspect character, he loves to gamble, is violent and treats his wife and step-sister with disrespect.   At one of his gambling nights with a local gangster, Yeli gambles away all his money but negotiates to pay off his debts by selling his stepsister to Mr Naci.

On a pretext of measuring Mr Naci’s mother for a new coat,  Zulehya is driven to the gangster’s home. Once inside she is locked in a room awaiting Mr Naci’s pleasure!

Yeli’s wife overhearing the staged plan hurries to tell Yilmaz hoping he can arrive in time to save Zulehya.  Yilmaz reaches the house and upon hearing her screams rushes upstairs and breaks open the door. There he sees Mr Naci attacking Zulehya and a violent fight ensues.  Mr Naci draws a switchblade from his pocket and during their fight Yilmaz stabs him.They flee the house and take refuge with Uncle Ayhan and his wife. Fearing for his life from the gangsters and trying to avoid being arrested for his crime, he makes his way to the Haydarpasa Railway Station and boards the next train leaving Istanbul.  Meanwhile, Zulehya who was traumatised has woken from sleep to find him gone.  She races to the station and boards the departing train just in time to join her sweetheart. Following an emotional reunion, the lovers settle in for a long journey. Tired from an exhausting day they fall into a deep sleep and do not see they were being robbed. They are now left penniless and destitute.

In another carriage but on the same train,  our lead actor is sitting looking out of the window at a regular train stop.  He is a handsome dark-haired man who is well dressed and holds a dignified look. His eyes are drawn to Zulehya who has stepped out of the train looking to refresh herself at a water fountain.  He is immediately smitten with her beauty and watches as she takes a handkerchief and sponges her face and neck with water.  She vanishes from his sight after he was distracted and although he searches for her she cannot be found.

Our train has now entered the Adana Railway Station.  It is here that Demir elites. He is met by a chauffeur driven car which whisks him away. Our lovers on the other hand elite the train looking frightened and penniless.  After pawning their wedding rings for food they begin to walk the streets looking for work.  They finally make their way to the Yaman Ranch where Gaffur (the head butler and old army friend of Yilmaz) works.  Zulehya tells his friend and his family that she is Yilmaz’s sister to avoid gossip.  Our lovers are hopeful that “where one door closes God will open another”.

Demir has arrived home in his favourite bright yellow single-engined aircraft.  He views the Cukurova Plain with its large lush paddocks and orange citrus orchards. He is greeted by, Hunkar his mother.  Together they stand and survey their grand Yaman Ranch. It is dinner time at the ranch.  Demir and his guests are interested into bringing farm machinery onto the Cukurova Plain, although Hunkar is very much against this.   Other guests at the dinner table are Sermin and Sebahattin (Sermin is the daughter of Demir’s Uncle and her husband Sebahattin is a doctor at the local hospital).  It can be easily seen that  Hunkar and Sermin have no love for each other.

As fate would have it.  Demir is surprised to meet Zulehya once more. He sees her standing outside the small farm workers house where Gaffur lives.  It is a hot night and she hasn’t been able to sleep.  She stands to gaze up at the stars when a viper frightens.  She screams with fear but is relieved when Demir protects her and kills the serpent.  He now realises that this is the same girl he saw at the water fountain on the train and is surprised to see her right under his nose!  He finds out that they are brother and sister and asks his mother to look into their situation.

They are employed to labour in the fields.    Gaffur is not happy to hear they are staying. He knows that Yilmaz is a skilled mechanic and he feels threatened by his presence.  He knows that Demir will like him.   Our lovers are led to a stick humpy which will be their new home.   They see adults and children trudging through squalid conditions including sewerage and mud.  Zulehya is overcome to see her new home.  Yilmaz feels shame that she has to live in such poverty.

In interviewing Yilmaz, Hunkar finds him an honest and honourable man.  He honestly relays that he and his sister are hiding from authorities and have come to hide at the Yaman Ranch. Whilst in the garden one day Hunkar gets an opportunity to talk to Zulehya and upon hearing that she studied dressmaking she employs her as her personal assistant.  Something the other housemaids are jealous about.

Meanwhile back in Istanbul, Huseyin (Mr Naci’s henchman) is looking for Yilmaz and Zulehya.  He is guided towards Adana and the Yaman Ranch.

Hunkar seeing the plight of the villagers and their children asks Gaffur to give each house a sack of flour, bulgar, sugar and chickpeas.  She advises that they are also not to pay for electricity. She also has asked Sebahattin (who is a doctor) to provide vaccinations for the children against disease. Gaffur is not happy about this arrangement and goes against Hunkar’s wishes.  On arriving at the village he only gives them half a sack to be shared between 4 houses. Gaffur is stealing from his employers and also from his fellow workers.  Let’s hope he gets caught out!

The next day Demir is having trouble with his aircraft’s engine.  Yilmaz who is working in the field listens to the aircraft’s engine and fixes the problem. Demir is impressed by his knowledge of engines and employs him as his mechanic and personal driver causing more jealousy within Gaffur.

The wedding celebration is getting underway.  Tables and chairs are being set with many hands making light work.  Mrs Hanimme is sitting on the verandah and although she has dementia she is taking in all the activity with delight.  Hunkar is handing out red velvet pouches of money to each married couple.  Sermin is doing the rounds with gossip involving Demir’s ex-wife who is now  6 months pregnant (they divorced believing she was unable to have children).  Hunkar is very unsettled by this news.  She knows if Demir is infertile Sermin’s daughter would be the next in line to inherit the property.

Hunkar collects her mother and leaves the wedding celebrations to tuck her into bed. Unfortunately, Hanimme dementia leads her to wander off into the night.  Housekeepers are calling and searching the house, farm labourers calling and searching the fields with flame torches to light their way.  Hunkar who is searching close to the house comes upon Yilmaz and Zulehya. They have crept away to be together. With arms around each other they warmly embrace in a quiet hiding place of their own.  Hunkar watches them as they passionately enfold each other in their love.  She now knows that these two are definitely not brother and sister!

Join with me in our next episode to see if they find Mrs Hanimme and what will Hunkar do after finding out that Demir and Zulehya are not brother and sister?



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